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15 Tweets That Got People Fired

15 Tweets That Got People Fired

Social media has become a big part of many lives. We use the Internet all the time. We updates our Facebook statuses, we tweet and retweet on Twitter, we post endless pictures of food on Instagram, and we Snapchat the most ridiculous things to our friends. It’s all fun and games until you post, tweet, snap, or insta something that no one thinks is funny. In this hyper connected world, clicking without thinking can have you ending up in hot water. Some people seem to think that they can post anything online and not face any consequences. We’ve got 15 stories for you that will prove otherwise. These stories are all cautionary tales. Be careful what you say online. And seriously, stop using Twitter to say things you should be saying on your private Facebook.

15. Racist Aids Tweet

Via: Storify

We wonder what Justine Sacco was thinking when she composed this tweet. It’s not only racist and a demonstration of poor judgement, it also doesn’t even make sense. For your information, Justine, white people can get AIDS just as easily as anyone else. It’s a sexually transmitted virus that doesn’t discriminate according to race. Justine posted the tweet before boarding a plane to South Africa. Little did she know, while her flight was on its way to its destination, her poorly thought out tweet went viral. And yes, it got her fired from her publicist job. We think as a publicist, she should have thought a little harder about those 140 characters.

14. “Me likey Broke Girls”

Via: Mashable

This tweet firing is a little bit unfortunate. Phil Hardy was fired after accidentally posting a personal tweet on a non-personal account. He was in charge of running the Twitter account of Idaho Congressman, Raul Labrador. Without realizing it, he tweeted “Me likey Broke Girls” thinking he was posting on his own personal Twitter. Yeah, we’re cringing too. He was just trying to tweet about a television show that he liked! He noticed what he had done just a few seconds later and took down the tweet, but that didn’t stop him from getting fired. To be honest, we can imagine ourselves making the exact same error. Multiple accounts…that’s playing with fire.

13. Boston Bomber Costume

Via: The Huffington Post

Talk about poor judgement. This lady posted a photo of herself dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim. First, it’s a weak costume. Let’s aim to do better. It’s also a pretty offensive one. Making light of a serious event that had an impact on many lives is just not cool. It turns out she learned her lesson. She got fired from her job but the horrid backlash didn’t stop there. The hate started flowing in. She even got threats and some of them were aimed at her parents. Sorry, but that’s taking things a little too far. Sometimes (read a lot of times) Internet vigilante justice goes too far.

12. Anti-Semitic Tweet

Via: The Red Elephants

Oh boy…what was she thinking? Nancy Salem was fired from her job as a preschool teacher and we’re all for it. She posted an anti-semitic tweet that encouraged her friend to “kill some jews”. Sometimes we’re thankful for Twitter. We’re thankful that stupidity brings people’s shittiness to light. Did she even stop to think that her tweet might be seriously offensive and inappropriate? Apparently not. We think the fact that she teaches preschool aged children makes it even worse. The above tweet is not her only anti-semitic tweet, by the way. In another, she retweets a joke about the Holocaust and seems to find it hilarious. Yeah, super un-hilarious.

11. Kill Trump

Via: The Blaze

We’re willing to bet that more than one person has crafted a tweet like this on Twitter. Heather Lowrey didn’t expressly say that she was going to assassinate Donald Trump but it does seem like she was putting out feelers for someone who was willing to do so. Except, probably not. It was likely just a thoughtless tweet. She probably posted it before really thinking about it and didn’t realize the consequences that might occur as a result. Lowrey was fired and the Secret Service even acknowledge that she’s under investigation. Whoa. We find this a little extreme. Her tweet doesn’t actually imply she’s going to head out and kill Trump.

10. Fired Over Twitter

Yeah, don’t complain about your job online. If you want to complain, find a friend and go out for coffee so you can rant about your shitty boss. If you’re dead set on complaining online, make sure your Facebook is set to private, ensure you’re not friends with anyone who will spread the post, and then feel free to post a rant about work. But let’s be real, this woman didn’t even start working for the company yet and she was already complaining. The company somehow found her tweet and she was fired on Twitter for everyone to see. Super embarrassing.

9. Disney Intern Fired


This is a weird one. An intern working at Disney was fired for posting a photograph of the above signage on Twitter. The sign alerts employees that they should not mention any alligator sightings around the park. The idea is to minimize fear. We get it. The intern was fired for posting the photo of the sign but Disney actually ended up rehiring her. It seems the sign was a fake but her actions were still against company policy. The staff isn’t allowed to photograph staff-only areas. That definitely makes sense and Disney isn’t the only company to have a similar policy.

