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15 Types Of Followers You Have On Instagram

15 Types Of Followers You Have On Instagram

Now that Instagram has allowed us to add more than one picture at a time, we’re not sitting for hours picking the perfect one instead of actually enjoying the night out! Instagram is becoming more and more popular, and as your friends join Instagram, you learn so much more about them!

People use Instagram for many reasons, to share their pictures of a fun night out, to promote their business, and others try it out and realize it’s just not for them. The latest snapchat update is the Live option, giving everyone yet another opportunity to share moments of their life!

Instagram has definitely evolved since it was 2010 (yes it’s been 7 years, you’re that old!) We all use it for different reasons, to post different pictures, whether of our babies, mountain runs, celebrations, or delicious food. But one thing we all have in common are the types of followers we have on Instagram!

Here are the 15 types of followers you have on Instagram. 

15. The Follower Who Just Stalks With 0 Photos & 0 Likes


The internet has definitely exposed stalkers! We all have the one follower who joins Instagram, automatically gets 200 followers and yet never posts a single picture. We automatically assume that this person was exploring Instagram but just never really got into it. The thing is, whenever you meet this person, they know exactly what’s been going on in your life; they start asking questions like, “How was your trip to Dubai? Did you enjoy horseback riding last Sunday?” Well well, turns out someone has been checking Instagram all along. The more dangerous follower is the one who has been stalking every move but never mentions it! Always be careful what you post and assume that every follower has been stalking your pictures!

14. The Follower Who Only Posts About Their Abs


The fitness craze is upon us! So many people are definitely trying to stay healthy which is awesome, but some people just take it to the next level. Some followers post nothing other then their fitness, their abs, their thighs, their guns and of course the healthy meals they have! Nothing wrong with that at all, but I would say throw us a picture of a puppy or nature, or a picture with friends (with your shirt on) every once in awhile. Unfortunately, it is sometimes really easy to manipulate pictures with filters, photoshop and a million other apps so that you appear a lot more ripped than you actually are; these photos might set an unrealistic expectation for people trying to lose weight and drive them to starve themselves. Always remember, you have your own journey, don’t worry about anyone else’s.

13. The Follower Who Likes Everything


When you check your Instagram it is normal to see a few likes here and there, but every couple of days when you check Instagram, you’ll find 18 new notifications and you haven’t even added a picture in weeks! There’s always one follower who will disappear for two or three weeks and finally remember to go on Instagram and like everything they’ve missed! That follower could also be the person who likes everything you and everyone else posts. It’s OK if it’s your best friend, but it’s always kind of weird when you’ve met that follower only once! Don’t lie, we’ve all been there, it’s late at night, we’re scrolling through Instagram, before you know it we’re seeing pictures from 35 weeks ago, and our sleepy finger accidentally double clicks! *Oh the horror!* But if you’re constantly that person though, its weird.

12. The Follower Who Checks Every 3 Months


We all have that one friend who disappears off the face of the earth, whether because they are in a new relationship, gets a new job, starts a new video game, or just wants to disconnect! You completely forget that you even have that follower until they like a random picture you posted or when you see them and they comment about things that have happened to you 3 months ago that they’ve just found out. “Oh you had a little girl?” “Umm yes, she’s 3 months old now…” That’s usually someone you can’t rely on, but that could be the person you need for a fun night out. But don’t expect them to bail you out of jail though.

11. The Follower Who Posts The Artsy Pictures


The sky, the grass, the butter knife, the rain on the window, or the flower blooming. The artistic follower will never post a picture of themselves, or anything else for that matter if it doesn’t look artsy. That follower will usually only like artsy pictures too. The follower could be private or just not interested in showing anything else except his or her artistic side. Usually, it will take the follower 20 minutes to post the “right picture.” With all the picture editing apps, filters, and emojis, you can go crazy trying to perfect your post!

10. The New Parents Or  Newlyweds


Babies everywhere, baby toes, baby hands, baby clothes, babies everywhere! Let’s face it, some babies are just so cute, but some parents can take it a little overboard. If you post 4 pictures a day of your baby, that might be a little excessive. Now the newlyweds, will post pictures of the breakfast they made for one another, the flowers they got for one another, and will use hashtags like #wifey #married #wifeyandhubby #newlyweds, and etc. Newlyweds usually live in a bubble. Don’t be the newlyweds who forget about their friends, and only post pictures of one another, remember that your friends have stuck with you through your horrible exes and breakups and helped you put the moves on your current hubby.

9. The Party Animal


The booze, the lights, the steam, the dancing, the music and the club outfits (or lack thereof, wink wink.) Social media makes it really easy to show the fun parts of your life. What do people see? The party animal! What don’t they see? The hangovers, the puke, the blackouts and probably the dumb stuff you did while you were plastered. There is no problem with partying just remember to always stay in control, have a designated driver, and not do anything that you will regret when the booze wears off. Make sure you’re not spending too much money that you get yourself in trouble.

