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15 Things Your Zodiac Sign Says About You In The Bedroom Pt. II

15 Things Your Zodiac Sign Says About You In The Bedroom Pt. II

Zodiac signs. How many of us (whether we admit it or not) religiously check our horoscopes over our morning coffee? Even if you don’t ‘believe’ in it, you know what sign you are and can’t deny that you even know the basic traits of your sign. It might come as a surprise to you – but you may be missing a trick. Look a little further into your zodiac and you can unlock the key to a better life between the sheets.

You may not think that your sign will have any impact on your performance, but humour us. There’s more to it than you think. Have you ever wondered why your one on one time with one partner was phenomenal, while with your next it was more awkward than eating a KFC bucket in front of Morrissey? While their distasteful habits and poor hygiene may have had a strong part to play, so could the stars – something entirely out of your control.

Stick with us and we’ll take you on another guided tour of exactly how your zodiac sign affects your skills in the bedroom. You may learn something – you can thank us later!



While we think we’ve got it all figured out, we can usually stand to learn a little bit more about ourselves. Have you asked someone to describe what you’re like and been completely shocked by the results? You’re not the only one. Sometimes, the most blindingly obvious parts of our personality remain a complete mystery to us. This translates heavily into the bedroom. By understanding your sign, it might open your eyes to why you react better to certain aspects between the sheets. If you’re not convinced, then stick with us – we’re about to open your eyes to some very specific traits. You can thank us later!



‘Hey babe, what’s your sign?’ It might sound like a really outdated pickup line, but there’s a reason why knowing someone’s zodiac sign can be a vital clue as to how the relationship will pan out. Some signs are disastrous together, like strict and measured Capricorn against spontaneous and feisty Aries. It’s never fun when you want to spice things up, but your partner wants to stick to the Thursday night routine. Don’t trap yourself by choosing someone that most likely can’t satisfy your nighttime needs – it just won’t work. It’s much safer to do some research into your compatibility before you ask Jill from accounts out for a drink – you may regret it if you don’t!



You may never have noticed this, or made the correlation between the two – but how you are in the bedroom often translates into how you live your life. For example, if you’re a dominant lover who likes to be in control, you’re unlikely to be submissive in the work place and are probably career orientated and focused. If you’re nervous and easily shy, then you have a higher chance of being socially awkward outside of the bedroom. Of course, these aren’t steadfast rules – there are some exceptions, but realistically it’s only logical. Being with a new partner can be a little nervewracking for everyone – but it’s how you move on from there that can give you some key insight into how you cope with life in general. Let’s take a sneak peek into what each sign says about you.



If you’re lucky enough to encounter an Aries, then rest assured, you’re in for a good time. One of the most energized signs out of all of them, Aries has an ethos that is unbeatable. In short, they like to have fun. With an enthusiasm and sex drive higher than Mount Everest, being with an Aries may be enjoyable – but exhausting. They love to take charge, but that doesn’t mean they want you to be submissive. It takes two to tango, and if you’re not up to the workout, best to step aside and put this one down to experience. Loving an Aries isn’t for the faint of heart, but they are extraordinarily passionate and dedicated lovers. When you encounter one, you’ll know it!



If you’re looking for a one night stand followed by an obligatory follow up text, then for your sake and theirs – avoid Capricorns at all costs. Capricorns are incredibly sensual, dedicated and loyal. They don’t have the capacity to cope with casual encounters – it’s just not in their DNA. When they hone in on a guy or girl, they’re thinking long term, so if you’re lucky enough to get into their bedroom, rest assured, they’re in it for the long haul. However, if you’re not on the same page then the consequences can be disastrous. There’s a reason that loyal Capricorn often ends up with a broken heart – they invest, and when one turns out to plummet, they take it especially hard.



Sagittarius is like a newborn kitten – playful and mischievous. This translates heavily into the bedroom, where partners can be sure that there’s never a dull moment. If there’s something new they want to try, Sagittarius won’t think twice about jumping in at the deep end. There’s almost nothing they won’t do, and they take every opportunity to keep the much needed zest in the relationship. Don’t be fooled though, they’re far from selfish and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone is having their needs met. It’s not a one-sided game to them. Sagittarius is the most honest and compassionate out of all of the zodiac signs, so if you’re not feeling something then tell them – they won’t be offended.



Think Gomez and Morticia – and that gives you an idea of how intensely passionate Scorpios are. Not just between the sheets, but in every aspect of their lives. Chances are, the star Athlete in your senior year was a Scorpio. They’re known for their competitive nature – which as you can imagine, creates quite the storm in the bedroom. Their drive is second to none, and you’ll never leave without being 100% satisfied. They’ll leave no stone unturned, no mountain unconquered and no lover in the lurch. Being with a Scorpio can be pretty intimidating, so if you prefer the quiet life it might not be for you. Likely to be boisterous and confident, it may surprise you to know that secretly Scorpios need a lot of praise and reassurance. Communication is key to success with this sign.



