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15 Things She’s Into According To Her Birth Month

15 Things She’s Into According To Her Birth Month


So besides looking at planetary alignment and the stars, people also consider attitudes, habits and traits based on the month you were born in. Similar to how people with the same zodiac sign have the same behavior and mannerisms, this can also be said for people who are born in the same month. Maybe it is all superstitious, coincidence or make believe, but people who are born in the same month share a lot in common. You ought to consider the evidence. Listed below are some good and valid points. However, the points are more aligned with the behaviors that are displayed by women.

Women are very colorful and strange creatures. In an attempt to understand them better, we have come up with a list of things she is into according to her birth month. We expect that you will arm yourself with this material so that you can be a better friend, husband or lover. This material is also useful for your understanding of us. Whether or not you agree, these are the things she’s likely into according to the month of her birth. Remember, that birth month is different from Zodiac signs. Two people born in the same month can have different Zodiac signs.

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15. Leadership and Being in Charge


There have been several theories that argue whether leaders are born or made. One such theory is the traits theory that argues that leaders have certain traits. This theory steers more towards leaders being born and not made. A study done by The Business Time revealed that CEOs were born in the months of March, April, November, January, and October. So if you have a girlfriend or significant other born in any of these months, it may be easy for you to figure out why they are bossy or controlling. Maybe it has to do with how they were socialized, but their birthday month will play a big roll in their controlling personality and always wanting to be in charge. Somehow, you have a tendency to always want to follow them sometimes.

14. Teaching and Being Taught


It is a good thing when people love to learn, yet at the same time, they are able to reciprocate and teach what they have learned to someone else. These are traits of people who are ambitious and goal oriented. If you know a woman born in January, she will be a willing recipient of anything you teach her. She will also be willing to teach you in return. People who are born in November also have a natural ability to teach. They are into setting examples and if you ask them to show you how to do something, they are always willing to entertain you. It seems as if people in January and November have this thing in common. If you know her, keep her around.

13. Being in a Relationship


Everyone should love the idea of being in a relationship and spending their life with someone else. This is not always the case. People born in February are obsessed with being in a relationship. They are so obsessed that they take relationships very seriously. Maybe the obsession has to do with the fact that she is born in the month of Valentines’ Day. So don’t be offended when she gets upset that you did not put effort into a gift or dinner. If you’re taking her to dinner, because she is a romantic, get her flowers and candlelights. When someone born in this month finds the one, she does everything to hold on to him, just like people born in July who also have a tendency to value all the relationships they have whether romantic or not romantic.

12. Getting Her Way


There is a difference between being spoiled and wanting to get your way. Some women balance the two really well. When they want to get their way, they may pull out all the stops and work really hard for it. Women born in March have a tendency to want to get things done their way and to get their way all the time. This is why they are often described as being the month that has the most leaders. It is probably their tendency to want to get their own way that makes them super controlling. People born in April also have this drive, which is not very surprising as they too are controlling. However, when they set their mind to do something, it is then that they go at it to ensure that they achieve their goals.

11. Serving others


This is actually a good thing to be into. Service to others is actually a good trait to possess. People who like to serve others tend to be very generous and are always willing to give their time and talent. People born in the months of March, April, June, August, November and December fit the bill of generosity. November and December are not surprising months for people who are generous and like to serve others. They are the months of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it would be disappointing if people born in those months were not generous. People born in August are either very generous or not generous at all. If this is an important trait to you, then get a partner who is born in one of these months.

10. All things Marriage


At some point, all women wanted to get married. Then once they started to date, they may have changed their mind and decided that marriage is probably not the best thing for them. People born in May are all about marriage. Not the ceremonial aspect but just the sanctity of it on a whole. If you are married to someone who is born in May, she is very serious about marriage and is unlikely to be unfaithful to you. It could probably be because May is the month of mothers and she wants to do things the conventional way. Marriage is also important to women born in August. You should never propose to these women unless you are really serious. Because if the marriage does not work out, they are going to be devastated and probably scarred for life.

9. All Attention


Women just love attention. Some just more than others. They may even actively go out of their way to ensure that they get it and it does not matter whether the attention is negative, positive or both. Attention seekers are born in the months of March, April, May and December. If you have a woman born in these months and she loves attention, you should probably get her a trip to participate in Carnival somewhere. During the festivities, she can wear a revealing costume, take lots of pictures to post on her social media and she also has a lot to talk about in the future. Another activity you can involve her in is volunteering. As a volunteer for children, she gets a lot of attention. She is able to give back to society and she also meets her needs of wanting attention.

