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15 Times Famous People Married Less Attractive Spouses

15 Times Famous People Married Less Attractive Spouses

via Radar Online

While the Beckham family is a fine example of a match made in heaven, there are many other not-so-glamorous celebrity couples who are simply nowhere near “perfection”. Sadly, a few of our favorite Hollywood couples have already called it quits. Honestly, we haven’t stopped mourning over the end of Brangelina’s reign yet. After all, Brad and Angelina’s romance used to illustrate what an ideal relationship should look like. Admittedly, their relationship must have been kind of stormy given its present-day status. Anyway, their beautiful fairy tale seems to be over for good. Today, there are other famous couples we’d like you to lay your eyes upon although their spouses kind of lack the elegance, organic charm and beauty of Brad and Angie.

Obviously, some of these renowned individuals have put LOVE ahead of beauty, marrying their not-so-attractive significant others. We love their choices though! Don’t get us wrong! It’s just that we have always thought that most of these celebs would want their spouse to look like the hottest movie star ever! And now it totally seems like we’ve been wrong all this time. But after all, “we know nothing” about them behind closed doors.

15. Hugh Jackman And Deborra-Lee Furness

via Us Weekly

There’s hardly a chance that you won’t recognize the renowned A-list movie star Hugh Jackman. With such an abundance of great movies surrounding his legendary name, it’s kind of normal for him to be in the limelight 24/7. When it comes to his beloved one, it’s probably just the other way around. Deborra-Lee Furness may really seem like a nice and a good-hearted person, but she certainly lacks the elegance and striking charisma of women such as Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron. But don’t get us wrong! We don’t mean to be rude or anything. It’s just plain observations based on facts. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

14. Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen

via PopSugar

Meet the wonderful Sacha Baron Cohen who is surely as cute as a candy! There are many young girls who have been looking up to the lovely Sacha Baron Cohen with big eyes. Therefore, it’s kind of absurd to think that Mrs. Isla Fisher has been the one to “seal the deal”. Surely, Sacha is quite a challenge to take up. Everyone is unique in their own way no matter what the world may want to say about it. Thus, we’re pretty sure that the charming Sacha Baron Cohen has put Isla’s personal traits and internal beauty ahead of the game. After all, Sacha seems happy, appreciated and loved by her man. So this is what matters the most, right?

13. Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend

via AceShowbiz

Oh, that’s a tough one for sure! Well, Christina Hendricks is an exotic redhead beauty with a pretty curious type of guy. Believe it or not, this gorgeous lady has found happiness and affection in the eyes and embrace of Geoffrey Arend. Undoubtedly, Geoffrey’s looks and hairstyle aren’t the most impressive things about him. However, his intellect is certainly another story. Maybe, this is what has worked for him in the first place! Ultimately, Christina doesn’t seem like a woman who’s easily impressed by stupid and senseless jokes, does she? As for that, Geoffrey Arend’s unique humoristic side and exotic hair have absolutely done wonders.

12. Aaron Taylor-Johnson And Sam Taylor-Wood

via Mirror

Here we are with another exclusive couple that’s anything but trivial or less compelling. Unlike many other celeb couples where the girl is usually the more charming one, the romance between Aaron and Sam definitely works the other way around. You can call us superficial and downright hateful, but let’s be honest here. She’s like his mom for God’s sake! And again, we’re hardly ageists, but Aaron Taylor-Johnson is just another young man who’s fallen for the wrong person. After all, he can have any gorgeous young A-list actress for sure. Also, Aaron can certainly do better! As for his love partner, she’s a famous English filmmaker who’s apparently won the lottery with him!

11. Beth Ostrosky Stern and Howard Stern

via Us Weekly

Well, well, well – it’s pretty obvious that Mr. Howard Stern is probably one of the luckiest men ever! Not only has he managed to win her over, but he has totally made her fall head over heels for his crazy hair and lean figure! Okay, the latter one was a pretty sarcastic note. But anyway, Beth and Howard’s romance is certainly one of a kind in the glamorous world of Hollywood! All in all, Beth has been an actress, a model, and an animal rights activist as well. An interesting fact about these two is that they have fostered over 300 kittens since the very beginning of their burning hot romance. Indeed, love can definitely drive you nuts!

10. Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas

via Just Jared

When it comes to Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas, we can surely say that these two have had a hard time since the very beginning of their hot romance. First and foremost, let’s not ignore the fact that there’s an age gap of almost 20 years! And guess what, Katharine was 23 years old when she walked down the aisle. This is definitely kind of weird given his age. Besides, we can’t tell why, but there’s something really odd about his personality. Nick Cokas always seems as though he’s extremely mad at the world, and we doubt that there’s actually a well-grounded reason behind it. Rumor has it that they’ve called it quits, but only God knows if this is for good.

9. Marisa Miller and Griffin Guess

via Us Weekly

If we must describe their relationship in one word, then it would be “ABSURD”! Seriously? Marisa and Griffin? This is probably the best example of a match made in …hell. After all, let’s talk about some undeniable facts here. Marisa Miller is considered one of the most attractive and charming ladies on the planet. As gorgeous as she is, Marisa has even topped Maxim’s magazine Hot 100 list! As if this is not enough, Marisa has also graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Isn’t that amazing? Doesn’t it really sound like she deserves more than Griffin’s funny hair? Well, the Victoria’s Secret model has obviously fallen for his internal beauty.

