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15 Things Women Oddly Find Attractive In Men

15 Things Women Oddly Find Attractive In Men

Women can be picky when it comes to men sometimes. Looks are a factor because you obviously don’t want to wake up to a troll for the rest of your life. But looks are only important for the superficial person. Everyone knows beauty is skin deep, but at the same time, you probably need to consider what your offspring would look like. Think about how they could be bullied. Yet, some of the people reading this may think that only people who are ugly would say things like “beauty is skin deep” since they need to work harder to get social approval.

So, looks aside, there are other things that attract women to men; some of them are physical and others are not. If we are being realistic, there are a lot of good-looking guys out here that are total jerks and not worth the effort. They know they’re gorgeous and they want you to know it and praise them for it. There are also good-looking guys who are sweethearts but good luck finding that needle in a haystack. Good looks may be good for something temporary, but even that may be lacking and questionable. A woman who is not superficial would look for other characteristics to distinguish one bloke from another.

15. Scars


Some people do any and everything to hide scars but women find it attractive! Scars tell two stories. First, a man is comfortable enough in his own skin that he does not need to have plastic surgery to correct the imperfection. Two, he’s probably as bad boy that has gotten into too many scuffles. Don’t be too quick to judge though, because it could have been from an accident or a childhood fall and he may very well be a marshmallow. But it seems as though women are not alone in finding it attractive, men find it attractive in women too. Don’t go cutting yourselves to attract the opposite sex. But if you have a scar, wear it with pride. It shows strength, character and makes you unique.

14. Tattoos And Piercings

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Tattoos show that a man is either artistic or sentimental. Women love it, especially if she can’t tell where it starts and where it ends. Mystery goes a long way in breeding attraction. Furthermore, women would at least prefer if the man has a good body with the tattoo. Yes, maybe they’re into guys with tattoos but certain tattoos look better on a muscular body; like chest tattoos and arm tattoos. Men with piercings give off a bad boy emo vibe and again present a mystery that women are curious enough to want to solve, especially if it’s more than an ear piercing. If it’s a tongue piercing she is going to be more excited because she wants him to use his tongue ring on her. A bit kinky but hey!

13. Glasses


Glasses gives a man a bit of a Clarke Kent finish. He has two looks. They make him nerdy and it’s attractive. He comes across as smart even though he may not have gone to Harvard or Yale, but something about a man wearing glasses is attractive. Glasses hide the eyes but when you remove them, it’s like removing a mask and you get a glimpse of the window to his soul. Just imagine Justin Timberlake wears glasses, David Beckham and even Brad Pitt, and yet we are still attracted to them (sorry Jessica and Victoria, no apologies to Angelina though). So, guys, even if the glasses are for reading, there is no shame in getting  them because it’s more than likely going to make you a chick magnet. Just don’t appear too uncomfortable in it, confidence is key.

12. Age


Some women are just more attracted to older men for long-term relationships, by about eight years or more

than that. The assumption is that older men would be more organized, have their life together and they would most likely be willing to settle down and least likely to play games. It may be a bit of a stretch but generally, older men have these characteristics. They also have more resources (wealth) and he’s probably going to have his own house. Though he may have been divorced with kids, it may be worth it. He would also have some life experience that he may be able to add to the bedroom. Furthermore, he knows what makes relationships work and what doesn’t make them work. This sort of attraction could be useful.

11. Hair


Hair is attractive and it does not matter where! That could probably be a slogan for no shave November. Women are attracted to men with facial hair especially beards, chest hair and well hair that is somewhat long on his head so she can have something to grab on to. Well maintained hair is good too, but there is a general preference for men that are a bit rough around the edges and use a limited amount of product. Guys are not the only ones who want to grab hair or run their fingers through it. Whoever started the beard trend should be a legend! Women especially love beards and chest hair because it makes a man seem manlier. So, if you’re guy reading this, forget about waxing your chest, because the ladies find it attractive.

10. Hand/Arms


Hands and arms were jelled together because why not? A man with a big and semi-rough hands is attractive. Soft hands give the impression that he’s a mommy’s boy and has an aversion to hard work. Hard hands that are groomed but not too calloused, give the impression that he works hard and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Women may also fantasize about how such a hand would feel on their body. In terms of arms, veins are oddly attractive for some reason. They just look really good, and give off the vibe that he can handle himself faced in a situation even if he is not muscular. It could also be because women secretly want to bite into his veins. After all, the media has bombarded us with vampire movies and books over the last couple of years.

9. Leadership Style


Some women watching Scandal judge the main character’s choice in men. Olivia Pope is attracted to men in positions of leadership, especially if they are in the political world. Maybe it’s their charisma, or their confidence but something about them draws her to them. There are a lot of women like her in real life so maybe the characterization of the show is not as fictional as it should be. Some women are shy and prefer not to take charge of a situation, and having a man who does that for her is a turn on because he’s going to lead at home and in the bedroom. Imagine what fun you could have in the bedroom if your man is a leader and you relinquish all control to him.

