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15 Times Fired Employees Got Revenge On Their Company

15 Times Fired Employees Got Revenge On Their Company

Workplace revenge is unexpected. Companies never truly know their employees until they experience some hard times together. The workplace jerks plan revenge on their boss, colleagues and even on the company assets. These are the people who obstruct a company’s goals. People who insult, embarrass and ridicule their boss in public.

In this world, there’s not much space for harmless employee revenge. The workplace revenge is either childish or simply illegal. It is believed that if you want to get your job back or want to work for the same company again, do it professionally. But what will you do if your employee decides to burn the office down just because you stopped him from harassing the female employees?

When fired from job, some sacked employees easily forget and move on. But what if you encounter an employee who is planning workplace revenge by putting your intimate pictures and text messages on social media, tagging your clients and family members too?

Office revenge stories are very common these days and disgruntled employees don’t mind causing damage to their former employers. Here are workplace revenge stories of 15 employees and their partners in crime who were fired from their company and got revenge. From smashing the office with a hammer to giving away hotel rooms for free, you will get to read about some weird and frightening acts of workplace revenge by ex-employees.

15. When A Secret Recipe Got Leaked


The popular fast food chain Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers fired a female employee and invited trouble as the lady leaked the secret recipe details of one of their popular sauces. The company managed to keep the recipe secret for years as it was considered its winning formula over the competitors.

The girl, after being fired from Cane’s, took the entire thing to Twitter: “Canes fired me they lil sauce ain’t shit but mayo, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper & garlic powder.”

When her tweets went viral, she was asked to prove her claims. In response, the girl revealed more details about the sauce with exact quantity of its ingredients.

As a result of this workplace revenge, the Cane’s had to start damage control and the company released a statement saying that only a few managers know the actual recipe and the girl was not among them. But Those who tried her recipe claim that what she revealed was accurate. You can check her tweets (@JanniAreYouOkay) as she didn’t even bother deleting them.

14. Office Boy Burned The Office Down


In India, a Pune-based BPO sacked an office boy because he and his friend was found guilty of harassing the female employees. The company fired the man and in return, the duo set the BPO on fire. After checking the CCTV footage, it was found that both of them were responsible for burning the office furniture.

When the revenge incident took place, culprits Abdul Shaikh was just 20-year old and his partner Nabi Nadaf was 19. The duo even burned a CCTV camera, but fortunately there was one more camera that captured everything. The video footage shows Shaikh pouring chemical on the office furniture and setting it on fire.

13. College Administrator Demanded $200K For Google Account Password


Triano Williams, a former IT worker from the American College of Education refused to give the college’s Google account back. Williams was fired in April 2016 because he refused to relocate to Indianapolis. Williams also accused his boss of racial discrimination and told the college to pay him $200,000 for racial discrimination. The college then tried to reset the login credentials and even contacted Google, but they were referred to Williams instead.

According to the college, they had to take the data and in May will know about the account’s status. The Google cloud-based account held access to many emails. The course material for the college’s 2,000 students was also stored in that account. But when the college contacted Williams, he referred them to his lawyer. After the incident, the college filed a case against him and the court issued a judgment against Williams. As a result of trying to get revenge on the company, he was ordered to pay $248,350.

12. Internet Shaming Got Him A Better Job


Jim Knight, a head chef was fired from a pub named The Plough in Oxfordshire, UK. He was upset as his company allegedly declined his requests for a weekend off and Christmas Day leave. According to Knight, the company fired him while all he wanted was to just fulfill his duties as the father to a 7 month old. Knight planned his epic workplace revenge through the company’s Twitter account, which he already had access to, and started shaming his company.

His first tweet was “We’d like to inform you that we’ve just fired our head chef.” Then he went on posting and dropped a second tweet, “Unfortunately he wanted to have a weekend off this month and Christmas Day this year for family commitments so we thought we’d sack him.”

Knight didn’t stop there and dropped one more tweet, “We don’t care that he has a 7 1/2 month old baby daughter.”

Even when the tweets were posted from the company’s official Twitter account, no one cared about deleting them for almost a day. After all the drama, Knight announced from his own Twitter account that he got a better job offer.

11. When Marriott Hotels Offered 3000 Rooms For Just $12


Former employee Juan Rodriguez allegedly hacked into the Marriott hotels reservation system and changed the hotel room tariff. The rooms’ standard tariff ($159 – $499) got slashed and all the 3000 rooms were listed between the range of $12 to $59. According to the hotel this ex-employee’s revenge resulted in a loss of more than $50,000.

Marriott Hotels fired the man in August 2016, and according to the company he was ordered to stay away from the company’s computer system. He got caught because when he remotely accessed the company’s systems, the IP address matched the one in his home. Rodriquez was finally found guilty and was charged for his criminal activity. This was not the first time when Marriott Hotel’s system got hacked. One of their hotels in Austria also suffered hacking issues when the guests were locked out of their rooms.

10. A Cafe Owner Had To Remove Sexist Posters From the Streets


An ex-employee circulated a sexist and incorrect job notice and pasted it everywhere. It brought a lot of problem to his employer. In the fake job notice, he mentioned that the cafe needs a waitress that could just “as easily be in bikini on beach spinning heads.”

Copies of the job notice were found pasted on many electricity poles and trees in Balmain and Rozelle. The sexist job notice understandably sparked outrage from residents. The cafe owner Andrew McNamara told a local news publisher that he took down all the posters he could find. He also said that he will be organizing a “free coffee day” for women as a part of his damage control moves. He revealed that he knows the employee who did this and due to all the problems created by an ex-employee, the cafe suffered business loss.

