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15 Top Reasons Why Women Want Insecure Guys

15 Top Reasons Why Women Want Insecure Guys

Relationships can be hard and be a challenging process. And in the world of dating, picking the right one from the get go is a critical step. A messy start will almost always lead to a messy ending so choosing someone that jives with you gives the relationship a chance to be one for the long run.

Finding someone perfect isn’t realistic, you’re destined to look forever if you go that course. What you should be doing is looking for someone who fits the bill, someone who’s perfect for you.

Women always have their preferences when it comes to men. But generally speaking, women always go for men who are sweet, men who are funny, and men who are caring. Men who have positive qualities always get first pick for obvious reasons.

Believe it or not though, not all women go for these types of guys. Some women prefer bossy men for they feel men like these know how to get things done. Some women prefer the shy type because they find them adorable.

Everyone finds a quirky trait attractive at times. At the far end of the spectrum though, there are women who have a more unorthodox approach to picking the men they date.

There are women who actually prefer insecure guys. It may sound far-fetched that there would be women who would of all things, choose men with insecurity but by the end of this article, it’s not difficult to understand why some women love to be with insecure guys.

15. He gets upset if you can’t be with him every day



An insecure man gets restless when he can’t be with his woman. The thought of not spending time with her drives him crazy. It upsets him not being able to be with her as much as he can.

Women always worry that their partner doesn’t initiate communication. In this case however, you can be sure that his morning messages will be the first thing that you wake up to.

It brightens up their day knowing that they’re his first thoughts of the day. They find it sweet and affectionate. Women love this, knowing their men is constantly itching to be with them.

14. He gets uber jealous

Jealous-Ashton Kutcher-Natalie Portman


This one is obvious. Insecure men are the jealous types. Those two come hand in hand like two peas in a pod.

Whenever there are other men in the picture, they can’t help it, it triggers them being territorial. Paranoia sets in.

It doesn’t matter if the other men in the picture really have intent to take their women, their brain just transitions into a defensive state where everyone is out to steal their girl from them.

Women love these because they feel wanted badly. Jealousy, despite having a negative connotation, is a telltale sign he doesn’t want to lose you.

13. He smothers you with gifts

Pretty Woman


In the animal kingdom, the male species have been observed giving offerings to their intended mate. Be it dolphins, penguins, or monkeys, all these animals exhibit this behavior.

Humans more so, having greater capacity for deeper emotions, are the perfect example. It has been said that ever since men inhabited the Earth, men offer gifts to the women. Were these cavemen insecure beings who excessively spoil their partners? One can only speculate.

But one thing is for sure, insecure guys of the modern era, unsurprisingly, smother their women with gifts. It’s their way of showing how much they want their partner’s happiness to be satisfied.

Insecure guys study your likes and preferences just to give you the perfect gifts. Insecure guys will give you bags, watches, shoes, or diamonds (as they say are a girl’s best friend).

12. He asks for fashion advice and you get to go shopping with him

Serendipity movie


Insecure men are rarely sure if their fashion sense makes sense (if that makes sense).

They second guess themselves knowing a wrong choice of clothing can be embarrassing. Women love this type of men for two reasons. One, women love shopping and two, they get to have a life-sized Ken doll.

Secure men have a more definite sense of style who don’t need help with choosing clothes. In the case of insecure men, the couple gets to go to the mall together. The woman gets to choose exactly what she wants her man to wear. No more arguing between them over which shirt looks better. The girl gets to make the decision for the both of them.

Boy becomes fashionable, girl gets to dress up boy. Win-win.

11. Insecure about their body

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth


Every man desires to have a strong physique, but not every man has the drive to go to the gym to work out.

The insecure guy compensates his self-doubt by working on his body. His uncertainty with his image gives him motivation to pump some iron to give him a confidence boost in the physical department.

Being insecure does have its perks; a gym session here, maybe a run or two there. He even asks you to go with him on his workouts for some bonding time.

It’s always a plus when he includes you in his plans. You get to spend more time with him as well.

10. Makes time for you

500 days of summer


The fear of losing his girl is etched in every corner of the insecure man’s brain. This constant fear drives him to make up for his perceived shortcomings with making time for you.

He surprises you with lunch dates. He makes sure to get his work done early (which is always a good thing) to possibly make time for dinner with you.

He picks you up from work and brings you to a nice restaurant. He even sets aside his personal time on the weekends to focus on you instead. His priority is to always spend more time with you.

9. The Insecure Guy Might Have a More Stable Future

Neil Patrick Harris


What does the future look like for me? Will I have a steady income to provide for my family? At one point in time, every man has asked that question.