Like playful Sagittarius, Libra loves to get quirky and use their imagination. It’s not difficult to please lovely Libra – suggest some inventive role play and you’ll have them hook, line and sinker. One thing to remember when embarking on a romantic relationship with a Libra is that they are terrible for sacrificing their own wants and needs in order to keep their lover happy – while that might seem like a win, it can also lead to a lot of bad blood. They may not say anything and end up fully resenting you for always letting them put in the hard work, and that’s no way to live. Be sure to be attentive to the loving Libra and you’ll have a mate for life.



Those born into Aquarius are wild. When we say wild, we mean spontaneous, high-heels and hot wax kind of wild. They just love to mix things up – and have the confidence to pull it off. Everyone’s favorite former member of One Direction, Harry Styles is an Aquarius, which might just explain why he’s so popular with the ladies. If you like your bedroom antics more kink than vanilla, then find yourself an Aquarius – you won’t be disappointed. After all, confidence is the key to success in the bedroom, isn’t it? Being a wallflower will only get you so far. Everyone wants someone that they can really let loose and connect with in the end.



Well, that’s not strictly true, but one thing is certain – a Pisces is an emotional lover. Much like commitment conscious Capricorns, a Pisces needs to feel that deep emotional connection in order to fully flourish. It might be a little tricky for the water sign to just let loose and have some no strings attached fun. It’s not really in their MO. Nowhere near as confident or self-assured as an Aquarius, they may need a little comfort and reassurance before being able to fully perform to the best of their abilities. A little praise goes a long way with this sign. When things really get going, they can be extraordinary – it’s worth the wait.



There’s nothing that fickle Taurus likes more than making their prospective partners wait for it. It’s not that they’re not interested – most of the time, they are. It’s just that they love to be the center of attention and to really feel wanted. If you’re courting one, send flowers, write love notes. They will love it. When it comes to the nitty gritty, Taurus lives for making everything last as long as humanely possible. If you’re in a rush or hoping for a quick lunchtime visit, then you’re looking in the wrong place. All of the chasing might seem arduous at first, but the pay off will be worth it. Don’t ever mistake Taurus’ sense of self-worth for aloofness.



Not surprisingly for a sign based on twins, Gemini is one of the hardest to pin down. One day, they may be completely confident and up for anything – the next, they may hate you and want their key back. It’s like dealing with two completely different people wrapped into one, which isn’t easy for anybody. They tend to be incredibly flirty, extroverted people, full of contradictions. This isn’t a negative – life will never be boring with a Gemini by your side, regardless of if you’re naked or not! You do have to be constantly on your toes though. After all, a person with a changeable personality can get pretty antsy. Don’t structure anything or get into a routine. If you do, it won’t last long.



The ultimate partner for a dreaded ‘lazy lover’, Cancer basically takes on the role of caregiver. If you’re the kind that likes to be looked after, then find yourself a Cancer spouse. You can carry on as you were, safe in the knowledge that loving, tentative Cancer gets their pleasure from pleasing you. Their desire to please their lovers isn’t without drawbacks though – it stems from an acute desire to feel wanted, accepted and worthy. Don’t get us wrong, they’re not whiny by any means. In fact, if there’s an issue it may take a little while for Cancer to speak up. They flourish in a familiar environment and reel against change, so don’t expect anything too wild and daring from this sign. If it makes them feel uncomfortable, they won’t do it.



Is there anything scarier than a roaming lion circling it’s prey? Being intimate with a Leo may come a close second. This sign is not to be messed with – they’re passionate, outspoken and deeply in touch with their own wants and needs. They demand a lot from their partners – mainly praise and vocal communication to let them know they’re on the right track. This is a typically domineering sign, so they may need to be put gently back in their place every once in a while. You can always count on a Leo to tell you the truth, be open about any issues and to guide you in the right direction. They also often mate for life. After all, they’re some of the loyalest you’ll find.



Virgo’s are notorious for being overtly anal – i.e. organized. If you need a party planned, a list made or a structured schedule, Virgo is the person for the job. It’s not that they’re control freaks, honest. They just like things done properly – and after all, if you need something doing well, do it yourself. In between the sheets, it’s a similar story. Virgo needs to know that they’ve got everything just perfect, and they won’t stop until they know all of the boxes are ticked. As they’re used to being in control, it may take a little while before they’re fully able to give up the reigns and fully let loose with their partner. It’s not an easy thing for them to do – but when they do, it’ll be worth it.


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