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15 Things Most Men Don’t Know About Women

15 Things Most Men Don’t Know About Women

Ah, women…Those amazing creatures! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them! There probably isn’t a man who hasn’t wished at least once to have the capability to read a woman’s mind.

Women and men are very similar in some ways, yet so very different in the others. To be able to co-exist, both women and men need to accept their differences and try to understand each other despite them. No matter how well you know a person, there are always some things about them that are beyond the limit of your own understanding, not because you don’t want to understand them, but because there are some specific differences in the basic way of women’s and men’s points of view, thinking, and behaviour. Of course, we shouldn’t generalize and it is wrong to assume all women are the same, but there are some things that most of them share that will always remain a mystery to the male population.

Since you aren’t able to read women’s minds, you might want to know more about some things women don’t usually talk about, yet they are a big part of women’s personality and behaviour. Women don’t come with a handbook of instruction, but here are 15 things that will help you understand them better!

15. Getting Ready For A Date Is A NIGHTMARE


You know how somebody asks you out and you are ready in a couple of minutes? Well, you know how that feels like only if you are a guy. If you are a woman, you need to know in advance that the date night is coming because you need A LOT of time to get ready. A woman has to take shower, scrub her body with a couple of different scrubs, remove all of her body hair, wash her hair, blow-dry her hair, apply 15 different products to her hair, pick the right clothes, run to the store for a new pair of pantyhose, apply makeup, choose the right accessories etc. The list just goes on and on. Basically, what you don’t know when you meet her is that she spent a better part of the day getting ready for your date.

14. She Secretly Hates You Every Time She Waxes Her Private Parts

Every woman hopes at least a little bit that you will be one of those guys who like a full bush down there. She will secretly hate you when you tell her you prefer her private parts to be completely hairless, and she will be angry with you every time she has to wax them for you. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is kind of frustrating when you have to remove all of your body hair every time you plan on having intimacy. If you wax it, it hurts like hell, and if you use a razor, there is a chance you will cut yourself at some point. Not to mention that you can’t really see what you’re doing down there so it takes a really long time to do it properly.

13. She Fakes Orgasms From Time To Time


No matter how great your intimacy life is, there is a huge chance she will fake an orgasm at some point. Women’s orgasms are so very different than men’s and the basic difference is the fact that it all starts and ends in their heads. It is not just about the physical stimulation, and you might be doing everything just right but she still won’t be able to get there. At times like that, she will probably just fake it rather than making you feel bad, and if she is really convincing, there is absolutely no way for you to know when that happens. So even if you are 100% sure your girlfriend would never do that, you are probably wrong. However, if you do notice something is off, just let it slide. Except if that happens every time – in that case, you really need to talk about it.

12. She Flirts With Your Friends


Every woman likes to feel wanted and that doesn’t prove she will cheat on you. However, she might secretly want your friends to find her attractive so she will often dress up when it’s time to meet your friends and she might even subtly flirt with them. It is not a big deal and you shouldn’t make a fuss about it if you notice because it all ends right there. If your girlfriend wants to cheat on you, she won’t flirt with your friends in front of you so if she does, there is usually nothing to worry about. She does that not only to feel good about herself, but she might also do it to test your reaction. She wants to make you jealous, but just the right amount of jealous – enough to let her know that you care, yet not so much you turn into a possessive psycho.

11. She Is Stalking You On Social Media


Your girlfriend wants to know what photos you look at and what kind of comments you post on social media. She will probably stalk you on Facebook all the time, especially at the beginning of the relationship. She will also check all of your ex-girlfriends accounts from time to time just to make sure you don’t comment on their statuses and photos too often (preferably never). Speaking of ex-girlfriends, she will do her little investigation on every one of them to ensure herself she is a better choice for you. If you don’t want to piss her off, don’t EVER compare her to your exes and don’t mention them too often. Also, if some of your exes tags you in a post or in an old photo on social media, remove the tag before your new girlfriend sees it.

10. She Owns An Insane Amount Of Clothes And Shoes She Never Wears


Most of the women really enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes and they buy a bunch of stuff they will wear only once or never. The thing about this is that the most beautiful shoes are often the most uncomfortable ones and while buying them might have seemed like a great idea, actually wearing them doesn’t feel so good at all. When it comes to the clothes, she might have liked some of those clothing pieces at the store but when she tries them on again, she realizes she hates them and they end up lying at the bottom of the closet. No matter how many shoes a woman owns and how full her closet is, there will always be a situation where she will have “nothing to wear” and she will need to buy some more. It isn’t rational, but that’s just the way it is.

9. Girls’ Nights Out Can Get Pretty Out Of Control


If you think men can get pretty wild when hitting the clubs, you would be surprised to know that women can be a hundred times worse. Society often puts very high expectations on women and they feel they have to be perfect all day long so when it’s the time to have a girls’ night out, they really let themselves loose to make up for all those times they needed to be so well put together. There is often a lot of alcohol involved, accompanied by an occasional cigarette, and a lot of dirty gossips. Grinding with a bunch of different guys in clubs is also almost always welcome. Those women you find to be the most withdrawn and shy in everyday life are often the wildest when it comes to having fun.

