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15 Times You Muttered ‘FML’ Under Your Breath At Work

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15 Times You Muttered ‘FML’ Under Your Breath At Work

Mondays. To every working adult that is the title of the worst horror movie. You get to work and you hear the question you get every single Monday, “How was your weekend?” You smile and say “it was great.” While you’re really thinking, “It wasn’t long enough.”

Monday through Friday you usually countdown to the weekend, come Friday night, you refuse to go to sleep, because the sooner you go to bed, the sooner your weekend starts and officially ends. Every weekend you refuse to believe that Saturday and Sunday could possible fly by so fast!

As you get older your weekend becomes busier and you start making plans a month in advance, and of course come summertime, you start counting all the events you have to go to: the baptisms, the weddings, the birthdays, and of course the barbecues. As a teenager you would be super excited to go to a friend’s birthday, and as a adult you cherish the free weekend you have, and you miss the Sundays where you could sit on your couch and binge watch your favorite show!

Giving yourself a day off every once in awhile is very important. Make sure you have plenty of “you time” because come Monday, it all starts again.

Here are 15 times you muttered ‘FML’ under your breath at work.

15. The 60 Minute Meeting That Could Have Been Summed Up In An E-mail


It already looks like it’s going to be a crazy day and it’s only 11am. You get a meeting request and unwillingly accept. After hopping from one call to another, you grab your notebook and run to the scheduled meeting, hoping it’s a quick 30 minute meeting (but you deep down know it never is). The meeting starts out well, and you start writing notes, but 20 minutes into it, two employees start talking about an issue that doesn’t concern you at all, so you slowly start doodling in your notebook. An hour later, you leave the meeting and you have 1 useful point in your notebook, and wonder why this wasn’t summed up in an e-mail. You go back to your desk, super drained, staring at the clock waiting for it to be 5pm.

14. When The Printer, Scanner, Or Phone Won’t Work At 5:03


As you finish up your last task of the day, you run to the printer and wait for your presentation to be printed so you can review it and go home. The printer has been working all day long, and all the sudden, it just decides that ‘nope, I’m done!’ You check the paper, and there’s plenty, you just saw your coworker change the ink last week and it all seems good. After running back and forth from your desk to the printer, you come to the conclusion that maybe your printer can smell that you’re in a rush and decides to be a jerk, or, it’s just as tired as you are and you should just try again later, maybe tomorrow!

13. The ‘Reply All’ That You Have No Business Being Part Of


You have 28 e-mails in your inbox and as you answer one, two more come in. You then come to the conclusion that your inbox will just never be empty, but you just lose it at the e-mails you’ve been getting that you have no business being part of! Your manager sends a memo that it’s Mary’s birthday today and there will be cake at 2pm, and instead of JUST wishing Mary a Happy Birthday, all 39 of your coworkers click the dreaded ‘Reply all’ button and your inbox gets flooded with even more e-mails.

12. The Annoyed Customer Or Colleague Who Takes It Out On You


If you have some sort of customer service job you’ve been through this; whether you’ve worked in retail, call centers, or human resources (and even if you haven’t) you’ve definitely faced the wrath of a colleague who just takes it out on you because you’re just there. Hopefully you’re not having a bad day too because if you are, chances are you’ll start screaming back and that’s not good, and if you’re having a good day, hopefully it isn’t ruined. Here’s what I’ve learned, if you’re in a crappy mood, take a walk, vent to a friend, but don’t let it fester and blow up!

11. The Really Long Training By The Monotone Guy


You hear you have a training and you think, “Great!! I’m learning something new!” However, others groan because they’ve met Tim the trainer and they know how boring he can get. If given by the right person, a new training can be awesome, but if it’s Tim the monotone trainer, a 2 hour training session can be the most painful thing that could happen to you. Unfortunately, when you’re in a training sometimes all you could think about are the emails and voicemails that are piling up, and that phone flashing up with voicemails.

10. The System Changes That Are Definitely Not An Upgrade


Every once in awhile you see the senior management team gather into a room. As you wonder what’s going on, your manager comes out to announce to everyone that they’ll be using a new system, and that Tim will give the new system training. Cue the collective groan. You start using the new system, and wonder who made the call to torture everyone and make them use such a horrible system. To make matters worse, you have clients on the phone who are demanding that you answer their questions and fix their problems now, and you’re trying to, but you can’t even find what you’re looking for.

