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15 Things Men Can Do But Women Can’t

15 Things Men Can Do But Women Can’t

There are many things that men can do but women can’t, just like there are things that women can do that men can’t. Each of these creatures have their own unique abilities, talents and skills. Whether it’s physical or mental, both the genders are different in many ways.

The fight for equal rights is probably a never ending battle and it’s better that we don’t get into it. Men and women are made different, and there will always be intense web discussions on man vs. women.

Beyond this, there are physical, mental and legal restrictions or rules that hold women back from doing what men can do. There is nothing wrong with appreciating your girl for the way she manages your lifestyle and also maintains her beauty, but it doesn’t mean that you should forget yourself. As a man, you have some awesome, hilarious yet unique abilities no woman can ever achieve.

If women could have achieved these ability then there was no need for Adam, as Eve and her female army could have done everything on the planet. So if you think that women can do everything a man can, think again. And if you can’t think of many things, let’s take a look at these 15 things only men can do and women can’t.

15. Following the Bro Code


There’s nothing called sis code among women, but men have their own set of rules. They are bound in a mutual agreement which is called bro code. Here are some examples. When a friend’s girlfriend asks about something to a man, men follow the bro code that says no mater what she asks you, stick to one rule that you are unaware about what your friend did.

Another classic example of following bro code is the way men use the bathroom. They never use urinals located just next to another man, unless it is the only option left. Women in fact try to find company even if they are using the bathroom.

One more example. When in a gathering, if girls start talking about a friend who loves one of them, men always make sure dropping some good points about that friend. And the last one. Men don’t date their best friend’s ex, no matter how much they are being asked to do so. Admit it, only men can do it and follow a bro code and women can never.

14. Know about cars beyond its colour


For women, the colour of a car and its visual appeal are everything, and they don’t really understand the inside and out of a vehicle. But men are born with this talent.

Beyond the exteriors and interiors, they dig deeper into specifications, features and everything that women avoid talking about. Even if it is their first time buying or driving a car, men will usually praise the machine’s power, functionality and their talks will be  inspired by their experience with the technology.

On the other hand, women don’t look beyond the colour and they never willingly get their hands dirty with engine oil, which is just opposite to what men do. Men love getting things done by their own hands, no matter how complex or tiring it is.

13. Visiting all religious places around the world


Men are never barred from entering into any of the world’s religious places, but women are not allowed everywhere. In many mosques and temples around the world, women are not allowed to enter.

In India alone, women are not allowed to visit many temples, and they are not even allowed to cook food at home when they are on their periods. Since men do not have to bleed every month, there are no such restrictions for them.

Every religion has its own rules and we all must respect them, but when it comes to gender equality, women should not think that they can do everything a man can at such religious places.

12. No complicated relationships


Men are not social chameleons, they simply don’t adjust to an environment which they don’t like. Women simply try to make adjustment with their surroundings. In social gatherings also, women tend to get mixed up with different types of people, but men, if they don’t like it, they won’t make any attempt to look like they are enjoying and having fun. Men can’t just pretend like everything is fine with them.

Either they will show their rebel nature or they will simply keep quiet. If a man likes someone, then it’s ok, and if they don’t like someone, they will simply stay out of that matter.

If a man sleeps with a girl, he won’t expect the lady to call him back after that one night stand. Men don’t fall into complicated relationships, and even if the relationship is becoming complicated, they fix the problem by finding solutions.

11. Become a Catholic priest


Only a baptized male can become a catholic priest and no woman is allowed to receive the sacred ordination validly. The rule is laid by the Vatican for the Catholic Church and it clearly states that no woman can serve as priest in the Catholic Church. The rule is unlikely to change and even Pope Francis has told that the doors for women are closed because the church has said a clear ‘No’ to the idea of women becoming priests.

The ban is a result of the community’s thought that Jesus had male apostles only, so those who will become priest can only be chosen by and from male. This is also a reason why women are not allowed to vote in the Vatican.

10. Get birth control easily


For men, going out and buying condoms is an easy thing and they can even get it for free from many places. But for women, getting birth control pills or other contraceptives is not as easy as it seems. Forget Obamacare, if women still think that when you are in the US, you won’t have to pay for birth control, you are absolutely wrong.

Women can’t get them easily even if they are ready to pay money. The laws in the United States are not very clear about birth control. And not just the US, there are many reports from around the world where pharmacies simply turned women away by refusing to provide birth control solutions. Even on a religious basis, pharmacists can say no to women’s requests.

