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15 Things Most Men Don’t Know About Women

15 Things Most Men Don’t Know About Women

It’s amazing that men and women have coexisted for thousands of years, yet, they still know very little about each other. Sure, most women realize that men respond to physical attraction and they use this insight to their full advantage. What a lot of women don’t realize is that men generally don’t change, they hate to ask questions, and they are not as complicated as women. Many ladies don’t understand that men don’t need or want to discuss every little detail of their lives and that it is actually rewarding when women give men the silent treatment.

There are plenty of things that men don’t know about females and there are a lot of things that men simply don’t want to know. Fathers try their best to hand down their knowledge of women to their sons but this exercise is largely futile because a lot of the dads don’t really know that much in the first place.

Son: “Dad? Tell me about women.”

Father: “Ummm….They don’t like it when you leave the toilet seat up.”

Son: “….and….”

Father: “That’s it son. Glad we had this talk.”

It’s like a carpenter sending a new apprentice off to build a mansion with just 6 nails and a screwdriver. Unlike Rubik’s cube, there is no single step-by-step guide to explain how to figure out females although volumes of books have been written on the subject.

Let’s try to gain a little bit of wisdom by taking a look at the 15 things most men don’t know about women.

15. They Secretly Keep Tabs On Their Exes


Every guy has more than likely heard a woman declare that they are over their ex-boyfriend. That statement is a half-truth. Sure, that relationship might be way in the past but she still wants to know what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with. This goes for those exes from a few relationships back too. Women will covertly check out their ex’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites as well as ask for the latest gossip from their friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she is actually contacting him or that there is a lingering romantic connection. It also doesn’t automatically signify that she is bored with you and wants to rekindle an old flame. It is just what women do. It’s like some kind of uncontrollable yet harmless obsession.

14. Most Women Aren’t Gold Diggers


There is a long-standing belief that women place income and assets at the top of their list of requirements when considering a potential suitor. There have been several stories of gold digging women that placed money over true love. Anna Nicole Smith comes to mind as do the overwhelming majority of the women in the “Real Housewives” television series. Surprisingly, most women aren’t like this at all. It’s all a myth! Now, that isn’t to say that money doesn’t factor in but women apparently want someone that is emotionally generous, hard-working, and motivated. That should come as great news for lonely single guys that are stuck in minimum wage jobs. As long as you are emotionally stable and not too lazy there is hope for you. Just don’t take this news to mean that you have a shot at Kim Kardashian.

13. Women Get A Kick Out Of Making You Jealous


When asked why he climbed Mount Everest, famous mountaineer George Mallory replied: “Because it’s there.” It’s the same kind of reasoning that women have for trying to make you jealous. Naturally, they do this partly because they want to remind their men to pay attention to them but many females do it simply because they can. “Why are you trying to make me jealous?” “Because you’re there.”

The next time you are out with your special lady and she’s chatting up other guys, just remember that she is just doing what a lot of women do. It doesn’t mean she’s going to dump you and run off with your friend. It most likely means that she wants your attention. Also, remember that it’s a whole different story if it’s you chatting up other women.

12. Girls’ Night Out Rivals Any Boys’ Night Out


We all know that when a group of guys heads out to the bar or strip club for a few drinks and some laughs that a fair amount of debauchery can occur. There is no way a guy would ever want his significant other to be there. Bawdy conversations, heavy drinking, lap dances, and the occasional fist fight are all a part of the scene. Well, guess what? It’s pretty much the same thing when women have their night out together except there are fewer brawls. A lot of guys envision girls’ night out as a bunch of well-behaved ladies sitting around a table, slowly sipping on wine or strawberry daiquiris, and enjoying conversations that touch on subjects like the environment and television soap operas. Guess again muchachos. Actually, you’re better off not thinking about it.

11. Women Like It A Little Rough In The Sack


Don’t interpret this to mean non-consensual physical abuse because that is definitely not what this means!! It just means being a little forceful in a consensual intimate situation. According to Nan Wise, a prominent sex psychoanalyst and neuroscientist, “Unpredicted stimuli” fires up a woman’s dopamine receptors to give them sexual pleasure. As such, do not be surprised when they do such things as pull your hair, manhandle and slap you around to arouse you. Such wasn’t taught in high school, right?

This goes against the grain of what men traditionally believe which is why it is one of the 15 things that most men don’t know about women. Talk to your spouse and see if she’s willing to give it a try. She might be thrilled that you asked.

10. Women Want Men To Notice The Little Things


Most men take notice of the more obvious changes that women make. Most dudes notice it when their girl comes home from the hairdresser with a new pixie haircut. By the way, most guys hate that haircut!! Men will generally also notice when she’s wearing an expensive new coat, been in a tanning bed, or has just had breast implants. However, men aren’t very adept at noticing the little things like their partner’s fresh pedicure, a new purse, or the subtle highlights that she put in her hair. Men certainly have a hard time recognizing that a woman has lost 3 pounds on her new diet. Women really don’t like it when these things go unnoticed. If you want to please your lady then you might want to pay special attention to these trivial matters in the future.

9. Women Watch A Lot Of… You Know


What? Say it isn’t so!! We should all know that most men like porn and we can assume that some women like to watch it too but it may shock you to learn that 1 in 3 viewers are women. That’s a whole lot of ladies!! Men have diverse preferences when it comes to the type of adult media they prefer to view and the same goes for women. One of the differences is that men don’t care for story lines and they care even less about watching foreplay. It’s the opposite with the majority of female fans. Many of these women will watch and get turned on by almost anything. Straight sex, girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy, or self-gratification.