8. Scent


A man’s natural body odor is a turn on for women. Why do you think she wears his T-shirts and hoodies? It’s not so much about the warmth or comfort as she insists, but sometimes it’s more about her man’s body odor; especially if he wore it before she had it. Some women will go for weeks on end without washing these items and when they finally do, they return it. So, whilst body odors may be attractive, he can’t reek and be in need of a shower. A good cologne is also a turn on, especially if it is not one of those generic cheap brands that everyone seems to be using. A strong yet subtle manly scent is a good choice. In fact, anything but your Axe deodorant will do.

7. Bikes/Muscles Car


Bikes and muscle cars give the image of a bad boy. Ever heard the expression “nice guys finish last?” Well, women are actually attracted to bad boys, and having a motorcycle or muscle car is the perfect accessory that makes a woman perceive a man as a bad boy, though he may be a total nerd. Apart from coming across as a bad boy, he comes across as being daring and one who lives life on the wilder, carefree side of life. She is attracted to this thrill because she thinks such a guy can show her a good time and how to enjoy life. At first, she may not be too keen to ride a motorcycle, but once she gets over her fear and climbs on the back, she’s going to be all revved up.

6. Chivalry


Whoever said Chivalry is dead didn’t have good role models growing up. The feminist movement’s push for equal rights and independence for women may have blindsided men and dragged them into an age where manners no longer apply, but women still find it attractive! Wanting independence and respect does not mean that they do not want special treatment. It is an attractive thing when men open doors, car doors, pour a drink, give her his jacket when she cold, buys her roses and does the entire act of wooing and dating. A man who practices these things may seem old-fashioned, but being old fashioned never killed anyone and it has its long-term benefits. Absolutely nothing is wrong with a man who doesn’t want to immediately get in your pants.

5. Shyness


Women love it when guys are shy and blush. In fact, they get a kick out of it. Especially if they know that he is uncomfortable around them, and they like them in return. He stammers yet she finds it adorable and attractive and a tell-tale sign that he’s into her. Not all women are drawn to shy guys, but if he is a hunk who looks away when you try to make eye contact, you may find him to be a catch. Assertive women may go more for these introverts as opposites tend to attract. Shy men, once you get them to be comfortable around you, can really open up and show you a side that few are privileged to see. He can be the perfect chivalrous gentleman, and he might very well be the hopeless romantic type who would treat you like a princess.

4. Some Chub


Back in the day, women would say that fat guys were safer to date. However, more women are drawn to men who have a little pouch. Some women hate men with washboard abs because they fear that as he is conscious about how his body looks; he may try to impose his values on her. It can definitely make a girl feel totally insecure. Apart from that, some women like cuddles and it would be a bit uncomfortable to cuddle with someone who is solid all over. These men give good hugs. Muscles may be good to look at but if you’re going to be realistic and long-term, you’re going to want to be with a guy who accepts your body just as it is and who will not make you feel inadequate.

3. Jealousy


Some jealousy is attractive, but too much can make a man border on abuse and possibly commit domestic violence. Women find it attractive when guys get jealous over them talking to other guys and when they get a bit possessive on their behalf. Some part of their brain thinks it’s a turn on and it makes them more attracted to a guy, and he becomes more desirable to her. Maybe it is because of her desire to feel wanted, but who knows the mind of a woman but a woman? She may do things to make you jealous, but it is just because she wants you to be as into her as she is into you; and she wants to make sure that you’re serious about her. Ladies, please do not provoke a man to jealousy; it is unhealthy!

2. A Sense Of Style


When a man has a sense of style, it shows that he knows who he is and style is something that is personal. Whilst women may be attracted to a man who dresses and can coordinate his colors well, she also likes the guy who has an appearance that is a bit unkempt but knows how to clean up when it is required of him. It’s not that he doesn’t care about his appearance, but he’s comfortable enough in his own skin to not let what people think about him concern him because he knows how to dress when the occasion warrants it. This bit of chill he possesses when it comes to his appearance makes him a bit rough around the edges yet attractive and a bad boy, of course.

1. Emotions


Some men bottle up their emotions because we lived among a homophobic society so they were socialized into thinking that men didn’t express their emotions. However, some parents taught their sons that there was nothing wrong with expressing their emotions and it was healthy to do so. However, there  is a fine line between emotion and drama. Both men and women cross this line! Women are attracted to and prefer men who express their emotions, because it leads to a healthy relationship where both partners can feel free to communicate and express themselves; so improvements can be made. A man who shows emotion is comfortable and has mastered the art of emotional intelligence. It doesn’t mean that he cries for everything, but he just understands better and is able to offer support.

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