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15 Things That Prove UFOs Are Real

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15 Things That Prove UFOs Are Real

UFOs are real. There is ample proof of this. What is not easy to prove are the origins of the UFOs. “UFO” simply means unidentified flying object. There are plenty of things that can cause a UFO, which can be easily explained. If a person takes a pie pan, throws it into the air, and takes a snapshot of it, it can appear to be a UFO. This is how some of the earliest hoaxes were created during the 1950’s and 60’s.

In contemporary times, advancements in Computer Generated Graphics (CGI) make it easy to create a hoax that looks so real, it is almost impossible to tell if it is a fake or not. The Internet is overloaded with such images.

Because of this, the best evidence to prove that UFOs are real does not rely only upon photographic or video evidence. It is nice to have those things; however, they are best used to confirm other substantial evidence. Substantial evidence includes the number of sightings made by different people in different locations, especially if they are made at the same time. Another consideration is the reliability of the witnesses. Eye witness testimony is known to be very unreliable when a single person recounts what was seen. However, when dozens, or even hundreds of people, see the same thing, chances are they are viewing real UFO phenomena. This does not mean it is extraterrestrial, just not identified.

Another thing that adds to the reliability of a UFO sighting is the professional training, military expertise, and/or scientific background of the person reporting the sighting. There are hundreds of such reported sightings from extremely reliable sources, which include airplane pilots (both commercial and military), senior military personnel, astronauts, members of the intelligence community, famous people, defense ministers, former presidents, and more.

We collected 15 things, which are supportive evidence that UFOs are real. The origins of the UFOs are not certain. However, some of the sightings of the crafts and the things they can do seem to be not from this Earth. Some exhibit incredible speed. Others maneuver in almost impossible ways. Some appear seemingly out of nowhere. These strange characteristics make it likely that some UFOs have extraterrestrial origins.

15. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino


The theory of “ancient astronauts” is that long ago and perhaps many times, the Earth was visited by extraterrestrial beings. They left evidence of their visitations behind. Zecharia Sitchin studied the ancient texts, especially those of the Sumerians. He found many references to “Gods” that came down from the heaven to help those on Earth.

Even the Bible has many references about these including angels that came from heaven and fell in love with earthlings. In the Bible, there are also references of the Nephilim that were giants that reigned over the people on Earth.

During the 1980s, Erich Von Daniken increased the popularity of this concept with his best- selling book Chariot of the Gods.

There are examples of UFOs being depicted in artwork. One of the most famous paintings of this type is The Madonna with Saint Giovannino by Domenico Ghirlandaio. A UFO can clearly be seen flying in the air. There is a man and his dog in the background pointing to it. This is not the Sun because the Sun also appears on the left side of the painting. This, of course, could have been created by the fanciful imagination of the artist. However, it does tell us that in the 15th century, when the painting was created, they were thinking about such things.

14. Famous People Who Claim To Have Seen UFOs

Via YouTube

One of the arguments made by skeptics against those reporting a sighting of a UFO is that the people making the claims create false stories to get attention. This idea is less convincing when the people claiming to have seen a UFO are already super famous. They do not necessarily need to get more attention. In fact, by admitting that they saw a UFO, it sometimes subjects them to ridicule.

Famous people, including some who are no longer with us, who claimed to have seen a UFO sometime in their lives and/or believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life include:

Muhammad Ali – The boxing champion claimed to have seen UFOs sixteen times in his life and one time to have seen the “mother ship.”

David Bowie – He always felt influenced by extraterrestrials and said he was “a projection of his own mind trying to make sense of the quantum topological doorway into a dimension beyond our own.”

John Lennon – He walked out onto his balcony of his New York apartment on August 23, 1974, and saw a UFO. It was also witnessed by May Pang who was his girlfriend at that time.

Elvis Presley – He witnessed a UFO as a child and continued to see them into adulthood. He claimed that when he was eight years old, he was telepathically visited by aliens and they showed him a future vision of a man in a white suit singing to a large crowd.

