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15 Trashy Redneck Halloween Costumes (That Are Actually Good)

15 Trashy Redneck Halloween Costumes (That Are Actually Good)

When Halloween rolls around each year everyone is always trying to come up with the best costume of all time. There are a lot of “go-to” looks such as the naughty nurse, school girl, or anything that could be considered hot. Another of these “must-think” about costumes is the redneck. What Halloween is complete without the token redneck costume?

There are so many stereotypes associated with rednecks that the potential for costumes is never ending. Every time you think you have the best possible one, you’ll get another thought of how you can top it.

Today you’d better be prepared to laugh because what you are about to see will shock and amaze you. Some of these redneck costumes are hilariously funny and some will have you in shock at the amount of detail and thought that went into the costume. You’ll definitely laugh when you see the beer can hair rollers, the mustached woman and the ankle monitor will surely bring you at least a chuckle.

15. Stuffed wifey


You don’t have to be a redneck to have a dream like this if you are a married man. What better way to remember her than by stuffing her and putting her up on the wall. Of course, when it’s time to go to a costume party you’ll have to take her down and let her walk around a bit.

His choice of the Beaver Town baseball hat, couples with the red, white and blue tuxedo tee shirt finishes off this great ensemble. This couple was probably the hit of the party and if they weren’t they were at the very least a good conversation piece.

14. NASCAR couple


This couple might be a pair that you run into if you ever get lost in the Deep South. Her costume of the flannel robe over the multi-colored pajamas is a common after 5PM state of dress there and the rollers in the hair are a nice touch. Don’t forget the broken tooth either.

He compliments her with his custom mullet covered by what looks like a racing baseball cap. We come to this conclusion because of the NASCAR tee shirt that he is proudly sporting.

When this couple arrived at the party they were heading to they must have been mistaken for real rednecks!

13. Knocked Up prom queen


What party is complete without the pregnant redneck prom queen? What pregnant redneck woman goes to her prom and doesn’t want to be the prom queen right? This woman hit the jackpot and the black eye is a classic touch to finish off a tremendous costume.

The dress is a good choice for prom but the heels may not be such a smart choice if she is planning on taking to the dance floor while being as pregnant as she is. Not many people at that prom are going to be hoping that she falls down with that dress on. Quite the opposite. Great job!

12. Comfortable Costume For Anyone Pregnant


This woman nailed her costume in every possible way. Any time you are trying to be a redneck the hunting baseball cap is a must have. It just might be the key part of any costume. The mustache and the cigarette are a fantastic look but it only gets better from there.

The shirt that is too small because she is absolutely about to give birth at any moment, covered by the typical black and grey flannel shirt is an awesome combination. Add in the beer in her hand, the ripped jeans and the work boots and you have a truly great costume. It’s not very often you run into a mustached pregnant redneck!

11. Redneck cleaning crew


These two pulled this off so well it’s a very natural look for them. It looks to be in an actual house but a quick glance might lead you to believe they are in a mobile home actually doing some cleaning up. His mullet with chin strap beard gives him an authentic redneck supervisor look and the sleeveless flannel shirt completes his work uniform.

She pulls off the typical redneck worker perfectly. The halter top and short shorts are a nice touch. Showing some love to her hubby/boss and getting out of doing any work at all is another nice touch. It adds a bit of authenticity to the outfits!

10. Hillbilly hippy couple


You have to notice that this here is an upper class redneck couple. They have an actual house that doesn’t have any wheels on it. The hippy redneck is a nice touch and the cut-off jean shorts are a fantastic addition to his outfit (if you can call it that). Any time you have a bandana, cut-off jean shorts and beer, you can see a redneck and this guy does a great job.

She adds the rollers in the hair with the bight colored moo-moo for a great look. She finishes it off with a flannel shirt over the moo-moo, something that no redneck woman can live without!

9. Redneck mullet


If you were in the backwoods of Alabama and came across this guy, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. The long curly mullet is a common redneck look at the black baseball cap just shows it off even more.

The look of excitement and happiness looks like he had a good day in the woods or maybe he just found out that he is a brand new uncle-daddy. The photo looks like it could have been taken in a hospital so you never know. The teeth and the down vest are nice finishing touches on a great Halloween costume. We hope it’s a costume anyway!

