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15 Things Women Notice About Guys Immediately

15 Things Women Notice About Guys Immediately

It may seem cheesy, but it’s true — you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Sure, if a connection is strong enough you may be able to rebound from even the most awful first impression, but in general, you want to make a good one — which is why it’s useful to be aware of what a woman immediately notices when she first meets you. There are certain things you may not even be aware of that she takes note of immediately and considers when she’s debating whether or not you’re a good match for her.

Whether you’re on a date and just meeting for the first time, or the woman is someone you spotted from across a busy bar or restaurant and want to get to know more, these are all factors that a woman will pick up on and make a mental note of. And yes, obviously to most women, none of these things will be absolute deal breakers if they’re really interested in you — but why not put your best foot forward if you can? You can transform yourself from a regular guy to a dreamboat in her eyes just by taking note of a few little details.

Here are 15 things that women will notice about you immediately — so pay attention!

15. Whether you’re looking at our face or…elsewhere


Listen, we get it — women are gorgeous, magical creatures that guys are totally enthralled by. All those curves, all that soft skin — why wouldn’t you be fascinated? However, trust us — every single woman will immediately put a note in the negative column for you if you can’t keep your eyes on her face. If you glance down once or twice because you just can’t help yourself, hey — we may just give ourselves a pat on the back for picking out a killer dress. However, if your eyes are permanently glued to our chest, we’re going to be walking away faster than you can blink. It’s weird and makes us uncomfortable and, frankly, just makes you seem like a big creep.

14. Your overall look


Every woman has a different preference when it comes to her partner’s style. Some women love guys who look like they just stepped off the stage at a rock concert, while others absolutely swoon over a man in a well-tailored suit. Whatever your style is, just make sure to put a little bit of thought into it. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt guy, that’s totally fine — but opt for a nice, clean tee, and some jeans that fit you well, not a sloppy mess and stained shirt you dug out of your laundry hamper. If you love the dressed up look, suit up! — just make sure you’re not rocking a suit that looks like you borrowed it from your father. Take pride in your appearance and she’ll notice.

13. Your manners


No matter how hot a guy is, if his manners are absolutely atrocious, that’s a big strike against him. No woman wants to feel embarrassed when she’s dining with a potential partner because he doesn’t have any table manners. Likewise, no woman wants to be afraid to bring her partner to work functions or even around her friends or family for fear that he just won’t be able to behave. You don’t have to be Emily Post, but having a basic grasp on good manners is absolutely essential. It may seem fussy and like such a small detail, but trust us — we notice. That napkin isn’t just a table decoration, bud, you’re supposed to actually use it.

12. How you carry yourself


Okay, this one isn’t really a thing you can easily adjust, but it’s something that we have to bring up. It’s a little more vague than some of the items on this list, but it’s definitely a thing — woman notice the way you carry yourself. There’s a certain swagger that some men seem to have — not cocky, but confident, a man whose presence seems to indicate that he’s an alpha male. As everyone knows, women are biologically hardwired to be attracted to strong men, providers, alpha males. If you carry yourself like one, you’ll probably get a few more heads turning in your direction when you walk through a crowd of women because they’ll pick up on that je ne sais quoi.

11. How hot you are


Listen, women are visual creatures too — before you even open your mouth, she’s obviously going to notice what you look like as a whole. Every woman has different taste when it comes to men, so one woman’s hunk may be another woman’s blah. It may seem kind of shallow, but come on — physical attraction is a big part of any relationship, so if that doesn’t exist off the bat, what is even the point? A woman will definitely notice your looks when she first meets you, and then she’ll determine whether there’s a connection based on your personality. Don’t worry — no matter what you look like, there’s a woman out there whose type you totally are.

10. Your overall grooming


So, you put on a clean, well-tailored, stylish outfit, some great shoes, and you’re feeling confident. The only problem is, you haven’t washed your hair in a bit too long, or you were doing some gardening and never dug out all that dirt from under your nails, etc. Listen, you don’t have to be a total manscaper who has 140 grooming products in his bathroom — but you do have to be neat and well-groomed, whether that means being totally clean shaven or just making sure your beard is clean and conditioned. You may think greasy, uncombed hair gives you a bit of an Italian vibe or something, but trust us, it doesn’t — it just makes us wonder when the last time you showered was.

9. Your scent


Again, this is something that’s so subjective based on what scents a woman loves, but it’s definitely something that we notice almost immediately. If you’re rocking a bit of a funky odour, trust us — we’ll notice, and wonder why you didn’t just take the time to shower after your gym session. If you’re not the type to wear cologne, that’s totally fine — sometimes, the most irresistibly scented men are the ones who just give you a slight waft of their body wash, just an overall fresh, clean scent. Find a scent that works for you, and make sure you’re bringing your A-Game and not your BO game.

