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15 Annoying Things Women Do That Drive Their Boyfriends Away

15 Annoying Things Women Do That Drive Their Boyfriends Away


Yes, we’ve all seen the lists before: give him space, don’t nag him, let him have his night out with the boys, and the list goes on and on. While we should be doing all of that, there are couple of things we do that can make our boyfriends go crazy. Sure, each guy has his own little pet peeves, but there are certain things that we woman can do that will turn a guy off or simply make him walk away. A smart woman listens to her man and knows what bothers him, and if she wants to hold on to him, she should probably avoid these things as much as possible.

Let me be clear about something, I’m not talking about dating a jerk here, I am talking about the awesome guy you would like to take home to meet the family on Christmas. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about listening, understanding and improving. Remember, ladies, it’s not just up to you to make him happy, you get to make your list too and talk to him about the things that can drive you crazy!

Some guys can express themselves easier than others, so I’ll try to be the voice of the guy who gets pissed off and walks away (even though he shouldn’t) because he doesn’t have the words.

Here are 15 things mature women NEVER Do!

15. Needing Constant Attention And Reassurance


He isn’t going to text you “I love you” or “I miss you” every hour. Mature women know their worth and don’t need reassurance 15 times a day. Confidence is super important in any relationship and there’s no need to be insecure. He picked you! If someone doesn’t know what you’re worth, that is on them, not you. Don’t ever wait for someone to validate who you are! There is nothing sexier than a boss woman who walks around and owns the room!

14. Making A Scene


Making a scene doesn’t necessarily mean fighting and screaming in public, it could mean you giving him attitude the rest of the night and embarrassing him in front of friends. As hard as it can be, if an issue ever arises and you’re out, get through the night and talk about it at home – no need to display your problems in front of everyone. Why? First of all, you make it awkward for everyone because you can usually feel the tension. Second of all, chances are you’ll go home, make up and forget about it by the next morning, but no one else will.

13. Throw A Fit Every time He Doesn’t Answer Your Text Within 10 Minutes


Assuming it’s not consistent, and he’s not ignoring your text but is posting statuses on Facebook, give him the benefit of the doubt. You can’t freak out every single time he doesn’t answer his phone right away. He could be driving, busy at work, on the phone, can’t hear his phone, or a million other reasons. The last thing a guy needs to deal with are your emotional outbursts because he was on the phone with this mother and you are freaking out because it’s been 13 minutes since he responded to your text. If he’s ignoring your messages for no reason, or is playing hard to get, that’s a different story.

12. Calling Him At Work (Or The Worst Time Possible) To Tell Him Something’s Bothering You


You have a fight, you both go to work and you get home a little bit earlier while he’s still wrapping up, and suddenly you remember something he said during your fight that you want to talk about NOW. Chances are, if you confront him at work or while he’s out rather than waiting for him to come home so you can have a face-to-face conversation, it will only get worse. Tip: If you are so pissed and feel like picking up the phone and screaming at him, don’t. This is when you probably need to stay away from him the most, just until you calm down.

11. Leaving Your Makeup Or Personal Belongings Everywhere


Guys probably don’t know half of the things in our makeup bags, but if your boyfriend is a neat freak, or is territorial about his space, the last thing you want to do is fill his bathroom counter with the 43 Too Faced products you bought last week. Respecting his space means physically too, no one wants to live in that mess. To be fair though, guys, if she’s in the middle of doing her make up, don’t hassle her about putting it away until she’s actually done. If he comes in complaining about the mess, don’t start screaming back, he has no idea what is going on. Calmly turn around and explain that once you’re done, it’ll be exactly like he left it.

10. Not Letting Things Go


You had the fight, you argued, he apologized. Please don’t bring it up over and over again. Let’s say he forgot to text you back, you confronted him and he said he was sorry. Please don’t make comments about that every time you text him, you know exactly what I’m talking about! If a guy apologizes, he loves you and is trying to make things work too, so move on! There is no reason for you to keep bringing that one incident up over and over again. In the wise words of Elsa: Let. It. Go.

