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15 Things That Go Through A Man’s Mind When His GF Puts On A Little Weight

15 Things That Go Through A Man’s Mind When His GF Puts On A Little Weight


Well, there’s hardly a person who has never had to deal with a little weight gain. After all, we’re all humans, so, let’s be honest: we all LOVE food. What’s even more, we know how hard it is to look away from a dozen donuts when being on a strict diet. Normally, we often tend to fail and simply destroy the great results we get. Why? Because we have food cravings which are indeed that hard to put to rest. Naturally, it’s always better when you could look at this from a different angle.

Thus, it’s so much easier to judge others, especially if this person happens to be your significant other. When it comes to women and food, things get really serious. Besides, rumor has it that girls are more prone to gaining weight a week prior to their period. So, maybe this could explain why your lovely girlfriend has been pigging out like a beast lately. However, there are many other possible scenarios playing out and evolving in men’s imaginations as well. “Omg, is she pregnant? Is that possible“? It sure is, but whatever happens, just DON’T panic! As funny as this seems, let’s see what else runs through a guy’s mind when his girl puts on a little weight.

15. “Is her period coming soon or what?”

via Know Your Meme

Well, if you haven’t noticed it yet, girls often tend to be overemotional about 2-3 weeks before their period stage. So, it’s kind of normal for her to be a bit more aggressive, to say the least. But you should not feel worried about your survival in this loving relationship. However, if you happen to say something about her bloated tummy, be ready to feel her merciless RAGE! “First off, it’s none of your business” – you’re very likely to hear this line during her period. So save yourself the drama and don’t get on this dragon’s nerves! Just let her eat and get curvy! After all, big booties are kind of trendy, aren’t they?

14. “OMG! I hope she’s NOT pregnant!”

via Meme Generator

Okay, your sexy girlfriend might have really put on a little weight. So what? Ultimately, the most important thing is her happiness and confidence. If she feels good in her new body shape, then you should adapt to the changes as fast as possible. Besides, it’s not like you can do something about it anyway. Additionally, why do you care so much about a few pounds anyway? It’s nothing scary …unless there’s a well-founded reason for her new looks. “OMG, is it possible? Is she really pregnant?” Well, this is a very reasonable thought that’s been running through your mind. But do NOT panic before you get to the core of that matter! Do you copy?

13. “Calm down, beast, before you blow up and eat me alive!”

via Dark Meme

As hilarious as this sounds, that’s a really common thought that should never EVER slip from your mind to your tongue! Otherwise, she may really kill you! Just kidding! Well, just let this lovely girl have her favorite meal, okay? “What’s wrong with you?“, she said, didn’t she? Honestly, such wild cravings could really be hard to tame! So don’t be that judgemental of her bad eating habits! Instead, why don’t you take a bite of her tempting fatty sandwich? Besides, let’s be honest – junk food is really tasty, isn’t it? But let’s hope she’ll eventually get sick of this new lifestyle filled with 100 % unhealthy food!

12. “Maybe she’s just depressed. Well, it happens, right?”

via The Latin Kitchen

Frankly, depression is our worst enemy, so we can definitely put the blame on it. What’s curious is that people often tend to purge away the moodiness by pigging out. It’s not like they really need to do it though.  It’s just that we always need a reason for doing something. “Is it pouring down outside? Great! Let’s eat then! Baby, can you hand me over that ice cream bucket, please?” Does it sound familiar to you? Well, if so, then you may know what’s really happening with her. But if she happens to get “depressed” too often, then you need to bring this hot topic up and “fix” the issue together.

11. “This dress looks awful on her now…””

via Quickmeme

Ouch! You didn’t say it out loud, did you? Such a bold line will surely cost you the relationship with this crazy girl! Okay, we’ve gone too far. It’s not that she’s crazy or anything, it’s just that she can hardly take control of these wild cravings! As for her favorite mini dress, it looks really awful on her bloated tummy. What’s even more, she looks even fatter after she’s thrown her healthy lifestyle out the window. It’s never too late to make her go back in her former sexy shape, of course. But if you try to be too insistent, you’ll certainly get in trouble; and nobody wants this to happen, right?

10. “Why did she stop working out?”

via NYMag

Lately, she hasn’t stopped putting on weight. Is that so? So, you’ve been wondering what the hell has happened to her, right? Well, the reason why she currently refuses to go to the gym may be that she just doesn’t feel like working out. With the hot summer officially here, it’s so hard to motivate yourself and do something about these unattractive thighs and love handles! Besides, don’t stress yourself with such thoughts. Perhaps, she doesn’t feel like stretching or whatever. Just leave her alone in her “period of cravings”. Besides, this is her favorite line, so you’d better get used to it.

