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15 Things Girls Do That Turn Guys On

15 Things Girls Do That Turn Guys On

Let’s face it, men are visual creatures. They tend to gravitate towards the buxom beauty in a skintight dress. You know, the girl who’s always the life of the party? Or sometimes at the beach, you would have noticed men giving ladies in skimpy bikinis a second or even a third glance.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the secret to catching a guy’s heart is to show as much skin as possible. Sure, physical beauty plays a big role in this game called love. Remember though that not all men have their eyes and hearts set on capturing Little Miss Prom Queen.

Turning a guy on doesn’t have to depend on having a svelte body nor wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination. Regardless of body size and sexual allure, a woman’s personality and quirky characteristics come into play when reeling a guy in hook, line, and sinker.

A girl with a pretty face and a ravishing body may be nice to look at, but keep in mind that by the end of the day, a man wants someone he can bring home to meet the family.

A man wants to be sure that his future bride will receive mommy’s seal of approval. Remember, he’s looking for someone he can spend the rest of his life with; not someone he can just stare at.

Here are a few small things girls do unconsciously that catch a guy’s heart. Who knows? This list could come in handy for you some day!

15. Confidence Is Key



A girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it might intimidate some guys. Unfortunately, these guys might not have enough courage to approach strong, confident women. Never fear, it’s not your loss if you happen to find men that are too scared to approach you. It only means that this guy does not have the balls to handle a real lady.

Go for guys who are equally confident. These guys are the ones who find bold courageous women a turn on. This is the type of man who never shies away from a challenge. He will happily pursue you and show you that he is just the kind of man that you need.

However, take great care that you don’t come off as arrogant. It’s one thing to hint that you are financially independent and that you wouldn’t leech money off of him, but it’s a totally different world if you make a guy feel that he’s beneath your standards.

14. Neck Kisses Build Tension


If you want to drive your man crazy don’t forget to lavish some attention on his neck. Remember to start softly and go slowly. Don’t rush and let the tension build up.

Warm your partner up by giving him slow sensual kisses while moving to kiss and nibble on the most sensitive part or side of his neck. Lightly moving your lips on his neck, adding some erotic licks and lightly blowing on the wet areas and finally trailing wet kisses before you kiss his mouth back will keep him wanting for more.

If you’re feeling adventurous, nibble on his neck and see what happens next.

13. Eye Contact Is Important


Guys love it when women make eye contact. This lets them know that a woman is interested and ultimately makes men feel they are desirable.

Try glancing towards the guy who has caught your attention. See if he catches you looking at him. He could be interested and make his way toward you. If not, don’t take it personally.

On another note, eye contact while making love is equally important. Following the premise stated above, eye contact during hanky panky makes your partner feel loved and respected. There is a deeper connection during lovemaking when you and your partner stare into each other’s eyes.

However, keep in mind that not all men feel comfortable doing this.

12. Ladies In Heels Are More Attractive



There’s just something about women wearing stilettos that make them more desirable for men. Apparently, studies have shown that wearing heels adds to a woman’s femininity. Records show that aside from an increase in height, a woman’s other assets benefit from the use of stilettos.

A woman’s breast and butt size seem to increase when she’s in heels. The increase in a woman’s curves will send signals to the man’s brain that she is ripe for mate selection.

Men will, unconsciously, see the woman as a healthy candidate for producing offsprings with.

However, wearing stilettos may come at a cost. Most heels are uncomfortable and usually painful to wear. Wearing heels can increase your desirability, but the risk of getting ingrown nails, blisters, sore feet, and pain on your legs and back increases.

11. Sweating Is Not That Gross


You might think that men find it gross when they see a woman sweating. On the other hand, men actually find it attractive if they see you perspiring a bit.

We’re talking glistening sweat, not the kind where it looks like you took a bath in your own perspiration.

Scientists have found that sweating releases pheromones, a chemical substance that attracts members of the opposite gender. In addition, these pheromones signify physical desire, readiness, and fertility which are important factors to the survival of the human species.

The next time you sweat, don’t be too self-conscious. You might attract the attention of the guy you’re eyeing at the gym and it could be the start of a blossoming relationship.

10. Things You Auto Know



It’s stimulating for men to talk about automobiles with a woman. Unfortunately, men find it rare for women to be knowledgeable about cars. Sure, some women can name the latest car model and make, but it stops there.

In addition, it is quite a turn on for men to find out when a girl knows how to drive. It’s even better if the woman can fix what’s under the hood. Be careful though of stepping on his toes.

Knowing how to fix your engine or your tires is one thing, but making it seem like you know more (even if you do) about automobiles than a guy can crush his ego and your chances of dating him.