This goes double for the insecure man. Worrying is embedded into his system and a feeling of inadequacy haunts his life.

This can be a good thing because worrying about the future makes him plan ahead. It keeps him motivated, keeps him in line and goal oriented.

Women would rather be with men who have insecurities, but are heading on the right direction; than with men who are carefree but going nowhere in life.

8. Insecure Guys Treat Your Family Right

Monster In Law


Boys will be boys. After they get what they want, they’re done and done.

If you’re already going out with him, he couldn’t be bothered taking the time to woo your family as well. They already have you, no need to go the extra mile.

Insecure men don’t like taking chances. They’re forever trying to please everybody so as not to offend people. If he takes the time to be amiable to others, imagine how he treats the family of his chosen partner.

Women worry that meeting with the parents will end in a mess, but fear not, an insecure guy will always put his best foot forward when it comes to your family.

7. They can easily tell if something’s not right



Isn’t it depressing when you’re both at home, after work and you just had a bad day but you don’t feel like opening up, yet you secretly want him to pick up on it and comfort you? Every girl wants to be rescued without having the need to put up a “help” sign.

It’s such a great feeling when your man knows exactly what to do especially when you’re feeling down. Look no further than the insecure guy; they have a knack on picking up your subtle distress signals.

Being sensitive and observant are qualities innate to him. When he senses you’re in a pickle, he will surely ease your pain.

Sometimes, him picking up on it is all you actually need.

6. Women love to fix “damaged” guys

The Notebook


You always hear people say, “Women love bad boys.” While this still holds true, there’s one thing hotter than bad boys, and that’s damaged guys.

Men have always been equated as the fix it gender. Men love fixing kitchen sinks, doing carpentry and working on old cars.

What do women love fixing? They love having a go at damaged guys. It gives them a project to work on, a sense of achievement once they mend their ailing men.

Women have grown to be more independent in recent times. More empowered, more assertive. This has given them the drive to fix their men.

5. They Are Careful of What They Say

Nicole Kidman


Insecure guys aren’t tactless imbeciles. They carry with them a certain mindset that words can hurt just as much as sticks and stones. This stems from him being aware that he wouldn’t want to be badgered with hurtful words as well.

Insecure men approach sensitive conversations in a manner where they can still be honest, but deliver messages in a way that still shows thought and care.

Should it happen that emotions get the better of him and he does happen to slip and say something unpleasant, he knows when he has crossed the line and has the humility to apologize for it.

4. Ignore flaws of partner

50 First Dates


Beggars can’t be choosers, and in the minds of insecure men, they don’t have the upper hand to state their partner’s flaws.

Relationships can be difficult especially when a party feels like they can just state their partner’s shortcomings. Constant naggings over petty stuff can spell disaster real quick.

It’s always best when couples accept that no one is perfect, and as with any relationship, there are little niggles we will have to live with.

This type of men accepts you for who you are, the same way you accepted them even with all their insecurities. You can rest assured he won’t nitpick every little thing you do.

3. He listens to your stories

70s Show


Women are all so familiar with the scenario of their partners not listening to the things they want to talk about. Be it about how their day went or how their girlfriend from way back wants to catch up and do a double date; the average guy just isn’t all that interested to be all ears.

The insecure guy, on the other hand, is a more sensible creature. Being a sensitive individual himself makes him aware that these discussions matter to his partner.

At the end of the day after a hard day’s work, they take the time to sit with you on the couch massaging your back or giving you a foot rub, while you get to have a real conversation instead of basketball this, 500 horsepower that.

2. Insecure men have a lesser tendency to look at other women/cheat



In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about the third party. But such is life and boy, is it not a perfect one.

Cheating, however unpleasant, has seen an increase in number in recent times. The good thing about insecure guys is that they don’t have the courage to walk up to that gorgeous woman by the bar.

Their uncertainty makes them hesitate from flirting. You never have to worry about your man being out of your sight.

No more mental pictures of him hitting it off with that pretty waitress. No more agonizing thoughts about his business trip, with you not being there to supervise.

1. A less attractive man means less flirtatious females



Some insecure men aren’t that meticulous about their looks. They figured no one’s going to have the hots for them anyway, so why bother.

This can work to your advantage because let’s face it; physical attraction is the main reason for flirtation between the opposite sex.

You don’t have to worry about that girl from the coffee shop writing her digits on your guy’s coffee cup.

A gorgeous man will always stick out in a sea of average Joe’s, and you can bet your bottom dollar, that’s the guy that every girl in a sexy dress is eyeing at the dance floor.


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