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15 Things Men Oddly Find Attractive In Women

15 Things Men Oddly Find Attractive In Women

When it comes to relationships, society may judge a couple based on how they look together and wonder how the two fit. For instance, if a really good-looking guy hooks up with a girl who is not so attractive, the first thing that may come to mind is, ‘How did they end up together?’ or ‘What does he see in her?’ There is a cliché that says beauty is skin deep. It just means that real beauty is more than what the naked eye can see.

Maybe the guy found the woman attractive for reasons we are unable to see or reasons we may never know, because we tend to judge a person based on their looks. While looks may be important for some, for others it is seen as superficial and fleeting. There are just certain things men find attractive in women and some of them don’t necessarily have to do with looks. Although men are visual people, not all are shallow. Continue reading for our list of the 15 things that men find oddly attractive in women. See if anything relates to you and if it is true.

15. A bit of Anxiety


Men are attracted to women who have a bit of anxiety. This may sound strange, but studies have actually reported that women who have a bit of anxiety tend to be happy in their relationships. Men are attracted to this trait, but not women who are overly anxious. Men assume that slightly anxious women will be more protective, caring and will make a good mother. She is also going to be good to his parents, as they continue to advance in age. So, if you are a woman that fit this description, men may find you attractive, because you come across as nurturing. If you are obsessive, then you may want to be a little less so as being overly anxious may be a turnoff and make you unattractive to men.

14. She wears red


Men love to see a woman in red. In business, you may learn that a woman who wears red is subtly trying to assert her dominance and power. However, this is not always the case. When a woman is dressed in red, it subtly gives off a feeling of love and romance. Men are also attracted to women in red for biological reasons. Red is a color that is associated with mating. The expression red hot may just have a new meaning. If you want to stand out and make yourself more noticeable in a crowd, then consider wearing red. Men will find you attractive and you will carry an air of confidence about you. After all, the business world has associated red as a power color for women in the workplace.

13. Women on their Cycle


Men are not attracted to women experiencing their time of months, but they are more attracted to women who are ovulating. It is a biological process that may be weird to explain. It is actually an unconscious response to a woman who is ovulating and fertile and who is waiting for her mate. Men are attracted to the scent of an ovulating woman and are drawn to her. It is a similar concept to how mating is done by other mammals based on scents. Despite their attraction to ovulating women, men who are in a relationship find the scents of other women to be repulsive. So, if you are reading this and you were worried, your man has already found his mate, so he is less likely to stray. Single men are fair game though.

12. She Knows When To Let It Go


One of the issues that men have with women is their inability to let go of grudges and of the past. Some women will let a man suffer for something he did to her when she was a kid or something he did to her a few years back. If he acknowledges that he was wrong and apologized, then you can move on with your life. There is no need to hold a grudge. If he didn’t, then maybe you were entitled to hold your grudge. A man is attracted to a woman who does not hold grudges. Fighting is not always good, so if you fight, rather than holding it in for a few days, just let it go. As the old folks say, you should never go to sleep angry.

11. She is Friendly


Men are attracted to women who can easily make friends with anyone like a woman who talks to strangers on the bus or a woman who makes conversation with kids she does not know. This is an odd attraction, because you would think that men will have a problem with a woman who is too friendly. A man who is attracted to a woman who is friendly gets the impression that she treats everyone equally and that she does not discriminate. She is also respectful and will be the type of woman he wants to take home to meet his parents. If ever you have been accused of being too friendly, just remember that men find it attractive.

10. She is Similar to His Parents


A man’s parents can actually influence the type of woman he is attracted to, especially if he has a close relationship with his mother. He will be attracted to a woman who is similar to his mothers in terms of her morals, values and mannerisms. It is not that he has had issues with his mother growing up; it is just that she has become his idol and he believes that she is a good woman so any woman who is similar to his mother will also be a good woman. Initially, this is a good idea, but people with similar traits may not always get along. Never underestimate the ability of your relationship with your parents to affect your choice of a partner.

9. Her Hips

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Men like women with nice hips. Especially if her hips are bigger smaller than her waist and give her a subtle curve or even a big curve. It looks good to them because they have several images flashing through their mind, but biologically, women with a good waist to hip ratio are usually described as having child bearing hips. So, whilst you may think that your hips are attractive to men, there is also a biological explanation for that attraction, as his instincts recognize that you are suitable for mating. If you are single and interested in a good waist to hip ratio, consider doing some squats to help you out. You can also consider your diet, because certain foods may contribute to you having a thicker mid-section.