9. Making An Effort To Look And Smell Good



While men may find sweating girls attractive, it is of utmost importance to make an effort to look and smell good.

Make sure that you practice proper hygiene to avoid smelling offensive. Use a deodorant or take a bath if you just finished an intensive workout.

Also, consider wearing clothes that accentuate your assets. The clothes you wear don’t necessarily have to show skin. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear.

Remember, men are visual creatures. The first thing they notice is a woman’s physical looks. Ensure that you always put your best foot forward to attract men.

8. Watching Women Stretch Is A Guilty Pleasure


Whether they admit it or not, men love to watch women stretching.

Luckily, stretching has its benefits for women, too. It is said that stretching can set a person’s mental and emotional state of mind. Hence, don’t skimp on those morning stretches. You not only start your day right, you also get to turn your man on.

What is it about a woman stretching that makes a man’s blood boil? Pretend that you are a man and you see your better half dressed in lingerie, arms outstretched, and her top lifting to show some skin. Now, tell us isn’t that sexy?

7. Jealousy Can Do Wonders For Your Relationship



Jealousy in a relationship is not always a bad thing. In fact, some guys get turned on when they see their partners being worked up when other girls show interest. On the other hand, research has shown that men who get jealous of their partners’ male friends tend to pay more attention to their ladies.

The study also shows that some men get turned on when they think that their partners have a high possibility of cheating on them. With this in mind, one could expect a significant improvement on a couple’s bedroom antics

Remember, however, that too much jealousy could also kill your relationship.

6. Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Shirt Is Hot



Did you know that your man loves seeing you wear his shirt just as much as you love wearing it?

Girls wearing their partners’ shirts sort of boost the male ego. It is also a turn on for men to find their girls “stealing” their shirts because they feel like it is your way of showing how proud you are to be his.

According to some men, you wearing their clothes is adorable. Be careful, however, of not returning their clothes. Men have confessed that it could get annoying when their partners leave them no clothes to wear. Whatever you do, don’t forget to return his clothes and wash the clothes you’ve worn.

5. Standing On Tiptoe Makes a Man’s Heart Melt



Petite girls have a weird misconception that taller girls are more beautiful. However, what you might not know is that men actually find shorter girls more attractive.

Incidentally, men find it cute when they see girls standing on tiptoe when reaching for something. It reminds them of damsels in distress. This is their chance to be the lady’s knight in shining armor and to help her get whatever it is she is reaching for.

Moreover, studies have found that shorter girls are perceived to be more nurturing. With this in mind, is also believed that shorter women might be better mothers when compared to the taller ladies.

4. Get Along With The Family



Make sure you win the hearts of your man’s family when you spend time with them. Don’t fake it though. Your man will know whether or not you genuinely like his family. Likewise, it’s possible that your guy’s family will try to make him change his mind about you if they don’t approve.

You might think your guy’s old enough to decide for himself, but getting along with your future in laws has its perks. Think about it, you can ask them to watch over your dog if you need to go away on a vacation.

On the other hand, you can bond with your guy’s family and get all the dish about him. You can learn what his favorite dishes are and what he’s allergic to, among other things. This way, you’ll have a better idea how you can take care of your man.

3. Encourage Him To Go Out With The Guys



Once you’re in a relationship with a guy, don’t make the mistake of stopping him from hanging out with his friends. You might think your man is better off resting alone (or with you) over the weekend, but science has proven that meeting the guys at least twice a month has its benefits.

Additionally, your man will appreciate the gesture and love you all the more for it. Not only that, you can also win his friends over to your side. You just need to trust and have faith that your man only has eyes for you.

Why not take this opportunity to enjoy the night and to invite the girls over to watch your favorite chick flicks?

2. Massage His Stress Away


After a long week of work and stress, treat your man to some massage. Either book a massage session for him or better yet, massage him yourself.

Massaging your partner does not only reduce stress, it also boosts his mood; all thanks to an increase in serotonin and oxytocin levels.

Aside from being a stress-reliever and a mood booster, you can help keep your partner healthy if you massage him every so often. It is proven that massages have health benefits like lowering back and neck pain, reducing blood pressure levels, and relief from constipation.

Don’t forget to give your man a massage to help him feel good about himself and about your relationship.

1. Playing Video Games Is Not Just For Guys



It is perceived that most, if not all, women hate it when their significant other plays video games. Not surprising since women feel neglected when their boyfriends spend too much time with their gaming consoles.

Hence, it is quite a treat for men to find out when the loves of their lives are actually into gaming as well. This means that they have another thing in common. They can spend time on the couch competing with each other or playing tag. The bottom line is that their girlfriends understand what it feels like to unlock achievements or reach a new level in a difficult and complicated game.


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