8. N-Word Twitter PM


So this news anchor didn’t actually send out a public tweet. Her offense happened via Twitter private message. Valerie Hoff was a reporter for 11Alive News in Atlanta. She decided it would be a great idea to use the n-word to try and get more information about a possibly newsworthy video posted on Twitter. She attempted to communicate with the video poster, asking him to “Please call this news nig-a”. Let’s just say that the private message exchange ended with the following: “How would I be able to contact your manager or lawyer?” Yeah, maybe be more professional next time.

7. Yet Another Racist Tweet


Oh boy. Another racist idiot on Twitter. We’re glad all these racists are too stupid to think before they post. It makes it easier to spot them, call them out, and fire them. This tweet was posted by Mike Bacsik. The former baseball pitcher decided to tweet the above after the San Antonio Spurs came away with a win against another team. How in the world did he think his tweet was appropriate? It definitely wasn’t and his employer agreed. Despite apologizing for the tweet, he was fired from his job at a radio station. Next time, he might just think twice.

6. Another Racist Tweet *sigh*

Via: Uche’s Diaries Blog

First of all, Michelle Obama is a beautiful, classy butterfly. She dresses better than most humans and she exudes poise and elegance. Even if her rude comment hadn’t been racist, it still would have been upsetting. But, of course, another racist Tweet strikes again. Lisa Greenwood’s Twitter handle is @millar15 but she used her full name in her profile. Super smart. Use Twitter to spout racist remarks AND make sure everyone knows your first and last name. Her employer, ‘Home Point Financial’, released a statement on Twitter explaining that Greenwood had been fired and that they didn’t condone her remarks.

5. Low Blow

Patton Oswalt’s wife, Michelle McNamara, died unexpectedly in 2016. The amazing true-crime writer’s passing was a huge blow to her fans and a shock for Oswalt. Naturally, when you lose a loved one, the grief is heavy and constant. When Tony Brust, an obnoxious Trump supporter, got into a spat with Oswalt on Twitter he decided to make a seriously shitty comment about McNamara. You can see what he said above. Honestly, if you’re going to argue with someone on Twitter maybe choose to make a more intelligent comment. Because guess what? Brust got fired for the tweet aimed at Oswalt.

4. Dead Baby Joke? Yeah, Not Funny.

Don’t quit your day job, dude. You’re not even remotely funny. Oh wait, never mind, you got fired! Alfie Barker posted the above to Twitter without even spending an ounce of thought on what he was doing. His tweet was directed at Harry Arter. Apparently, Barker thought Arter’s stillborn daughter was the perfect subject for a joke/insult. When he realized he was getting backlash for his tweet, he threw up his hands and played dumb, saying his account had been hacked. He later apologized for the tweet but it was too late. His soccer club cut ties with him, pronto.

3. Facepalm

Via: Investment Watch

For many, the election of Donald Trump was a real bummer. On inauguration day, more than a few folks were still in utter shock over the fact that Trump was to be sworn in as President of the United States of America. It still feels a bit dreamlike. Except, more like a bad dream for a lot of people. It seems Bart Hubbuch was one of those persons troubled by Trump being elected as head honcho of the U.S.A. Hubbuch posted a tweet that was short but not sweet. The tweet compared Trump’s inauguration with the attacks on Pearl Harbor during World War II, and 9/11. The New York Post fired Hubbuch for the tweet.

2. Excellent Spellar

Via: CBS Baltimore

Okay, this is one tweet that we really don’t think merited a firing. It kind of upsets us. It really demonstrates the priorities we have these days. Katy Nash, who was in charge of the Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland’s Twitter account, posted the above tweet in response to a student. Nash’s employer asked her to delete the tweet and she was fired from her job. We really don’t see a problem with what she posted. Young folks these days have no clue how to spell. Her tweet wasn’t racist, inappropriate, sexist, or insensitive. We think she deserves a better job somewhere else.

1. Sexism Is Not Funny

The hashtag #ADayWithoutAWoman should only be used if you’re mourning the loss of a special woman in your life, or if your lovely wife is away for the weekend and you’re describing all the ways your day sucks without her. Instead, Colin Moriarty decided it would be hilarious to make a sexist remark. Apparently, women are shrill and talk a lot. To Moriarty, a day without a woman is better because it’s nice and quiet. Because some men can’t be just as annoying as some women? Moriarty defended his tweet, posted on International Women’s Day, explaining that his wife found it just as funny as he did. Unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t see it that way.

Sources: Bleacher Report, Dallas News, Elite DailyEntrepreneur, Fortune

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