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15 Things Your Instagram Account Says About You

15 Things Your Instagram Account Says About You

One of the first things we all do when we meet a new crush is some social media stalking!

Whether its Instagram, Facebook, maybe even LinkedIn (you gotta find out where they work!) If your crush is on all these platforms, you will find out everything you need in no time.

We tend to forget how many people are actually watching our lives unfold; we post pictures and forget that our 8th grade teacher is and has been a Facebook friend for years now. Your Instagram page can say SO MUCH about you so it is very important to pay attention to what you post, because you don’t want to be sending off the wrong image.

Unfortunately, people will look at one picture and judge you for it, and with a comments section available, every picture you post is up for criticism and questions! Followers will find it a lot easier to hide behind their phones and and share their opinion about every picture you post, sometimes even give you advice on how to live your life, raise your children, where to go, and how to do things!

With every picture you post, get ready for a world of comments!

15. Relationship Status


How many fights have happened between couples because the boyfriend liked some other girl’s picture, or because the girlfriend took a picture with a guy friend. Social Media can create so many problems in relationships, and so it’s always best to keep it private. Don’t be the person who posts 8 pictures of your boyfriend, the flowers he got you, the chocolate he surprised you with, and so on. It is important to have a good balance between sharing your healthy relationship on Facebook and sharing way too much. And please keep your fights at home, not in the comments section or on your status.

14. Hobbies


Whether it’s going to the gym, or playing soccer, or maybe even playing an instrument. You can totally find out what your followers are into by the picture they post. You learn about their hobbies, their likes, their dislikes, the things that piss them off, and the things that keep them busy. We’ve all seen the sweaty gym pictures, or your new gym shoes as you take a jog by the lake, or even the abs you’re working on! Whatever it is, gym pictures are one of the most popular pictures now. Remember that filters can make those abs appear better than they actually are, so don’t be fooled.

13. Current obsession


This could be anything from babies, to a TV show, to working out, to eating healthy, and partying! Regardless of what it is, each person has a recurring theme on their Instagram page. The key word is “current” so that theme could change over the years or even days. We all have our little obsessions and whether we like it or not, it shows through our social media pages, especially on Instagram. You can check anyone’s Instagram page and definitely see the obsession! You may not even realize you have one, but take a closer look now. For most ladies that could be makeup and fashion! We all have that make up artist we stalk and try to copy.

12. What You Want People To Know About You


One of my favorite quotes has got to be, “May your life be as interesting as it seems online.” We all post the fun pictures. You know the ones of us with our friends, or out on date night, or out jogging (to show people that we are fit), or the delicious cookies we baked. We obviously never post the regular I’m-sitting- in- front- of -the -TV- binge -watching- Game – of – Thrones – in – my – sweats – and-with- my- hair-tangled. So to everyone else, our lives are just the fun pictures we post, but we know better. Social media makes it very easy to portray whatever image you want to project to your followers. 

11. Favorite Emoji


Whether it’s the poop (or chocolate) emoji, laughing with tears emoji, or the kissy face emoji, we all have one that we just love to use and we will put it in every text or post! It’s pretty easy to spot someone’s favorite emoji because they will use it all the time, even when it doesn’t make sense. If you have a parent who’s on Facebook or Instagram, it can be quite entertaining for you to see their use of emojis. Emojis can be pretty expressive, and with celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Blac Chyna coming up with new Emojis, it is very easy to express your mood with just one emoji now! Think about it, what’s yours?

10. Do They Have Kids?


You can always tell you’v stumbled across an Instagram parent because there is a picture of their cute baby or babies! New parents are always the cutest when it comes to their children, but some parents take it way over the top. Posting 2 or 3 pictures everyday of your kid is probably not good for your kid’s privacy. Make sure you have tight privacy settings to keep the pictures of you and your family safe, and try to keep the baby pictures at a minimum. Many people love to use social media to share pictures with their family that live abroad, but you can also create a private group with your family and friends and share as many pictures as you want without putting too much online.

9. Do They Have Pets?


Some people don’t have babies, but they have pets and they treat them like their babies. You’ll find pictures of their pets in halloween costumes, sleeping, cuddling, and just chilling with them. If someone has a pet, you will definitely find out through their social media because there will be at least one picture of their pet on there. Whether it’s a cat, dog, hamster, or even a lizard, people love to share pictures of their pets. If you have a pet, there is definitely a picture of it on your Instagram, probably even with the hashtag #mybaby or some derivative of that.

