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15 Times People Embarrassed Themselves On Social Media

15 Times People Embarrassed Themselves On Social Media

Welcome to the virtual world of sharing and expressing your own dearest thoughts! Social media is the trendiest way to create and share information, ideas, and interests. Plus, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms is an “easy-peasy lemon squeezy” thing to do! You just need to snap a photo (or photos if you like, of course!) or just simply type in your thoughts, express yourself, and click post or upload. Your post can be magically seen by a lot of people from all over the world, real time. Information is also accessible in the palm of our hand. It is quick, convenient, and cost-effective. The amount of data now available to the general public is so vast that fifty years ago, people could not have imagined it. However, it did not make people smarter.

“Think before you click!”. Do you remember this saying? Don’t you think we should also have the saying “think before you post” to avoid these embarrassments on social media? Admit it; there are really people who won’t even think twice before posting their status, photos, and other media that definitely forgot how to do a background check! Below is a list of social media posts that failed to amuse us, netizens, and succeeded to accidentally embarrass themselves on social media. Don’t fret; we are not here to judge them. We will just go over their posts. Although, most of these posts are weird, almost all of these posts will most likely make your day!

15. Please get a second opinion


We’ll this doesn’t sound positive at all, honey. Please go to another medical expert and get their opinion. Don’t just get the result and leave without having the doctor explain to you what is happening. Sit down and ask, what does it mean when you’re positive for HIV? Because right then and there, would you realize that you should be deleting this post immediately and start straightening up your habits. But seriously though, please remain with good spirits. This too shall pass.

14. Dwarfism occurs once every 10,000 births


Achondroplasia is a human disorder that could result in severe lack of growth. It has been known to occur in other animals, but the syndrome is prevalent among humans. There are a variety of reasons why achondroplasia occurs; the most common case is primary bone disorder and inadequate pituitary function. This occurs as early as the embryonic stage and will last throughout the lifetime of the fetus. The causes are identified, but there is no known cure. There is a significant chance that the fetus will develop with normal intelligence. We should be grateful that cognitive development is rarely genetic.

13. Rotary analogs are out of style


I remember when I was young, we had lessons in school on how to tell time. There is the long hand, the short hand, and the second hand. Then, Casio came out with digital wrist watches and I thought this is the end for those traditional analog watches, especially for the mathematically challenged. A lot of years later, I still have rotary clocks in my house and an analog watch on my wrist. There are younger people who might not be able to recognize the difference between an iconic clock tower and a Ferris wheel now that digital timepieces are cheaper, widely available, and can be installed as a widget in smartphones. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using digital timepieces. They are easier to read, and in most cases today, in sync with the world official time. It is entirely plausible for the younger generation to mistake any rotary contraption as a clock tower.

12. Avengers, assemble!


Maybe, just maybe, she’s referring to Captain America: Civil War. Surely, that thing should be one less thing to study. Who would want to relive Captain America’s and Ironman’s heartbreaking fight scenes? She’s right, why did the civil war have to happen again? We don’t want the Avengers to be dismantled. On the serious thought, she needs to read her history books more often. No Civil War, means there will be no single and indivisible United States. Although this is a significant part of the history, maybe this is not worth studying for, right? (Sarcasm, intended.) Despite this significance, she thinks that less studying is more important than the Civil War.

11. That’s right; let off some steam


Calm down, she’s just letting off some steam! This whole jealousy stuff, just pissed off this confident, successful, and talented woman. Oh wait, what’s self of steam? Did she mean self-esteem? With all her rage posting about this rant, she forgot the difference of “steam” from “esteem”. However, she got a point! Remember this, haters; no matter how hard you try to bring down a strong woman, and cloud her judgment on some word spellings, you won’t easily tear her apart. As for the woman who posted this, you are right about how confident you are, but always remember that searching Google is free. Honey, it is “self-esteem”, not “self of steam”.

10. Not this kind of post, again!


Do you think this is just a post full of sarcasm, or maybe he just really wanted to go to the beach? Well, I hope this is just a pure sarcasm, because I do find this funny. However, there are really people who take pleasure from taking a picture with a random car and other expensive stuff or pretend that they’re having the best time of their lives, and then flaunt it on social media; pretending they’re “somebody” that everyone should look up to. They just badly want to stay on trend, or maybe on top of the trend. Yes, these people exist (unfortunately).