Mick Jagger – While partying at the Glastonbury Festival during the 1960s, Mick Jagger claimed to have seen a rare luminous, cigar-shaped mother ship. After that experience, he installed a UFO monitoring system at his estate.

Tom Cruise – In a tell-all book, Tom Cruise said his mission on Earth was to save humanity from the aliens by converting everyone to Scientology.

Professor Stephen Hawking – He has been quoted as saying that, of course, it is possible that the UFOs contain aliens as many believe and that the government is trying to hush this up.

William Shatner – The actor most famous for his appearances as Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek television series said, “There is no doubt there is life out there. The mathematics leads you to that absolute conclusion. In my mind, there is no doubt the universe teems with life.”

Robbie Williams – He took time off from his singing career in 2006 to study the UFO phenomena and attended conferences about UFOs.

13. Astronauts Who Saw UFOs


The testimony from astronauts is very convincing. They must go through numerous physical, mental, and psychological tests before they are selected to be in the astronaut program. They are highly-trained. They also have a unique vantage point of looking back at Earth when they are in space.

The astronauts who claimed to have seen UFOS include:

Joseph A. Walker – On May 11, 1962, he said that he filmed five or six UFOs on his record breaking flight of the X-15 during April 1962.

Major Robert White – On July 17, 1962, he reported a UFO during his test flight of an X-15 that reached 58 miles high. Major White said he had no idea what it was. It was gray color and about thirty to forty feet from him.

Major Gordon Cooper – On May 15, 1963, he was an astronaut on a solo Mercury mission that circled the globe 22 times. On the last orbit, he radioed the tracking station at Muchea near Perth, Australia to say he saw a glowing, greenish object ahead of him approaching his capsule. The ground crew at Muchea was able to track the UFO with radar.

Commander Eugene Cernan – He was commander of the Apollo 17 mission. In an article published by the Los Angeles Times during 1973, he said that he thought UFOs were from another civilization.

Ed White and James McDivitt – During June 1965, astronauts Ed White, who was the first American to walk in space, and James McDivitt, were on a Gemini mission passing over Hawaii when they observed a weird metallic UFO with arms sticking out. They took photos; however, they have never been released.

James Lovell and Frank Borman – In December 1965, during a Gemini mission, these astronauts saw a UFO. Ground Control at Cape Kennedy informed them it was the final stage of their Titan booster rocket. Borman confirmed that he could see both the booster rocket and something else.

Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin – These astronauts saw alien craft while they were on the moon. The report of the sighting made by Armstrong was confirmed in 1979 by Maurice Chatelain, former chief of NASA Communications Systems.

Edgar Mitchell – This Apollo 14 astronaut, after he came back from the Moon, spent the rest of his life, until he died in early 2016, working to spread the information that aliens are real, that they mean us no harm, and that expanded contact is possible if we stop warring with each other on Earth.

12. Presidents And UFOs

Via Anonymous News

Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton all saw UFOs. On top of this, each made an attempt to get access to the secret government files regarding the U.S. intelligence communities’ information about UFOs. They specifically wanted to know whether contact had been made and if any extraterrestrials, alive or dead, had been recovered from any crash sites.

President Jimmy Carter demanded in writing that the CIA turn over any information that they had on UFOs and they flatly refused. Ronald Reagan is noted as saying in a public speech that the world would unite in the face of an obvious extraterrestrial threat.

President Bill Clinton tried, in vain, to open the UFO files. He was thwarted as well. President George Bush made an attempt that went nowhere. President Obama tried to get the information and failed. One of Hilary Clinton’s campaign promises during 2016 was “to get to the bottom of this UFO issue, once and for all.” If she was elected President, she promised to make all of the documents about UFOs unclassified. Of course, since she did not get elected, we may never get access to these files.

The existence of the information was not denied by the U.S intelligence community; however not one of these presidents succeeded in getting access to the information. Many falsely believe the President of the United States has the highest security clearance possible and that the President has access to any government information in any department that they want to see. This is obviously not true.

Some projects are compartmentalized and only certain individuals get to see certain parts of the information. No one can see all of it and many of these “black-budget” unacknowledged projects are invisible even to the President.

