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15 Times People Were Caught Cheating On Facebook

15 Times People Were Caught Cheating On Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site. It is estimated that nearly 2 billion people are active on a regular basis and 5 new profiles are made every minute. It is also believed that about 83 million fake profiles exist. Around 76% of women and 66% of men are Facebook users with the 25 to 34-year-old crowd being the most common. Of course, it is also enormously popular with teens.

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with people, letting others know what you’re up to, and finding out what others are doing. Users can communicate, upload pictures to their page, and do a lot of other interesting things on Facebook by using their computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. But there is also a dark side to this popular site. Some people are a little irresponsible when it comes to divulging too much sensitive information. Some allow others to access their accounts with disastrous results.

As good as Facebook is at connecting people, it has also been instrumental in disconnecting people. Loads of unsuspecting users have been caught in scandalous situations that were created through the use of Facebook. Pure carelessness is a major factor too. Always remember to keep your account information to yourself and always remember to log out or else you could end up on a list like this. Here are 15 times people got caught cheating on Facebook.

15. Who’s the Cheater?


Some people not only show that they are morally challenged cheaters; they also tell the world that they are a little dim. Let’s take the heart-broken Lynette as an example. She took to Facebook to announce that she was once again single but she was happy with her decision because she didn’t want to be with a guy that cheated on her. She went on to post that she was better off without him. After a few of the usual sympathetic and soothing replies from her friends, someone asked Lynette what exactly happened. Lynette matter-of-factly answered that her “boyfriend” wanted to be with his wife instead of her. So, Lynette, does this not make you a cheater too? Maybe you prefer to use the term “homewrecker” instead?

14. Adam’s Confession


One of the things that you need to learn to do if you are going to cheat on Facebook is to always remember to log out. This lesson will be illustrated throughout the list of 15 times people got caught cheating on Facebook. This way, you will not have to worry about your partner going through all of those incriminating messages like Adam’s girlfriend did. It seems that Adam’s Facebook account was left open for his then girlfriend to rummage through. She must have come across some interesting stuff. Impersonating Adam, she started off by explaining that “my gf got into my messages and found out that I’ve been cheating with my ex.” She went on to explain that “I didn’t know how to tell my gf, but she knows now” and “I am gonna continue to be a low-life.” Ouch!! She finishes Adam’s confession by saying that “This must be a huge relief for me and my most current ex-gf!” Maybe he wanted to get caught?

13. Dinner and a Movie


Sarah and her boyfriend, Kevin, discussed going to see a movie but decided against it and, we assume, opted to spend the evening alone at their respective flats. It must have been anything but a quiet night. Sarah was on Facebook when she saw a mysterious post from Kevin announcing that he was going out to eat and then see a movie with his “girlfriend”. Sarah saw the message and was understandably confused. She replied to his post by stating that she thought that they weren’t going to a movie and that they had talked about it earlier. The response was quite a revelation. “Kevin is sleeping now. This is his girlfriend. Who the hell are you?” Uh oh!! Sarah’s reply was straight to the point and in capital letters so you know she was peeved. “Nobody.” she answered. “Tell Kevin he is a (bleep) and we are done!” Kevin must have had a bit of ‘splainin’ to do when he woke up from his nap.

12. Mercedes, Justin, Justin, and Joshua


It’s bad enough getting caught cheating with another person but it is even worse when you are caught cheating with multiple people. In this tale of Facebook frolicking, Joshua posts a sweet and innocent proclamation of his love for some gal named Mercedes. Minutes later, a guy named Justin chimes in asking Joshua who he is. Joshua replies that he is Mercedes’ boyfriend. Let the games begin!! Justin tells Joshua that he is, in fact, Mercedes’ boyfriend of 11 months. This couldn’t get much worse. Could it? Oh yes, it does get worse when another guy, also named Justin, gets in on the conversation and announces that he is also involved with Mercedes. It’s probably safe to say that Mercedes went from having three boyfriends to having none. At least she earned a spot on the list of 15 times people got caught cheating on Facebook.

11. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot


In this Facebook confession, a woman describes her evil, yet hilarious revenge on her now ex-husband and her best friend with whom he was cheating. She explains that she had a sense that he was cheating on her. She had apparently found an open box of condoms in his car so she poked a hole in the wrapper of each one and then marinated them in habanero juice. She put them back in the box and returned them to where she found them in the car.

Not much later, her husband told her that he was going to help his mother with some stuff. After a few hours, the suspicious girlfriend got a call from her best friend. The best friend explained that she had just done the dirty deed with her “boyfriend” and that she had a fire down below. When the husband finally returned home he immediately applied an ice-pack to his groin and explained that he burned himself on something. He got burned alright!!

10. What Goes Around Comes Around


Poor Jess!! Judging by her angry Facebook post, it looks like she may have been cheated on and was looking to vent her frustration. In a profanity-laced tirade, she basically said that she hated cheaters and that people can’t be trusted. Instead of getting the usual sympathy, she got a message from an ex-boyfriend telling her not to be a hypocrite. He reminded her that he broke up with her two years ago because she cheated on him. Another ex-boyfriend joined the fray and explained how he dumped Jess too after finding pictures of her kissing another guy at a party. “Yea” one of the ex-boyfriends wrote. “Once a cheater always a cheater.”

Jess’ vulgar reply clearly showed that she did not appreciate such an ill-timed lesson in Karma. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

9. Is It Really So Complicated?


Most Facebook users know about setting their relationship status. You can set it to “Single” to signify that you are available. You can set it to “In a Relationship”, “Engaged”, or “Married”. There is even “In an Open Relationship”. Then there is “It’s Complicated” which can mean a whole bunch of things. Carmen had previously had her relationship status set to “engaged”. Something must have gone wrong for Carmen because she ended up changing her status to “It’s Complicated”. Trouble in paradise? With no other information to explain the sudden change, Carmen’s Facebook friends must have been a little mystified. It’s a good thing Randy came along and clarified things when he posted how it really wasn’t that complicated. Carmen had simply been caught having sex with “numerous men”. There’s nothing complicated about that.

8. That Awkward Moment Indeed!


A lot of Facebook users like to tell the world about their awkward moments. You know the ones? Like “That awkward moment when you come out of the restroom with 10 feet of toilet paper hanging out of the back of your pants”? Well, it definitely got a little awkward for everyone involved when Nour posted “That awkward moment when you misspell baby to your girlfriend and she thinks you’re cheating on her with a girl named Abby” Yeah, that sounds like an awkward mistake.

Things got downright uncomfortable when Nour’s girlfriend replied with her own awkward moment example. “That awkward moment when I didn’t receive a text saying Abby so what girlfriend could that have gone to?” Oh boy!! That awkward moment when all of Facebook figures out that you’re cheating on your girlfriend.

7. Snakes on a Train


If you ever find yourself on a train with your buddies and you think that your loud boasting of your extramarital exploits will be of no consequence then you need to take a lesson from this tale. On a two-hour train ride from Philadelphia, a guy and his pals were indiscreetly bragging about cheating on their wives. Another passenger, Steph, got a little tired of listening to all of this so she snapped a shot of one of the guys and posted it on Facebook with a message that was directed at the cheater’s wife. Her post begins “If this is your husband,” and continues on to describe the nature of the conversation that she has been listening to for the past two hours. “Oh,” she adds. “please repost…” There is no word on whether or not the intended recipient got the message.

6. The Mystery of Marshall’s Status Update


Marshall’s Facebook friends saw that he had changed his relationship status from “In a relationship” to “Single”. It must have been pretty serious because he bypassed the whole “It’s complicated” thing. The follow up posting raised a bit of suspicion as to whether Marshall was actually in the loop yet regarding the whole status update. The post begins with “Dear Marshall, you left your Facebook logged on!” Here we go!! This ought to be entertaining. The message goes on to inform everyone that Marshall has been flirting with “massive amounts of girls.” Seems that Marshall didn’t think she was “good enough” for him. The jilted girlfriend then makes reference to an agreement that they previously made. “I’ll take that Xbox when you’re ready.” What’s Marshall going to play with now that he’s lost his girlfriend and his Xbox?