9. Becoming solution oriented


Men don’t spend hours cursing the cause of a problem, days in thinking about it, and weeks in sharing it with their family and friends. If there is a problem, men focus on how it can be solved.

Men tend to focus on solution of problems instead of focusing on what the problem is. Overthinking is something men do in rare cases, and when it comes to solving problems, men are the best creatures who forget their problems and go on a mission to solve the issues, whether it is related to their relationships, work, life goals or finance. Easily problem solving is one of the things that only men can do but women can’t.

8. Boys Don’t Cry


No matter how much they are hurt, men have the ability to come out of a situation holding their tears at bay. If their life is not going well, or they are simply annoyed by their life partner, men never cry unless they find crying the only choice left.

They hold the tears for several reasons and keep calm, even in the worst situations. If you ask men about the last time they cried, you’ll find that most of them are not able to remember the time, or even if they do remember the instance, that emotional trauma would be very old, and the cause behind their tears will be more meaningful.

7. Understanding the difference between emotional and physical love


You won’t find many men crying just because a blonde disappeared after a one night stand. A women would have called up her friends talking about how the person has cheated on her and how humiliated she feels now. But a man will either remain silent or tell his friends how awesome his night was.

Men can go out, enjoy no-strings attached naughty time, and come back without regretting it. They know that there’s a huge difference between their heart and penis. They know that sleeping with someone is actually temporary, and loving someone to the depths of their soul is way beyond a temporary relationship for physical pleasure.

6. Less complicated fashion habits


All men look sexy in a suit and we know this. When it comes to fashion, men take half time than women to get ready. Even during shopping, men can think, decide and buy things faster than women.

Men know how to finish off shopping soon without wasting much time. Although, men forget buying things sometimes, but they admit it, and get it at their earliest opportunity.

Their fashion habits are less complicated. They don’t need a bunch of cosmetics in stock, and men also don’t need a wardrobe full of new dresses every now and then. Even when they don’t shop for clothes too often, you won’t find men complaining about not having anything to wear.

This is one of the things only men can do but women can’t. Women complain, spend more time on checking on the other options even when they have decided to buy a certain thing.

5. Can pee standing up


Men don’t need any artificial devices to write their name of snow with pee. They can stand and use their genital as an aiming device and can point it to any direction they want. But women don’t have this ability, and they can’t even pee standing up. They have to sit down and get it done.

Even after trying so hard to imitate a man, women can not gain this ability without using the devices which are easily available in the market. It is obviously a physical difference between men and women, but there’s no doubt that this is something men can do but women can’t.

4. Hit the gym throughout the year


Unless their muscles are about to burst, men are never advised to skip gym sessions and they can enjoy working out all the time as long as they want. But women simply can’t do this. They can’t hit gym when they are about to deliver a baby or on their periods.

Men are always ready to do such things, as they are not bound by nature to stop and relax for some time, but women are bound to do so. They can’t just rely on exercise or do yoga anytime they want. So, when it comes to intense workout throughout the year, men can do it anytime, but women can’t.

3. Sleep anywhere, even with strangers


Even when they are homeless or bound to spend a night outside on a park bench, men can handle this comfortably. Men can sit and even sleep next to strangers, but for obvious reasons, women can’t do that. They can’t simply roam freely with strangers and can go out of the town with them, but a man can do it very easily.

Even if he is going with a group of strangers, he is a lot safer than a women for various reasons, not just because no one is going to rape him or something. In both mental and physical ways, he will feel more protected even when he is among strangers.

2. Become a front-line commando


There are countries (even the members of NATO) that allow only men to serve on the front line. If you are a women born in any of the countries like the United Kingdom, Turkey or Slovakia, you can not serve on the front line.

The military allows women to join the forces, but it doesn’t let them fight for the country standing just in front of the enemy. Many people from these countries have raised their voice to allow women to serve as front-line commandos, but their requests remain unheard and if you are a woman, hence serving on the front-line is something only men can do but women can’t.

1. Having balls


It’s not just about two balls hanging around all the time, but it is the treasure of new life, which means a lot. Women also have eggs, but they are kept like a secret, but men, they have nothing to hide. Having a soft and unprotected body part which is vulnerable to painful accidents proves the true meaning of ‘having balls.’

Men are healers, protectors, fighters and a powerful source of strength. No matter how much women try, this is one of the things only men can do but women can’t. And this is something that makes them unique in many ways. Have you got the balls to dismantle these facts?

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