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15 Tourists Who Should Have Checked The Background Of Their Photos

15 Tourists Who Should Have Checked The Background Of Their Photos

Being a tourist, either abroad or domestically, is a great way to see new sights and gain new life experience. Many argue that traveling is one of the best educational experiences one can have in life. When the word tourist is mentioned, this conjures an image of an individual, possibly in shorts, with a large camera, backpack, and white sneakers, however, nowadays tourists are savvy, individualistic consumers, often with a personalized agenda while traveling. While someone is in a different location from their usual haunts, the urge to snap a picture for Snapchat or to post to Instagram may become strong. Many are unaware of what is happening in the background of their photo until it has been uploaded to the internet to enjoy. With photographs becoming instantly shareable, many tourists will unwittingly upload or share photos without having the opportunity to examine them thoroughly. While angles and lighting are incredibly significant, the background activity can detract from a fantastic picture and also makes for comedic gold. These 15 individuals were not completely aware of their surroundings, and this has made for some unique background activity. Keep reading and check out these hilarious photographic fails!

15. The Island of the Pregnant Maiden


This photo was snapped at the Island of the Pregnant Maiden, which is in the Andaman Sea, located between Malaysia and Thailand. The location is a popular site for those wishing to conceive children and swimming in the lake next to the island is said to help fertility and successful conception. This man, whether intentional or not, has created a hilarious photo of the mountains in the background resembling his exact body shape. This image is also an excellent composition of a photo, leaning on the rule of thirds, as well as giving internet users on Reddit a bevy of joke fodder. This picture was uploaded to the site and received 60,000 up-votes, eventually gaining mainstream coverage in the man’s native Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

14.  Wedding Day At The Beach


This wedding photographer was definitely not paying attention to what was happening in the background of the photo as one fisherman has decided to photobomb this happy couple’s wedding picture. After their ceremony, this couple decided to head to the beach and create some phot-memories to remember their special day. The fisherman has effectively ruined this photo for the couple, but nothing a good crop-job wouldn’t fix. Public locations, such as the beach, have become increasingly popular as a site for photos of a special day or anniversary. What photographers must do is check their surroundings as a public spot like the beach is rife with hilarious background activity.

13. Day At The Park


What a great day at the park, enjoying the fall weather, watching the leaves change color, wait… what is that?! This poor woman had no idea what she was lying next to while she was on a trip to the park for some social-media-worthy profile pictures. A big piece of dog poo features to the left side of the head of the subject of this photo, and it is cringe-inducing. Thankfully, one of her friends commented to ask what it was and this woman provided a hilarious response. Also, the internet is also grateful that someone managed to screenshot this photo and conversation and this photo.

12. The Hunters Become The Hunted

Via: Youtube

Hunting, done responsibly and within the laws of the land, can become a great hobby and has enthusiasts all across the globe. Black Bears can be hunted in 27 U.S states today, and although the origin of this photo is unknown, it may be safe to assume it took place in the U.S. This picture, taken by a third person, or perhaps a self-timed camera, is a horrifying scene, showing the seconds before impending doom. While posing with their kill, these hunters are completely unaware of what is lurking behind them. Bears have been known to attack hunters, and this bear looks ready, willing and able to avenge his fallen brother or sister.

11. Family Portrait

via sarcasmweb

This is a great photo because the subjects of the image are laughing as if they are reacting to the man behind them. This may not be a case of failing to check the background but rather the location was compromised once this gentleman wandered into the scene and the photographer thought it would make a funny picture. The fact the man in the background is holding up his shirt with his chin like a small child definitely makes the photo funnier; it is as if he reverted back to child-form once he desperately needed to go to the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

10. Baby Photobomb


The urge for a selfie may strike at any time, and that can even include the local washrooms at the mall, as evidenced by this picture. These girls could not wait until the other lady had finished changing her baby and the result is a typical teenage girl bathroom selfie but featuring a baby’s butt while it is being wiped. Although the lighting may have been great in this bathroom, they could have waited a few minutes to ensure they didn’t catch an intimate scene between mother and baby behind them. Also, did they need a selfie that badly?

