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15 Things You Should Wear To Impress Your Boss

15 Things You Should Wear To Impress Your Boss


It doesn’t matter where you work, you need to look smart and presentable. No one likes it when there’s a hobo walking around the office, or worse, when you aren’t presentable enough to meet clients.

In case you are eyeing for that next career move or that really big promotion, then you’ll need to up your dress game. This is because we are often judged by the way we appear. And it gets worse if your boss is the kind of person with an impeccable fashion sense.

Developing a unique and professional fashion sense or dress code is vital, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a crazy Monday or a laid back Friday. If you are contemplating how to impress your boss with your dress code you’ll have to have a few more tricks up your sleeve.

It’s essential to do your best to try and impress your boss and co-workers right from the start, and dressing well is a sure way of winning their hearts. If you just landed a job, then you need to understand that first impressions matter, and that you will probably be judged by the way you present yourself. Read on the following 15 tips that will ensure that you earn your boss’s admiration.

15. Does your boss dress designer?


Well, if they do, then you are probably in a whole lot more trouble than you think you are. Bosses who dress designer have a specific unique and sophisticated taste for clothing. Therefore, if you are looking to impress them, then you will need to pay close attention to the designer they are wearing. It’s worth taking a note of your boss’s fashion. If he is a man, then you’d better check if he is into Gucci or just mixing it up. Find out his favorite designers. Worst case scenario, you could ask them for advice. People really like to give advice, plus it will let him know that you noticed his sharp fashion sense.

14. Is grooming your top priority?


Well, it needs to be if you want to get noticed by your boss and impress the hell out of them. In case you are a man, make sure that you get regular haircuts, if you belong to the beard gang, you better keep it clean and well groomed. In case you fancy a clean shaven look, then ensure that it’s always cut daily. The main point here is to always be at your best. You could call your stylist and ask them for advice on the best grooming products available, test them out until you find you must haves.

13. Invest in an All-Purpose blazer


We don’t want you having to break your bank to get that fine three-piece suit. However, you could invest in a tailored blazer. You need to be careful when getting one, and ensure that it’s one in a versatile color like gray or blue. This is an awesome look to have even during client meetings. It shows your good taste in clothing, while not having to mess with your budget. Blazers give a superior alpha male look. They also give an energetic and versatile vibe, and this will definitely leave your boss impressed. And red wouldn’t make the cut.

12. Find a stylist or Tailor


We all know that clothes of the shelves of your chain store will never entirely fit you perfectly, especially if you haven’t been working out for years. To ensure that your business clothes are a perfect fit, you might need to have them altered by a tailor. If you want to impress your boss with your sense of style, then you are better off with clothes that fit perfectly. You could ask around for a good tailor; there is a reason they exist – for people like you! Also, ensure that you carry your shoes when you go for your first appointment so that they can get your hem right.

11. Always be a step ahead when it comes to how you dress


Everyone knows that the most common office dress code is business casual. However, if you are looking to dress for the job that you want instead of the job that you already have, then you will have to up your game a notch higher. This will show your superior that you are someone who cares about the job that you have. If you are the tee and blue jeans guy, then you might need to start wearing tailored trousers, and always keep it clean and neat. This shows you are ready to change and adapt to different situations; your boss will definitely notice this.

10. Nail your Company Dress Code


It’s always a good idea to follow the rules, and especially if the company has a no casual wear policy. Then for Pete’s sake don’t come to work with informal clothing! If you are really looking to impress your boss, then you might have to comply with the company’s dress code. However, you could spruce it up a bit without going too far. Give it your own touch; this shows that you really care about the dress code and is a sure way of impressing your boss. In case you are unsure about the dress code you could always ask them if what you are wearing is acceptable.

9. Never back down


We all dress super impressive when we are looking to get a promotion, or even when going for interviews. Well, now that you have gotten that dream job, you might need to keep up your appearances; you don’t want to look fake after a startling performance at the interview. If you came dressed in a suit, try and keep it that way. Going back will not impress your boss. If anything, they would be totally disappointed in you. While your interview suit might have been the only designer clothing you had, invest in more casual business look. Something fancy that gives a versatile look.

