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15 Tricks To Snatch Someone’s Girlfriend or Wife Away

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15 Tricks To Snatch Someone’s Girlfriend or Wife Away

What is the significance of a marriage or any relationship if there is no love in it? In the case of marriages, just pre-nuptial promises and agreements don’t make a marriage, a marriage. Marriage is a unification of two souls, who’ll always stay together in thick and thin times. Love needs to be there in a married couple so that a husband and his wife can work out their problems if they have one, amicably and peacefully with no love lost between them. That will not only increase their bond but also enhance their mutual understanding and respect. But, if these very aspects are absent in a marriage, should it be called a marriage?  

In such cases, it is not an immoral thing at all if someone else’s wife or girlfriend, for that matter, goes out to find love, and finds you for instance. You fall in love with her too, and she longs to be with you, certainly not with that impassive statue of a husband/boyfriend. Fear not, if you have her on your side, it’s all going to go well. But what if she doesn’t like or know you and you still want to make her yours? Fear not, for here is a well-researched list of 15 tricks stating how to win over someone’s wife/girlfriend. Make the most out of it, and just have courage buddy. That is all what you need to have. Courage, a bit of good luck and a pinch of good looks!  

15. Try The Staring Game


Okay, is your crush a housewife? Then, your mission will be super easy. In fact she is really
waiting for a person like you. It’s quite normal. After getting married, she rarely gets times to herself. Husband, kids, and kitchen – nothing else has a place in her world. Just like all other human beings, she also longs for attention. Here you can play your game. Whenever she is around, look at her with admiration. Of course, she will ignore you in the beginning, but gradually a warm feeling will start blooming in her heart. It’s a simple psychology, a
woman likes someone who looks at her even though there are more attractive girls in the room. It gives her a thought that she is special!

14. Be Her Protector


Ask any woman the qualities she expects from her future husband and she will say, “He must be able to protect me”. Your girl is looking for the same, and find out whether her boyfriend is there for her whenever she is in trouble. You’ll get hundreds of opportunities to prove that you are a brave person who can protect his girl no matter how bad the situation is. When a woman walks out alone she becomes an easy target for eve teasers, your girl is also encountering the same issue. So, when someone catcalls her, please go and confront that person, never let her feel helpless. No woman wants to lose a person who takes care of her, and yes, to have you by her side, she may say goodbye to her boyfriend. Make sure you will never make her regret it!

13. Be the first one to wish her on her birthday


Women are very much concerned when it comes to a birthday celebration. They really go
crazy when their boyfriend forgets their birthday because in their perception it’s a sin. Many girls have dumped their guys for the same reason. Okay, so do you know her birthday? Find out and make sure you get to be the first one to wish her. In her eyes, you are just a friend or even lesser than that, but when you’ll call her on midnight just to say “Happy Birthday,” she will feel awesome. She desires to spend her whole day with her guy, okay let her do that, but request her to give some of her time to you. And make sure you make the most of that. In those few moments, whisk her to heaven and leave her feeling nothing short of amazed. Gift something that might bring tears of happiness, for example, a cute kitten or a photo collage that captures all of her beautiful memories till date. Yes, your gift would weigh more than her boyfriend’s costly dinner if wisely chosen!

12. Share common interests



Now, it’s time for research,  so get ready to burn the midnight oil. Find out what are your girls’ hobbies, and try to adapt to them. For example, if she is a fitness freak, try to inculcate the same passion in you. Whenever you find some useful diet tips, share them with her.  If both of you have a common interest, she will never feel bored while talking to you, and that’s a key thing. Keep your talks very interesting and try to have her favourite topic in the mix. Avoid awkward comments and never criticize her boyfriend because if speech is silver, silence is gold. 

11. Treat her like an angel


At present, she is someone’s angel. But, is she treated that way? No. Most
boyfriends show much concern for their girl in the beginning of their relationship. As time passes by, they start giving preference to works over personal relationships. “She is mine, and no one will steal her” this is the common assumption boyfriends carry in their mind. Perhaps, they never mind ignoring their girl. But girls are totally different, they look for more care and concern from their guy as the bond gets older. Your crush is also going through the same phase. So, if you start giving a lot more importance then she may feel like she is on cloud nine. Whenever she calls you for some help, be there in front of her like superman. Take care of her when she falls sick and never leave her side. One fine day she will understand that it’s better to be with the person who loves her more than the world.

10. Impress her with your persona


Nothing is impossible for a man who has a strong will to achieve it. And women easily fall in love with such men. Girls hug and kiss a celebrity whenever they spot him in a public place, they really don’t care if their boyfriend is standing next to them. That’s the power of his persona. Wait, you don’t have to be a celebrity to snatch someone’s girlfriend away, but try to become a successful man that every girl would want to marry. Exude confidence as you walk. Follow your dreams and in time she will admire you for your accomplishments and swiftly leave her current partner for you. 

