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15 Things All Ladies Do That Guys Want Stopped ASAP

15 Things All Ladies Do That Guys Want Stopped ASAP

People often do things that annoy us and tempt us to grab and shake them. Sometimes, it can be a one-time thing, and other times, it is done repeatedly and by an entire group of people. It becomes so intense and overbearing that you just don’t know what to do anymore. What do you do when it is an entire gender that is annoying you? Well, if you’re the only one that is annoyed by these behaviours, then you ought to examine yourself. If you’re not the only one who is annoyed, then it becomes a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Ladies, there are some things that you do that absolutely annoy men. What you do is not cute, and the behavior just irks them so much that they want to stay away from you sometimes. Nagging is annoying but that is something that is known to annoy people universally. So, what are some behaviors that need to be changed? Well, if you continue reading, you will find the list of 15 things all ladies do that gents want to be stopped immediately. Yes, they want you to stop nagging them but that is probably something that is never going to happen.

15. Wear Unflattering Clothes


We get that you want to be comfortable in your own skin and that you want to wear the least clothing as possible. There are some styles that you should avoid altogether. There are some styles that just do not flatter your body. The first style is genie pants. It looks like a diaper and is totally unflattering. Also, those tent dresses do nothing to highlight your figure and flip-flops are as annoying as you chewing with your mouth open. Women also wear high-waisted pants and it does not flatter all body types. For some, it looks as if they have a wedgie and for others, it gives the impression that they are wearing a wet diaper. Do the men in your life a favor and avoid these looks altogether

14. Taking Unflattering Pictures


Snapchat and their filters have made it irritating to look at the photos that some girls post. Girls love using the dog filter with the tongue out. It is gross, it is annoying, and it definitely is not cute. No guy wants to picture a girl as a dog. Oh, and those duck faces that you make; they are also not cute. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it cute. After a time, they get annoying, like all fads. But, it seems like the duck face and Snapchat dog filter are two fads that we wish would just go away. However, it seems as though they are here to stay. The best thing you can do is suck it up and embrace it. Soon, you’ll get used to it.

13. Baby Talk


By the time you turn eighteen, your vocabulary should change. You should act like an adult and talk like an adult. Talking to a man as if he is a baby is totally condescending, rude and annoying. Sometimes they may take a while to understand what you are saying but it does not give you the right to talk down to them; it is totally annoying and immature. What is even more annoying is that women complain that men are immature, yet they themselves become immature by talking to them like babies. Baby talk is not cute; it is not going to make you get your way. So be an adult and talk to men like they are adults. That way, they are going to take you seriously and actually listen to you.

12. Playing Hard to Get


Ladies love to play hard to get. What is amazing is that they not only play hard to get, but some of them are hard to want! You are not doing men any favors by playing hard to get. They are going to label you as being bratty and annoying. A guy is not going to continue pursuing a woman who plays hard to get too much. He is not going to waste his time on something that is most likely not going to happen. He is going to move on to a woman who is not playing games. Movies and television sometimes have women disillusioned, but in the real world, there is only so much rejection a man can take. So he’s about to come across as a creepy stalker to a woman who is giving him mixed signals.

11. Flirting to Get Her Way


Flirting is cool and fun up to a certain point. But, it becomes a problem when it is overdone. How do you overdo flirting? Well, you overdo it when you use it to get your way. You pretend to be interested in a guy and you’re only doing it just because he can give you something that you want. Flirting to get your way is manipulative. There is no better way to say it. If you’re getting a speeding ticket, accept that you are wrong. If an attendant is unable to help you with something, why make his job uncomfortable by flirting unnecessarily? If you are not flirting for a hook-up, do the men you encounter a favor and don’t do it at all, because it is going to put you on the list of annoying women.

10. Playful Hitting

Via: Huffington Post

Guys wrestle other guys, but when it comes to the women in their lives, they sometimes do not know how to react to them. Here’s a hint: stop playfully hitting them. Hitting, whether playful or not, should never be tolerated because if a guy were to hit you back, you would make a big deal about it and accuse him of being an abuser. So even if the playful hit did not hurt, it is annoying and irritating. What’s unfair about the entire situation is that if men were to retaliate, they’d be in handcuffs. Ladies, please keep your hands to yourself. If you want to play, find another way to do so, because violence is not the answer. And any hitting game is not an evenly matched game.

9. Comparing Themselves to Others


Let us get this out of the way quickly. Social media lie. Not all that glitters is gold on social media. It may give the illusion that someone has the perfect body or perfect life, but it only shows the surface. Filters are good for enhancing features and no one is going to come on social media to post about their struggles in life. Women like to compare themselves to others. They think that others may have a better life than them. Everyone has had a different start in life and different opportunities, so the comparison is difficult. Women also see other women as threats. Rather than fighting each other, empower each other. Men find it pretty annoying when women compare themselves to others and compete with each other.