8. Facial Features


When it comes to facial features, if you have ever watched America’s Next Top Model, Tyra and her fellow judges were always biased towards girls with the most unique and non-traditional facial features. It seems as if men are also biased to some of these features. If ever you were teased for having eyes that were too big, or a mouth that was too large, these strong features may give you an upper hand when trying to attract the attention of a man. Again, it is all rooted in biology. When a man is looking for a mate, he may generally be attracted to these features because it gives an indication that she is healthy and feminine. So, fear not if you don’t fit the conventional stereotypes of beauty. Some men will find your features to be attractive.

7. She is agreeable


Men do not like women who nag and women who treat them like children. They don’t want someone who treats them the way their mothers would. If he finds a woman who is agreeable, he finds her attractive. This agreeability does not mean that she agrees with everything he says, it just means that she is agreeable within reason and doesn’t look for an excuse to start an argument. Women who are agreeable tend to be empathetic and are more understanding than women who are not. Men prefer these women for several reasons, and their tendency to be somewhat extroverted is one of those reasons. If you are not agreeable and are very argumentative, then you may be considered spoiled, and men try their hardest to avoid women who act like teenagers.

6. She is very Giving


Men are attracted to women who give. Not those women who give to be recognized and seen, but those who genuinely give of their time, talents or something as simple as giving up their seat on the bus or subway to an older person or pregnant woman. Men are also attracted to women who are involved in charity. It gives the impression that she is selfless and self-sacrificing. These are traits that men look for in a potential spouse. They look for women who will put the needs of others before their own. If you are a person like this and single, soon the right man will notice you. However if you are selfless, you ought to be so within reason. You should also think of your own needs sometimes.

5. She Shows Appreciation


Men have a big ego and they like it to be stroked by women often. Men want their women to notice and appreciate their efforts. He wants a woman to notice that he tries and a woman who notices that he is trying to be better for her. He also wants a woman who knows how to say thank you and one who praises him instead of criticizes him. Men are attracted to women who know how to show them their appreciation both verbally and non-verbally. If you are a woman who knows how to appreciate her man, he is always going to be attracted to you. So keep on keeping on, because men hate to feel unappreciated. If you have never appreciated a man, you should try to make an effort now.

4. A Sense of Humor


This is not anything odd or strange, but it should still be mentioned. Let’s go back to that girl you thought was not a good fit for a guy. Maybe he is with her because he fell in love with her sense of humor. Men are attracted to women who can make them laugh. Not only that, while women who make them laugh may just remain in the friend zone, women who can make them laugh and who have their own sense of humor are more attractive. If you can fall and laugh at yourself or make quirky jokes, jokes with similes and metaphors, men find these traits attractive. You also have to be able to laugh at his jokes, too. The inability to do so may be a turn off to a man who was otherwise attracted to you.

3. She is On Time


Society has made it acceptable for a woman to think that it is her right to be fashionably late. Well, while some men will be patient, others prefer a woman who is on time. If you agree to meet at a certain time, you should be there at that time and not late. You should not have a man waiting for you, because no matter what society says, it is rude. Your time is not more important than his time. Waiting is hard, and it is boring. A woman who is punctual gives the impression that she cares enough and that she respects everyone’s time. That is why men find those women attractive. If you have a tendency to be late, try to make an effort to get ready earlier.

2. She is Optimistic


Men hate pessimists and the so-called realist. What they prefer are women who have a positive outlook on life. They prefer a woman who sees the best in everyone and is willing to give the rehabilitated addict and recovering alcoholic a second chance. Their energy is contagious, so they are the best people to be around. When a woman is negative and a pessimist, the glass is always almost empty, and she fails to see the bigger picture. Their energy is not contagious, and you often have to force yourself to be around those persons and to be polite to them. Men do not like these women and tend to give them the wide berth. If the arrow points to you, your sour attitude may be what is driving men away from you.

1. She does not overreact


Women tend to overreact. Some of them have even been labeled as drama queens and then men go on to say that they are not worth the effort. Men are not attracted to women who overreact, because believe it or not, they do not want drama in their life. This type of woman tends to gossip and share information that is not hers to share. She may also make spur of the moment decisions and then complain about her lack of control later. Men are more attracted to women who are calm and those who analyze situations before making decisions. They also think carefully before they act, because they realize that their actions have consequences. If you are a calm woman, men are attracted to your calm behavior.

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