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15 Things Men Do To Attract Gold Diggers

15 Things Men Do To Attract Gold Diggers


Certainly, every one of us has had a crush on a friend, colleague, or even a celebrity! As crazy as it is, sometimes we’re all prone to going nuts only to impress this lovely person we’ve been dreaming of. Naturally, it takes a special approach to get the attention of our subject of desire. However, you may not believe how easy it can be to have them immensely impressed with the snap of a finger. Of course, it’s always way more exciting to be chasing someone of the opposite sex. Besides, the whole idea of gaining your crush’s trust and attention is without a doubt a compelling game. After all, the harder the task, the greater the satisfaction afterward, right?

This, however, applies only to these people who’d love to find similar ideas, thoughts, and interests in the face of their potential partner. In other words, if you’re searching for a deep and intimate relationship filled with love, support, and genuine companionship, then this list will totally destroy your expectations. However, if you’d love to engage in less complex and committed relationships, here’s your guide on how to spot the gold digger and eventually impress her by simply being a bit more charismatic and charming. Indeed, it’s that easy!

15. Muscle Show Time: “I’m so tough!”


In truth, some girls would absolutely go nuts at the image of flexible, tight and sun-kissed male bodies. Moreover, when this is accompanied by a luxurious vehicle and some trendy clothing, then you’d better call an ambulance before they fall to the ground out of excitement and wonderment. Having toned abs and nicely-shaped biceps would not only impress the ladies, but it’s an extremely important asset to have against other guys who are also vying for the attention of the women around them. The better you look compared to the competition, the better your chances. It’s simply the way things work especially when there’s a gold digger on the horizon. Congrats! You’ve spotted this materialistic tigress.

14. Fancy “Toys”: Have You Seen My Lambo?!

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Well, having a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari or Jaguar definitely makes girls fall head over heels for that mysterious driver, regardless of the person behind the wheel. All jokes aside, just the idea of enjoying the opulence of such high-class vehicles is a well-grounded reason for all those gold diggers to hop in your car right away. Sometimes, however, you might not be able to unmask the genuine personality of the girl you’re dating. If this is the case with you, let us offer you then a simple come-get-me trick: just drop the word Lambo quite casually and watch for her reaction. Well, now you can fully enjoy your date with this pretty materialistic beauty.

13. Getting Her A Luxurious Watch Or Jewelry

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If truth be told, there’s hardly a person who would not want to be taken care of and spoiled every now and then. Of course, it’d be great if you do something in return and make your significant other feel loved and appreciated as well. All of it surely sounds so splendid, doesn’t it? However, there is a specific type of women in existence that will surely want more and more from you. And it shares nothing in common with soft and sincere feelings for certain. Don’t even think that flowers and candy will do the job. Luckily enough, such types of beautiful yet materialistic ladies are quite easily impressed, so the floor is totally yours. Fancy watches, cars, exotic trips, credit cards, etc will totally attract your crush’s attention.

12. Give Her Credit Cards, Just In Case, You Know…


When talking about charming ladies who are mostly focused on their looks, fashion trends and makeup, what they’re very likely to lose sanity over is your fat wallet. Well, it’s not like this specific group of girls hardly finds you attractive or intelligent. It’s just the fact that they only see your flourishing business, nice car, and the fancy watch. Fortunately, you can absolutely take advantage of their thoughts and desires. After all, everything has a price in this world, and so does this gorgeous young lady. Once you make her feel spoiled and well taken care of like a living, breathing doll, she’ll certainly be on cloud nine. More often than not, guys often surprise such girls with a few credit cards just to cover their “basic needs”.

11. Dining At Lavish Restaurants

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Undoubtedly, men and women share more differences than similarities when it comes to approaching the opposite sex. Usually, guys are those with the better and higher monthly income so this boosts their confidence to a certain extent, of course. As a result, they often feel confident enough to invite their crush over a fancy dinner at a lavish restaurant. In most of the cases, girls get really fascinated by the whole kind gesture and the amount of effort. Of course, winning a financially stable and ambitious woman over will surely need better approaches and strategies. But in our case, you won’t believe how easily you’d get this young girl only by having fine dinner at a wonderful and pricey place. Just ease yourself into your chair and enjoy the game!

10. Buy Her Pricey Gifts. Gestures “Matter”.

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Here we go with another super obvious and crazy thing that guys do when picking up a gold digger at a party. Perhaps you’ve previously run into a female whose face still lights up at the mention of your prosperous career, ultra cozy and fast car, and lovely beach house. And more often than not, she’d immediately start thinking highly of you the moment you get her pricey gifts, such as jewelry, designer clothes, and other accessories. Besides, this serves as an effective and 100 % proven method of picking her up once again and getting her in your bedroom. After all, gestures totally matter, right?