8. Wanting to Do Everything


Women do everything literally. They sometimes do not want you to help because they fear that you will ruin it or not do it to their standard. They would rather exhaust themselves than ask you for assistance. It is annoying, because when she is tired, she is going to complain that she does everything and that no one helps her. How do you expect anyone to help you if you are always refusing help? How does that make sense? Instead of complaining that no one helps you and doing everything yourself, train your guy to do what you want him to do. It is not hard. He may not do it as you want it done, but he cared enough to try, and he would have given his best effort. If you don’t want help, then don’t complain.

7. Body Obsessions


Women obsess over their body and it is super annoying. Men understand that not every woman is going to be shaped like Beyoncé or the Kardashians. They may talk about these iconic women but most of them are not obsessing over the bodies that they have. So, why do you obsess over your body and irritate them in the process? People are unique and that is for a reason. If you want to obsess over your body, keep your obsessions to yourself and don’t involve anyone else in the conversation. Women who tend to obsess over their bodies will be a killjoy, and they will try to control what their men eat. Love your bodies, and appreciate your uniqueness, because you only have one life to live.

6. Freaking Out About 30


Turning 30 is not the end of the world? So what if you’re turning thirty? It is not as though you’re turning seventy. You have your entire life ahead of you. Your mother may have been married with kids at thirty, but everyone makes a different choice and follows a different path. At thirty you can still have kids, you can still get married and there is no rush to find Mister right. You can still travel the world and do the things you always wanted to do even at twenty. Your metabolism may have slowed down a little, but nothing should stop you from enjoying life. You may not have your life together, but it seems like thirty is a good time to put away childish inhibitions, like obsessing about the fact that you are thirty.

5. Caring About What People Say


Women tend to live their lives caring about what people say. This is because most of them are gossips. Because you talk about people, you are going to care about what other people say. This is an annoying practice, and men hate it. A woman will buy something she cannot afford just because she cares about what people say. She will also live her life to suit others and not herself. Your first priority should always be you. You will discover that you cannot live all your life pleasing people, because you will just never be enough even after spending all your money and giving your best efforts. Humans by nature and not easily satisfied, they will want more and more. Stop caring about what people say. Please yourself first.

4. Not Knowing What She wants to Eat


The Internet has several memes about girls not knowing what they want to eat or girls having a hard time deciding what they want to eat. When you don’t know what you want to eat, it is annoying because guys do not have the patience to go through all the restaurant menus with you. You will also get upset if he just decides to buy something for you without asking you if you wanted it. But when he asks you what you want to eat, you never have an idea. So if you are one of those women who never knows what she wants to eat, going forward into 2018, you should get a copy of all the restaurant menus so that when he asks what you want to eat, you will actually know what you want to eat.

3. Saying She’s Ugly


Men hate to hear their women calling themselves ugly and they also hate when she has low self-esteem. But repeatedly saying that you are ugly when you’re absolutely beautiful is repulsive, and it is a huge turn-off. It is attention seeking and guys are not big on encouraging women who are attention seekers. We get that you expect him to tell you that you’re beautiful every day. Sometimes he may forget to tell you, and you go on and on about being ugly. Stop doing that. It is annoying, and it is not something that guys like. What they like and prefer are women who are confident in their beauty and women who are not attention seekers. If you are guilty of this attention seeking attitude, then stop.

2. Feeling Guilty About Eating


There are things to feel guilty about and there are things you should not feel guilty about doing. For instance, eating is one of those things you have no business feeling guilty about doing. You have to eat to survive, so it is something that you need to do. If you want to go on a diet, then go on a diet. Don’t make a big deal out of it, and don’t go advertising that you are on a diet. No one cares, and it is very annoying especially when you lust after something someone else is eating and wish you could have it. Everyone deserves a cheat day. If you are going to kill the party by feeling guilty about what food you eat, then you should stay home. That behavior is negative and super irritating.

1. Asking Him to Fight for You


A woman should never intentionally put her man in a position where he has to fight for her. She should also never ask him to do it unless her life is in danger. Even if it is in danger, she should contact the police, because it is their job to protect citizens. Asking a guy to fight for you or accusing him of not fighting for you is bordering abusive. You should never put someone’s life in danger, and you should also not encourage violence. Accusing him of not fighting for you is like you’re egging him on to be jealous. So, what if he’s not jealous? He’s comfortable enough and confident in his relationship with you and has no need to be jealous. So, stop accusing him of not fighting for you, because it is annoying.

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