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15 Times Architects Wowed The World With Their Epic Failures

15 Times Architects Wowed The World With Their Epic Failures

From poorly designed buildings to extremely dangerous and bizarre projects, today we’ll touch upon some of the weirdest architectural failures ever found on the web. While looking at these epic failures, we just can’t help but wonder what in the world must have gone wrong there. Seriously, show us the “skilled” team of architects that actually approved such crazy ideas! Whatever they thought they were doing, one thing is for certain – they started off on the wrong foot. Also, the perfection we expect from such specialized people often leads to some major disappointment.

Well, at least we should be thankful that our own houses don’t fold in on themselves when closing the kitchen and bedroom doors at the same time. But unlike us, many other people and companies received nothing but a perfect architectural failure. The architects involved in the construction of these odd designs certainly left their mark, but not in a good way. It’s not like we’re accusing them of intentional errors, of course. It’s still possible that they just didn’t think it all through, right? Whatever it was, it’s true that their projects cannot make us stop giggling. Below are 15 examples of architectural mistakes that will crack you up! Enjoy them!

15. What’s wrong with my window?!

via Obvious Fun

Hmm, how interesting! Who could have thought that a crooked window can look so “great”, right? This poorly designed building looks like it was created as a joke. Otherwise, why aren’t there any other crooked windows, right? It really makes no sense. Perhaps, the architects who worked on it knew exactly whose apartment this would be. So it’s possible that they decided to have some fun with its construction during the process. But seriously, architects are also humans who aren’t immune to mistakes even if it means screwing up the design of an entire building.

14. The staircase that leads to nowhere

via elite readers

Well, it’s true that we don’t possess special powers to peep into the mind of the person who constructed this, but it sure is an epic architectural failure. So where exactly does this staircase take you? We’ll tell you – this “modern” staircase leads you exactly in the middle of nowhere. When looking at this, we feel really bad for the people who thought they were getting a well-designed staircase. Sadly enough, their dreams and ideas were utterly crushed as they ended up with architectural rubbish. So much for creativity!

13. Oops, my bad!

via elite readers

It’s pretty clear that the designers of this “escalator” had something else in mind. Perhaps, the hired architects and workers didn’t really like the idea of building an escalator inside a shopping center. Maybe they didn’t like working there at all. Who knows what must have happened during the process, but one thing is clear: this sure is a pretty “innovative” escalator that will definitely help you put off some weight. With such a design, you’ve got to run up the steps like a sportsman. You may get exhausted at the end of it, but at least you’ll get in perfect shape. You see, every cloud has a silver lining.

12. Good luck reaching your car

via Pinterest

If you thought that it just can’t get worse, we’re here to prove you the exact opposite. You see this unique garage? Well, it was supposed to be an exquisite architectural design, but as you can see, it ended up looking like perfect trash. Its poor construction is so crazy that it even makes us think how in the world such a mistake can be made. It’s true that architects are ordinary people just like us who’ve got their ups and downs too. So there’s a really great chance that they hardly cared what they were doing out there. As for this garage, we feel so bad for the person who had to spend so much cash on such a trashy project.

11. How creative is this?

vie elite readers

Obviously, there was a guy or a team of architects who had the amazing idea of turning this insane project into a beautiful reality. The only problem, however, is that it’s neither a good idea nor a lovely reality. In fact, this whole project deserves to be labeled as the ultimate architectural failure found on the web. Perhaps this is what front row seats mean to some architects. And guess what, they’ve got a point there. You’ll still get your front row seats, but you must accept the fact that your view will be blocked the whole time. Sorry, guys! Take it or leave it!

10. ATMs for fit people only

via elite readers

Withdrawing money from an ATM is no longer a piece of cake. This ATM is so oddly placed that only skinny and petite people are privileged to use its monetary services. So what about the rest of the world, right? What should they do if they ran out of cash right now? Nothing. They’ll have to accept the facts as they are. Or they can always use the old method of speaking face to face with their bank teller and refill their empty wallet that way. But that’s not the point here.  These weird ATMs shouldn’t even exist. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

9. …And ATMs for tall people only

via elite readers

Much like the other ATM failure, the design of this one simply excludes the possibility that petite people also need some quick cash. Clearly, it doesn’t offer its services to those of us who are a few inches shorter than others. Indeed, this can’t be a great way to start off the day, can it? Just imagine yourself running late for work simply because you forgot to withdraw some cash the other day. Now you’re practically forced to search the entire neighborhood for a more standard ATM. Nice job, guys! You had one job and you totally messed it up!