8. The Single Girl Or Guy


Whether it’s Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, social media makes it super easy to meet someone now. The single guy or girl will do anything to get attention! For the girl, it’s usually the cleavage picture or the hashtag #singlegirlsnight or #independantgirl. The guy will usually post the shirtless pic (especially if they are in great shape) or the picture with 7 girls, or if he really wants attention from the ladies, he’ll post a picture with a dog or cat (hopefully they belong to him) or a picture with a niece or nephew (because guys with babies make the girls crazy!)

7. The Follower Who Tried It And Disappeared


We know that we have the stalker who watches everyone without any activity, but we also have the follower who tries Instagram because everyone is on it, adds one picture, and then completely disappears. The follower usually realizes that Instagram is not for them and they have zero interest in posting pictures or seeing anyone else’s pictures. They could prefer Facebook or they could just not care at all about social media and enjoy living their lives away from their phones and computers. This follower won’t deactivate the Instagram account, but will just never check it.

6. The Follower Who Posts The Motivational Quotes


As much as we all love motivational quotes, sometimes it gets a little bit too much! “Go big or go home!” Why is going home a bad thing? I would love to go home and take a nap actually, it’s been a long week! It’s always good to stay motivated, but sometimes it’s also OK to chill on your couch and watch the entire season of Breaking Bad. Life is about balance, you should adult when you need to, but you’re also allowed to be lazy every once in awhile. The annoying thing could be that the personal posting the motivational quotes is sometimes the only person who actually needs them. Also, no one is ever always that positive! If you have a follower who posts about three inspirational quotes per day it all just starts to look like a blur after awhile.

5. The Girl With The One True Love


The romantic pictures, the flowers, the “one true love” who is different every two weeks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting pictures of your partner on Facebook, but it gets a little old when you post a picture everyday and a bit weird when your “true love” is different every couple of months. Be careful what you post on social media, it could stay out there forever. Make sure you don’t post anything you will regret, and some things you should just keep private. Always make sure that you don’t share too much, and if you’re truly happy in your relationship, you shouldn’t care about the likes or attention, you should be enjoying your time with him or her.

4. The Fashion And/Or Makeup Lovers


Oh fashion! If you’re a fashion lover, Instagram and Pinterest are heaven! You can get ideas for outfits, see the latest trends, newest colors, and just lose yourself in all of it. The follower who loves fashion will usually have the hashtag #ootd which stands for ‘Outfit of the day.’ The fashion lover will pay attention to every single detail; the shoes, the accessories, and even the socks. Fashion can also include stylish active wear as well! Who says you have to sweat in ugly clothes, now that gym clothes looks amazing! Just don’t become that tedious Instagram followers who essentially shows-off their expensive clothes, and bags, and accessories. We get it, you have money. 

3. The Follower Who Uses Crazy Filters And Effects


Every once in awhile you will see a picture of someone who looks nothing like their actual self! Some followers use crazy filters and effects to blur their pimples, and whiten their teeth, or give themselves a tan to a point where they look unrecognizable. Sadly, pictures of airbrushed celebrities are setting such high expectations that people feel compelled to use filters and try to look perfect 24/7. With microblading, eyelash extensions, and lip injections, it is very easy to lose confidence in yourself and expect to look perfect all the time. Don’t put yourself under the microscope, we all have flaws, embrace them.

2. The Selfie Obsessed Follower


Selfie, after selfie, after selfie, after the “accidental selfie” that your two year old son took while “playing with your phone.” Nothing wrong with posting selfies, I mean, we all have that one or two seflies on our Instagram page that we are shamelessly proud of. But please try not to barrage your followers with a selfie of every activity you do throughout the day; the “having breakfast selfie,” the “taking a walk selfie,” the “goodnight selfie” and so on! You gotta love the fact that the front cameras are amazing to use now, and the illuminated cellphone cases make it that much easier to snap a selfie one after the other. But again keep your selfie obsession at bay. We all know what you look like and your face won’t be going through a magical transformation in the span of a day. 

1. The Follower Who Doesn’t Understand Hashtags


We all know that one follower: #This #is #a #picture #of #me #and #my #dog. Generally this follower will will post a picture every now and then, and about the most random things. I mean the pictures could be anything from a coffee cup, to a dog, to a romantic picture. I’m pretty sure many people still don’t get the use of hashtags. In any case, that’s usually the most entertaining follower because you never know what they are going to post next, it’s also safe to say that that particular follower doesn’t know what they are going to post next either. And the hashtags can sometimes be quite funny and creative. And other times they are just redundant and annoying. 

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