11. Rendlesham Forest


Not as many Americans know about the incidence at Rendlesham Forest as they do about the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. The appearance of a UFO in Rendlesham Forest is the UK’s “Roswell” event.

This incidence is one of the best-documented encounters with a UFO, which also has very credible witnesses. Observations were made over a three-day period. The landing of the UFO occurred at Suffolk, England close to two NATO air bases named RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. These bases were operated by the U.S. Air Force as part of NATO’s European defenses. The witnesses were trained military security police and senior United States Air Force officers who were tasked with protecting the UK and the rest of Europe from attack, presumably from the U.S.S.R.

Several observations were made, including sightings by multiple, military personnel. Ground traces were found including radioactive evidence. The on-duty USAF security officers noted, “The object was metallic… and triangular in shape, approximately two to three meters across the base… It illuminated the entire forest with a white light and had a pulsing red light on top with banks of blue lights underneath.”


During November 2002, the British Ministry of Defense released the “Rendlesham File” of documents related to the event that 100% confirm the occurrence of the Rendlesham Forest incident. A UFO was definitely observed; however, its origins remain a mystery.

10. Phoenix Lights


About twenty years ago, on March 13, 1997, thousands of people in the Phoenix, Arizona area experienced the sighting of huge, triangular UFOs flying over the city at night. The UFOs made a formation of five lights that varied in size from about the size of a Boeing 747 to multiple football fields. The display of the Phoenix Lights lasted about three hours and was seen across a 300-mile area from Phoenix, Arizona to Tucson.

The U.S. military claimed that two events caused the sightings, fighter jets flying in a triangular formation and flares that were set off as part of a training exercise.

9. Testimony of Paul Hellyer, Former Defense Minister of Canada

Via Open Minds

Ufologists complain that American government officials constantly and consistently attempt to cover up any information about UFO sightings. Paul Hellyer, who was formerly the Defense Minister of Canada, one of Canada highest-ranking senior officials, wants to do just the opposite. He makes every effort to reveal the truth to the public about what he knows regarding UFOs.

Hellyer appeared on numerous television programs. He says that alien spacecraft are as common as planes flying over our heads.

Hellyer describes an event that happened during the Cold War between the United States and the U.S.S.R. during 1961. There were about fifty UFOs flying in formation that came south from the Arctic area, flew over the former Soviet Union and then flew down to Europe. The Supreme Allied Commander was very concerned and about to press the panic button when they turned and then went back to the North Pole.

This event triggered an investigation that lasted for three years. The results of the investigation concluded that at least four different alien species have been visiting this planet for thousands of years.

8. USAF Flying Saucer

Via Pinterest

This is about as real as it gets. In fact, any skeptic can go to the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio and see this flying saucer in person. This vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft was built by Avro Canada and named the VZ-9. It was created under a top secret U.S. Air Force project during the early part of the Cold War in the 1950s.

Lift and thrust came from a turbo-rotor blowing exhaust out of the rim of the craft. The original design was supposed to fly at high altitudes and at high speeds. The intention was to make an aircraft that resembled a flying saucer to use under the “cover” of being misperceived as an alien craft.

Via deviantart

Problems with stability doomed the project and the craft could not be flown safely more than two feet off the ground. The Air Force gave up on the project, turning it over to the U.S. Army. It was renamed the Avrocar when the Army continued testing the vehicle from use as a hovercraft over land. Eventually, the project was scrapped because the stability problems could not be overcome. Anyone not working on the project that caught a glimpse of this top secret craft would probably be convinced that the U.S. military captured a UFO.

7. U.S. Government Cover-Up

Via Stillness in the Storm

As evidenced by the design of the Avro VZ-9, the U.S Air Force has been in the “UFO” business since the 1950s. It is very logical and now completely obvious that the Air Force benefited when sightings of its top secret military aircraft were confused with extraterrestrial craft. Many explain that these sighting had to be alien made craft because they had capabilities that were far in advance of any known craft made on Earth. That is precisely what the US. Air Force wanted people to think.

