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15 Things That Prove She Is OBVIOUSLY Into Him

15 Things That Prove She Is OBVIOUSLY Into Him

At times, it can seem like men and women are entirely different species. That’s because something that seems like an obvious sign from a woman’s perspective may be overlooked by men, and vice versa — sometimes we just communicate differently. However, this can often make things a little bit confusing when it comes to matters of the heart.

Women tend to take a more subtle approach, trying to hint that they’re interested with their behaviour or body language, small cues that guys may totally overlook. Guys are often a lot more obvious about it — if they’re hitting on you, they’ll probably flat out say you’re gorgeous and they want to take you on a date or something along those lines, so it’s a bit easier to gauge their interest. That’s also why women frequently baffle men — I mean, why not just come out and say it? Well, we hate to break it to you, but you may just have to learn to read the signs she’s giving out in her own womanly way and not expect her to behave exactly like you — everyone is different, after all.

Here are 15 signs that prove she is OBVIOUSLY into you — so take the chance and make a move, already!

15. Texts and phone calls are answered promptly


Yes, we live in a society where nearly everyone has their phone glued to their side at all times. However, let’s be honest — everyone has ignored a text or call until they felt like dealing with it if it’s from someone they don’t particularly care for. If you find that she’s always texting you back almost immediately, that’s a sign that she’s eagerly waiting for you to reach out, and once you do, just can’t play it cool and try to respond later — she wants to get back to you ASAP and kick off a conversation because she enjoys interacting with you. If you’re never being screened, that’s a good sign that she’s interested and wants you to keep texting her — so maybe follow up those flirty texts with a suave date request!

14. She wants to meet your friends


If she’s not interested in you, chances are, she doesn’t really want to become too involved in your life. Or, if she’s looking for purely something physical, again — she doesn’t need to know too much about you to make that happen. However, if she’s truly interested and can see a future with you, she wants to know about all the little bits in your life — including your friends. So, if she suggests inviting your friends along when you’re going to have a beer after work, that may be a sign that she wants to get more wrapped up in your life because she’s super interested. Just maybe tell your buds to be on their best behaviour, at least when you’re in the early stages of still trying to impress her!

13. She talks about the future


We’re not saying that she needs to be envisioning what your children’s names will be and what kind of house you’ll be living in on your second date — that would be a little alarming, to be frank. However, one huge sign of interest is if she can envision a future together, and isn’t afraid to share that with you. It could be something as simple as inviting you to be her date to a wedding that takes place in six month, signalling that she’s hoping you’re still together in six months, or talking about a potential vacation to Italy you both want to take because you love the culture and cuisine. If she talks about a future and you’re in it, that’s a sign that she wants you in her life for the long haul.

12. She laughs at your jokes all the time


Listen, we’re going to be totally honest here — you’re probably not as funny as you think you are. Sure, everyone has their moments, and maybe you constantly make everyone burst out laughing — but you’re bound to have a few dud jokes every now and then, because even professional comedians sometimes bomb. So, if she laughs at literally every joke you tell, that’s a huge sign that she’s interested in you — she’s trying to boost your confidence and flatter you, or perhaps she’s just a bit nervous because of how attracted she is and her laughter is a nervous reaction. Either way, she’s not constantly laughing because you’re the funniest guy in the entire world — it’s because she’s into you! So, before you start planning an open mic gig, maybe ask her on a date first.

11. She wants to spend quality time, just the two of you


Listen, women are contrary creatures — yes, it’s a sign of interest if she wants to invite your friends along from time to time to get to know you a little better. However, it’s also a huge sign of interest if she wants to spend some quality time, just the two of you. One of the most surefire ways for a woman to politely signal that she’s not interested without hurting your feelings is to turn every potential date into a group excursion with pals — so if she’s telling you that she would rather get dinner or catch that movie just the two of you, that’s a sign. After all, a relationship is between two people, not a huge group — if you can’t hang out with your partner and enjoy yourself just the two of you, you really have no business being together.

10. She finds any excuse to touch you


One of the most blatant and obvious signs from a woman is the whole touching thing — although somehow, many guys still seem to overlook it. If a woman is interested in you, she’ll find just about any excuse to touch you (in non-weird ways). She’ll lightly graze your arm while she’s talking about something, or bump your elbow with hers while the two of you are walking, or even just brush something off your shoulder that she allegedly saw. It’s a way of showing you that the two of you have a spark that’s worth being pursued — so pursue her already! I mean, that arm graze could not have been more blatant from her perspective, so get with it! It may not be as obvious as many guys’ touching moves, but women are just different creatures.

9. She makes time in her busy day to hang out with you


In this day and age, just about everyone has an insanely busy schedule trying to balance work and family and friends and all the things in between. It can feel almost impossible to find time for personal things, or to add anything extra into an already packed schedule. However, you make time for the things that are important to you. So, if she manages to carve a chunk of time out of her schedule to grab a drink or meet for coffee, that means you’re one of the important things in her life that she’s prioritizing — and that’s a pretty clear sign of her interest. So, if she seems to always find time for you, and you know her schedule is pretty crammed, you’d better make your move because she’s sending out that signal loud and clear.

