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15 Trail Cam Images That Will Give People Nightmares

15 Trail Cam Images That Will Give People Nightmares

Have you ever been into the woods at midnight? Did you ever pay a visit to the jungle at 3 am? Have you ever been lost in the unsolvable maze of the jungle? You might have often heard weird sounds after midnight if you have ever been on a camping trip. Well, trail cam images have got something to explain about these mysterious voices and nightmarish creatures. Trail cameras are highly useful for the advanced hunters because the pictures taken from them provide hunters beneficial information about hunting. But sometimes it so happens that hideous, creepy creatures decide to jump in the photos, scaring anyone who will later see them.

Hold your breath, because we have got some very creepy trail cam images for you that will not allow you to sit alone in your dark room anymore. Monstrous animals and horrifying creatures are the subjects of these images, captured by a trail cam, all of which would perfectly fit into a horrifying alternative Disney universe. Below are some of the scariest and most unexplained images that will give you nightmares for nights to come.

15. A mysterious girl in the woods


In upstate New York, a picture of a mysterious girl captured by a trail camera was found. The girl in the picture was called the “ghost girl” because she stood alone in the dark. The local town was spooked by the image. It was stated by the new landowners in Cambridge, New York that the camera was set by them in the woods as they were planning to hunt. They wanted to make sure if the area was a popular route for the locals. When they checked the pictures the idea of hunting did not seem to appeal to them anymore as they discovered this creepy photo of a little girl playing all alone in the woods. Who is she? Will this mystery ever be solved?

14. The Infamous Rake


In 2003 during the summer in the north-eastern United States, an image involving a strange and human-like creature grabbed the attention of everyone. It was captured by a trail camera in rural New York State and then once again in Idaho. A person claimed to witness this monstrous creature and has told various stories about his encounters with a creature of unknown origin. The creature was called a “rake” because it has a human-like appearance. As has been told by people who have supposedly had encounters with this “rake”, it attacks humans unprovoked, but the reasons for these attacks remain unknown. Because of these encounters, victims suffer psychological traumas, which have led to suicide.

13. The shirtless, flabby, middle-aged ghost man of the woods


A man was captured by the trail camera in the woods who had a flabby abdomen and was roaming around the woods shirtless. His pants had been pulled up to his armpits and he seemed to have no hair on this head. Two sweatbands could also be seen that were wrapped around his bald head. He had been seen all alone in the woods and that’s what makes the image creepy because who would wander alone in such a creepy place and at that time of the night? The man seemed to walk around aimlessly and might continue even in the afterworld.

12. Even the deer is sacred by the little girl


The hunters set their cameras hoping to get information about animals they can hunt. Sometimes they discover images that are hard to believe. One of these images involved a deer staring at a mysterious little girl who seemed to sneak up on the deer. The image was captured near Bing Spring, Texas in the dark forest. If this girl wasn’t lost, possibly from a camp nearby, it was definitely Annabelle looking for more souls to capture. The girl stands near the deer and apparently looks around the age of 4. What makes this image creepy is that we have no idea where this girl came from. Why is she wandering in the woods at night wearing her nightgown? Basically, everything about this image is terrifying.

11. The Fast and Scary Bigfoot


In 2011, a striding, bipedal, huge creature was captured on a trail camera. Some people believed it was a Bigfoot. The image showed a creepy forest creature that was not only weird and frightening but also fast. The image is a blur since the creature is running in the picture (who knows at what speed), so it’s obvious that it can chase or catch you very easily. The reason why this Bigfoot was running remains unknown, of course. It might be that the sound of the camera scared him, or maybe something that is even creepier was coming after him. Let’s hope this image saved the hunters from being the next meal of this giant creature (or the one behind it).

10. A Goatman, maybe?


Will you plan a camping trip with your mates after looking at this image? We don’t think so. Encountering something like this in the woods doesn’t seem like a nice idea at all. Terrifying is all one can say about this image. The picture shows a man who is lying upside down on the dirty ground. There is also a bloodied and dirty bag placed around his foot. The image becomes spookier as soon as you see a humanoid creature that is leaning over the body with his hands extended towards something, possibly the camera. His head pretty much resembles a goat’s head with its long horns, pointed ears, and feet that look like hooves.

9. The Wandering Free spirit


On 11 November 2012, at 7: 23 pm a terrifying photo was captured by a trail camera. The picture involves an upright being standing and looking down at the ground mysteriously. The image is a blur because either the being is too hairy or is in a motion. Either way, it seems to be creepy. Hunters and researchers must get used to this kind of frightening images because with so many creatures running around the woods it’s likely that any lurking ghost/monster might jump in front of their trail cameras unexpectedly. Pictures might just give you nightmares but encountering such creatures will take your breath away, possibly your life too!