These top secret American programs came out of the earlier development attempts made by Nazi Germany during World War II. After the allied forces defeated the Nazis, many of the major German scientists were brought to the United States to continue their work. This was accomplished under the code name Operation “Paper Clip.” The most famous scientist in this effort was Werner Von Braun, who went on to help the USA develop advanced rocket technologies.

The U.S. Air Force created Project Blue Book, which was explained to the public as the USAF’s investigation of UFO phenomenon. Instead, what it actually turned out to be was a data collection trap of information about sightings used by the USAF to determine the effectiveness of the top secret projects. It was very useful for the USAF to learn how the public would react upon seeing the military craft flying overhead. Project Blue Book began in 1952, exactly at the same time when the USAF was trying to make flying saucers.

At the end of Project Blue Book, the USAF concluded that there were no threats to National Security from UFOs and terminated the project. The alien cover story continues to this day, as a way to disguise Earth-made, secret, military craft.

6. German Flying Saucers

Via History Channel

The innovative designs explored by the Nazis in their attempts to conquer the world during World War II are astounding. Many craft look like classic UFOs. Some people think the Nazis got some of the technological advancements from aliens. However, that is not proven. It is likely for them to have wanted people to confuse top secret military craft for UFOs. Just like the USAF learned later, the Nazis knew that if the craft were mistaken for UFOs, they could be operated and tested in public view without giving away their secret origins.


The Germans had many designs of aircraft that were flying wings. Some of the original models still exist in museums. These could easily be confused with triangular UFOs because of the unique shape.

Via Pinterest

The Germans were decades ahead of the rest of the world in their designs for aircraft that they considered and many that were actually built. Whether or not, they had direct help from aliens with the technology cannot be determined. Nevertheless, these are a real craft, which are like a flying saucer, which the Nazis built and flew.

5. The Battle Of Los Angeles

Via LA Times

Just before 3 A.M. on February 25, 1942, people who live in Los Angeles were awakened by air-raid sirens announcing that the city of Los Angels was under attack. For the next few hours, anti-aircraft artillery fired with tremendous force into the air, while powerful searchlights scanned the skies for the enemy. After several frightening hours, the guns fell silent. Afterward, no evidence of any enemy attack was found.

Via Getty Images

There had definitely been things flying over Los Angeles that triggered the defensive response. There was tremendous fear that this was a Japanese attack, similar to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that occurred three months earlier. However, the fly over of the city of Los Angeles was not an air raid. Some thought it was the sighting of a UFO that caused the problem. However, the United States Coast Artillery Association said a weather balloon that was sent up at 1:00 a.m. triggered the response and then war panic kicked in.

4. Chicago O’Hare Airport Sighting

Via Airport Journals

Around 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday, November 7, 2006, the federal authorities at the Chicago O’Hare airport were notified that airline and airport personnel were seeing a metallic flying saucer hovering over Gate C-17. A ramp employee working on the departure of United Flight 446 was the first to see the UFO. The worker told the flight crew of UA 446 that something was hovering over the plane. It is assumed both the pilot and the co-pilot saw it, although that was never confirmed by the airline.

Approximately 12 United Airlines employees saw the craft. It was obviously metallic and certainly not clouds. It hovered for about five minutes above the airplane and then suddenly went straight up into the air leaving a clear blue hole in the cloud cover that closed itself just afterward. The UFO was not seen by anyone in the airport’s tower, nor was it picked up on the radar.

When questioned by reporters, both United Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials denied any knowledge of the incident. The FAA refused to investigate the event and dismissed it without further consideration, claiming it was weather phenomena.

A reporter from the Chicago Triune using a Freedom of Information Act request sought and received a recording of a call about the UFO made by an Untied Airlines supervisor to the FAA manager in the control tower, while the object was hovering over the airplane.

The reaction of the FAA about this event was very odd because normally any penetration of restricted airspace that is not accounted for is subject to serious inquiry due to terrorism risks. That something was there, is undeniable. What it was is still undetermined.