9. Win her kids’ love


When it comes to impressing a married woman, you have a great advantage. Those are her kids. Win their love and you can get closer to their mother. You might have watched several movies with this storyline, and now it’s time to implement the same old
trick. Her hubby is not so efficient in handling his parental duty, so she is always in need of someone who can help her, not really a boyfriend, but yes a man, a perfect man. Appreciate her hard efforts and help her in every possible manner. Most importantly, make her believe that you have all the features to become a great father and a wonderful husband.

8. Reveal her boyfriend’s Douchey character


This tip is going to work only if her boyfriend is a bad guy. Okay, is he flirting with another woman when she is not around? Is he deceiving her to fulfill his evil deeds? Collect enough evidence to prove his sins and your crush will never look at his face again. Yes, the breakup period will be very painful for her, but that’s the right time for you to get closer to your crush. She needs a shoulder to cry on, and you have been waiting for this opportunity since many days, haven’t you? Don’t ask her out immediately, let your love and concern sink in. Then on finding the best time, hit the bull’s eye.

7. Be better than the other guy


Deep inside her heart, she feels bad about certain traits of her boyfriend, for example he may be a chain-smoker and never wants to quit that habit even though she is consistently requesting him to. All you have got to do is to make her believe that she deserves more than what she has. Praise her good qualities and call her boyfriend the luckiest person on earth. By doing this, you are planting a seed of dissatisfaction in her mind and that will culminate in the termination of her relationship. Since you have been showing her that you are a great fan of her personality, she will prefer you over him. And that’s what you wanted!

6. Be A Romantic


Girls like romantic guys, and you are completely aware of this fact. But still you are
presenting yourself like an old fashioned guy. Change yourself! Whenever you go near her, your perfume must create a romantic aroma around her. Avoid meeting her with empty hands. Be a gentleman. It is not necessary to always come in with large bouquets, a small flower would do equally well. In the name of friendship you can do all these things, she will never mind. Write some romantic posts on your Facebook wall, but never mention her name. When she will think of you, a pleasant thought might come to her mind. Keep your fingers crossed because one day it may take the form of love.

5. Spend a lot of time with her


Most people fall in love with their classmates, colleagues or their neighbours. It’s obvious, that people develop a kind of attachment with someone with whom they spend their maximum time. That’s how someone else won your girl’s heart. Now, it’s your time to do the same. If she is your classmate, always prefer joining her team for academic projects. Never miss the parties that she is going to attend and also those weekend picnics. No doubt, within a few weeks you will earn her friendship, and that will be the beginning of something beautiful.

4. Show her a better future


You are madly in love with her, and pretty sure that no other man can love her like you. But how can you make her realize this fact? There are several ways. Create a belief
in her that you are going to be the best husband. Tell her all your dreams about marriage and how you will make your wife happy each and every moment. Sometimes, try some crazy ideas like buying a costly diamond ring for your wife or designing your dream villa. All your cute plans will look awesome for any woman, and your girl will also feel the same. Unknowingly she will start comparing you to her boyfriend or husband, and of course, you will be the one who’ll score.

3. Give her what she is missing


No one leads a perfect life. Your girl is also not an exception, she is missing something in
her life. For example, since childhood, she has dreamt of a certain profession but until today she has not found anyone who can motivate her. Be that motivation! Redefine love for her by becoming her soulmate. No doubt, she will never let you go. Love can happen twice, so don’t be surprised if she chooses you over her unsupportive boyfriend. But to make this happen, you need to be patient and a true person.

2. Make your presence a necessity


Yes, sometimes her boyfriend causes too much pain with his harsh words. At that moment she may not think of breaking up with him, but she would definitely never say “no” to a person who comes to comfort her. They fight often for silly reasons, and your job is to console her. Listen to her pain and wipe away her tears. All you have to do is to make her emotionally dependent on you. You must be the first person she wants to rely on. When your relationship reaches those heights, you can ask her to be your girlfriend. She might say no at first because it may seem awkward to her. But as time progresses and she begins to miss your company, she’ll realize she has feelings for you, and she’ll come running into your arms.

1. Confess your love


Among the 15 tips given here, this is the best and the most genuine. There is no rule that
one cannot fall in love with a woman who is already married or in a relationship with someone. Everyone can define love in their own way, and you did the same. Rather than feeling guilty for liking someone’s girl you can confess your love to her. Accepting or rejecting is up to her. Sometimes, girls choose the wrong guy because they never had a chance to meet the right one, may be your girl is also included in that list. So, when you approach her with true love, she may not reject it.

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