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15 Troubling Facts About HAARP

15 Troubling Facts About HAARP

According to the Environmental Impact Statement, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – or otherwise known as HAARP – is an ionospheric research program that is funded by the United States Military for the purpose of analysing the ionosphere and investigating the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance.

Built in the year of 1993, little has been made known about what exactly the project is researching which has gained the facility quite the reputation – which isn’t really positive. To make matters worse, hundreds of millions of tax payer’s hard earned dollars are being spent on this facility each and every year, despite the general US population not knowing exactly what they are working on inside the remote facility.

Although HAARP officials claim that none of their activity or research has been illegal or harmful to the environment, this hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from claiming that the facility is capable of weaponizing the weather and manipulating human emotions.

From what we have learnt, HAARP is something that shouldn’t be messed with because if the stories are true, HAARP may have the potential to essentially cause mass destruction at the press of a button. So here are 15 troubling facts that will leave you concerned about the HAARP project.

15. It Is Capable Of Being A Geophysical Weapon


Many – including the International Relations and Defence committee – believe that the HAARP project has the ability to be used as a Geophysical Weapon as evidence points to the project being able to manipulate the Earth’s atmosphere and the climate of the entire world. The radio waves that the project can generate has the power to cause rain, storms, and disrupt the molecular composition of a certain region by artificially increasing the concentrations of ozone, nitrogen or other gases in specific regions from the sky.

The scariest part about this particular fact is that in 2002, the Russian President – Vladimir Putin – received a report from the International Relations and Defence committees that concluded that the HAARP project was fully capable of being a Geophysical Weapon.

The evidence behind the report must have been quite significant to cause one of the world’s most powerful countries to worry.

14. HAARP Is Technically Illegal By UN Standards


Let’s be honest, nobody really knows exactly what the HAARP project is or what they are really doing inside of the remote facility. But there is one thing we do know for certain about the facility and that is that the government is very secretive about the entire project and has only ever released vague information regarding the project on a few rare occasions.

With rumours that the project has the ability to control the weather, natural disasters and even electronic devices the government have to be very careful about what they release to the public as officially – under the Framework Convention on Climate Change – the HAARP facility falls under what is technically deemed illegal by the United Nations and the principles of international law.

Given that HAARP has been a prime target for many conspiracy theorists and Government officials around the world, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if what they are actually working on is highly illegal and extremely dangerous when placed in the wrong hands.

13. It Can Cause Climate Change


If you’re old enough, you will remember that there was once a time when nobody really cared about the environment – especially global warming and the effects that it brought to our climate.

It’s scary to think that the United States military has the power to potentially cripple the entire planet with just one press of a button. Whether this comes in the form of crashing all electronic devices, mass destruction through earthquakes and storms or even through mind control – the HAARP Project has been said to have the power to do it all.

Many have claimed that the controversial HAARP project has the power to destroy the entire ionosphere in the matter of seconds. Despite the military knowing the risks to the environment, the Government still continues to claim that the project is used for climate research in hopes of finding a way to minimize global warming – something they are yet to still prove.

12. It Can Affect Our Brains


While the HAARP project is surrounded by countless conspiracy theories, there is one that is rather disturbing – it has been found that HAARP has the potential and power to influence our brain activity. That’s right; it could potentially be overheating our brains to influence our moods and even behaviors.

There is even evidence that HAARP was used during the Iraq War as it is believed to have been used to radiate electromagnetic waves onto the battlefield, right before the invasion of Kuwait. This battle quickly turned into the largest and most poorly understood mass surrender in the history of modern wars.

Some theorist have even gone as far as believing that it can burst our brains or put an entire crowd to sleep – scary, we know!

11. It May Hold Ancient Powers


If you thought these facts already sounded crazy, wait until you hear this one.

According to researcher Mike Hagan, he believes that the HAARP project is being used in an attempt to activate and control ancient powers that are now hidden amongst the great pyramids. He believes that these ancient powers have the ability to free the world from any energy crisis or even subjugate the whole human race.

Set to work just like the Wardenclyffe Towers that were proposed by Nikola Telsa, Hagan believes that the pyramids are a part of an old energy distribution network that was developed to accumulate and supply the entire world.

While you may think that these facts sound crazy, the officials behind HAARP haven’t really given us reason to disbelieve them.

10. It Is Funded By The US Military


That’s right, just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse; the United States Government has made it quite clear that they are not responsible for the funding of the HAARP project directly. Instead, the funding actually comes from the United States Air Force, the Navy and also the University of Alaska.

While we may never know exactly what they are doing inside the HAARP facility, you would think that for such an important and complex system that could significantly benefit the country, the Government would jump at the chance to get involved and plaster their name all over it. That is, unless they have something much more sinister going on inside the facility.

Allowing the military to have access to such a powerful piece of equipment that may very well be capable of such mind blowing things is quite scary!

9. Many Believe It Has The Ability To Cause Earthquakes


The 2011 Japan earthquake is one of the most tragic earthquakes of the past decade and thanks to modern day media, people around the world were able to get a firsthand glimpse at just how significant the damage to the country was. However, you will be shocked to know that many theorists have found evidence that may link HAARP to the cause of the earthquake.

By now we are all familiar with terrible things that HAARP may be capable of, but when it was found that there was a sudden and unexplained rapid heating of the ionosphere directly above epicenter of the earthquake, many theorists were quick to jump into action and blame the disaster on the HAARP facility.

