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15 Thought-Provoking Images Caught By Drones

15 Thought-Provoking Images Caught By Drones

Drones – what are these? Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in the USA, coined by the United States Department of Defense. Yes, these drones or UAVs are aerial vehicles without a human pilot aboard that were first used for military purposes since the 1800s. Military drones are still used to observe parameters as defense, as target practice, and even to attack ground targets. Basically, drones are sent to areas that are too dangerous for manned aerial vehicles to approach.

Aside from military purposes, drones are also used by different airlines and maintenance contractors to inspect and detect any damages and potential dangers that an airplane or even an airbus has before being tested and flown.

Drones are also used to observe surroundings to support scientific research conducted by either the government or any private institutions.

Today, drones are not limited to military use or educational purposes. Ordinary people can now own a drone! You can even buy a drone at Amazon for as low as $30, because these are now being used for recreational activities like photography and filming. Drones are even considered a traveler’s must-have item that is why most travel bloggers and vloggers use drones to capture their most amazing travel moments.

With that being said, drones can capture everything while flying with the wind. While most of these videos captured amazing moments that are showcasing the aerial view of a certain tourist destination and telling stories of nature; other videos captured something mind-boggling and even eerie moments that left everyone with questions. Here is a list of some of these thought-provoking scenes that drones caught.

15. Humpback Whale Parents Swimming With Their Calves


Let us start with something amazing! Traveler and videographer Hans Klett captured this incredible video of humpback whales jumping in and out of the water. The humpback whale is a member of the baleen whale family, which also includes the blue whale. With humpback whales and blue whales under the same family, it is a no brainer that humpback whales are also one of the largest marine animals.

Why do these humpback whales jump out of the water? Marine researchers call this action breaching and described humpback whales as one of the most acrobatic whales, because they can breach at up to 45 to 50 feet. Humpback whales and other species of whales breach to communicate. Marine researchers believe that breaching is a form of distant communication.

14. Orcas Tend to Be Territorial


Orcas are not called killer whales for nothing. They are carnivores and they can tear their prey apart – whales, seals, and other sea animals that are big or small. First and foremost, killer whales are not whales; they belong to the family of dolphins and they are the biggest dolphins. Marine biologists say that these killer whales actually have a diverse diet, which means that some may feed on small fish, while others hunt big marine animals.

With all of that being mentioned, a drone pilot captured an actual live scene of killer whales feeding on a minke whale. Shown on the drone footage is the school of killer whales cooperating with each other while feeding on their prey, just like how a pack of wolf hunt their prey.

13. Few More Paddles and a Shark Attack is About to Happen


Surfing is a water sport that amazes everyone every single time that a surfer beats the wave. However, as much fun as this may seem, surfing is also considered a dangerous sport. The ocean is a dangerous place, especially for humans who have no ability to breathe underwater or swim like marine animals do. So the waves can risk the life of a surfer. In addition to this risk, this drone footage just pointed out that there is another hazard that surfers face when they are in the water – sharks.

The drone footage showcases how blue and how beautiful Australian beaches are with surfers braving the waves. However, the drone pilot spotted a couple of sharks circling a short distance from the surfer. Luckily, the surfer was not attacked. It seems that the surfer did not even know that there were sharks circling near him.

12. George Washington is Annoyed


All people should pay some respect to the presidents – present and former. In the USA, there was a park named the Presidents Park in Williamsburg, Virginia that boasted the historical foundation of the country and showcased the giant busts of the past presidents of the United States. However, the park closed in 2010 and dear Lincoln, Kennedy, and the other presidents were transferred in a field near Croaker, Virginia – abandoned and decaying.

Sadly, the famous and respected presidents’ busts are deteriorating with time. The concrete evidence is this drone footage where you can see George Washington’s face crumbling, little by little. The owner of the field and other concerned people are now raising funds to give these busts a new home where they can, once again, be shown to the world.

11. Well This Isn’t The Best Place to Go Sunbathing


One of the most relaxing things to do, aside from getting a massage and a good night sleep, is to sunbathe under a glorious sun while enjoying a windy day. Well, this drone footage summarized it all! Drone pilot Kevin Miller captured a man sunbathing on a wind turbine in Rhode Island. How did he possibly get to the top? Checking the drone footage, there is an open hatch. People can say that maybe there are stairs beneath the hatch used to access the top of the wind turbine. Regardless of the stairs, that is still very high and other people will never have the stomach to climb that high distance. Although the man was left unnamed, we can conclude that he is a fearless human being.

10. The Hole is Gonna Eat You Up!


This may look like a sci-fi hole leading to nowhere, but calm down; this is just Lake Berryessa’s Glory Hole and the drone just captured its beauty. As creepy and eerie as it seems, there is nothing supernatural and paranormal happening inside and deep under this Glory Hole. Science already explained that this Glory Hole just reappeared and there’s nothing magical happening.

First, the Lake Berryessa is the largest lake of the Napa County in California – a reservoir formed by the Montecillo Dam. Experts explained that this reappearance of the Glory Hole that kept inviting tourists happened because the spell of the five year drought that was brought upon California was finally over. The Glory Hole flushes the water once the reservoir reached 440 above sea level.

9. Star Wars – Behind the Scenes


In September of 2014, drone footage surfaced on the Internet because it was believed that this caught the Star Wars: The Force Awakens shooting at United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF) in Berkshire, west of London. Justine Reeves, the drone pilot, accidentally flew his drone over the Star Wars set. It was believed that this caught the Millennium Falcon that was just partly constructed at that time and was covered with a blue tarpaulin. As a bonus, this also caught two X-Wings coming out of the grass-covered hangar.