3. The Stealth Bomber

Via Imgur

Stealth aircraft made by the U.S. Air Force is responsible for many of the UFO sightings in America and in other countries. These aircraft have unique characteristics. They are made from composite materials that do not reflect radar signals. This means that they can fly directly into airspace that is being monitored by radar and remain undetected. They fly at such high altitudes that from the perspective of a person on the ground, they appear to fly without making any sound. They are an unusual triangular shape, which is often what is described by UFO sightings.


The craft under the tarpaulin cover in the photo on the left side is the Northrop Grumman B-2 also known as the “Stealth Bomber.” It is easy to see how this secret military aircraft could easily be confused for an alien space craft.

Imagine if you did not know what this was and driving down the road you saw this…

Via imgur

Or if you were at a baseball game and you saw this…


Would you not be certain that you saw a UFO? After all, a UFO only means that you cannot identify it. Others, if they were aware of the top secret project to make the B-2 would recognize it as a secret military aircraft. Many of the UFO sightings are military aircraft. When they are a secret project, of course, the military denies their existence. They intentionally fly them over public areas to see what they can get away with doing and check the public and air defense responses.

2. UFOs Disable Nuclear Weapons In The Silos


During March 1967, UFOs appeared at the gates of the facilities that held nuclear missiles in silos for the Strategic Air Command (SAC). None of these events were reported when they occurred. However, many years later in 1994, one direct witness, Captain Robert Salas (retired) who was an ICBM Launch Officer in the Air Force at the time, decided to report what happened in detail. The reason he did this is that he read a paragraph about the incident he witnessed in a book by Timothy Good entitled Above Top Secret.

Upon reading a small part of what happened to him in the book, Salas realized that the information had been declassified and he was no longer obligated to keep it secret. After this, he wrote two books about his experiences entitled Faded Giant and Unidentified, The UFO Phenomenon.

Salas was stationed at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. On that night, during March 1967, Salas was at his station as a launch officer in an underground bunker, when he got a call from topside. The security told him that there was an oval-shaped object that was glowing red about 40 feet in diameter that was hovering at the front gate. Soon after that, all the nuclear missiles in the silos went completely offline.

Via YouTube

It has been fifty years since the incident that Robert Salas witnessed. Since so much time has now passed, this allows requests under the Freedom of Information Act to get documents declassified. It turns out that not only did the event Salas described occur exactly as he reported, but also dozens of other similar events occurred that disabled nuclear weapons.

Now that the documentation has been declassified, it turns out there was a huge amount of this activity going on during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The UFOs would appear near the facilities and then suddenly all of the Minuteman missiles would be taken offline. In another case, the opposite occurred, the systems activated without the launch codes. The only way the facility operators were able to keep the missiles from firing was to disable power to the entire facility.

1. The Disclosure Project – Prepare For Contact

Via YouTube

The Disclosure Project, create d by Dr. Stephen Greer, presented 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, and intelligence officers at a Press Club event in Washington, D.C. during May 2001. These witnesses have first-hand knowledge about aliens, extraterrestrial craft, and UFO sightings. Many of them were top-ranking military personnel when they had their first-hand experiences. Others are from the intelligence community. The caliber and reliability of witnesses presenting their testimony in public was astonishing. They all agreed to make the same statements under oath in front of the U.S. Congress about what they know, what they saw, and the U.S. government’s attempts to keep the information from the public.

After the public presentation of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Greer published a book in 2006 entitled Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge and in 2103 the project continued to advance the efforts to reveal more information to the public through a documentary film called Sirius. This was followed by a second documentary film entitled Unacknowledged that was just released in April 2017.

The work of Dr. Greer and his associates is to help the human race prepare in advance for widespread awareness of alien contact without fear or a panic reaction that leads to an unnecessary violent response. Dr. Greer warns about the possibility of a “false flag” operation created by the darker elements of the military industrial complex to fake an alien invasion in order to have a premise for a global war.

Dr. Greer believes the extraterrestrials are benevolent, that they already have significant contact with government officials and that it is time for the general public to become completely and openly aware of them.


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