8. Who you’re with


Okay, obviously you’re not going to bring a group of guy friends on a first date, but if you just happen to lock eyes with a woman in a crowded bar, this is definitely something she’s going to notice. First of all, if you have a woman with you, she’ll definitely not be paying you as much attention, because it’s tough to see from afar whether you’re just getting drinks with a mutual friend or are on a date. And, if you’re with a group of ten rowdy male friends, she might just question whether you’ve still got some growing up to do from your frat boy days. If you’re with a bunch of your boys and you’re all looking fantastic, just having a round of beers after work, that may attract her in a positive way — you can tell a lot by the company someone keeps. The point is, whoever you’re with, she’s taking note of them.

7. Your smile


It may sound cheesy, but it’s true — a woman notices your smile, plain and simple. Some men just have smiles that instantly draw you in and make you feel comfortable, and it can be a huge reason you catch a woman’s eye from the very beginning. Not to mention, many people have a bit of a thing with teeth — they like their partner to have clean, nice teeth, and not cigarette-stained chompers. Whatever her pearly white preference, either way, she’s noticing your smile — so make sure to flash it often! Plus, many women love a guy with a good sense of humour, someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously and knows how to have fun — and you smiling occasionally rather than being grumpy-looking all the time definitely helps to communicate that.

6. Your level of confidence


You’ve probably heard it time and time again, but it’s true — women love men that are confident. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best looking guy in the room, or if you don’t have the most high paying job, or the most expensive car, or whatever some guys get hung up about. All that matters to a woman in that first impression is whether or not you’re confident. If you really catch her eye, sure, she might saunter over to you while you’re sipping your beer in the corner of the bar, not making eye contact with anyone, but trust us — you’ll make a far better impression by sauntering over to her with a degree of confidence. Cockiness is a turn off, so don’t try to fake it by overcompensating, but just channel your confident inner alpha when you’re looking to make a first impression.

5. Your conversational skills


If you’re just looking for a hook-up, you can disregard this advice, because chances are your potential partner is just checking out your physical attributes to make her decision. However, if you’re actually looking for a relationship or longer connection with a woman, trust us — she’s going to get really bored, really quickly if all you have to offer are underwear model good looks. Physical attraction is important, but at the end of the day, most women want a guy who they can just hang out and chat with every now and then. You don’t need to fill in the role of her BFF and care about all the latest celebrity gossip, but you should be able to have a conversation about things that will sustain her interest. Mention that book you read the other week, or that interesting thing that happened in your industry. Just brush up those conversation skills, whatever you’re passionate about.

4. Your physique


Okay, okay, we know — again, this one seems shallow, but come on! Every single person has a certain physical type that draws their eye — that’s just biology. Some women love super jacked, muscular guys who look like they spend half their time at the gym, and other women prefer lean, lanky frames. Everyone has a preference. So when a woman first meets you, before a single word comes out of your mouth, she’s noticing your physique. Unless she’s meeting you at the beach, or you just make it a habit to walk around shirtless, she may not be able to tell if you have a six pack or not, but she’ll see if you’ve got broad shoulders or a narrower frame, if you’re short or tall, if you’re toned or a little bit more cuddly.

3. How you treat the people around you


No woman wants to be with a guy who treats her nicely but treats every other person like garbage. Some guys may think they’re playing it cool and acting like a bit of a baller by just flashing a card at a waitress and not even saying a word, or showing off their expertise by trying to make the bartender feel foolish about not knowing a particular drink, etc. However, that is literally never the case — the vast majority of women will be majorly turned off if you treat the people around you badly. It doesn’t even take a ton of effort — offer the waitress a smile and hear her out when she’s reciting the specials. Thank the hostess when she shows you to your seat. Give the bartender a tip. They’re just small gestures, but women will notice them for sure.

2. Your eyes


You know the cheesy saying that eyes are the window to your soul? Well, we’re not totally sure about that, but eyes are definitely one of the most important features that women take note of almost immediately, whether you’re rocking chocolate brown peepers or ocean blue ones. Eyes are one of the most expressive parts of your body, and they can communicate a ton without you even saying a word. Why do you think so many celebrities with startlingly gorgeous eyes are on the A List? People notice them! Plus, a guy who makes eye contact and is actually paying attention to you immediately gets points over a guy who is constantly looking away or avoiding your gaze — that’s just shifty and makes us wonder what you’re trying to hide.

1. Whether you’re ‘subtly’ checking out other women


Okay, guys, listen — no matter how subtle you think you are when you’re checking out a woman, we can guarantee you that you are not. Men are awful at subtlety, and what you see as subtle, we see as basically tongue hanging out drooling, and it’s a total turn off. So, if you’re trying to slyly check out a cute woman that just walked into the bar while you’re in the middle of a conversation with another woman, just don’t. She’s going to notice, and it’s going to make her immediately want to stop talking to you, because no woman wants to feel like she’s someone’s second choice. You can check out as many women as you want when you’re just hanging with your boys, but if you’re trying to hold a conversation with gsomeone, don’t let those eyes wander because she certainly will notice and she won’t be impressed.


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