9. A Man With A Hammer Went Berserk in his Workplace


A former employee smashed the office windows, toilet seats, computer monitors, and the sinks with a hammer because he was sacked. He also wrote “Gross Misconduct” in blood on the office wall.

Wayne Crook, an ex-employee of Bristol Flying Centre, was sacked from the company in 2012. In anger, he took a hammer and smashed up every room, causing the company a loss of £175,000. He also damaged many vehicles in anger.

Crook was sacked from his job soon after he moved an aircraft in a hanger without the company’s permission. The company said that despite obtaining an alternative employment, he took revenge against the company. Crook was charged with burglary and criminal damage and was sentenced to jail for 20 months.

8. Workplace Revenge Led A Man to Destroy His Company


Richard Neale, one of the members who built the computer firm Esselar, took his revenge on his company after he had to leave his job in 2013. Neale was the director of the company and left his job on bad terms. The company used to provide security network for Aviva, a multinational insurance company.

Neale hacked the phones of Aviva’s 900 employees and badly damaged the company’s reputation. The Aviva system was hacked the night when Esselar was demonstrating their services during an event. As a result, Esselar lost the deal and Aviva ended its relationship with the company.

Neale was jailed for 18 months and his act of revenge damaged the company’s relations with other clients as well. According to the company, the ex-employee’s revenge act caused Esselar a loss of more than £500,000.

7. When An Employee Erased Data Worth $2.5 million


Marie Lupe Cooley of Jacksonville saw a newspaper ad in which she found that her company was looking for someone for a position similar to her role. She also noticed her boss’s phone number on the classified ad. Assuming that she would be fired, Cooley decided to take revenge and erased all the company’s blueprints and drawings worth $2.5 million.

Cooley was soon arrested and police charged her with $1,000. The next day she found out that the company didn’t intend to sack her. The advertisement was published by the company owner Steven Hutchins for his wife’s firm. But after the incident the firm swiftly fired Cooley.

6. She Posted Boss’s Naked Pictures On His Wife’s Business Facebook Page


After getting fired British woman Kaylea Reid shared naked pictures of her boss on his wife’s company’s Facebook page. Reid even tagged his boss’s clients and colleagues in the photographs to draw more attention.

The duo began sexting and according to the girl’s lawyer, Page was providing her with a shoulder to cry on since the girl was dealing with loneliness. According to Reid, her former boss took advantage of her because he was her manager at work.

Reid ignored the company’s requests to take down the images, but later the images were removed. According to reports, she was given a conditional discharge or suspended sentence for 6 months. She was also ordered to pay a surcharge fee of $32 to the victim.

5. An IT Guy Blocked Citibank’s Network


Lennon Ray Brown, who was working as a contractor and later full-time employee at Citibank, had a talk with one his senior colleagues. Since the talks were about his poor performance, angry Brown injected a code in the company’s Global Control Centre routers. This act of workplace revenge blocked 90% of the connectivity across North America.

After transmitting the malicious code, he sent a message to one of his co-workers. He wrote that there’s nothing personal in his act, but he wants the upper management to listen because employees like him are not being treated well. Brown was sentenced to 21 months in jail and he was also ordered to pay $77,200.

4. Unpaid Workers Made Their Boss ‘Learn The Hard Way’


A group of angry construction workers sought revenge on their boss in Australia. The workers tore apart a home under construction with a chainsaw. According to the workers, they weren’t paid, so they decided to take a chainsaw and damage the property. Video footage was also released and the caption reads that the boss will “learn the hard way.”

Despite their efforts to build the house, the employees did not shy away from destroying all they worked on because their boss allegedly didn’t pay their invoices. The video shows how the construction workers ripped off the timber and the pipes. They also put their lives at risk when one of the workers with the chainsaw dangerously reached above himself and sliced the wooden planks while standing at the bottom of the house.

3. Ex-Employee Stole a Tram For A Joy-ride


The tram driver stopped the tram at Rodaun station as it was the last stop. He locked the tram and went on a toilet break. After coming back he found that the train was missing.

Later it was found that a former employee of the Wiener Linien transport company stole the train for a joy-ride. After turning off the electricity on the route, the department was able to bring the tram back. The thief was sacked from the company years before the incident took place.

Police was clueless about how he got the vehicle keys. The man didn’t have a criminal record and was released after some time. He was charged with theft because of his random daredevil move. 

2. When A Company Found Its Missing Products On eBay


Disgruntled employee Graham Rust served a healthcare company for 24 years, and one day he realized that his bosses are not paying attention to his efforts. Finally the man decided to set up his own online business by stealing and selling products from his company on eBay. The estimated cost of the products he stole was £20,000.

Later his company found the missing products on the e-commerce website and verified by making a purchase. The company found that the PayPal account associated with the eBay seller was Rust’s account. He was sentenced to jail for 8 months and he also had to do unpaid community work for 200 hours.

Rust told the judge that he didn’t do this for money. He stole and sold the products because he didn’t like the way his employers treated him.

1. When Snapchat CEO Had Tough Times


“Snapchat is for rich people, don’t want to expand in poor countries like India and Spain,” said CEO Evan Spiegel according to a lawsuit filed by the company’s former manager. As soon as the words reached the Indian media, outraged Indians started a campaign to uninstall Snapchat from their devices.

The media-sharing application has a huge user base in India, and people started giving negative reviews and ratings on iStore and on the Google Play Store. Snapchat clearly denied the allegations, but the controversy made the company witness a fall in its shares. Some anonymous hackers from India also claimed that they leaked the data of 1.7 million Snapchat users on the dark web and put the company in trouble.


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