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15 Things Gym Rats Do That Are Totally Obnoxious

15 Things Gym Rats Do That Are Totally Obnoxious

We love a good workout. Considering how popular gym culture is, more than 9 out of 10 people have been to gym, and nearly half of them are regular gym-goers. You can find numerous types of people at your local gym, and many not-so friendly things that irritate you about them. The excessive nakedness, unnecessary grunting and dawdling…… are what make gyms today unbearable.

Back then the gyms were so much more different. Gym-goers focused on weightlifting equipment and cardio machines. Not many people would take gym selfies to show they’re feeling pride in their appearance and progress. And they would not stand right in front of the mirror all day long. Also, others would not get in your personal place and give tips on your workout.

There are very few places in the world that can bring out the worst in people than the gym. They steal machines, use more than two at once, and even take more than 30 minutes to use them. And of course, there is a bunch of people talking, chatting on phones, and hitting on people.

Let’s check out at the 15 things that you’d like to see a lot less of at the gym.



OK. I know it may be attractive to certain people but come on! Please take a good look in the mirror before you decide to take your shirt off! You are confident with your body, that’s really great. But for everyone else in the gym? Not at all. No one on the planet will be interested in watching your naked body in a public place. Yes, a naked body can be an extremely charming thing, yet, this is the case when you are exceptionally good-looking or hot. Next time, when you want others to cast envious glances at your body, just be sure that everything is in place and nothing is going to fall out.



Right. We must accept the fact that the selfie is an important part of life —at least for most people. But please, have some respect for yourself and the other users at the gym and stop staring at yourself in the mirror, and posing for more than 30 minutes and taking 100+ photos just to capture a perfect shot of your training progress. The photos maybe great for motivating yourself at the gym. However, the view of this spectacle is truly disturbing to the rest of us. In return, you will get a thousand rolling eyes directed at you for affecting our work-out experience.



Did I ask you to teach me how to do a hip thrust? Did I ask you to make comments on my squat form? Nope, never! Maybe you are trying to be helpful, but unless you are a trainer and someone is asking you — it’s best not to give the so called ‘tips’, or don’t start any impromptu conversation. You are not an expert, and you don’t know the health and work-out details of other people. Many gym-goers only find the unwanted coaching is totally irritating, very annoying and sometimes dangerous. Believe me, if someone feels like they need coaching or encouragement, they will hire a trainer or seek out professional service themselves.



Seriously, most of us are at the gym for one clear goal: to get a workout in. Imagine this scenario: a girl is doing a lat pulldown, a guy comes and taps her on the shoulder, asks her to take off her headphones and put the weights down, just to then deliver some clichéd pick-up line. Do you think the guy will succeed in getting her name and number? It’s normal for every individual hoping to pick up a good-looking guy or girl at the gym, but at the very least you should do this after the workout, never interrupt others while they are using the machines. I’m pretty sure what you will get is not a note with his/her number, but a slap in the face.



Another annoying scenario for you: you’re taking a quick break after you’ve completed a second set of bench presses, and then one second later you stand up to continue your workout but nope! Someone has already jumped in and started using the machine without asking, or even looking at you. Then he stays on it for more than 20 minutes, and you are left aside with a set awaiting to be finished. It’s annoying, isn’t it? Someone getting water or taking a rest for a moment does not constitute the right to steal machines when they’re still being used. If you really need the machine so urgently, at least you should ask the people using it in a polite manner before jumping onto it without consent.



Hello? We all pay the same membership fee for joining the gym. We all deserve a quiet environment to conduct our work-out programs. You are receiving an urgent business call…your family needs to talk with you…your friend just broke up with her boyfriend. Whatever, we don’t care, it’s totally none of our business. If you need to finish your call, please get out of the gym for a while or keep it to a minimum level of volume. Also, never occupy a machine when you are calling. Do you not see how many people are waiting for you to get up? If you can’t help it, just turn your phone off or leave it at the locker!