9. Talking To Colleagues While They Stare At Their Phone


There is nothing more annoying than talking to someone who is staring at their phone, computer, or just blatantly staring out the window not listening. You go up to to your colleague and tell him about the changes in the new project, you have your powerpoint ready, and you’re passionately pointing out what’s working and what needs to be fixed. But then you look up and Nick, your colleague, is smiling at his phone. As you stare at Nick you glance over and he’s looking at cat memes, sure they’re funny but dammit Nick!

8. The New Company Policies That Make No Sense Whatsoever


While most companies are moving towards a more casual dress code, it surprises me how many companies still have very strict policies against jeans, or non-dress shirts. You can google ridiculous company policies and trust me you will be surprised; from no hats, to not even being able to look at your cellphone from 9 to 5. If your company doesn’t have crazy policies, be very thankful!

7. When Everyone Comes Super Late To Meetings


There is nothing more annoying than sitting in an empty meeting room, waiting for your colleagues to come. Yes, some of them have legit reasons of why they’re late, but when your colleague is walking to the kitchen to grab a bagel while you’re waiting in the meeting room, that just makes you mutter ‘fml’ as they walk past you. What makes it even worse is if you’re boss, the supposed role model, is walking in late with no shame, or any apologies. Bosses should always remember that they set the tone for the rest of the employees; if a boss is showing up late, not following policies, but expecting everyone else to do so, they are in for a lot of disappointment.

6. When Everyone Remembers You On Your Way Out


You’ve had a long day, and it hasn’t been as busy as other days; the good thing about a calm day is that you can catch up on the e-mails and the administrative work. You think it’s been a crazy last couple of weeks and you could use a couple of calm ones. At around 5:30pm, you grab your coat and start heading out, and as you start putting on your coat, Tim the IT guy comes to ask if he can upgrade your systems, and you politely say, “OK.” Right after Tim leaves, you head to the door, and Chris, the HR Director, asks if he can see you for a couple of minutes, and once again you politely say, “Sure.” Before you know it, it’s 6:30pm and you’ve been trying to leave for an hour.

5. When The Wrong Person Gets Promoted


You get to work and everyone gets called in to a big meeting and Nick your VP announces that Maria is now going to be the new managing director. Usually when someone gets promoted it’s a cause for celebration, but you can’t help but feel annoyed, because Maria is probably one of the laziest people you have ever met! Maria shows up late every morning, has the worst attitude, has pushed work off to the other people, and is just incompetent. You came in that morning ready to give it your all, but all the sudden you can’t help but be annoyed for the rest of the day.

4. Chasing People So You Can Get Your Work Done


You thought you were done with school project days, picking up the slack for classmates, nagging them to finish their work, and asking them to be on time for meetings. However, as you grow up and go to work, you realize that you’re never done with your school project days! For the better part of your day you’re finding yourself chasing managers, chasing colleagues, chasing the IT guy, nagging your boss, and e-mailing 8 different people so you can get more board markers. Get used to it and don’t lose your cool, the last thing you want is to have the IT guy on your bad side (he fixes everything!)

3. The Boss Who Has Ridiculous Requests


It’s true what they say, you don’t quit your job, you always quit your boss. If you have a good boss, one that you’ve worked with for years and get along with, don’t let them go and definitely don’t take it for granted! We’re not all perfect that’s for sure, and not every manager is ready to be a leader or should EVER be one. However, if you’re one of the unlucky ones, you might end up with manager who has no idea what he’s doing. Your boss might be on a power trip, making ridiculous requests left and right, clueless, or just simply incompetent.

2. The SUPER Early Meeting


Not everyone is a morning person, which means that not everyone is super productive before 10am, which is why more and more companies are adopting a flexible schedule! However, every once in awhile, your manager comes in with the worst possible news: everyone has to be in on Wednesday at 8 am because the team is receiving a training! Now for some of us, 8am is a whole other world that we don’t know about, and we don’t really care to know about. From the minute your alarm goes off, you just mutter, “FML.”

1. When You’re Just Having A Bad Day And Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Home


It has been a long couple of weeks, it’s raining, and you want to be curled up in bed watching Netflix, or it’s sunny and the last place you want to be is indoors, in an office. Regardless, there are just some days when you want to be left alone and unfortunately, that’s usually the busiest day at work! From the minute your alarm goes off until you get back in your home you realize you’ve muttered ‘fml’ at least 83 times. Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and want to relax, and it may not be the worst thing if you take the day off, at least you can avoid being the cranky person in the office who ruins everyone’s day!


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