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15 Things Guys Are REALLY Thinking When They See A Beautiful Woman

15 Things Guys Are REALLY Thinking When They See A Beautiful Woman

When Sean Kingston released his first album back in 2007 featuring his new hit “Beautiful Girls” the first lines were concerning a girl he found too beautiful and thus he thought it would never work out with them. He wasn’t wrong as this is one of the first things that may pop up in a man’s head when he sees a very pretty woman walking down the street.

It’s common sense really and it has been proven by a bunch of studies that when a man sees a beautiful girl many things cross their minds, may they be of a sexual nature or just a sense of admiration towards the nice lady they see. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Obviously sleeping with her is one of them but there really isn’t something you can do to change that as both genders have these thoughts from time to time. It is the way humans are, according to basic psychology.

However, there is much more to know of the way we think and you are about to learn what I mean in the following part of the article. Some of the things mentioned you may know and some not but there is no way you know all of them, well, except if you are an intelligent man!

So read on because today we will talk about 15 things guys are really thinking when they see a beautiful woman.

15. What Makes Her Beautiful

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As it is natural when men watch a beautiful woman cross the street they will be stunned by her superb appearance. And mind you, we are talking about beautiful on this one and not sexy, even though she may have a hot body as well.

A man’s mind, depending on his preferences, will remember some specific characteristics of the female subject. For some, this may be the smile, the lips or even the cheeks. But most men are bedazzled by a woman’s eyes or hair.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, they say, and they are not wrong, as the eye language can give out more vibes than the whole body one.

14. How she will be in bed

Via: Youtube

Both genders will think of that when they see an attractive potential mate standing before them. Though men are known for their greatly primal urges. As a result, they will immediately think about the girl completely naked and if they are a little kinkier they will fantasize about having sex with her, as well.

It’s a basic instinct if a man denies it, he is simply lying. Not to be misogynistic but believe me, I am a man too. If we could choose one sole thing to stare at for hours, it would be the majestic curves of a woman’s body.

Women, please don’t play the victim, you think of that things too when you see a handsome man.

13. Instant Admiration of her beauty

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Just like when we see a nice piece of craftsmanship, either it is a product or a tall skyscraper, it is difficult not to feel amazed by that. It is the natural feeling of admiration you are filled with thinking that someone worked with passion to achieve that.

Although, it is not always something built or made. Sometimes is just a pretty lady, who you admire when walking right by you. Beauty in all its forms is something to be thankful for. So even men don’t always think about sex, but also respect the looks of a nice girl when they see her.

12. Is she single?

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So you saw her, you liked her and now you would like to engage a potential romantic relationship with her. There is only one drawback to this perfectly crafted plan. The possibility there is already someone else in her life. Then you are ready to go.

But what if there is someone? You will be a douche if you try to become the third person in a relationship. But, maybe they were already going to break up and SNAP, it hit you and you are back in reality. Such a pity, all this time you were thinking and now she is out of your sight. A true life story of every man out there.

11. How to approach her

Via: LunchClick

Possibly the most popular thought among males there is when talking about a pretty girl passing by them. You have to think fast and make a decision whether that is to talk to her or let her go on with her day unbothered.

Guys will give a lot of thought how to approach a woman. Just go say hello or to open with a brilliant and well thought out quote he found last night while chilling on Facebook. Sadly most guys are too shy to even try or too scared of getting rejected, that they don’t even give it a go and the opportunity goes wasted.

10. What if she turns me down?

Via: Youtube

Let’s say a man gets the courage he was looking for and decides to ask a beautiful woman out on a date. It’s ok if she responds with a “No” but many men are too shy to even try once to ask a woman out. Because that is what they fear will happen, the rejection.

That’s what we think and what makes us ashamed to even crack the age old question. It is natural to get turned down multiple times in your lifetime if you are a man. Every woman can’t like you but a big percentage of those you ask out will respond positively. Just overcome the fear and ask the girl out. These are all things that go on in our minds when we see a beautiful woman.

9. Some Think of completely useless things

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What if I told you that sometimes when a man sees a beautiful woman he will think of something that has nothing to do with her. This can happen in numerous cases. Maybe the woman you saw reminded you of your ex or you saw the dress she was wearing on a display some time ago. Maybe you just are too shy so you take your attention off her to think something irrelevant of her.

