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15 Things Women Do All The Time That Are Annoying AF

15 Things Women Do All The Time That Are Annoying AF

The world of men and women is an interesting one. Both sides have a laundry list of issues that bug the hell out of the other. That is the way it’s been since the time men and women started interacting and that’s the way it will be until there are no more of one of the genders.

Today we are going to take a look at some things that the ladies do that annoy the hell out of men. But ladies, don’t take it personally. We all know there are plenty of things that we guys do to annoy the hell out you as well. There will probably be another piece coming soon, if it hasn’t been done already, focusing on just that. Today however, we are focusing on the woman.

The men who read this will no doubt agree with most of these issues and the ladies that read it, well, we can only hope that maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from this information. If you are not guilty of most of these things you are a lucky woman. However, you might just be in the minority.

Do you like drama? Attention? Do you have a problem with the truth? If you answered yes to any of those you should read on and see what you might be able to change before you lose your guy.

15. Loudly voicing disapproval of something in public


Many times in life both men and women will come across things that they don’t think too highly of. A lot of women have to discuss it right there and then, and not quietly, to voice their displeasure. Plenty of men are guilty of it too but this piece today isn’t about them.

There is a time and place for discussions to happen and they can get loud sometimes without becoming a spectacle for those around you. A public place is never the time for this to take place and usually it will make things even worse. Privacy is preferred for any discussion needed about a problem.

14. Acting like you are saved


There is nothing wrong with people who are religious and it’s a major part of their life. It’s a whole other ball game for those who pretend to be like that but then go out and party without limits every weekend and give it up like Heidi Fleiss on a normal Friday night.

We see through that act very quickly and easily ladies. Not to mention that it’s beyond annoying. It also falls into the drama and lying category. Just be yourself and let things fall where they may. You’ll probably find yourself with a better guy if you give that a try.

13. Creating drama out of nothing


One common thing that women seem to love to do is create drama when there is none there. It helps to liven up their day apparently because they are bored with it or have nothing better to do. A major issue could arise out of something as simple as not liking the clothes they have chosen to wear. There isn’t a man around who hasn’t heard at least one time “I’m not going. I don’t have a thing to wear,” or “I hate this dress. I’m not going. You go by yourself.”

As a man, it’s way too hard not to get sucked into this type of drama. No matter what you say, you can count on it being the wrong thing.

12. Desperately seeking attention


Women who constantly seek attention are just not a lot of fun to be around. They won’t only seek it from the man they are with; they’ll go after it from anyone that might be nearby. This could lead to drama situations galore.

It’s not a bad thing to want to be treated well and feel like you are part of a group with your friends but constantly wanting all of the attention on you will not only run off your friends, it will have your man heading for the hills as well.

Let the attention come to you naturally. It’s very obvious if you force it and it becomes very annoying very quickly.

11. Sloppiness


Nobody likes this. Men and women can both be guilty of being this way and both men and women don’t really like dealing with it. It’s a very annoying thing to deal with and it’s even more annoying to someone who might be a neat freak. Those types of people might lose their minds if they were with a woman who has a tendency to be sloppy.

It’s certainly not a hard habit to break. Just clean up after yourself and you’ll find you won’t be so annoying to the man in your life. But guys, that goes for you too!

10. Nitpicking


Nitpicking is not an attractive trait to have whether you are a man or a woman. For the sake of this piece, from the male’s perspective, we will focus on the women. Granted, some of the things that women point out to men are completely justified, such as style of dress or what have you. Sometimes they have a good point. The woman should try a different approach though in pointing things out.

How it’s done can be the difference in nitpicking and simply drawing attention to something. For example, politely pointing out that a man probably shouldn’t wear socks with flip flops is better than creating a new drama episode over it.

9. Acting insecure


Women should realize that if a man doesn’t want to be with them, they won’t be. It’s as simple as that. The insecure act is annoying and the more it happens the more annoying it becomes.

