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15 Tourist Destinations Everyone Wants To Travel To (But Actually Suck)

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15 Tourist Destinations Everyone Wants To Travel To (But Actually Suck)

Tourism refers to the practice of traveling and visiting various places for recreation. Tourism is also done as a business, where tourist guides take groups of people to different places and accommodate and entertain the tourists while making their trips worthwhile. As per basic human nature, people have a dire need to get a break from their mundane routine and visit some different, fascinating places to have some quality time, alone or with their family.

Planning such a getaway usually depends either on suggestions from friends and family or a quick search on Google about exotic lands that can be visited on a budget. The list of choices is huge but not all of them are worth the time and money, making vacationing a risky business. Some of these tourist destinations are talked about too much, but they are actually a bit overrated, which leads to great dissatisfaction for people. Because everyone has a different way of perceiving beauty, for some these 15 places might be attractive while others have been disappointed.

15. Buenos Aires

Via: Eater

Buenos Aires is one of the very famous and most popular cities in Argentina where you will find some good steaks to eat. Steaks and wines are cheap; the ice cream they have in the city is outstanding but nothing else is worth the time. Except for that, all it has going for it is the hassle and expense that you will have to pay before reaching the city. The rest of it is flat and humid and only has a vague resemblance to that of Europe because even the architecture is nowhere close to that of the architecture and beauty that Europe has.

14. Berlin

Via: est100

Berlin is known for being the capital and the largest city of Germany. The reason Berlin is on this list is because it isn’t very clean. The place is always crowded with foreigners and half the city is unemployed as reported by the Germans themselves. The city is green because of the lack of development and investment. It is a city that is not fruitful and it is also very expensive. The lack of investment has led to a limited major industry. Your time and money would be better spent in Prague, known as one of the most attractive cities in the world and only 4 and a half hours away from Berlin.

13. Costa Rica

Via: Travel + Leisure and Pinterest

Costa Rica is a country in Central America. Like all the other places, it also has its own good aspects and shortcomings. It’s a place known for its beauty and has rainforests and beautiful beaches. But for those of you who like their vacations and traveling budget-friendly, this isn’t the place for you. It is very expensive in terms of lodgings and food; the beach destinations are also disappointing as there are only a handful of hotels due to maritime restrictions. The hotels in Costa Rica end up giving you very high-priced bills. To top it off, the roads of the country are underdeveloped, making it hard to make it from one place to another on time.

12. Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is known for its immense and breathtaking beauty as it is a collective name for three waterfalls. A place is an experience of a lifetime due to its beauty. However, some people don’t recommend chasing after the Niagara Falls. It has hotels that are unappealing, and you will have to pay a lot for staying a night. And don’t forget that all it has is the waterfall and poncho wearing people everywhere. Tourists want to capture the falls in all their glory and they’re all angling for the same shot. Once the pictures are done, you don’t even get to have a decent meal as the prices are too high.

11. Las Vegas

Via: Wall Street Journal

Las Vegas has a huge population which makes it one of the 30 most populated cities in the United States. The city is very beautiful and has a lot of attractions which make people visit the city more often. It has museums and casinos but just like other cities, it has its drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks is that it’s super expensive. No matter how attractive the clubs and casinos are, they are extremely high priced which makes people think twice before going. Also, the crowd in Las Vegas is a buzzkill. There are long lines everywhere, you have to stand in a line for a cab, for a table at a restaurant and even to buy a water bottle. Standing in line isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a fun trip, is it?

10. Colorado


Colorado, a state in the United States is a place whose beauty begs to be explored. From the peaceful snowflakes falling in winters to the emerald green national forests, vibrant wildflowers and beautiful lakes it needs to be visited and explored. But, the state has become overrated due to the air quality problem. Some people find themselves unable to breathe because the mountainous area is in a region of high altitude. The lack of fun activities and places to visit makes the rest of it boring and uptight. It has nicer ski towns but to get there, you will have to invest a lot of time and money, which generally people cannot afford.

9. The Caribbean


The Caribbean is known for its islands and the surrounding coasts. It has islands that are absolutely breathtaking and have immense beauty. It is one of the best places for those who are water and greenery lovers. However, let’s not forget that the islands are as expensive as anything and making a trip to these places requires a lot of time and energy. You can go to the beach and soak up the sun for a while but no one will enjoy the fact that most of the islands are dysfunctional and depressingly violent. And if good food is what you’re in search of, consider going to New Orleans.