8. Serious Romance


If you have a girl who is seriously romantic or want a girl who is romantic, then you have to find her in the months of February, June, August or November. If you are going to be in a relationship with someone born in these months, then your romance game needs to be stepped up. She needs candlelight dinners, rose petals on the bed and she needs to be sent flowers frequently. Don’t worry about putting too much effort in, because she will reward you for your commitment and dedication to the romance. Just know that she is also going to do romantic things for you too. So if you’re not too big on romance, then avoid people who are born in these months as you would have to lay it on thick for them.

7. The Past


Women generally hold grudges. But some tend to hold them and become vindictive with it. They are always going to remind you of your mistakes, the things you should have done and the things you did not get done. It is nothing personal; it is just that women tend to have really good memories and will forgive you but it is unlikely that they are going to forget. People who are born in June and July tend to hold on to the past more than others. Sometimes their intentions are vindictive, but sometimes it is not. It is just that they can get hung up on their past and be very broody about it. You may have to walk on eggshells around these women because the slightest thing may tip them over the edge.

6. Family is All


Some people love their family and others hate them. But, whether we love them or hate them, we can’t exactly choose the family we are born into. Some people have redefined family to include their close friends. They love their family so much that they go out of their way to spend time with their family, because their family and the relationships they have with others mean a lot to them. If you have a girl born in June or July, she is going to be more oriented towards family than women who are born in any other month. Also, don’t ever tell her that she spends too much time with her family, because you are going to have an argument that tops all arguments.

5. Hard Work


Hard work is not something that people should be into, but certain people are totally into it. They never feel a sense of accomplishment if they don’t work hard. So these people tend to give 110% effort to everything they do. If you have a girl like this, it is best to leave her to work hard and go just with the flow. If she wants to work hard, you can support her by giving her the occasional massage or taking care of dinner so that she does not have to worry about it. Women born in the months of January, May, July and November exhibit these traits more than women born in any other month. Women born in August too, are sometimes known for being hard workers as well.

4. Organization of Sorts


If we were to be honest, not all women are organized. Some are really messy and tend to let things lie exactly where they are for weeks. The only time they become organized is when guests are coming over and they have to give the impression of being presentable. Women born in September tend to be very organized. Their workspace is clean, and they are unable to function in clutter. Women born in January are also very neat and tidy. If you have a problem with cleanliness, you probably should avoid dating these women. But if you don’t and are willing to take the risk, she is probably going to clean up after you so there is nothing much for you to worry about. Just don’t leave a lot for her to do.

3. Overanalyze Situations


Men also point out that one of the weaknesses of a woman is her tendency to overthink and overanalyze situations. Women are avid thinkers, so it is just something that you cannot avoid with them. People born in September are particularly known for overthinking situations. Your woman is going to come up with multiple possible scenarios and ‘what if’ situations in her head. It can be annoying and frustrating, but she just can’t help it. Women born in November are also overthinkers. However, they think towards the future. It is difficult to lie to these November women, because they are quick thinkers and are very sharp. They too, think of scenarios in their head. So, if you plan to hook up with any woman born in these months, think twice about it.

2. Getting Revenge


All women want to get revenge on men who have wronged them in some way. That is why it is so easy for them to hold grudges. Women who hold grudges are probably just women who have never had the opportunity to get revenge. Women born in October are very vengeful and will actively seek out the person who has wronged them. If you have wronged a woman who was born in October, you ought to apologize and try to make it up to her. While it may or may not work, you should still do it because you never know what revenge scheme is cooking up her sleeve. Women born in March are also very vengeful. Think carefully about dating these persons as your life can change for the worse if you wrong them.

1. Social Engagements


Not all women are very social or like to be in the limelight. In fact, some prefer to spend time alone or even time indoors doing activities that they like. Women born in January, May, and December tend to have really active social lives. They also love to socialize. If you know anyone born in these months or you are hooked up with a woman born in these months, you should always feed her social side even if you are not too social. If she wants to go out with friends, you should trust her enough to do so. It is not that she is fishing, but she can’t help it because it has something to do with the month she was born in. If you’re not into social girls, then you should not date a woman born in these months.

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