8. She asks you questions about yourself, and seems legit interested in what you’re saying


Again — if she wants to get to know more about you, that’s a pretty clear sign that she’s interested. If a girl is into you, she wants to know what makes you tick, what your values and dreams and goals in life are, and she’ll remember the things you respond with because you’re important to her. If a girl isn’t interested whatsoever, she’s not really going to go to the trouble of asking you endless questions to see if you’d be the right match for her and if you would get along in the long term — she’ll just make polite conversation and ask you the cursory questions that you’d ask anyone. So, if she seems to go above and beyond in your conversations, and always recalls your previous answers, that’s a sign she’s paying attention — and interested.

7. She showers you with ‘likes’ on social media


Ah, social media — it’s made things a lot easier, but in other ways, it’s made life a lot tougher. Now, this sign depends a bit on what type of woman you’re talking about — if the girl you’re crushing on is glued to her social media accounts and likes literally every post she scrolls across, this might not be a sign. However, if she’s a fairly regular user who is a bit more sparing in her likes, the fact that she shows you some love for literally everything you post is a pretty clear sign that she doesn’t just agree with your views on everything or think every meme you share is funny — she’s trying to send you a message that she’s into you, so try to be a bit more receptive and pick up on it!

6. She touches/plays with her hair


To be perfectly honest, we’re not 100% certain of why women do this as a sign — but it’s so common that it’s officially become a thing, whether women are conscious of it or not. If a woman likes you, whether it’s because she’s trying to draw attention to her silky assets or just doing it as a nervous gesture, she’ll often play with her hair. She’ll flip it while you’re walking, curl it around her finger while you’re chatting over wine, absentmindedly twist it, etc. It’s just a thing that women do — so if you find that she’s constantly playing with her hair around you, that’s a pretty solid sign that she’s obviously into you. It can be tough for guys to interpret because, well, men don’t really play with their hair.

5. She mirrors your body position/body language


You’ve probably heard of the concept of mirroring before when it comes to signs of interest, and there’s a reason it’s such a pervasive notion — because it’s true! Countless studies have found that when you’re interested in someone you often mirror their body language or movements — so if you’ve got your hands on the table while you’re out to dinner, she may find herself doing the same. If you pick up your glass to take a sip of wine, she just may follow suit. Whether she’s consciously trying to mirror your body language to send you a sign, or unconsciously mirroring it because she’s totally interested and doing it involuntarily, the result is the same — she’s into you and wants you to know it, so make the next move already!

4. She makes a lot of eye contact


You’ve probably heard before that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul — and while it sounds supremely cheesy, it’s kind of true. People communicate a lot with a single look, and particularly for shy women, eye contact can be a huge sign of her interest. Maybe she’s the type of woman who isn’t really comfortable brazenly flirting or reaching out to touch you. She may simply make eye contact across a crowded room as a way of signalling her interest, because it’s a lot easier to hold someone’s gaze for an extra second or two and hope they get the sign than to make the actual first move. Help a girl out and pick up on her sign — if she’s glanced at you several times, that’s a pretty clear indicator that she’s not just scanning the room, she’s checking you out.

3. She literally leans towards you


This is similar to the concept of mirroring — your body often does particular things to communicate interest or disinterest, whether you’re conscious of it or not. If you find that she’s constantly leaning forward during your conversation, that’s a sign she’s into you — she’s not afraid to get closer to you, and she’s trying to literally close the physical distance between you. It’s a pretty clear sign. If she’s really not interested, you’ll often find that she leans slightly back or tries to put a barrier between the two of you to communicate that message. It’s simple body language, but it’s a really effective way to gauge someone’s interest. And if she combines the lean in with a brush of your arm and some major eye contact? Look out — she’s way into you.

2. She lets you into her personal space


This is similar to the idea of leaning in or finding excuses to touch you — if a girl is into you, she doesn’t care nearly as much about her personal space. I mean, sure, you shouldn’t crowd her or make her uncomfortable. However, she just may slide next to you while you’re grabbing a bite instead of sitting across the table, or put her arm on the armrest rather than keeping all her body parts within the confines of her own seat. That’s because physical intimacy is a huge part of any relationship, so in an attempt to communicate her interest, she’s trying to introduce a bit more physical closeness and intimacy into your relationship. I mean, she basically couldn’t make it more obvious — take the hint already!

1. She playfully teases you


The idea of teasing the guy you’re interested in may seem like something we left behind during the playground days, but you’d be surprised at how much this behaviour still applies. It’s because it’s not always easy to be super serious when you’re first trying to get a relationship started — you don’t want to freak the other person out by jumping in with both feet and communicating how you’re looking for a spouse not just a boyfriend. That’s why it’s nice to introduce a bit of levity in the form of teasing — you can build a bit of a rapport, a bit of intimacy, without having to get quite as vulnerable and risk freaking your partner out. So, if she’s ribbing you about your skills on the basketball court, that may be a sign that she’s interested.


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