9. “Oh, God, now she’ll sweat more in bed”

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Now that she’s a bit chubby, the chances are that she may start performing better in bed, to say the least. This surely means that she’ll get sweaty faster than you could possibly imagine. For the most part, sweaty girls look pretty hot, don’t they? So, why not stop complaining and enjoy your girl’s brand-new curves instead? Additionally, you should really appreciate the fact that she tries so hard to make you feel pleased and satisfied both emotionally and sexually. Ultimately, her sweaty body isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to you, is it? We thought so…

8. “I hope she won’t kill me when being on top”

via Maxtaro

Well, you’ve just gone way too far with this line. Indeed, she may have put on some weight, but it’s not like she’s gained a TON of fat! And for the record, she won’t kill you unless you give her well-grounded reasons to do so. Just kidding! Don’t “sweat” it too much! Actually, you should be thankful that she’s okay with being on top after all. Many other girls would openly turn you down if not feeling confident in these curves. All in all, just try to drive away these negative thoughts and simply enjoy your blooming relationship with this lovely and pretty chubby lady!

7. “Oh, no! Her toned abs are at a great risk!”

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Oh, no she’s simply ruining her perfectly trained and toned abs! How could she do it? Doesn’t she care about all her efforts?” Lately, you’ve been reflecting way too much upon this, haven’t you? Just to make it all clear for you, her toned abs are surely not the most important thing in the world. Besides, she can always get them back if that’s what she wants, alright? Presently, the best thing you can possibly do is take care of your own curves and shapes and stop being so mean! What’s more, you didn’t like her for her toned abs when you met her, right? If you did find her abs the most attractive thing about this girl, then you’re downright extremely superficial and rude.

6. “Will she ever stop eating while we’re having a conversation?”

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What? What’re you looking at?”, she asked. Well, maybe she’s been starving, so this could be it. Perhaps, she’s been way too hungry. This could be an option, right? Whatever the case, you should probably save these thoughts for yourself or actually forget about their existence. Otherwise, it’d be so rude of you to say such a thing out loud. Besides, she doesn’t criticize you when you make funny sounds every time you eat, right? So, just accept the situation as it is and don’t make her feel like she’s less attractive. Actually, you both know that she’ll always be hot even if she puts on 100 pounds right away!

5. “Well, I kind of like big butts, so…that’ll work!”

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Honestly, there are guys who’d die to be with a girl with a smoking hot body. Additionally, they’d love to have a girlfriend who doesn’t only have a salad for dinner. So, keep this in mind when you start worrying about her booty gains. After all, having a big butt seems to be the latest hot trend. Plus, there are many women out there who’ve spent a ton of cash only to have a big round booty. Isn’t that crazy? It sure is. Basically, you seem like a really fortunate guy for being in a passionate relationship with such a lovely and smoking hot lady! Don’t forget it!

4. “Does she really care about my opinion on this?”


Does she? Without hurting your feelings, she hardly cares what you think about her current weight. But don’t get this wrong! It’s certainly not because she hardly appreciates your opinion or piece of advice. It’s just that she’s in charge of everything in her own life which doesn’t involve you. And that’s okay. After all, you’re not her boss to tell her what she is allowed to do. It’s nothing like this, right? Rather, you’re her best friend and love partner which is the most important thing at the end of the day. Do you agree?

3. “I can’t watch this anymore!”

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Well, that’s a really bad way of saying it. At least you should feel lucky that she didn’t hear that. Otherwise, you can’t imagine what a mad woman can actually do. Sometimes, girls are being really spontaneous in their actions, thoughts, and behavior. Therefore, you’d better step carefully when you both are in the middle of a heated discussion of any sort. When it comes to her looks, eating habits or body weight, you’d not want to mess around with her. Believe us, this would be a really BIG mistake. Many guys have already been there, so spare yourself the trouble and just walk away if you’re not happy with her looks anymore.

2. “Well, she used to be so hot…”

via ZergRex

Ouch! What happened? Isn’t she hot …now? Honestly, there can’t be such a thing given her gorgeous looks in the first place. A girl can be either hot or not. Surely, a couple of inches around her waist won’t be able to change this. Furthermore, you’ve got no idea how many guys would love your girl with such delicious curves. It’s just the truth of it! So, next time she asks you out to grab a dozen donuts, don’t stand there like a tree… move around and do as she tells you! Be a gentleman and just make this chubby girl happy! Indeed, she looks so beautiful and super hot when she’s happy!

1. “Maybe we should discuss this…”

via Pinterest

What if she keeps gaining weight? Should I stop her?” Oh, seriously?! Come on, pal, you’re being so ridiculous now. Now that she’s a bit fatter and her mini black dress makes her thighs stand out more, it does not mean that the situation will get out of hand. Besides, there’s a really slim chance that she’ll like the fatter version of herself. After all, your girlfriend could be anything but a sumo wrestler. It simply doesn’t make sense at all. But if you’ve been really worried about her mental and physical state, then just reveal your thoughts. Indeed, if you decide to walk this dangerous path, be careful how you bring this topic up, okay? Take this as a major warning, for real! Girls can be so unpredictable at times!

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