9. Scuba Diving Surprise

via The Guardian

Scuba diving is a very popular activity for tourists visiting countries such as Australia, Fiji, and Thailand, to name a few. This activity makes for amazing photo opportunities with an underwater-capable camera and things not seen on the surface can be captured in a memory forever. This one diver had no idea they were in the presence of one of the ocean’s most feared predators, the great white shark while snapping a picture. This photo went viral in the United Kingdom after featuring on many news websites and surely provides a unique memory for the diver who was lucky to escape unharmed.

8. Paris In Australia


Australia is a land of insane wildlife, some of which is unique to the continent. Paris Hilton took a trip to the land down under and experienced some fantastic times with animals. Whoever took this photo may not have noticed what is happening in the background, maybe they did, but it makes for hilarious viewing nonetheless. Hilton is seen here posing with a Wallaby, native to Australia and New Guinea, while a devious act of animal love takes place behind her. Hilton is no stranger to candid acts on film, but she is usually the one performing them.

7. What the heck is going on in the background?!


What is even happening in the background of this image? It looks as if it is something really “peculiar”, but on closer inspection, it kind of looks as if the man is pretending to be pregnant, using his wife’s head as a belly and taking a photo of this situation. For good measure, Johnny Background also looks as if he is looking for a high-five, what a legend. This image is very confusing, to say the least. How did the couple in the foreground not notice this scene behind them? This mysterious photo has baffled observers for years.

6. Another Wedding, Another Photobomb


Another couple enjoying their wedding day, another background photo fail. This young couple is too busy to even notice the shirtless man behind them, thankfully for us, the photographer managed to capture this mystery guy in all of his glory. The location for this picture is unknown, but it is surely near some kind of swimming hole. If not, then this man was walking around shirtless and shoeless for another reason, maybe looking for wedding parties to photobomb.  A wedding day is a very celebratory occasion and this guy may have even gotten into the bar tab a little earlier than the rest of the guests. The background story behind this picture is a true mystery.

5. Oh, Poor Lana


This Brazilian football fan is ready to watch the team play and even has her custom jersey, complete with the number 10 and her name imprinted on the back. Before heading to the game, a selfie must be taken to document this moment in her life. However, she did not consider what her name spelled out backwards! Thank you Lana, you have created a lasting memory that has transcended the game of soccer football and united the world in laughter. This image went viral around the globe during 2014. However, she deserves a pass if English is not her first language, if not though, check the mirror next time, or get a photo of the Lana nameplate that is not reflected!

4. Dog Photobomb


This lovely photo of a happy looking couple on a beach would have made for a great framed picture until you see the dog in the background. The photograph is compromised by a dog who is just doing what dogs do, and this situation makes for a seriously funny contrast between a happy couple and toilet time. Marking an anniversary or special occasion with a photo is a common practice, but this dog does not seem to think much of this couple’s attempt at creating a memory. Many viewers want to know if this couple found the photo funny or not because most people certainly do.

3. A Weird Combination Of Food


Kids make for funny photographs all of the time and this image is indeed no exception. While enjoying some crab, this woman decided it would be an excellent time for a selfie. This type of food that can be handled with one hand makes for great tourist selfies for many. Maybe the woman was too busy focusing on her meal or her appearance in the image to recognize the hilarious background activity, but for this, the internet is grateful. Digging for nose-gold is very common for toddlers, but this wee girl is multi-tasking like a champ with a piece of crab in her other hand. Perhaps she was looking for a condiment for her deep-fried seafood?

2. Another Beach Photo Ruined


This image is the last one that takes place at potentially the most viable site for a photo background fail, the beach. In the picture, a woman and her children pose by the water on a windy afternoon, as evidenced by the hair of the children blowing wildly. Little did the photo subjects know that this wind would unfortunately ruin (or enhance?) their family portrait at the beach. The woman to the right is also caught in the windy environment, providing anyone who views this photo with a hilarious, unintentional photobomb. Admittedly, this image could be fixed with a crop job, but to do that would be to deny us of this funny photograph.

1. Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? Known in the United Kingdom as Where’s Wally? is a popular series of children’s puzzle books in which the main character, and other items, must be found in various locations. Little did these two guys know that they would be finding Waldo in their picture while out at a restaurant. Complete with costume, including glasses and hat, this man decided to go out for dinner dressed as his favorite fictional character. This image is subtle compared to many in this article, but for those who grew up with the books, it is a clear nod to the premise of the character. Perhaps the funniest thing about this image is the fact that this situation does not appear to be a costume party and the other patrons are also seemingly unaware of his presence.

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