As this footage broke the Internet, a number of drones already began snooping above the shooting grounds with hopes to capture the Millennium Falcon. Because the set was continuously invaded, not by Darth Vader, but by drone pilots, Disney ordered that the area will be a no fly zone.

8. Say Goodbye to Your $24 Million


In June 2014, a $24 million super yacht went up in flames at the harbor of Chula Vista in San Diego, California. Until today, this is still one of the most devastating incidents that cost a fortune, and it was caught on a drone camera. Kurt Roll, a boat captain and an aspiring videographer at that time, was able to quickly capture the fire with his DJI Phantom quadcopter.

Reports said that this super yacht called the Polar Bear was owned by multi-millionaire and entrepreneur Larry Jodsass. According to the San Diego authorities, they suspected that a welding accident and mistake was the cause of this super yacht fire. Jodsass was devastated because this was his “wonderful, beautiful piece of equipment”. Surely, that $24 million super yacht was hard to replace.

7. The Odd Creation of Bart Jansen


Now, this is sick and very weird! Meet artist Bart Jansen of the Netherlands who fits solar panels on roofs for a living, but during his spare time, he turns dead animals into drones. Let us start from the very beginning when Jansen decided that burying his pet Orville that was killed by a car would be a waste of his feline’s death. So he came up to the idea of giving Orville the next level Ex Machina vibe with the help of the technical engineer Arjen Beltman. Jansen built the Orvillecopter – a half cat and a half drone machine.

It seems that he was inspired so much that he even continued turning animals into drones – ostrich, rat, shark, and badger. This caused a massive stir, not just in the Netherlands, but all over the world. What do you think?

6. Filmmakers Must Have Creeped Out the Lady in the White Dress


According to the Dark Matter, a Youtube channel that reveals Stranger Things-like phenomena and sightings, this is drone footage taken in the Cannock Chase Forest, a royal forest in England that was dubbed a natural beauty. Despite the wonderful and green surroundings, the Cannock Chase was also dubbed a notorious hive for paranormal activities.

Shown in the drone footage is a paranormal sighting of a girl in white dress, who was believed to be a diphtheria victim in the 1800s. Some people believe that this is a true paranormal sighting, while other people believe that this video is a hoax – an actress wearing a white dress and acting as if a dark spirit is lingering in the forest. Reality or hoax, people should never go into the woods.

5. That Man Looking Down


The state of Kentucky houses the paranormal hive of the Louisville/Jefferson County – the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The sanatorium was a hospital built to accommodate and treat the patients with tuberculosis in 1910. That year was the peak of the tuberculosis which was then called the White Plague. As years passed by, antibiotics were invented to battle tuberculosis, reducing the need for the sanatorium. In the year 1961, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was closed.

Since then, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was dubbed one of the most haunted and scariest places in America. A couple of TV shows have featured the site, including Paranormal Lockdown that featured Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff who spent three nights at the sanatorium. The cameraman Rob Saffi captured an eerie image of a “person” looking out on the floor, but no one was there.

4. How Do Crop Circles Happen?


The 2002 American horror film Signs featured the crop circles connection to extraterrestrial beings and paranormal activities. This drone footage just shows that there is an odd crop circle or a crop formation in the middle of the fields. There are still no scientific explanations about what happened in this field. Was it struck by lightning or was it also a sign from extraterrestrial beings?

According to some researchers and historians, crop circles or crop formations in the fields have been happening even before the 20th century. What is the cause of these bizarre and intriguing signs? No one really knows! There are a lot of theories and assumptions being made explaining the crop circles – aliens, weather, and animals lurking in the field.

3. Aliens and UFOs Could Be True


This is not the first time that people speculated that a real UFO was caught on video, either on drone cameras or other filming equipment. But what is a UFO? By definition, UFO is an unidentified flying object that is flying in the sky. However, people kept on connecting UFOs to aliens, thus, making a UFO known as an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Although there are numerous issues that people speculated they witnessed UFO sightings, most of these so-called sightings were debunked because there is proof that these are just objects, such as aircrafts and weather balloons. However, there are UFO sightings that were identified and remained a mystery, which made people more curious about extraterrestrial existence. Well, as long as the aliens are like ET or Superman, then there will be no problem.

2. Remnants of a Sunken Ghost Ship


No, the Mallows Bay in the Potomac River is not full of marshmallows (pun intended), but it is full of sunken ships that drifted out of the water called the Ghost Fleet. Luckily, a Youtuber shared fascinating drone footage of the Ghost Fleet resting in the Mallows Bay and everything is eerie, but amazing! The Ghost Fleet is a collection of sunken ships that are believed to be haunted.

Ahoy, voyagers! The Black Pearl is here and Captain Jack Sparrow might find it here! Hundreds of ship wrecks are residing in the Mallows Bay. Most of these ships were once stored in the James River, but were then moved to the Potomac River in 1925 after the Western Marine & Salvage Company bought the ships.

1. The Confinement of People Who Are Contagious


Welcome to the North Brother Island, where something really creepy happened! This drone footage shows the mysterious North Brother Island that was also dubbed New York’s mysterious ghost island. Let’s take a step back in time and review what happened in the North Brother Island. This was a lone island with no residents or any people exploring until the year 1885 when the Riverside Hospital was moved from the Roosevelt Island. This was the confinement of people who were suffering from typhus, tuberculosis, yellow fever, and smallpox.

The most popular person ever confined in this hospital was Mary Mallon, also known as the Typhoid Mary. She was released in 1910, but infected people, so she was then brought back to the hospital in 1915. With so many complications, such as pneumonia, Typhoid Mary died in 1938. The hospital continued their operations as rehabilitation for drug-dependents, but because of staff corruption, the hospital was forced closed in the 1960s. Since then, no one had ever stepped foot on the eerie and mysterious North Brother Island.

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