8. Stylish Separates


While most people wouldn’t wait for Friday to be able to flaunt their excelente estilo, you can add so much flavor to your dress code with an eye-catching print like stripes. If you are a lady and your office environment is corporate, then you might want to have that long sleeved striped blouse. You can match it up with Bermuda shorts, and ensure that it’s all dolled up with the much-needed heels. Having this kind of free mind will blow your boss out of his or her senses when they see you walk through the door. Just make sure you don’t go too far!

7. Invest on Outerwear


You might not really be a fan of blazers. If not, you could get yourself a really nice coat, and depending on the season, you could really pull a great outfit in work. You could invest in a set of good top coats that you could wear from early fall through to dead of winter. In case you really want to impress, you could get something that’s in an unexpected color or even patterns. Suits are always fancy, and a well fitting suit will definitely get people looking, but when you pump up your topcoat game, you could be looking at a whole new level of acceptance from your boss.

6. Pay close attention to fitting outfits


Never assume that your clothes will always fit you properly off the store rack. Plus, your tailor doesn’t need to give you the last word. It’s always important to do a little research on the side, find out what’s in, and what’s sizzling at the moment. If you are investing in good shirts make sure that they fit properly. You could get some advice from your stylist on how to match up your clothes. The different colors you could combine to give that versatile look that your boss will notice. It won’t kill you to be a tyrant about your clothing.

5. Have the right scent.


Scents are very important when it comes to the work environment. It’s hard to concentrate when working close to someone who smells like they have been collecting garbage all morning. It’s safe to say that a decent smelling person is appealing to work with. And in case you really want to impress your boss, then you might need to get a good cologne. Do some research on the right products, nothing too strong and nothing that fades out by midday, a good cologne will get people complimenting you. Find out what kind of perfumes your boss likes, and give him or her a scare.

4. Shoe game



These are very important clothing’s, and while a lot of people really never care about the kind of shoes they wear to work, your shoes will say a lot about you. Check you bosses shoes; they probably are top of the line. If you are a lady, it’s probably better you wear heels to work as opposed to flats. Heels give you a confident look apart from making you taller. If you are the man you need to ensure that your hem fits your shoes right. Your shoes also need to fit in the right, not too big, or too small. You can’t come to work in sandals it doesn’t matter if the dress code is open!

3. Avoid Wrinkled Clothing


Well, this is a no-brainer, and people who do this need to be arrested. There’s no excuse for wearing wrinkled clothing to work; it’s totally unacceptable. If you can’t iron your gear, then probably invest in a steamer, it’s always a quicker alternative to getting your clothes straightened out in the morning. In case this is too much of a hassle for you, you could get wrinkle release spray instead, it’s cheap and genius. Getting to work with wrinkled clothing will definitely catch the attention of your boss, but not in a good way. Trust me, they won’t be impressed, and you can forget about that promotion you are hunting for.

2. Get decent accessories


Accessories such a watches make a big impression and especially to successful people such as your boss, this could be a conversation starter. You also need to avoid the knockoffs; you don’t want to come off as a phony. If you are getting jewelry ensure it’s the authentic type, nothing too flashy, you are not a pimp. You could ask your stylist for classic examples of good jewelry that can appeal to your boss. A decent pair of earrings could improve your dress code enough to get noticed. When you are shopping for accessories and jewelry you need to be very careful. Do your homework, you don’t want to wear something that will make you look cheap either.

1. Suit up



If you are looking to get a leg over your fellow workmates, then you could adapt a special suit for casual Fridays. This is a definite game changer and will definitely get you noticed by your boss. You could spice it up a notch by living out the tie and blazer. However, you could combine the suit with a surf inspired t-shirt, unbutton the coat, and ensure that it looks neat. This look is casual yet it’s set to earn you a few glances from your boss. It’s always better when you are creative; it’ll definitely separate you from the rest of the pack.

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