9. Getting Upset If He Doesn’t Want To Go See The Latest Romantic Comedy With You


It’s one thing if he always gets to pick the movie and you never do, but don’t expect him to come see every chick flick with you, that’s what your girlfriends are for! Many guys hate going to see romantic comedies and that’s ok, don’t hold it against him as long as you both spend time together doing something else. Now it’s another thing if you asked him to go see Beauty and the Beast with you and he made a big deal about it.

8. Giving Him The Silent Treatment


I think one of the worst things a woman can do is give her boyfriend the silent treatment… Especially when he has no idea what is going on. No one is perfect, he is bound to make mistakes and so are you, but you know what, it could be a simple misunderstanding that can be cleared up in a couple of minutes. To make matters worse, sometimes if he asks “Babe, what’s wrong?” you reply with, “Oh so you don’t know what’s wrong? Why don’t you figure it out! We have a big problem if you don’t know what’s wrong!” If he does something that bothers you, express it maturely. It may be a misunderstanding, and lack of communication will only make it worse.

7. Complaining About Every. Little. Thing.


You have your girlfriends for that. Better yet, think twice before you complain. Yes, you should definitely be able to talk to him about your bad day, but if you have something negative to say, write it down! The last thing a guy wants to hear is his girlfriend consistently trashing people she works with, “friends” she sees or how “hard life is.” Be the person you would want to spend time with. Would you really want a negative person who’s constantly seeing the glass half empty? Be the person he wants to see after a long day at work, because he knows you’re going to be his rock.

6. Getting Embarrassingly Drunk Every Time You Go Out


The last thing any man wants is to have to carry his drunk girlfriend home while she’s slobbering. When a man takes you anywhere, especially to meet his friends or family, he wants you to make him proud. You can leave the drunken nights for when you’re out with your girlfriends. If he has to pick you up or you come home from every other event and you’re a drunk slob kabob, that will definitely cause problems. Get your life together, woman! Getting tipsy can be fun, but it’s important to know your limits.

5. Trying To Make Him Jealous…Especially On Social Media


Let me me start by saying that if you are in a relationship and trying to make anyone jealous to get their attention, run now! A mature man who is ready for a relationship will always make his woman feel like she’s the only one in the room, and a secure woman will never need to like pictures of shirtless guys or post attention-seeking pictures to get attention. First of all, everybody knows what you’re doing and it can come off as pretty pathetic sometimes. If something is genuinely bothering you, go talk to your man about it. Period. The last thing you want to do is post a picture showing off your cleavage, or a picture with a random guy, just to get your boyfriend’s attention. Mature women don’t do that.

4. Wants To Get Her Way Always


It’s so important to compromise in a relationship. Pick your battles, ladies! Don’t freak out if you want to have sushi and he wants something else that night, especially when you’ve picked the restaurant for every date night for the past month. You should want to make your partner happy as well, it’s not just all about you. To avoid silly arguments, you can alternate – you pick where to go one week and he picks the next. If there are core values or really important things that you are not willing to give up on, these are things that should be discussed from the start.

3. Demand That You Resolve An Issue NOW


Sometimes it’s good to walk away, because a word can be like a bullet, once it’s out, you can’t take it back and it can do a lot of damage. Chances are, if you are both emotional, you won’t be thinking rationally. The last thing you want to do is say or do something you are going to regret. Sometimes when people calm down, they realize the little issue got blown way out of proportion for no reason. If he says give me space, the last thing he wants you to do is push him to resolve it now.

2. Bash His Ex-girlfriend Every Chance You Get


It’s not always fun hearing about past relationships, but guess what, it’s over (if it’s not completely over… run!) We all have a past and most of the time, that past shaped the person you are now. If you love who he is, understand that he is that way because of all the experiences he has been through. Also, guess what? If he dated a psycho, he probably appreciates you a lot more now because he’s seen the dark side. There is never a reason to feel threatened about a past relationship (again, assuming it is all in the past!) or insecure. He picked you, he chose you, he wants you.

1. Waiting X Amount Of Hours Before Texting Him Back


Seriously, it’s so exhausting playing these games. If you have a truly nice guy who wants to make a relationship last, you’re probably just going to chase him away if you play hard to get. Mature women know their value and don’t need to play these silly games. If you are in a relationship with someone who enjoys playing games…run! Relationships should be simple, you don’t have to discipline your boyfriend or “train him.”

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