The point is that simply looks can’t catch a man’s full attention as there is the possibility for his imagination to easily scatter into other thoughts. Thankfully our memory span as humans is relatively small and we tend not to remember every nice female we see on the street.

8. Is she really as beautiful as she appears to be


Ok, she looks beautiful but is she really? You do know there is a computer software called Photoshop where you can edit photos to an extreme point. Yeah, there is also a real life version of this program and it is called makeup. And it really does wonders if applied properly because if it is not a woman could end up looking like the clown from the original IT movie.  

In my opinion, women are beautiful the way they are and just a bit of makeup is enough. But that is just me. I am not against covering your acne or a single pimple, I do that too from time to time and I am a guy. But some girls overuse it and that does not look so good on most occasions.  

7. Does she like me? Will she grow to like me?

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Well, you like what you are seeing, we got that part alright. What about her though? Could she feel the same? A single glimpse can make someone fall in love. It happens almost to everyone at least once in their lifetime but what did they do? They just thought the woman they watched on the club dancing wouldn’t like them back.

That is one thing everybody thinks about on a daily basis not just for a random stranger they saw once waiting on the traffic light to cross the road, but also for many of their acquaintances. Such a shame that most guys chicken out and don’t take the chance to do something while they have the chance to.   

6.  Wonder what her personality is like 

Via: Youtube

What a girl is wearing or who she is with can say many things about who she really is. Studies have shown that specific colors on clothing can give away different vibes. Like how red is the color of passion and love for roses. That carries on to clothes as someone wearing red can appear to have more sex appeal. Wearing jumpers and sweaters can mean she is shy.

Also the company a beautiful girl is with can mean that she likes to take advantage of people. Everybody has seen that team of girls who all have the looks of a supermodel. Don’t get me wrong they may all be really good friends, but when I see something like this I immediately think that they are doing that to get the attention of.

5. It’s a matter of perspective

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All men have favorite positions they like to see women in which also determines what sex positions they like, too. So each guy will think something different when he sees a beautiful woman. If she walks towards him he will most probably notice her looks or a little bit below at her breasts.

If she walks in the same direction and passes by him he will look at her hair or her butt. This always depends on the guy, some prefer other bodies better than others. But, come on, who doesn’t watch a great butt when it passes by us? Even women do it to men every once in a while.

4. How does she normally act? 

Via: Flavorwire

Sure, every guy, heterosexual of course, will find a beautiful girl attractive on the second he lays his eyes on her but there is more than meets the eye. Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say and that is not wrong most times. Is she shouting when she talks? Is she being rude to the people around her?

Looks are not the most important thing we observe when we meet a pretty woman. On the contrary, a bad personality can be a great turn off for us, men.  So, if you are a woman remember to show your real self to the world and not pretend because we can tell when you are trying to be something you aren’t.

3. She is “too good” for me

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Even though we like a woman, and even if she likes us back, it is very often we come up with that “excuse” to avoid asking a girl out. Because that is what we think when we see you, beautiful women out in public, how we can ask you out. It is easy for a man to trick his mind to think that a woman may be too good for him, as a way to chicken out.

It’s the easy way out. Women do that too, just like men, when they want to get out of a relationship as well. Imagine asking a girl out. Though some times we will really think this is what is happening and that the lady is “too good” for us. I have felt it too. It’s not a healthy thought to have though. So we try not to think about it and just ask you out.

2. Daydreaming about her

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A stunning woman walks in front of us and immediately our brains start tripping over unrealistic thought and crazy ideas. What if she was my girlfriend? What if we were married? Wonder what would our kids look like, I bet they would take many attributes from me.

But remember these are the mild ones, because crazy is … just crazy, no need to elaborate on that statement. The thing is that if the woman you saw made a particular impression to you, it is also expected to be thinking of her for many days to come and thus fantasizing about more and more things every time she pops in your head.

1. Become Intimidated By Her Beauty

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Relationships nowadays are like playing basketball. We constantly hear people talk about potential lovers with phrases like “that would be a good rebound” and “I wouldn’t pass that opportunity”. But the one we are talking about here is the widely used “She is out of my league”, which, if you do not know, means that a man thinks the girl he is interested in is way more easy on the eyes than him.

Every guy in a point of his life has thought of that and sadly most times it proves to be true. But if a man has class and knows how to handle a woman then there are no boundaries for him, no matter what.

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