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15 Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

15 Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

Women are constantly thinking, “What does my boyfriend really think about my flaws?” Does my boyfriend/date notice my stretch marks? Are my thighs too fat? You might have a strange looking birthmark in a very unsuspecting place; what does he think of it? Thousands of women have insecurities about their body. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a man for short period of time or doing it for the long haul, women are curious to find out what men really think of their bodies. Never in 1 million years, would you ever bring up your bodies insecurities, but underneath it all, you just want to know.

It is comforting to find out that men don’t really look at your flaws but might find them somewhat attractive. Usually, men are just happy to be with a woman who cares as much about him as he cares about her. Never mind the great effort that you put into keeping a body in great shape, we women are constantly looking and feeling bad about our flaws. Instead of looking at parts of our bodies as wonderful and strong, we have a bad habit of looking at arms that we think are fat, cellulite that might be on our legs or saggy boobs. If you think about it, it must be bad. Fashion calls for women to look a certain way, but in reality, we look completely different. After doing research, we found out the 15 things that women might cringe over, but men happen to love.

15. Big foreheads

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

Think about this for a moment. Women that have big foreheads are incredibly beautiful to men. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are; men love big foreheads. At a very young age, women can get very self-conscious about their big forehead. Especially, if people tease them about this, they can feel bad about how they look. Lots of men go out with women that have a more prominent forehead. There are lots of beautiful famous women that have big foreheads that men find hot: Christina Ricci, Alexis Bledel, and Rihanna. Don’t get plastic surgery because you have a big forehead. It would end up looking horrible. If a woman doesn’t like her forehead, she can always cover it up with bangs.

14. Big ears

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

You might think of big ears on a woman and picture them like the cartoon in Mad Magazine. But men don’t look at women who have big ears this way. Men find big ears cute. If you take a look at the Chinese people, they believe that women with big ears are a sign of vitality and independence. They also believe that women with big ears dare to do whatever they want in life. Having big ears is appealing to men, and lots of them don’t understand why they like them. Maybe it’s because they’re cute on a woman. Having big ears is one of the oddest peculiarities to have because no one quite knows what it means. Women who have big ears and don’t like them can always grow their hair over them and hide them.

13. Braces

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

If you look at it in a different way, you could imagine your braces are tooth jewelry. It may seem kind of funny, but it works if you’re self-conscious about wearing braces. Guys love women with braces and find them extremely attractive. Why may you ask? If a man finds a small thing that attracts him to a girl, the whole package is even better. Wearing braces and feeling bad about them is just insecurity. It’s just like seeing a girl who is not that pretty with a guy who is really hot, or vice versa. It just depends on the individual and what they think about it. When people are attracted to other people, they base their decision on something that’s a little bit more superficial. Braces might be the immediate draw and attraction, but there are other things to think about that a girl has.

12. A tall girl

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

Most women who are above 5’10” might be insecure about how they look to other men. Many men who are shorter adore the taller woman. For example, if you’re taller, you can stay thinner a little bit better than someone who is short. A few extra pounds won’t make you look fat. Extremely tall women feel as if they’re treated like they’re some sort of freak or Amazonian. It’s almost like their height is some sort of genetic mutation. Some women who are tall try to diminish the fact of their height to attract other men. For example, they rarely wear heels. Amanda is an Amazon supersize model that is about 6’8″ tall and is the tallest woman in the United States. Everyone loves Amanda, and she is extremely popular with men who prefer the taller woman.

11. Freckles

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

Freckles are extremely popular with men right now. If you’re a woman, you should love your freckles. They could be one of your most defining traits. Women who are in comics have freckles. They give an extra pinch to their character, and they add to her quirky personality. Having freckles is a sign of unconventional beauty because it shows that the woman who is comfortable with freckles loves life. Take a look at this from another point of view. You can look at your freckles as little angel kisses from above. Men didn’t always look at women with freckles favorably. Centuries ago it was the flawless skin that were favored. Now men prefer more natural beauty.

10. A strong woman

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

You might think that men prefer the quiet woman. Also, you might think men don’t respond well to girls who are smart. Are smart women too intimidating to men? If you take a look in the Bible, strong women everywhere expose evil men. Sisera was a military general, and he tried to hide from his enemies. Sisera went into Jael’s tent and started commanding her to give him some water. She asked him to come in, and when he fell asleep, she took a hammer and drove a nail into his temple until it went to the ground. It was this strong woman who put down this evil man. Another story was when David ventured off to kill Nabel. It was Nabel’s wife Abigail that came out to meet David and offered him hundreds of fig cakes, loaves of bread and wineskins. She urged David to keep the matter in God’s hands, and he would take care of Nabel. David followed Abigail’s advice, and days later Nabel was found dead.

9. A Belly

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

Some men are unrealistic. A woman naturally has a little bit of belly fat. Men find a little belly attractive on a woman. On, men had this to say about a woman having a little bit of belly fat:

⦁ A girl who has a little bit of belly fat is like a realistic mom. It’s cute and very beautiful. Men love holding a woman’s belly when she sleeps.
⦁ One woman’s husband loves her love handles. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t get rid of them. Her husband tells her all the time, don’t get rid of them and he likes them. Having a little bit of belly fat ads to the curves of a woman.
⦁ Another man has a girlfriend with the flat belly, and he looks at other flat-stomached girls and doesn’t like what he sees.
⦁ Too much of a flat belly makes a woman look like a man.