8. Current mood


One of the most popular hashtags so you can express is how you feel that day or when you post it. #Moodnow or #currentmood is usually described through a meme or a quote. We all have that one meme thats describes our current mood. For most people in their 20’s it’s probably the dog laying face down refusing to adult one more day with the hashtag #thestruggleisreal. It’s always fun to post a #moodnow picture and see when people comment that they can totally relate to how you feel. You can literally create a hashtag to describe all the rainbow of emotions you feel on any given day. There’s the ever so popular “hangry” hashtag (hungry & angry, never good a combination) to describe that you’re tired, annoyed, or just out of it.

7. The Amount Of Attention You Need


Let’s face it, it’s always fun to post a nice picture and get compliments, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a couple of nice words every now and then. Let’s get real though. Are you the girl posting a selfie with crazy cleavage everyday, or your peaches at the gym squatting? Or are you the guy posting the constant shirtless selfies? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you.want.attention. You can always tell how much attention Instagram users need by the pictures they post, the frequency of the post and the topic. If you’re displaying your relationship issues online, you always want attention, which brings me to my next point below!

6. If You’re Newly Single


You can usually tell when a girl is newly single by the hashtags or the amount of pictures she posts. You’ll see the hashtags #SingleLifeIsTheLife #BoysAreStupid #SingleLadiesNight along with a picture showing too much cleavage. Hey, everyone is free to express themselves the way they wish, but your Instagram account says a lot about you, so don’t be surprised if you give off the wrong vibe and attract the wrong kind of guy. We tend to forget how many people can actually view our photos, or screenshot and share them. Before you post, pause and think if this something you will regret in 6 months, or tomorrow when you’re sober.

5. Celebrity Crushes & Favorite TV Shows & Movies


Through the likes, the the celebrities that you follow, the movies quotes that you post, or the movie memes that you like, your followers can usually tell what you’re a fan of! Once The Game Of Thrones return date was set (July 16th, if you’ve been under a rock) every fan out there either posted the date, or liked a picture of it. We’ve all seen the “Winter is coming” memes when it began circulating around the internet. We always get so excited when we find another follower who likes the same show, we start planning viewing parties, and a new friendship is born.

4. Business You Support Or Own


Instagram is is definitely used to advertise products or bring business more attention! If your friend is a photographer, a blogger, a recruiter or owner of a business, you will definitely know about it! If you know how to use it properly, then you can definitely use social media to market your business and attract customers, clients, and viewers. As long as you keep your customers happy, you get tons of referrals and your business blooms! Support your friends and their small business, help them by liking, sharing and commenting on their pictures to help drive traffic to it. You might need them to return the favor one day!

3. Favorite Drinks


We all have that one follower who posts their Starbucks coffee on a Monday morning, or their brown liquor on a Friday night! You can definitely tell what someone’s favourite drink is through their Instagram! I think we can all remember that Starbucks unicorn drink that took over Instagram for a couple of days. Followers were sharing their first impressions of it, health coaches were freaking out over the amount of sugar in it, and people were just sharing their opinions of it! One of the most popular pictures on Instagram is definitely the Starbucks coffee with your name on it (most of the time misspelled!)

2. How Much You Love Food


#Foodporn #Foodie #FoodLovers and the hashtags go on and on! We go to brunch or a fancy restaurant and before eating what do we do? STAHP, I have to take picture of it all! There is just something about taking a picture of your delicious juicy steak or delicious girly drinks and sharing it with the followers. You can always tell who the foodie is on your Instagram! Whenever we want to go to restaurants, we find ourselves searching for that one Instagram follower so we can get ideas on where to go! Find the foodie on your Instagram, and befriend them, because there is nothing like a good meal to help pick you up after a bad day!

1. How tech savvy you are


You can definitely tell who is tech savvy and who isn’t through their use of Instagram, their hashtags, how often they use Instagram, and of course through their captions. And if you have parents or grandparents (yes it can happen) then you definitely know what I’m talking about. Props to all the mom and dads out there using Instagram or Facebook! A lot of people are on Facebook now, but are still uncomfortable using Instagram. If you’re uncomfortable using technology or learning about new things you might not be interested in using all the different apps out there.

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