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15 Things Men Unconsciously Do That Push Women Away

15 Things Men Unconsciously Do That Push Women Away


This article is intended for both men and women. It gives a portrait of the men who make women run away and lists some of the attitudes and behaviors that turn women off in a hurry.

You have finally met the woman of your dreams! You are spinning perfect love and your relationship has found its cruising speed as well as its balance. She makes you happy and you love her more than anything in the world. And yet, despite all the happiness she feels when living by your side, some little things have the “happy effect” of ticking her off. It may be a noise, a bad habit, a smell…

Men and women are different but complementary. A woman naturally wants to take care of her man and she would like him to be honest, respectful, generous and protective. But some masculine attitudes are just incomprehensible and frustrating for us women.

Guys, read on to find out what you’re doing to ward off the women in your life and how to develop better relationships. Incidentally, this can also help you change a little bit and become a better man.

Good luck!

15. Selective Hearing… Or Listening


As hard as it might seem, there are more explanations for this problem that are scientifically proven.

One of them may be that men do not have the same ability as women to do multitasking (taking care of several things at the same time). Or more simply, the man decides not to listen to what the woman is telling him while he is watching a football match.

Another explanation is that the human brain processes the sounds of voices differently, and men’s brains are not designed to listen to women’s voices, as they don’t process them as voices but as music.

Let’s be serious, how many of us can “sing” the do-it list for the week?

14. Peeing Standing Up


Here we are, in front of the real problem: the element that marks the difference between a man and a woman and the major cause of discussions between the two. We are not talking here about leaving the toilet seat up – it will be debated later on – it is the problem that while peeing standing up the man does not focus on aiming the bottom of the toilet and suspicious splashes immediately occur on the woman’s hygiene radar. What comes next? Disputes, arguments and fights, of course.

Dilemma for man: should he lose his manliness by peeing while sitting down or should he simply ignore any hygiene rules?

13. Leaving the toilet seat raised


Although you find it unpleasant to have to put the toilet seat down each time you want to use it, try not to get upset! Some men are both careless and ignorant by nature and do not pay attention to such details. His purpose is not to make you angry, it is simply that these details are not important.

Women, put things into perspective! At least your man raises the toilet seat before peeing. Imagine if he left it down while… I’ll let you guess what happens next!

12. Forgetting to take out the trash


Another thing whose existence is often ignored by men (until its smell comes to their nostrils) is the trash. Men often like to decorate the inside of their homes with any sort of garbage that takes a few days before being thrown in the trash.

But, please admit the following: the drudgery they are more likely to endure is just going to take the trash out, taking advantage and smoking a cigarette.

Why not, after all? It’s a well deserved reward after such overwhelming work!

11. Acting irresponsibly


Friday night, you’re just exhausted. You had a crazy job all week, you went shopping, you got the kids from school, you even cooked. Now you’ve got to do the dishes! And when you ask him for a helping hand, you find him stretched out on the couch, watching TV and he simply answers: “You know, darling, I had a really hard day!”

It seems that a man, after the phase of seduction in which he plays the evolved man, gets back into his caveman habits and completely forgets his good behavior, even at home.

So he turns into the stereotype of a male specimen like Homer Simpson: socks and boxers he hasn’t changed for at least 3 days, stranded on the sofa with his pyramid of beer cans right next to it.

10. Checking out another woman


It is stronger than him. A man watching a beautiful woman in the street is instinctive, he even does not realize it. Anyway, looking cannot hurt anybody, can it? Well your life partner probably does not think the same, especially if she is talking to you.

Beautiful and charismatic men attract and turn many women’s heads. But, most often, these men are also inveterate seducers. As great strategists, they know all the fine words. When they are not watching other women, they make inappropriate comments about them. Obviously, all these behaviors hurt their life partners.

Men, think about this. Would you like to take a walk by the side of a very beautiful woman who watches other men, who even asks you what you think of a particular man?

Please don’t answer, I think we all know the answer to such a question. It is obvious, isn’t it?

9. Watching too much sports


Tonight, there’s your favorite show on TV and you made sure you can’t miss its start. You have prepared a cup of herbal tea, put on your housecoat to be comfortable and… suddenly the doorbell rings. “Ah! Haven’t I told you? I invited some friends to watch the football match!!! “

There’s nothing more frustrating for a woman: in the evening after a hard and long day at work we would like to have a good time and relax a little in front of either a beautiful movie (a romance preferably) or our favorite series with our partner. But unfortunately, it’s a mirage, because the man probably prefers to relax with a football match on TV, yelling at the referee and sipping his cold beer, together with some more than 10 friends.

8. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor


“But they are dirty, why should I put my dirty clothes in a laundry basket?!” Does it sound familiar. Definitely, for most of us.