Constantly being asked about if other women look good to them, only to use the answer to create drama, is not a healthy environment to be in. A man never wants to hear things like “You think that she’s prettier than me, don’t you? I bet if she looked this way, you would totally go after her and leave me behind.” It might be funny the first time a man hears it, but the 100th time the novelty has worn off.

8. Being indecisive


Ladies, we know you have a brain, and we also know that you like to use it. Most of us like that and it is an attractive trait to have. So why do you choose to not use it when it comes to decision making time?

You can’t decide on which clothes to wear, where you might want to eat dinner, and what to do for entertainment. We know you have an opinion because you share it plenty of other times with us. Please take part in the decision making process with us, it’s fun! Not only that but you’ll probably be happier with most of the decisions that are made!

7. Selective humor


Ladies, if it’s funny, it’s funny. That’s all there is to it. Lots of women will have a great sense of humor one day, and then another day there is no sign of it at all. It’s as if it never existed in the first place.

If you can laugh at others you should be able to laugh at yourself as well. This is another thing that women do a lot. Something happens to someone else and they laugh so hard they fall down. If the same thing happens to them though it’s not funny at all and damn the man that laughs at them.

6. Trying to be attached at the hip


Being with a wonderful person is great. But someone that has emotional issues that dictate they must be at your side 24/7 can quickly become very annoying. That goes for both men and women.

Both genders need some alone time and are capable of doing things without cheating. That’s what most people are afraid of. The fact of the matter though, is you can actually force someone into cheating that normally may not have done so, by being overly attached. Give some space and take some space. Have trust in whom you are with and it will be returned to you. It’s a very nice thing if you have it.

5. The half story teller


There are three ways to tell a story. Lots of women commonly use two of the three ways. The first way to tell it is to leave out all of the important details so the story makes absolutely no sense to the man. Then the man can be accused of not listening.

The second way to tell a story is to include every single minute unimportant detail. This way a two minute story takes ten minutes, the man loses focus, and then gets accused of not listening.

The third way and least commonly used by women is just telling the story normally. All important facts included but none that aren’t needed.

4. Gold digging


No man likes this, not even the rich ones. When you meet a woman and the first conversation consists of what kind of vehicle you drive and what your monthly income is, you might take that as a sign to run fast and far.

A man wants their woman to love them for who they are, not what they can buy for them. It’s extremely annoying when you first meet a woman and those traits of hers are exposed during the first few conversations.

If you are a woman and this is something you do, try to be at least a little secretive about it. Show some class and find these things out as time goes by. Don’t come right out and ask because that is very annoying and will probably lead to a very short chat.

3. Overreacting


There are lots of things that come across your life that may present some kind of problem. There are two ways to handle these instances; one is calmly, quietly and like an adult. The other is to completely overreact and get all loud and drama filled over it. Nine out of ten times when this happens it only makes the situation worse.

Calmly discussing things can solve a lot of problems quickly and easily. Why make things worse than they already were? Furthermore, why make something out of nothing that was there in the first place? The overreaction can be a killer.

2. Lying


Men sometimes call women that tend to lie a lot “truth deprived.” It’s the perfect label for those that tend to leave out a fact or four when telling a story. In a lot of cases this will go hand in hand with the drama situations and you’ll find a lot of crossover women for the two offenses.

I’m not saying that men don’t lie too because they do. But again, today we are focusing on the ladies, so go ahead and just tell the truth, ladies. It’s as annoying to us as it is to you when that doesn’t happen.

1. Jealousy


Being jealous just isn’t a good trait to have. It’s extremely hard for the person who isn’t, to have to hear about it all the time. Not only that, but they also have to deal with the drama that comes from that jealousy.

When a man is accused of looking at someone they haven’t looked at, it can be funny the first time it happens. However, the twentieth time it happens it’s no longer funny and it becomes quite annoying.

Sure, there are plenty of times that men look at women when they shouldn’t be doing so, but there are also plenty of times that they aren’t.

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