8. Robin Givens and Mike Tyson

via Essence

Frankly, Mike Tyson might have been a great boxer, but we can barely describe him as a super cool guy who’s nice to others. As for his ex-wife named Robin Givens, we can only feel really bad for the poor lady. The romance between Mike and Robin has surely been a mistake for Robin. In Robin’s own words, her yearlong marriage as Mike’s wife equals a year of “terror and torture”. Honestly, we actually believe Robin given all the crazy rumors and scandals surrounding Mike’s name over the years. According to the lovely Robin who has been lucky enough to call it quits on time, their “romance” can totally be described as “pure hell”. As for Mike, he has attributed the dramatic breakup to a merciless mother-in-law. Really?!

7. Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson

via James Leyfield

Is there a person who doesn’t know who Marilyn Manson is? Well, this is surely the perfect instance of what a rhetorical question sounds like. But apart from his ill-famed personality, Marilyn has been married to the gorgeous Dita Von Teese for real! Indeed, there’s probably little to no curious details about his wonderful significant other. Meet the charming and sexy Dita Von Teese who used to be the girl of his dreams. Her own personal viewpoint on how, where and when the initial spark between them has turned into a hot romance is quite scarce. But obviously, she’s found something really interesting about his personality. Perhaps, this is something she’s been able to see under that wicked mask he still wears. So creepy!

6. Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric

via Huffington Post

Much like Hugh Jackman, Marko Jaric is definitely a decent-looking man, unlike his stunning wife who’s simply a Goddess! And yes, he’s been lucky enough to meet the exotic beauty named Adriana Lima. The lovely Adriana has surely been in the wet dreams of so many men around the world, and today, she’s still as beautiful and fabulous as we’ve always seen her. Indeed, she could have had any guy out there, but no, she has chosen Mr. Marko Jaric. Maybe she has fallen for his great personality, lively spirit and good-naturedness since he’s certainly not a Brad Pitt lookalike. Whatever the case, it seems like it hasn’t been enough given their present-day marital status anyway.

5. Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk

via Zimbio

The affection between Jenna and Lee has certainly led to some major gossip. Since their private marriage in Malibu, we can surely say that Lee has been experiencing some serious pressure. After all, he’s been drastically thrust into the limelight since 2010. All of this has happened as if out of the blue. Indeed, dating such an attractive woman can’t be easy given her successful career. We can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Lee Kirk. After all, his beautiful girlfriend has become such a big deal, right? That’s simply unbelievable! As for him, we can totally say that he’s the less attractive one in their long-term relationship.

4. Salma Hayek And François-Henri Pinault

via YouTube

Let’s be real – François-Henri Pinault is a billionaire whose stunning wife happens to be the gorgeous and super talented actress named Salma Hayek. So how the hell did it happen?! Needless to say, the “sudden spark” between them has got something to do with his financial status for sure. Moreover, his unique and awesome sense of humor alongside his masculinity has played a significant role for certain. As sneaky and sexy as she is, Salma Hayek has totally got him in her pocket! Perhaps his rare personality is the reason why she has fallen in love with him no matter how absurd and bizarre it sounds. But again, we don’t get to choose anyone’s love partner, do we?

3. Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder

via The Loop

Pretty woman…walking down the street!” No matter what happens, Julia Roberts will forever be that stunning and charismatic lady who has captured our hearts in the epic Pretty Woman movie. Besides, it’s exactly this project that has helped her make a name for herself. Since then, she has been regarded as one of the top and greatest American actresses EVER! Surely, she has earned it all with her endless talent and charismatic nature. As for her less renowned husband, he’s best known for his photography skills. But he doesn’t share his wife’s organic charm and compelling personality for sure. Rather, he’s a real a man with a good heart who truly loves and respects Julia’s success no matter what!

2. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith

via Radar Online

Have you ever imagined being married to any of these famous people? As die-hard fans of some of these epic movie stars, we still cannot believe that they’ve actually married less glamorous spouses! Surely, it’s not like their beloved ones are downright ugly or anything of the sort. It’s just that we’re totally used to seeing all those renowned Hollywood stars in the company of young and fit women. Therefore, it’s both surprising and a bit shocking that the glorious character of James Bond has actually married his journalist spouse. Their almost 15-year-long romance presumably started really quickly. Believe it or not Pierce has been smitten with Keely Shaye Smith’s beauty the moment he laid his eyes upon her. Isn’t that amazing?

1. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

via Just Jared

And last but definitely not least, meet the sexiest man alive who’s also a great parent and an epic A-list movie star! Besides, Chris serves as a fine example of an actor who can really pull it all off! Think about Thor, In the Heart of the Sea, Red Dawn, The Avengers, Star Trek or Snow White and the Huntsman. All of these phenomenal movies are certainly a pretty fine instance of how talented the Australian actor actually is. As for his looks, this is definitely another story. There’s barely a woman who can ignore his handsomeness and charismatic nature. As for his less renowned wife and an actress named Elsa Pataky, she’s a pretty nice lady who has married an out-of-the-ordinary man for sure!

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