Guess what she’s up to when you’re not around? Probably the same thing that you’re up to when she’s not around.

8. Women Fantasize


It’s true that everybody fantasizes. Men fantasize about getting even with their bosses, playing pro sports, being rock stars, and winning the lottery. Oh, they also think about sex an awful lot. They even have fantasies while they are experiencing a fantasy. What countless men don’t realize is that women have fantasies too and they are not all about dream kitchens, exotic vacations, or new cars. Women fantasize about sex. Some of the things they like to think about are spontaneous trysts with strangers, threesomes, being dominated, and getting it on in public. They might even be thinking about your friend or even two of them!! There really aren’t too many boundaries to what women are imagining when they are intimate with their significant other but there is a good chance that she’s not thinking her partner.

7. Men Have No Idea What Having a Period is Like

This is something that most guys don’t want to know. That’s good because they probably never will. The average woman spends over four years of her life with her period which is a lot of time. All men really know about “that time of the month” is that it can cause drastic mood swings and a lot of discomfort for women. How uncomfortable? How exactly does it feel? Well, it’s just one of those things that you’d have to experience to understand. Many women have said that the pain and discomfort is on par with a man getting kicked in the testicles. This might be a little extreme. Imagine a guy spending four years of his life being kicked in the nads? That’s not pain or discomfort. That’s outright agony!! Men don’t know how a woman feels during her period just as a woman has no clue how it feels for a guy to get kicked in the groin.

6. Women “Self-Gratify”

Having learned about the wild fantasies women have, their secret desire for aggression in bed, and knowing that many of them watch adult entertainment, it shouldn’t surprise the men out there to know that women masturbate too. A 2008 study found that just over 90% of women between 18 and 30 self-gratify and that 66% of those engaged in the practice at least 3 times per week. These numbers may be slightly exaggerated as other similar studies show numbers down around 70%. Regardless of the percentages, the fact is that lots of women do it and they do it with some degree of regularity. With increased availability, especially through discreet sources like the internet, vibrator sales continue to grow quite rapidly which demonstrates how popular this activity is with women.

5. Women Are Uncomfortable With Silence


If you are a guy that has been in a relationship with a woman you might have a deeper appreciation for silence. One of the 15 things most men don’t know about women is that women are uncomfortable with silence. If your female partner has ever announced that she is giving you the silent treatment, your first reaction was probably a sigh of relief. However, it is never that simple. Usually, after only a couple moments of the silent treatment, she will inevitably start prattling on about one thing or another. Most women just can’t do it because they find silence to be awkward. Giving you the silent treatment is like a form of self-torture.

A study done at the University of California found that women speak about 20,000 words per day compared 7,000 spoken by men. That’s a lot of broken silence.

4. Women Will Pick At Your Plate Rather Than Order Their Own Food


Have you ever gone out for dinner with your gal pal? You tell her that you are going to order the steak and fries and then you ask what she would like. She tells you that she’s just going to have a salad. She’s trying to watch her weight. You ask if she wants anything else with it like, you know, something of substance but she’s firm that all she wants is the salad. You get your meals, she eats her salad as you are enjoying the steak and then she starts picking at the fries and anything else she can find on your plate. She won’t order dessert but she will eat half of yours. It really isn’t such a big deal to most guys but it seems a little odd. You ask yourself “Why didn’t she order the steak, or pasta, or tofu burger?”. The answer is that she can tell herself that she only had a healthy salad even though she had the fries and double-chocolate brownie too. It’s just what they do and you have to live with it.

3. They Want To Be Desired By Their Partner’s Friends


If you and your lady friend have gone to a party at a friend’s place then you know the grueling routine that women go through to prepare themselves. Finding a sexy dress, doing their hair, and putting on makeup can take an incredible amount of time. Most guys think that women do this so they look great for their man but this is only partly true. They do want to look good for you but they also want to look attractive to your male friends. You see, one of the 15 things most men don’t know about women is that women want to be desired by their partner’s friends. It makes them feel good. It doesn’t mean she’s going to seduce your buddies but her self-esteem is greatly boosted by knowing that she could…if she wanted to…which she doesn’t.

2. Women Pee In The Shower


It is estimated that about 80% of women pee in the shower but, unlike men who do it out of laziness, women supposedly do in the name of good health and other benefits. Squatting to pee in the shower is a good way to work out and engages pelvic floor muscles. It can also make a woman cleaner “down there”. Peeing in the shower helps to fight foot fungus and let’s not forget the benefits to the environment from saving all that water that is wasted when you flush the toilet. Did we mention all the money these women are saving on toilet paper? Women are virtually saving the planet and lowering the cost of medical insurance by peeing in the shower. As Martha Stewart would say (as she’s peeing in the shower) “It’s a good thing.”

1. Women Pass Gas

C’mon guys. Don’t be so shocked!! Yes, women pass gas. They don’t fluff and they don’t float air flowers. They let them rip with the same explosive energy and ghastly stench as their male counterparts. By and large, they just have a little more dignity and class when they’re in public. Men will let ‘em fly in almost any setting from the dinner table to a cramped elevator. Women are just more discreet unless they are alone. Some women laugh like school boys when they let one go and there are even several internet videos of females lighting them on fire!! Look, it’s a natural bodily function and the average person does it about 14 times per day. Heck, people can pass gas for up to three hours after they die proving that you are never too old to do it.


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