In a very crowded gym, you are lining up for a leg press. After the person finishes his third set, you think finally it’s your turn. However, there’s no signal that the person is going to stand up. Instead, he decides to rest and text his friends from the machine. How do you feel about that? When there’s another member standing at your side waiting, the basic gym etiquette requires you to ask him or her, ‘Do you need the machine?’ It’s absolutely fine to take a quick break, but using a machine for more than 20 minutes is unacceptable, especially when the gym is busy and there are other members wanting to use the equipment.



It is not an unusual scenario in the gym: you get on the treadmill and start to run at 8 mph at a 1 step incline. The person next to you checks your speed and tries to outdo you. Then, he puts his on 9 with a smile in triumph. When you level up, he follows you. Interestingly, when you finish your workout, he leaves the treadmill afterwards. What cannot be denied is that healthy competition may be a good motivation to both runners, yet, it’s not a good idea to start your own race with other people. Just imagine how distracting it is when someone keeps staring at you during your workout.



You may probably think, does it really matter that we need to wipe down a machine every time we use it? Yes, it does matter! Don’t think it’s a waste of time, many gym-goers have been diagnosed with skin infections after using gym equipment. You, and your fellow gym goers, could be spreading disease! Just imagine, you are laying down in a pool of sweat from someone else, how disgusting is that! So, bring your own towel, use the sanitizers, and clean after yourself. Never walk away when you know that there’s still an awful imprint of your sweaty body on the machines. It’s just proper gym etiquette.



Sometimes people are just attention seeking. At one point, you start to wonder did a brutal crime just happen at the gym. Hey dude! Why do you have to scream so hard? Funny thing is, when you think the screamer is lifting tons of weight, it may turn out he is lifting the same weight as the girl next to him does, who is just about 120 lb and doing the lifting so silently. How on earth is a guy, who is not even a hardcore weight lifter, able to utter such loud noises? Bear in mind, grunting when you are bench-pressing is not going to help you in anyway. Absolutely not.



Well, going to the gym with your friends could be a very good social activity. We really don’t mind some small talks in the gym. But, when you are focusing on your workout target, that last thing you want is someone in the middle of a loud and obnoxious conversation with his/her large group of friends. You will seriously want them to get away from you. A recent survey revealed that a gym-goer wastes over 30 percent of each training session on non-workout activities. Come on! We are at the gym to workout, don’t allow your sessions to be interrupted by conversations with your friends, and don’t disturb the other gym goers in the middle of their training with your irritating voice.



I know, it’s kind of normal. If a fit girl with a nice body exercises with a 2-piece workout outfit which shows her excellent curves, a man would at least stare at her out of the corner of his eye. Well, that’s acceptable. However, there are many gym rats out there that look at others with deep and soul piercing gazes. When you are running on a treadmill, he stares at you from the side. When you are on your third set on the leg press, he is still looking at you. Come on! Nobody is comfortable when his/her ass is checked out by others. Do respect your fellow gym-goers.



Many gym rats treat the gym just as their home—they feel too comfortable with it, and do whatever they want without the consideration of others. In the changing room, they are completely naked, hog space, sneak a pee in the shower cubicle…Just all the things you can’t imagine. Most gyms are extremely busy in the morning and in the evening. When you are lining up for a shower in a changing room that is full of people, for more than 20 minutes, and the one in the shower keeps singing, whistling and humming. You will lose your patience and shout at him “Hey! This is not your personal home spa!”



Here comes one of the most basic gym etiquette that many gym-goers simply don’t get. There are numerous labels at the gym telling you that you must put the things back where you found them. And it’s truly disturbing to the other users. When you go to the squat rack, all you need is a 20lb plate. Then you realize someone put like 30lb, 40lb plates in front of it. So, you have to take them all off just to get to the 20lb you need. How annoying is that? If you can lift it, you can definitely put it away in the area it is supposed to be.

1. What am I doing here?


First rule at the gym— be sure you know what you are doing. Some people are just with no focus—they clearly don’t know what they are doing. One minute they are doing a true high-pull, and the next minute they are playing around with the large barbell. More than that, their actions may possibly pose a danger to themselves and to others. A girl who improperly operates an elliptical machine may fall and injure herself. When a man fails to spot dumbbells up for the bench press, he may hit the person nearby. Remember, if you are not sure how to work out, simply ask someone for instructions, hire a trainer, or go home.

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