8. She Is Sick Of Making All The Plans


You might think your girlfriend is a little bit of a control freak when it comes to planning your time together, but the truth is she only does that because you never plan anything. She would really enjoy you taking the initiative from time to time and plan a romantic evening for the two of you. She wants you to know what she enjoys doing, what kind of movies she likes, what kind of food is her favorite, and he wants you to put some thought into planning your next date. And whatever you do, make sure your plans don’t always include other people. For example, if you want to go on a hike on a sunny day, don’t always invite a bunch of your friends to go with you. She will act like she doesn’t mind, but she really wants to spend some time alone with you.

7. Women Like Intimacy Too


Even though we live in the 21st century, the society is still pretty conservative when it comes to women and intimacy. For example, if a woman has intimacy on her first date with someone, most people will judge her and consider it wrong. If a man does that same thing, it will often be applauded. That is the reason why women often feel the need to hide their intimacy desires and fantasies simply because they are afraid of the way other people would think of them if they knew the truth. But the truth is simple – women like intimacy just as much as men do – and there is nothing wrong about that. And for the record, they watch porn, fantasize about intimacy, own intimacy toys, and masturbate more often than you think.

6. The PMS Rule


“Why are you so moody? Is it that time of the month?” – is one of the worst things you could say to a woman. Period. Pun intended. There is one simple PMS rule: You should never ever talk about it. Of course, she will be moody, she will eat insane amounts of ice cream and chocolate, she will cry over the most insignificant things, and she will hate you for bringing it up. The best thing you could do is just to ignore all of that, give her some time for herself, and be there for her only if she asks you to. You don’t know how having a period feels like so you shouldn’t be judgmental. She is in pain, her hormones are going crazy, and she really doesn’t need you to remind her of that.

5. Not All Women Want To Get Married And Have Children


There is a general belief that all men want to stay single for as long as possible, while all women are looking for a perfect guy to marry and have children with. In fact, none of that is a 100% true. There really are women who don’t want to have kids at all, it is not just another urban legend, it’s the truth. Every woman is different and while some of them do dream about a perfect wedding and a big family, the others just want to focus on themselves and their careers. All women appreciate having some time for themselves and there are those who are not willing to give that up for some guy or even for their kids. The important thing to know is that there is nothing wrong or unnatural with that, just like there is nothing wrong with a guy who can’t wait to get hitched.

4. She Has A Secret Drawer


Almost every woman has a secret drawer she uses to hide all the things she doesn’t want anybody else to see. For example, when her parents are coming over, she will need a place to hide all of her intimacy toys, dirty magazines (yes, women own those too), condoms etc. And you can bet there are some things in there she has been hiding from you. Whether it is a hemorrhoid cream, hair dye, picture of her ex, or something else, you can be sure she owns things that aren’t meant for anybody else to see. That doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to hide things from you because you two aren’t close enough so don’t read too much into it. It is perfectly normal for everybody to have their little, harmless secrets.

3. Kindness Will Always Trump Attractiveness


If you are ridiculously attractive and the intimacy is really, really good, there is a good chance a woman will date you for a while even if she thinks you are a complete jerk. Women love those “bad boys” from time to time because relationships like that are never boring. On the other hand, she definitely won’t marry you and choose to spend her life with you if great intimacy and awesome looks are all you have to offer. Kindness, brains, and good humor will trump attractiveness every time! Not only it is rational, but women are biologically wired to pick a suitable mate for having children with and, while great looks often are what attracts them at first, other things become more important with time. First and foremost, they need to feel loved and they need to know you will care for them and support them through the rough patches.

2. She Will Pretend Everything Is Fine (Even If It’s Not)


You’ve probably been there. A woman says everything is fine and the next moment she throws a tantrum over something you find to be a minor and unimportant issue. There are two major reasons why women do that. First of all, she wants you to figure out by yourself that something is wrong and she really wants you pay attention to details or to at least care enough to notice that something is not right. The other reason is she doesn’t want to be perceived as overly sensitive and emotional. Women are often accused of being too dramatic and hysterical so she doesn’t want you to think of her that way. Unfortunately, bottling up feelings like frustration or anger never ends well because it leads to a huge explosion of negativity that has been growing over time.

1. She Has Her Weird Alone-Behavior


There isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t do weird stuff when there is no one else around. Of course, she would never admit it, but there is a big chance your girlfriend is a completely different person when she is all alone. She probably enjoys watching chick-flicks curled up on her couch with a big bucket of ice cream or a huge chocolate lying in her lap. Not to mention she probably didn’t wash her hair for a couple of days simply because there was no one around to see her. You can also count on the fact she has some weird little rituals she enjoys doing secretly, such as putting five different types of face masks on her face all at once or plucking hair from different parts of her body.

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