8. The Grim Reaper


If you believe in the grim reaper, this image will surely terrify you. The creature that seemed to be a grim reaper stands just in front of the camera which also leads to a doubt that this picture might be fake. He is holding a scythe and facing towards the camera as if he is trying to scare the owner of the trail cam. But looking at the bottom of the photo where the temperature is mentioned. Who in their right mind would want to put themselves through that cold just for the sake of a prank? Someone might have dressed for Halloween and considered scaring the owner a great idea, or at least we hope.

7. The Zombie Boy


Imagine you find yourself standing right in front of this creepy boy in the dark forest. What would you do? The boy appears to be lost in the woods while he wears a white shirt and silver shorts. He has a blank expression on his face and has glistening eyes. The picture was captured at 10:09 pm which must be his past bedtime. The question arises, is he really lost? Was this a case of sleepwalking? And if not, is this boy a spirit that was somehow caught on camera. In case the boy was lost, why is he wearing such neat clothes and why does he seem so calm to be alone on this dark night? And if the boy is a ghost, how come he is captured so clearly, a thing which is uncommon in ghost pictures?

6. Don’t look behind you


You should feel lucky that you are not in the place of that poor deer. There’s no doubt that we all feel for the deer. I wish the deer had never turned around. This trail camera surely captures a lot of creepy images but this one is the scariest on the list. What is that? Just a random ghost following the deer. They say that animals sense what humans can’t, but this deer seems to lack this animal instinct. Or maybe he is just pretending not to feel the ghost around either because he might be too scared to look or because he wants it to go away. Well we hope the deer ran away at full speed and never looked back.

5. Scariest photobomb ever


Initially, it looked like a normal trail cam photo, that is until the creepy woman was observed at the right corner of the photo. Coyotes are a bit scary but they don’t harm humans as they are shy and avoid contact with people. But then what is so scary about the image? Well looking at the right corner kind of changes the story of the image. The creepy little photobomber looks like a witch or a female Frankenstein. The image might be fake as the ghost is looking right at the camera but then again it can be a coincidence. However, the coyotes are not so bothered with who is photobombing them out there.

4. The Creepy clown


Clowns are meant to make us laugh. But every clown in the movies turns out to be evil. Clowns have actually become the scariest figure for most of us and they no longer bring a smile to our face, exactly like the clown in this image. Look at his face. Isn’t he the creepiest of all creatures? It seems that the clown figured out there was a camera around and decided to make an appearance to scare the hell out of trail cam owner. The evil smile he has on his face is the most creepiest thing. We’d rather encounter a Bigfoot than him. At least it would save us from the heart attack this picture almost gave us.

3. Spirit of the woods


Trail cams sometimes capture things that are not wished to be seen by any normal person. It’s okay to find animal images in the woods but it is definitely not okay to find monstrous creatures right in front of the camera.

What makes the above picture creepy is the man (or woman) standing in the woods in the dark apparently wearing a strange looking robe. The ghost is not surrounded by any animals and is calmly standing alone in the woods at a time when most people wouldn’t wander out into the woods. It’s a quiet nightmarish idea to begin with. So what exactly is going on in the picture? Is the man/lady lost in the woods and trying to find his/her way? Or does he/she just likes to wander at this time of night?

2. The Gargoyle Hunter


A deer that is completely terrified is captured by the trail camera. Just behind him, a flying creature appears to chase the poor deer. The flying creature seems to be a giant bat but it is not clear what exactly this creature is. But a question remains unanswered: is the creature chasing after the deer or are they both running away from an even scarier creature that is after them? In both cases, we can clearly see that the deer is extremely terrified of something. Or we can hope both animals might have been caught off guard by the flash of the camera.

1. Howling At The Moon


It’s always creepy to hear the howling of the wolves at night. Just imagine a night in the life of a pack of coyotes. A coyote’s purpose of life is surviving, they just have to eat, drink, find shelter and protect themselves. That pretty much sums up their lives. Coyotes hunt regularly. It is feasible for them to hunt on a full moon’s night because the night is brighter. The more they can see, the more they will be able to see and hunt their prey. Some folks believe that coyotes howl at the moon, while in reality howling is a way for them to communicate with each other. On their nightly hunts, it’s how they gauge each other’s positions and also let other coyotes and creatures that are not part of their pack know they’re treading into the wrong territory.

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