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15 Things Women Can Do But Men Can’t

15 Things Women Can Do But Men Can’t

Ever thought about the things only women can do but men can’t? You may be thinking that everything a woman can do can be done by a man too. If a woman takes care of her kids, then a man can do that too. They are good homemakers, but we have seen many fathers taking good care of their family as well. So what’s something that only a woman can do which, as a man, you are not eligible or capable of doing?

The battle of the sexes is never-ending. We know that both men and women are fighting to get equal rights and freedom in this world. But no matter how hard you try, there will always be differences, and these differences can show us that we must respect each other’s unique abilities and talents. Whether it’s physical or mental abilities, men and women are different in many good ways.

Here are 15 things only women can do but men can not. No matter how hard men try to do these things or achieve these abilities, they’ll never be as successful as women in doing them. So, just dump the feeling and emotions of competition between men and women, and enjoy reading about women’s 15 unique abilities, which no man can ever achieve.

15. Flirt with a bouncer


If you are a girl entering the club, you won’t need to add more layers of decency to your face. But if you are a man, you might get kicked out as soon as you start showing your manliness to a male or female bouncer.

Women can in fact flirt with a bouncer and can even fall on him when they are too drunk too, and that’s OK. But if you are a man, you’d choose falling on the floor instead of seeking out the bouncer’s cozy arms or shoulders, no matter whether it’s a male or a female bouncer. So boys, flirting with a bouncer can actually be injurious to your health, but not for you girls.

14. Get aroused without getting caught


Women don’t have to adjust their pants whenever they get aroused. Unlike men, they don’t have to place anything on their lap to hide the fact that they are turned on for one reason or another. Here again they easily beat men who have to cross legs in order to try and hide their erection. The reason is obvious and doesn’t require any further explanation.

This is one of the things that disappoints men because it is really, really hard to judge whether a women is turned on or not. So, if you are a man reading this, let’s be positive and say that yes, you have an unique ability to express that you’re on. But if you’re woman, you know how secretly you can use this ability to keep that thing hidden as long as you want.

13. Have multiple orgasms


Reloading the weapon always sucks. No matter whether you’re playing a video game or using some new skills in bed. However, a woman doesn’t have to wait and reload, she is always loaded and doesn’t require time to unload it again. You know what we mean (wink).

On the other hand, a boy, no matter how skinny or muscular, unless you’re a viagra machine or have got a hydraulic machine system installed on your winky, you are bound to wait for an orgasm when you’re done unloading the stuff. What if men were given this ability? Probably nature doesn’t want you to act like a drilling machine. Thankfully she is safe, and she has won again.

12. Be a qualified emotional wreck


The next time she throws something at you, don’t blame her. She can do the same in public as well, and can easily justify it. Even if she throws a brick at you, as she is a highly qualified emotional wreck, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can justify doing the same. Because you’re a man, and she’s a woman, and this is one of the thing only women can do, but men can’t.

She can just do that and no matter whether she is a celebrity or the dumbest girl you have ever met, always remember that she’s a woman and will get everyone’s support. So never ever try adopting this skill unless you want to get your ass kicked by her friends or everyone who’s around.

11. Touch other women, and call them attractive


If you’re a man, grab your male friend’s hand and whisper in his ear that you find him sweet and attractive. You know that he won’t even trust your words, and unfortunately if he does, you are bound to get weird looks or you’d probably want to run away from him if he feels the same for you. But a woman can touch for her female friend, hold her hand, kiss her and can even call her beautiful, attractive and everything superlative without looking suspicious. Only women can do it.

Being a man, don’t you think that you can’t even do this with other women. And even if you do so, you know the outcome. So, women are the winners.

10. Look taller with high-heels


Whether it’s your favourite pair of leather shoes or your cool-looking sneakers, they do nothing more than just add comfort when you walk and run. But for women, high-heels not only make their legs look fabulous, but they can also add some more inches to their height.

Being a man what are the options left for you to look taller? Unless you put bricks inside your shoes which is obviously insane, or carry something to stand on, you can only add a few centimetres to your actual height, but can never take it to the level where the girls can. So boys, just put your hair up and make adjustments to your fashion sense because these are the only ways you can look taller, and dump the idea of wearing high heels because it is something only women can do but men can’t.

9. Openly Own Private ‘toys’


Hey early ejeculators, your partner needs a toy , and yes, you can’t label her a sex-addict. It’s all your fault that she is finding pleasure in fun ‘toys’. Discussion ends here. Now, being a man, try owning a sex toy and talking to your partner about it. Soon you’ll realize that you’re the most disgusting creature living on the planet who always thinks about sex and doesn’t love his partner and is careless about her emotions.