9. Namedropping Famous People


Another pretty common thing that guys often do to get their subjects of desire totally stunned is by taking them somewhere fresh and nice. Just in case you’ve been struggling with being noticed by this exact girl sitting across from you at the bar, here’s a tip on how to steal her attention right away. After all, everyone has weaknesses, right? Besides, if she loves fancy and pricey presents, the chances are that she’ll be fascinated by your next bold move. Just in case your beast-like vehicle doesn’t seem to get her mind blown, here’s another efficient method to get her: while you’re chit-chatting with her, just casually mention a few famous names of recognizable figures. Afterward, just watch the show and her reaction. There’s no denying, namedropping famous people does great wonders every time! There’s no surprise why guys often use it to pick up easy girls.

8. Taking Her To Dubai. Every Weekend!


Undoubtedly, exploring Dubai is certainly a dream of millions. Not only is it an exceedingly opulent destination, but quite an exotic and magical one. With that, it’s totally worthy of visiting at least once in a lifetime. The only issue is that Dubai is an extremely expensive destination that’s simply out of reach for many people, both men and women. Thus, here’s your chance to make the right move and blow this gold digger’s mind. After all, if money is not an everyday issue for you, then you can absolutely try it out and enjoy the positive outcomes. Your charming crush will eventually start thinking of you as an attractive guy. Way to go, pal!

7. Sugarcoat Everything You Say

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In order to get the attention of their subject of sexual desire, sometimes guys tend to sugarcoat basically anything. Moreover, they’ll be even more expressive about how they think and feel towards their crush that’s easily impressed by smart gadgets and fat wallets anyway. With this in mind, guys are often winners when bringing this hardcore move to the table. Being a smooth talker is one of the hardest skills to develop, although it does come naturally to some men. But at the end of the day, it’s not their fault that some men are smart enough to reel in the cute gold diggers they’re after. Additionally, each of them gets what they’ve been searching for from the very beginning.

6. Casually Talking About $$$

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Well, there’s probably nothing easier and more effective than impressing a gold digger with cash! If you casually mention how much you earn per month or start talking about your fancy car, gadgets and house – or perhaps a fancy beach home or cottage – you’re basically halfway there. Additionally, another great trick that bears fruit in this game is the ability to show off. Guys with better incomes are quite aware of that, of course, as they usually break the ice, ironically said, with some random talk about their bank accounts and earnings. Indeed, this works flawlessly! If there’s a direct route to a gold-digger’s heart, it’s with cold hard cash.

5. Being Overly “Romantic”


Well, such types of women are mainly fascinated by looks, cars, and last but not least, higher social status. Thus, they’re very likely to go the extra mile and step deeply into this love game. Of course, some girls who love fancy things will surely make compromises if her wooer doesn’t have big arms or toned abs. The chances are, however, that she gets really surprised and excited by a man’s romantic personality. Of course, in many cases, it simply serves as a camouflage guys put into action when they want to steal a girl’s attention. Naturally, if this sudden romantic side is accompanied by a sweet 2-day trip to an exotic summer destination, like Dubai, one thing is for sure – this girl will be truly dazzled and stunned by your “sweet gesture”. Smart move, pal!

4. Gold Diggers Would Die For A “Higher Social Status”

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Just bring your fine social status up as a topic of conversation and watch the storm of fuss coming your way. More often than not, gold diggers are looking for exactly this type of guy. Ultimately, those men with a higher social status have earned a prestigious reputation which means they are financially secured. Reading a gold digger’s mind and immoral thoughts is really that easy. However, there are a whole lot of men who let such girls think that they actually have them in their tiny pocket when in truth it’s just the other way around. All in all, both genders get what they want out of each other’s “company”: guys seek sexual experiences with these women, while these ladies seek the financial asset as a result of this “friendly” acquaintance. To each their own, right?

3. Being SO Kind In General

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Oh, smart guys love being really generous, kind and sweet when they want to impress and excite a beautiful girl. Of course, it’s twice as easy when the girl turns out to be a materialistic kind of person whose only goal is to get within striking distance of a man’s bank account. With this, simply being nice and gentle in the beginning is quite a common and traditional trick guys use to take her guard down. After all, it can’t be that hard to show off a few lavish accessories to take her breath away, can it? Be warned, fellas, an experienced gold digger will see right through your charade, so you need to mean it if you want to win this woman’s heart.

2. Flaunting “Skills” In Bed

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Well, well, well. Guys just love talking highly of their sexual assets and professional skills in the bedroom. Eventually, some girls get immediately hooked by this. At the end of the day, this exact type of man is totally open and down for buying her different gadgets and extravagant gifts. More often than not, gold diggers are very likely to respond positively to hardcore sexual jokes that are almost over the top. But if she’s okay with that, it certainly means that she’s super easy to get. And so, the next step will probably bear fruit as well. At the end of the day, she might even like to be shown those skills of yours. It’s as clear as a day that she’s down for it.

1. Bathing Her In Nice Compliments

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Generally, girls love being paid attention to in every possible way. With some, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a nice guy or a total d-bag since the only thing they want is to receive pricey presents and be whisked away to unique summer destinations. Bathing her in compliments is a sure-fire method to take her breath away right off the bat. Besides, she is probably not smart enough to realize you’re not really that into her. Rather, you basically like her for her nice looks. With this in mind, pleasing her spoiled personality is certainly a good scheme to try out.

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