8. Don’t wait outside! Come on in!

via Pinterest

Such atypical constructions can make you take a second look at their absurd architectural plans and results. How come their builders didn’t see it coming? Was it that hard to see that something is really wrong with this door? Well, it’s pretty obvious that somebody’s idea didn’t really go as planned. In fact, this door really seems out of place here. So how exactly is it used? Maybe, there’s an invisible ladder placed underneath this whole thing. That kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? All joking aside – it’s clear that this is an epic mistake and a terrible investment that offers no return.

7. Ray and Maria Stata Center has some major structural issues

via Flickr

What were you thinking, Frank Gehry? From the looks of things, the prominent architect made a terrible mistake with the design of this building. Obviously, his  creative idea to build a spectacular building that totally defies the laws of the physics was a major failure. You see, sometimes things really get out of hand. Apparently, this is what happened with the design of the Ray and Maria Stata Center. These ugly and logic-defying angles absolutely deserve a place on this list. Indeed, it’s no wonder why this building has some major structural problems.

6. A swing that can get you in trouble


Sadly, it’s true. You know how parents always make sure that the swing seats aren’t too hot to the touch, right? Unfortunately, there was a team of architects that came up with the amazing idea to build three play structures out of steel. As a result, the swings get so hot to the touch that you can practically fry some eggs on them. By the way, this atypical playground is located at Pier One, Brooklyn Bridge Park. So believe it or not, these “harmless” structures can totally get your kids burnt during the summer.

5. It’s a joke, isn’t it?

via YouTube

Seriously, which one do we use? It’s not like we doubt the creativity and rationality of its creator, but still, there’s something off about it. Naturally, we’re used to seeing women’s signs on women’s restrooms and vice versa. Therefore, it’s kind of shocking to see these signs messed up in such an epic way! As hilarious as it is, we just can’t imagine what’ll happen when a guy walks through the wrong door. After all, he’s got the right to use public restrooms, so he’ll follow the sign on the door. In a nutshell, an architect’s got the right to be wrong too.

4. Close enough!

Via: Youtube

Oh, dear Lord! Did it really happen? It’s hands down one of the craziest and most absurd architectural design we’ve seen so far. It’s really impossible to think that such things are real. What comes to mind right away is the original idea behind this epic failure. What were they thinking? Was it really that hard to make some precise measurements before getting down to business? Such major projects should be carried out really carefully no matter how time-consuming they are. Otherwise, you may end up with a humiliating project just like this bridge. Seriously, this is a whole new level of stupidity we’ve not seen in a long time.

3. Not as reliable as they thought

via Aggregate Research

Ever heard of the Lotus Riverside? Well, this is what it looks like today. This Shanghai-based complex of buildings was supposed to be a really interesting project. Unfortunately, its builders didn’t really think it all through. Moreover, its architectural sketches should have been drawn more precisely since the final result is catastrophic. As you can see, the complex simply didn’t pass the test of impermeability. It sure isn’t as waterproof as they originally thought. As a result, one of its buildings just fell flat on its side.

2. The Concert Hall that shoots heat rays

via Pinterest

Did you recognize Frank Gehry’s creation? So what’s wrong with the famous Walt Disney’s Concert Hall anyway? We’ll tell you what’s not okay with Frank Gehry’s great project. Originally designed as quite an innovative building, Frank clearly missed out on a single feature during its construction. Blinded by its glossy facade, many of you forget that its shiny surface also reflects light. As we all know, light can easily be turned into a crude laser, if properly concentrated onto a single area. The last thing you need is to angle it properly. Now you see that this crazy and modern-looking building can totally shoot some heat rays. So watch out!

1. The Dangerous Tower that drops windows onto the pavement below

via OpenBuildings

Finally, we’ve got a pretty curious and glassy building that’s really impressive. But outside of its exquisite design, there’s something really off about it. Let’s take its glassy surface for instance. Did you know that the famous John Hancock Tower drops shreds of glass every now and then? Rumour has it that this shiny building in Boston often drops whole windows onto the pavement below! Can you believe this? Well, we don’t know the details of its design, but obviously, this building can put your life on the line. So you’d better watch out for any shreds of glass while walking down the street…


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