8. Lisp

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

On Reddit, a girl asked, “How do you feel about dating a girl with a lisp?” She has had a lisp all her life. The girl has a bubbly personality, is easy-going and has a lot of friends. She started dating men online. Guys have told her that they didn’t have a problem with her lisp. It was cute and they really don’t notice it. Some responses to her question were as follows:

⦁ A lisp isn’t a deal breaker.
⦁ Another guy has a girlfriend with a lisp. They have been together for about a year and he doesn’t notice it anymore. His girlfriend would get mad at him because he would ask her to repeat something she said.
⦁ One man writes, I love lisps. He thinks they are cute and funny.
⦁ Corn badger says, just dating a woman would be awesome. As far as a lisp goes, it isn’t bad.

7. Thighs that touch

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

One girl on girls ask guys writes, do you like it when the thighs are a little bit thick? Do you prefer a girl to have space between her legs? Some of the responses were:

⦁ Cryostatic says he doesn’t know who first published the whole space between the thighs article. That article was a complete joke. Most guys don’t notice or care. One thing is for sure, guys like a girl with a little bit of a butt. Most girls with a butt are going to have thighs that touch.
⦁ G-Daz writes the only girls he only finds that women with thighs that touch are attractive.
⦁ Marilyn Monroe had thighs that touched, and she was the most beautiful beauty icons ever. She had lots of attractive curves that would make guys drool.

6. Tiny girls

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

There are lots of reasons why guys like dating tiny girls. Here are just some of the reasons:

⦁ When dating a tiny woman, the woman makes the guy look taller. Especially if a guy is of average height, he will look taller next to a tiny woman. Men who really aren’t that tall like to feel big.
⦁ Tiny women are great cuddlers. Guys can put one arm completely around the tiny woman and have room to spare.
⦁ A tiny woman is easy to pick up. This is especially true if the smaller woman falls asleep on the couch. It’s easy to pick her up and bring her to bed. Another bonus is she’s easier to carry out of a nightclub if she’s drunk or if there’s a fire.
⦁ A tiny woman needs help to reach higher places. Guys like to be very helpful to women. There are a lot of places a tiny woman can’t reach.

5. Pale skin

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

One woman on Reddit is a pale-skinned redhead, and sometimes she feels out of place. She wants to know what men feel about pale skinned women. They replied:

⦁ As long as a woman doesn’t look sick, the pale skin is very attractive. Mainly it’s because this person is pale-skinned too.
⦁ Loltheinternetz writes that he’s crazy about redheads and the only kind of skin color that looks good on them is pale.
⦁ If a woman is good-looking, she’s nice to look at. Skin tone makes no difference to me.
⦁ Nickachu says redheads with pale skin are incredibly hot.
⦁ Pale brunettes are this man’s favorite kind of girl to have.
⦁ It’s not the case for every guy, but this one thinks the pale skin is extremely attractive.

4. Stretch marks

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

Stretch marks are eventually a flaw that most women have to contend with. Nonetheless, stretch marks are very common but a source of insecurity for many women. What do men really think about stretch marks? On Whisper, they had the following to say:

⦁ Stretch Marks don’t matter, because the better the personality, the less visible flaws become.
⦁ Stretch marks are beautiful. One man’s girlfriend hated her stretch marks on her thighs, but this man felt it made her more real.
⦁ Her imperfections on her rear end are not a turn-off. The imperfection is perfect. She’s real and not fake.
⦁ Depending on where the stretch marks are, they can be the most gorgeous thing ever.
⦁ Another man’s girlfriend has a few stretch marks on her belly. He thinks they’re cute because he likes a girl with a little bit of pudge.
⦁ Another man’s wife gained a little bit of weight because of her pregnancy. He wishes she could see just how beautiful she is. Her body carried their children, and she is hotter now than ever before.

3. Not wearing makeup

Via: Verily Magazine

The results are in. Many guys prefer women without makeup. Here is what some men on AskMen have said.

⦁ One man doesn’t understand why women have to wear makeup. As a guy, it can look too fake and not attractive.
⦁ Another thinks his girlfriend is way more beautiful without makeup because it makes him feel that she is more comfortable around him.
⦁ A girlfriend emailed a picture to her boyfriend with no makeup and messy hair. He has never loved her more than he does right now.
⦁ It doesn’t matter if a woman has imperfections that she feels she needs to cover up. Men think she looks better without makeup.
⦁ Women should realize that behind all that makeup there is a beautiful person inside. Makeup is fake. Not wearing it is the real you.

2. Curves

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

In the DailyMail, they published an article in which they surveyed men to see what kind of girl they prefer. There were three types of women, one curvy, one slim and the last athletic. Men had sophisticated eye-tracking devices which analyzed which women they spent the most time looking at. Each man looked at each of the three women for about a 30 second period. The girls all had on the same outfit so that only their bodies were different. All three women had on a t-shirt and denim shorts. 29% of the men surveyed preferred the slim girl. 35% of the men surveyed preferred their athletic girl. And 36% of the men surveyed preferred the curvy girl. This survey contradicted a recent study that suggested that men find thinner women more attractive.

1. A Teardrop chest

Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys LOVE

Why does a man prefer a natural teardrop chest over a fake one? What makes a man go wild over the natural teardrop chest? A natural chest is an obvious feminine feature. When something looks natural, it is extremely appealing to a man. A fake chest is just that, fake. You can’t breastfeed properly if you have implants. Something might go wrong. The natural chest is something a man can focus on and get turned on about. The teardrop is amazing to look at. Fake boobs feel stiff and they are not soft. If the woman gets implants, there’s about 25% to 45% chance that she is going to need another operation to correct the first one. Many times, implants cause breast cancer.

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