Therefore, the dirty clothes are simply left on the floor, or even worse, he puts them a few centimeters from the basket in question, because in any case, they will end up in the laundry basket by miracle, then in the washing machine, the dryer and finally in their wardrobe. This is how you can make your female life partner go crazy!

But don’t forget that women are also very vindictive, therefore they can do something like this: no longer pick up your clothes and wash them and on the day you find that you’re out of spare clothes… I don’t even want to imagine the rest!

7. Making a mess


This may seem trivial, but it is true that in general women care more about order than men – except for those who have served in the military service. Sometimes it seems that men lack the ability to put things in order, but I think that they simply do not care about it.

“Why should I make my bed? I will use it tonight again, won’t I?” This is how they think. They have a logical and practical way of thinking – at least this is what they feel. It is not always nice when you’ve got guests and your house is upside-down!

6. Not cleaning up the sink after shaving


A beard is often an attraction for women (especially for those looking for a virile and macho man), but if the man is distracted, the traces of daily shaving remain in the sink and it could cost him everything.

You wouldn’t believe that the little hairs are everywhere, invading your sink, sometimes even your bathroom, and when using a wet cloth they get stuck to it and spread even more.

I know it is harder and more time-consuming than you would think, but if you don’t do this, who’s going to waste her time to clean up? She will, of course.

5. Always comparing their life partners with their mothers


“You know, my mother can iron this shirt without leaving a fold.” Or “I like your cake, but I have a great recipe from my mother…” I am sure that each of us has heard it at least once in a lifetime. And this is not what you would like to hear from your male partner, especially not at the beginning of your relationship.

Men, listen carefully: being close to your mother is not a problem in itself. But what women do not want is a man who still lives in the family home. And then, the problem persists when you keep calling your mother all the time or when your mother continues to do the laundry and the shopping for you.

Or worse, your mother remains omnipresent in your life, even after having made the hard decision to move out and start a new life with the person you love. There are few women who enjoy cohabiting with a cumbersome, interfering and bossy (future) mother-in-law.

4. Speaking about their ex


“I like the color of your hair. My ex had almost the same color.” “With my ex, we used to go hiking very often.” “My ex was very good at massages.” It’s annoying, isn’t it?

Of course it is. And you wonder what you’ve done wrong, why he still talks about and sometimes with his ex, although you’ve been together for a while. If she’s so perfect, why aren’t they still together, why have they broken up?

No woman wants to be compared to other women, as each and every woman is different and has their good and bad qualities, which you have both accepted, since you’ve started dating.

Men, would you like your girlfriend to compare you to her ex, to hear something like “my ex was very good in bed”?

3. Embarrassing their life partners in front of their friends


Whenever you’re alone, just the two of you, he’s a sweetheart, but as soon as he finds himself with his friends, he changes completely. He wants to show and to prove them “who the boss is in your house”, as he doesn’t want them to believe that he is under your control. And even if he feels and knows that he’s not really under your control, he still feels the need to show them that “he rules”.

There is no woman in this world who does not want to be appreciated, and not only for what she does but also for who she is. She is the person who makes you happy, who shares the good and the bad moments of life with you. Yes, with you, not with somebody else!

Therefore, she deserves to be appreciated, especially in front of your friends, who should see the difference between who you were before meeting this fabulous person and who you are now.

2. Forgetting about their female partner’s anniversary


“He forgot my anniversary” – a bad cliché, but, unfortunately a true one, as most of the men forget a lot of important dates in their lives – as if it could be a consolation for you.

Men, you’ve got no excuse, there isn’t any scientific reason or explanation for this, it’s an absolute mystery!

It can be puzzling for women, as men can easily remember the score of their favorite football team or the number of goals a famous football player scored in a match that took place some years ago.

Women, your hopes are in vain: men forget more than women, scientifically proven, regardless of their age – at 25 as well as at 60.

An anniversary is an important event in a woman’s life – which cannot be said about a man who’s happy to spend it with his friends, drinking beer and watching … a football match, of course!

1. Having a hard time saying: I love you


You love him. He loves you too, and you know it. And yet, despite all the love he shows you, he never tells you: I love you. It’s so simple to tell someone that you love that person – at least this is what we, women, think. But for them, for the men by our side, things are completely different.

As surprising as it might seem, this fact has a scientific explanation, namely: they were not taught how to express their feelings and they didn’t hear these words a lot when they were kids. Men were educated to be strong and not to reveal their feelings, no matter what, otherwise they might seem weak. And nobody wants to be weak, right?

Even if men say these words less often than women, they’ve got other means to show you that they love you, such as taking you out on a non-special evening or helping you in the kitchen from time to time.

But when they say it, it comes from the deepest part of their souls, and you have to take their word for it!

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