5. Who’s the Victim Here?


There’s no doubt that Facebook conversations can be quite the source of amusement. Tanya’s post sure got the ball rolling when she angrily wrote that she had just smashed Jimmy’s computer because she thought he was messing around on her. Jimmy tried to defend himself by explaining that the girl he was chatting with was his cousin and they were just discussing Thanksgiving plans. Then he added, “You cheated on me last month, anyway.” Game on!! Tanya responds by telling Jimmy that he deserved it because he never buys her anything. SMH!! Jimmy tells Tanya that she must pay for his smashed computer and that he is talking to a lawyer. Being the class act that Tanya is, she tells Jimmy that she will accuse him of rape. That sure escalated quickly!! Tanya’s last entry lets Jimmy know that she has called the cops. This couple badly needs a session with Dr. Phil.

4. I Don’t Mean to Rain on your Parade but I’m Going to Anyway


What was intended at a feel-good celebratory announcement to her Facebook friends, Christina posted a picture of herself, glowing in happiness, with a pregnancy kit in her hand. She posted that she was happy to announce that a new member of her family was on the way. Congrats Christina!! What could possibly spoil such a blissful moment? How about a not-so-pleasant message from the guy she’d have been having an affair with? That’s right. It looks like Christina was having an affair, sending raunchy pics, and going to this guy’s office to offer “sexual favors”. This fellow was no prince either as he claims that the affair with her had ruined his own marriage. He takes a good dig by saying that he hoped her husband, Mark, was smart enough to know that the real father could be anyone. That’ll take a bit of a shine off the chrome!!

3. You’ve Been Punk’d!!


A guy named Billy was killing some time on Facebook when a mysterious girl named Ashley, who sported a hot avatar, suddenly messaged him out of nowhere. She told him that she thought his profile picture looked cute but she had noticed that his relationship status said he was in a relationship. Billy assured her that it was pretty much over between him and his girlfriend. According to Billy, his girlfriend was moody, had hygiene issues, and was not fun to be with. After a few more exchanges and some overt prompting from Ashley, Billy agreed to meet her that night for a bit of naughty fun at her place. Could it have been Billy’s lucky night? Nope. As it turns out, Ashley was actually Billy’s girlfriend. Make that ex-girlfriend. She revealed her identity and then launched the mother of all cap-locked tirades.

2. The Love Triangle


It started out looking like an innocent enough Facebook update but it ended up opening a big can of worms. A girl simply posted that she loved texting her boyfriend. How can such a harmless and sweet message blow up? Well, it blows up when the boyfriend comes on Facebook and says that he doesn’t recall getting any texts from her. This is quickly followed up by a guy named Johann who replies to the girl that he loves texting her too. The shocked boyfriend asked Johann if he was dating the girl. “I thought we were friends!” he goes on to say. Johann, probably a little taken aback, explains to the upset boyfriend that he was under the impression that the two were broken up. Johann then turns his attention to the girl demanding an explanation. Meanwhile, the girl is conspicuously absent from the conversation.

1. Lonely Army Wife


This Facebook encounter proves that some people have moral decency and respect for others. A woman introduced herself to a guy on Facebook by telling him that she thought he was handsome. Saying that she didn’t want to sound too forward she, well, sounded very forward. She told the guy that her husband was in the Army and away a lot. She asked the guy if he was interested in hanging out sometime. Now, this dude couldn’t have been your average desperate and sex-crazed male. He replied by asking the woman if she was serious. She told him that she was and that she wanted to have “some fun”.

You’ve got to give this guy some credit. He lectured her on her moral failings and lack of respect. Then he told her that he could take a screen shot of the conversation for all the world to see including her husband. The woman replied with a defiant “You wouldn’t”. She guessed wrong and she is now on the list of 15 times people got caught cheating on Facebook.


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