Even if this is not the case, women can openly own ‘toys’ due to various reasons including the one that they miss you, and they hate it when you’re away. A man feels more comfortable in relying on their hands rather than choosing a flashlight. However, no woman feels comfortable in showing off sex toys in public, but even if a toy appears in a social gathering, they won’t mind saying that they just bought it for temporary enjoyment. Do you have any problem with that, men?

8. Become old but still hit on young men


Hitting on young boys is just normal for old women, but don’t try doing the same if you are an old man. As an old man, hitting on young girls, you will be labeled a pervert. Women have this liberty. However there are many old men who are married to or in a relationship with younger, hotter women. But unless you are a millionaire or a celebrity, trying to get the attention of young women in old age can be risky. If you are a women, you are an evergreen hunter and can go on hunting at any age. Try it and there are chances that you’ll end up finding at least one desperate bird or more.

7. Connecting varied pieces of information


In a study, it was found that female brains are better in combining different pieces of information together when they are given a task. The study reveals that females are better at connecting dots and they use left and the right part of the brain in a much better way than males.

For example, if a group of women and men are given a task to pick somebody out from in the crowd, such things require connecting multiple pieces of information and women are the best in doing so. According to science, connecting sub-networks of the brain is something women can do a lot better than men.

6. Wear skirts


Sure, skirts look nice enough on women and are very comfortable when it’s hot outside. But unless you are an Egyptian king or a Scottish man who loves wearing kilts, skirts won’t suit you, man. Even if men wear skirts, it is not true that society is not going to judge them. It is because people around us have certain expectations from both men and women.

Even if you are a man who does care about what society thinks, you will not feel comfortable in wearing skirts and you’ll be mocked, of course. Even if no outsider is going to mock you, not everyone is going to admire this sense of dressing. So, it is better we leave this thing to women because it is one of the things only women can do but men can’t.

5. Let their hair grow


As a woman, if you miss out on one or two appointment with your hair stylist, it is not going to change your look in a very significant way. But if you are a man, try skipping a few visits, and everyone will start asking whether you were kicked out of your house or coming from an abandoned island.

Long hair looks great on women, and even if they don’t get a haircut for long time, they look great. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that a man will look good if he lets his hair grow out by skipping haircut appointments. You’ll look like a homeless man if you are not keeping them in shape.

4. Get laid without getting rejected


If she really wants it, she will get it. When a woman is on a mission to sleep with a man, she will find a way and get that done, no matter how she does it. But being a man, you can’t even imagine how hard it will be. Women are goal oriented, even men are, but when it comes to sleeping with a man, they will find a way because they know that a majority of men are too weak to hold on and say ‘no’ to such an enticing offer. But a woman can easily say “no” to your face,. Furthermore, it really takes solid guts to tell a woman that you want to sleep with her for no reason or just because you want to do so.

3. Look great without spending money


Men need to buy expensive things to look great, but a woman can look fab without even spending a dollar. She can just tie her hair in a new way, wear a loose t-shirt with shorts and she’s done. But to grab attention, men usually spend money on expensive suits, perfumes, classy accessories and so much more. Only women can do it but man can’t because looking great while you’re living a frugal life is too hard for a man.

Women can look fab without caring about spending anything and it’s a talent men usually don’t have. Yes, muscular guys have a great chance here, as they can even roam around shirtless, but the opportunities are very limited. But for a woman, no matter how frugal the life she lives, small changes in the way she looks can bring her the attention she wants.

2. Praise your siblings and friends


Praise your girl’s sister or compliment her on how attractive she is, and your life is almost over. But a woman can say anything about your siblings, friends and get away with it. As a man, you can’t do anything about it. You can just smile and can’t even blame her for the feelings of insecurity you get due to this.

Praising her sister or a friend too much can put you in trouble, especially if your girl is an emotional wreck, even if she is not, she will become one soon after hearing compliments from you about someone else, even if that someone else is her sibling. Just be ready to turn on the survival mode and run for your life.

1. Give birth


Without women, there’s no life on earth, but as a man, your role is very small in bringing a baby to this world. It’s your partner who suffers the pain and carries your baby in her womb for almost a year, nurtures the baby inside her and even feeds the baby when he is out of the womb.

As a man, your role starts from here, but those first several months, it’s just the woman who can make things happen. The unique ability to create a life can never be replaced because it’s a gift to her from mother nature and seriously man, you are not eligible for this gift. This is one of the most amazing things women can do but men can’t.

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