9. No wonder she’s single


Isn’t this a nice photo of a sweet couple who just wants to have a good memory of their trip? Oh no, someone ruined the sweet moment! It’s photobombed at its finest. Yes, she just made the “eww” face, as if she just tasted the bitter medicine that the children hate at all level of extremes, or perhaps she saw something “disgusting” about the couple’s sweet kiss. Let’s just assume that “maybe” she didn’t know the couple were taking some sweet pictures. Hold on, let’s take a look at the other important angle – the couple uploaded the photo despite the photobomber’s silly face!

8. Historians are similarly baffled about the lost tribe


This Snapchat post is similarly confusing to Historians, Anthropologists, and Geronimo. It seems that the cabbage patch kids have ancestors known as Patch Tree Indians that this particular Snapchat user knows to have resided in the area shown in the photograph at some point in time. The message is pretty confident that the area, the ancestral homeland of a lost tribe that creates and protects forests, holds secrets that could reverse the desertification of our planet. Maybe the historians are now petitioning the government for funding to uncover the mystery behind the Patch Tree Indians, that they claim could solve a lot of environmental problems once ecologists have learned their secrets.

7. Did Angel Gabriel appear to her, too?


There are only two possible stories behind this weird and naïve post. It is either he may be confused about what the word “virgin” really means, or his wife-to-be has a little dark secret she will never let him find out, poor man. Whatever the story behind this is, he definitely flunked human anatomy, biology, and any other field of science study related to the reproductive system. This is why we need to raise an educator’s salary, to ensure that every student learned something, “fundamentals of life”, at least. On the positive thought, it’s a good thing he knows the bible.

6. Another pregnancy story!


I think the scariest part about her post is that she forgot to mention how huge mom’s belly would be if she would be carrying triplets for 27 months. Oh my, I finally had enough of this pregnancy post! Sweetheart, allow me take you back to your biology class. You might have forgotten to learn something from your teachers. This is the part where you should not express your ideas on social media. On the bright side, at least her estimation did not exceed an elephant’s average gestation period.

5. Government scientists researching this new technology


He could be meaning aliens or ghosts or some people who have the invisibility cloak. Clearly, we only see one person at his back, and he may not be the “friend” this Snapchat user is referring to. But what if he’s someone from the future or from another planet? The government must work with scientists and the FBI, to locate the person in this Snapchat who claims to have access to light refracting technology that renders people invisible to the naked eye. This technology could provide tremendous military value to our current ability to spy on our allies, and maybe the technology being used to hide weapons of mass destruction that our valiant armed forces are still not able to find.

4. Prehensile foot is a talent


Due to the evolutionary development of bipedalism in humans, our feet have adjusted to a stabilizing role and lost dexterity that is needed to grasp items, and perform other tasks. Prehensile feet are present in monkeys and other primates, but other humans have learned to have prehensile feet due to practice or necessity. Like all acquired muscular skill, it takes hours of practice to gain the ability of prehensile feet. Since the feet itself is not designed to perform such tasks it will take more hours to firmly acquire the skill that could leave time away from other activities, such as socializing with other individuals. It could also be a case narcissistic foot fetish.

3. Oh you mean, Olive Garden?


There is not much to say about this particular Snapchat post. It’s okay, we get it. Sometimes, we really do strange things when hunger strikes. Well especially if your OOTD calls for a Snapchat post, and you have to think of a cool caption. A lot of things are happening inside of your head, and your stomach and you can’t think clearly. You just have to write whatever comes to mind. So, yeah. We understand.

2. She is a one proud grammar police mommy


She’s a proud and confident mommy, but I am afraid she is teaching her kid some grammar problems. She’s that one proud mommy who would flaunt her kid’s good work. Mommy said she knows grownups that can’t use “their” properly. Good news mommy, they’ll welcome you their club! Here’s a piece of advice, go to class with your second grade kid. Maybe you can get out of the “they’re-their” club. So mom, is it “they’re” or “their”?

1. Wait, does this mean the sun sets in the morning?


If the sun sets in the morning, when will the sun rise? This is confusing; the one who posted should explain this irony. We all have this hope that this post is just a pun, or a very young little child posted this. For the very last time, people really need to think twice before posting and sharing their experiences and thoughts, or at least seek for another person’s opinion. Well, let’s just thank the one who posted this for the good picture of the sunset (or sunrise?). Alright, that’s enough. Again, always remember to be careful in posting on social media platforms, because the internet will never forget what you shared. Lastly, there’s no morning sunset!

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