8. Vancouver

via Tourism Vancouver

Vancouver is a city in Canada famously known as the coastal seaport city. The city has parks, islands, huge buildings and everything that would contribute to someone’s perfect holiday trip but this is all that is found on Google or seen in pictures, the reality is very pretty far away from this. Many people have reported that there is not much more beyond the surface. Nothing in the city is very surprising or unique. Besides that, the people have to face a lot of traffic issues since there is tons and tons of traffic, making it hard for people to reach their destinations.

7. Dubai

Via: The Telegraph

Dubai, a city that is known to be the most populous and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is a major transport and business hub as it is best known for tourism and also maintains the flow of foreign cash. The place is known for its modern as well as ancient attractions and is also the best place for people who love to go shopping. But one of the major reasons why it has been mentioned here is because it is known to violate basic human rights. The people living there are lured by luxuries while the system for others is unfair. Apart from that, the city is very expensive and costs a lot of money to be explored. If planning a trip, you will have to pay huge amounts of dirhams and even after paying exorbitant fees, you might miss out on a lot of attractive places.

6. Moscow

via MustSeePlaces

Moscow is the capital of Russia and is famously known for tourism because not only did this city play a vital role in the development of Russia but also has alluring and fascinating places that urge people to pay a visit. But Moscow is a very noisy and crowded place as soon as the sun goes down. Also, on the days when there are free concerts and shows, no matter how much they attract people, excessive noise results in migraines and headaches for a lot of people. There are also a huge number of flowers planted near Red Square, almost 600,000, which could lead to a lot of allergies for the tourists as well as the locals. The buildings too are very old and might not attract those who have no interest in history.

5. Orlando, Florida

via Universal Studio Orlando

This place is basically very much devoid of culture and tradition. There is nothing interesting to see or do which makes it very boring to visit. Even if someone is attracted by the wildlife, all they will get to see there are mosquitoes and slightly larger mosquitoes or terrible swamp beasts. Not only this but for someone who is an art lover and wants to explore and see different cultures and arts, Florida is not the place to go to as it has got no such amazing or fascinating culture nor does it have something that can be called remotely elegant.

4. Austin

via SiliconHillNews

The capital of the U.S state of Texas is Austin. Like all the other places, Austin has its own beauty which makes it amongst the 12 most populous cities in the United States but for someone who wishes to go on a holiday trip, Austin is not the place to visit. The city is very expensive to begin with. You might have to starve after paying the bills you get on your trip. The local people do not mingle easily so you might become very lonely if you’re an extroverted person. The weather there is also unbearable since it is very hot and it hits well above 100 degrees in the summer. Also, exposure to high UV rays for extended periods of time can lead to skin cancer.

3. Singapore

via OpenGovAsia

It is said that visiting Singapore is a total waste of time mainly because it has no specific culture and has hardly any history to discover. You must also keep in mind how expensive Singapore is. There is a constant threat that you might get fined for the silliest things such as possessing more than two packets of gum. Singapore has a clean and green landscape, buildings after buildings but no beauty or color. It has a busy work ethic where people are working all the time and children are miserable since they have to study throughout the day. Even the food is not good enough. It is definitely one of the top tourist destinations that shouldn’t be considered based on its face value.

2. Chicago

via essexinn

The city of Chicago is known as the third most popular city in the entire United States. It is a reasonably entertaining city and is mostly known for the beautiful lakefront and its iconic cultural institutions, but now the city has become much more expensive and the restaurants in the city are distasteful and unpleasant. If someone truly wants to visit a place worth their time, then they should consider going to Detroit, only one hour away from Chicago, because from the country’s best architecture to the great art museums and a proper public market, it has it all. Everything is much better and cheaper; may it be the food or the beer.

1. Asheville

via reserveatlakekeowee

Asheville, the largest city in Western North Carolina and also the county seat of Buncombe County is a place that includes all of what defines mother natures’ beauty. It has malls, waterfalls, mountains and hiking tracks as well. But in recent times, the place has lost its touch and is said to have no more fun. The famous hotels of the city are overpriced and sadly average. Not only that but the traffic is atrocious. The food available in the city is average and doesn’t meet the expectations of the tourists. All this adds up to the fact that the place isn’t good enough in reality, where you don’t feel any relaxation as you would have expected after visiting it.

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