With what we have learnt about HAARP so far, it’s hard not to think that it may have played at least some role in the earthquake that tragically struck Japan in 2011.

8. It’s Believed To Be Responsible For The Disappearance Of Flight MH370


With no trace of the plane or bodies of the passengers on board, this particular fact about HAARP may be one of the most daunting as many believe that the secretive facility may be responsible for the fatal disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Many believe that the missing flight may have crashed as it was forced off course by the radio waves that were being emitted from the HAARP antennae’s as they could have potentially been affecting the planes radar systems.

With no wreckage ever found or bodies of the missing passengers, the flight MH370 is a prime target for conspiracy theorists as no other reasonable cause has ever been released. If HAARP is indeed responsible for the disappearance of flight MH370, just imagine what other sinister things it may have done in the past.

7. It Was Shut Down In 2015


With a yearly budget that consisted of a figure around $250 million in tax-funded construction and operating costs, it was only a matter of time until the facility was shut down as let’s face it – the Government never truly informed the public as to what the HAARP project exactly was.

The shutdown of the HAARP facility has been very questionable as during its running period the Government and military continually spoke highly of what the facility was working on. So many have questioned why they would shut down such an important project if its findings were going to be a significant advantage to the United States.

Although the HAARP facility has been publicly announced as closed, many still wonder if it is being secretively run by the military or if it has been moved to a more remote area that is out of the public eye. For now, we will just have to assume that it was shut down for good in 2015 and was simply taken control of by the University of Alaska Fairbanks for general research purposes.

6. HAARP Is Believed To Be Able To Manipulate Our Actions


We have already learnt throughout this list the capabilities of HAARP and just how it can affect our brain and our emotions – but that isn’t all as it can also have a significant impact on our actions without us even knowing.

This is without a doubt one of the scariest facts about the HAARP project as it has been found that if used correctly – at the right intensity – it may have the ability to make the receiver so paranoid that they will eventually begin to hallucinate. From here, many believe that it can even go as far as being able to induce more specific actions or simply drive people crazy.

Many theorists often link this type of behaviour and mind control to the likes of many modern day mass murderers.

5. The Project Was Kept Very Secretive


Despite the project being shut down in 2015, the general population is still left wondering what exactly they were doing inside the top secret, remote facility. Whether it was general radio science research like they claim, or even something as sinister as emotional manipulation – HAARP personal still continue to adamantly inform the public that there was nothing top-secret or classified about their activities.

Despite what the facility claims, the secretiveness of the project has even gone as far as causing concerns with the European Union as they were concerned that the American Military may be working on something sinister that could potentially cause health and environmental risks.

Over the years, the secretiveness of the project has only grown stronger and as we have learnt from past events – if evidence and proof isn’t displayed for everyone to see in the open – people are quick to jump to conclusions and even conspiracy theories.

4. A Very Worrisome Patent Set The Stage For HAARP


In 1987 a patent was issued to Dr. Eastlund under the title of “Method and Apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere.” The patent seems to claim that the invention can cause interference with or even total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the earth.

More surprising is that it even states that large regions of the atmosphere can be lifted to unexpectedly high altitudes so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces that will result in either destruction or deflection of the missile.

Even more worrisome is the fact that the holder of this patent is a key developer of the HAARP project – don’t worry though because as we have been continually told, HAARP is simply nothing more than just a ‘Radio Science’ Research facility.

3. It Has The Power To Send Subliminal Messages


Hidden within the Patent documentation were a number of scary features that were listed to be included as part of the invention – however, the most shocking find within this document was the plans they had for the use of subliminal messaging.

The patent stated that they wanted to provide a technique for producing a subliminal presentation which is inaudible to the listener, yet is perceived and demodulated by the ear for the use by the subconscious mind. They also wanted to provide a way to transmit these inaudible messages at a constant, high level of signal.

Simply speaking, the patent wanted to be able to insert subliminal messages into TV and Radio Waves without the listener or viewer ever knowing. Considering what we have learnt so far about HAARP, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have been sending subliminal messages ever since they constructed the facility in 1993.

2. Officials Insist That The Project Is Nothing Sinister


After being deemed a global concern, the European Union decided to pass a resolution that called for more information on its health and overall environmental risks. However, despite these global concerns, HAARP officials continually insisted that the project was nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility – if that’s the case, why not show us some much needed proof?

If there is one thing that we have learnt about the Government and Military it is that they are always looking to stay one step ahead of their enemies – even if it means creating the most devastating weapons possible. With no official announcements or significant proof, we can only continue to speculate on exactly what the HAARP project has been working on for the past 20 years and given that they aren’t willing to divulge details, we can only suspect the worse.

1. It Can Destroy Your Electronic Devices


Imagine a world where you can no longer use your mobile phones or even cars – well, that is very much a possibility when talking about the HAARP project. While we still only know very little about the project, many believe that evidence has shown that the project has the capabilities to transmit electromagnetic waves that can block radio-frequency transmissions of all kinds.

That isn’t all that HAARP is capable of as it even has the power to block or permanently damage any electronic device – that includes mobiles, computers, planes and even cars. I would hate to be an enemy of the United States right now as it is quite clear that those working on the HAARP project are not messing around.


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