8. Redneck sisters


We’re not really sure if these two are actual sisters or not but if they were going for the redneck sister look, they pulled it off perfectly. The bandanas in the hair are something that isn’t done much anymore so it’s a great touch for each of them.

The one on the left wearing the red, white and blue shirt pulls it off nicely and the flannel shirt on the girl on the right is a perfect complement to it. One wearing the overalls and the other with the tight jeans offset each other perfectly. The hay and the cowboy boots finish off a great Halloween costume combination by the pair.

7. Redneck family


This is a family portrait that you won’t soon forget. The backwoods, the mobile home, the Budweiser beer bottles on the table and the wedding cake make this look like a redneck wedding that shouldn’t be missed!

Obviously it was a private affair as there aren’t any other guests to be seen but it gives you a great look at what redneck is all about. When people put together redneck Halloween costumes, this is the look they are striving for. This is what most people have in mind!

The woman in the back looks to be the only one who is happy though. Maybe because she finally landed her man!

6. Beer can roller couple


Nothing says redneck more than these two. Her tank top with the bra straps hanging out are a common redneck look and it looks like she could possibly be pregnant as well. The Coors beer cans used as rollers in her hair is an awesome look and must have had people laughing all day long.

Not as much thought went into his outfit but he nailed it anyway. The sleeveless flannel shirt is a great look along with the hunting baseball hat. You can tell that he is proud of his woman! They did a great job on these with very little work needed.

5. Dirty redneck parents


It’s a dirty stereotype but someone’s got to do it right? This couple nailed this redneck costume and even made their house look like the inside of a dirty trailer to boot! His sideways cap obviously represents the dunce and the dirty wife beater tank top/tee shirt is a common place in any redneck area. He finishes his makeover with the must have Pabst Blue Ribbon beer inside the coozy.

She compliments him with her hair up in the towel, obviously very pregnant, while holding an infant from a previous birth. No need to worry though, it looks like the infant is just a doll. We hope!

4. Actual redneck couple?


These costumes look so natural that they might not even be costumes after all! Hubby pulls it off with the red and black sleeveless flannel shirt, the hunting hat and the dark sunglasses.

Wifey comes in with the typical rollers in the hair, a leopard print dress with the bra straps hanging out and of course the must have Bud Light.

The look is a very natural one so this couple is either one of two things. They are either a master of disguise and they will fit in no matter what redneck area they go to, or they are the real deal. Maybe they did such a good job that we just can’t tell the difference.

3. Redneck Ready For The Dance


This woman obviously watches a lot of television. We can’t tell for sure where she got her idea from but she sure nailed it didn’t she? The straw hat is a forgotten classic touch when dressing like a redneck and the missing tooth caps off a great look. We don’t know if her hair was done up for the costume or if it’s always that color but it’s a fantastic feature to the costume either way.

The bandana around the neck gives her a hard at work look while the flannel shirt and suspenders give her a hard at play feel. She obviously did her homework and nailed this costume.

2. Moonshine redneck


Nothing says redneck better than alcohol. The deeper you go into the woods, the more you’ll find cases of people making their own. When you get really deep in, you’ll find the moonshiners. They can be really nice people or really mean depending how far onto their property you go though, so be careful.

This is a perfect costume to depict those deep woods living beings. The hunting cap and fake mustache and beard area great look and very close to what you might find in moonshine country. The cowboy boots and of course the barrel itself finishes off a truly great Halloween costume.

1. Trailer park couple


These two have nailed the redneck look and we can only hope that they are sporting great costumes! The mobile home is a great touch along with the beer can rollers in her hair. The short shorts, tight top and the pink robe give her a very authentic look. Don’t forget the cigarette in her mouth and the black streak on the top of her hair where the dye job is starting to grow out. The ankle monitor is an awesome addition!

He also nailed his look with the smoke, the mullet, the large hat and sleeveless tank top. The long ripped shorts, funky socks and orange shoelaces finish off a great look for him. This couple would win any costume contest they entered! That is, if they are really costumes!

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