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15 Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

15 Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Have you been single for a long period of time? Is it time to find another man in your life? You might be someone who has already loaded up your Tinder profile and shared it with your friends. You are looking to hook up with that handsome man that works in an office, or someone who lives across the country. The next question could be, “Who is the right man for me?” Remember you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes that may have led to the failure of any past relationship. Finding the right man is not an easy task. Getting the perfect man can be a greater challenge if you have just recovered from a breakup and you’re trying to get back into the dating scene. The most obvious thing that you are looking for in a man is someone who is different from your ex in every single way. However, you will always have a few characteristics that you will want a man to have that you have put on your list. You have a list of qualities that you are searching for, but you must create some room to remain open. The chances of getting that perfect man you are searching for are minimal. The world has several options but getting a man who is 100 percent perfect is a dream. However, you can always find a man who is close to your Mr. Right. So, as you’re looking on Tinder for the perfect man, here are the 15 types of men that we believe we need on Tinder.

15. Men Who Know How to Laugh

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Did you know that humor brings out your desires and is a crowd pleaser? Most women want to date a man that has a humorous personality, because a man like this brings lots of fun and enjoyment into their life. The truth of the matter is that a funny man has what it takes to soothe your tension and to put you at ease. Men who can make women laugh make good romantic partners. It is good to have a man like this around. Most humorous people are funny from a very young age. However, you can learn how to be funny, but it takes a little bit of practice. Some people make the mistake of being too confrontational with their jokes. This should be avoided at all cost. In case you can make people around you laugh, cultivate it because it is a God-given gift. It will give you an edge over the other men when it comes to picking up women.

14. Men Who Really Care About People

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

You will rarely come across a woman resisting a man who takes good care of the world around him. Some of the attractive qualities in any man include unselfishness, inspiration, and kindness. These attributes are blended together in a social justice-savvy man that women will notice and automatically be drawn to. One of the reasons behind this tendency is that most of these qualities are traditionally linked to men. The reason behind a man’s caring nature could be because you have a passion for something that is beyond yourself. Women find this to be very appealing because they also have a nurturing instinct about them. Women look for men who care about people who live around them. Women want men to be caring and compassionate. This also helps men become great fathers.

13. Really Smart Men

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Several benefits come with learning a new thing from the person you are dating. An intellectual man will stimulate and engage a woman all the time. As a smart man, you will possess some form of seriousness that will draw women to your path. Women don’t expect to be bored when they are around a smart man. You can work on your intelligence just like humor. Any man who is lacking in this area can pick up a few books or listen to experts from various walks of life. This will help you to open up your mind. Intelligence is more about having intellectual curiosity and widening your perspective. You can measure it by how well you can hold a woman’s attention. Combine your intelligence with humility so that you don’t appear to be overbearing.

12. Talented Men

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Women find men who have awesome talents like skating, drawing, music, or anything that you do with a high standard of expertise appealing. However, some talents tend to attract women more than others. For example, women tend to be attracted to dancers instead of someone who is good at drawing. The attraction depends on the type of woman you are dating and what she is looking for. The most important thing is to hone your craft and remain focused irrespective of what you can do. You will attract potential suitors because of your strong drive and passion. As a person, you obviously have something that you are good at, and it’s okay to pursue these interests. Practice comes with inherent rewards, and it will also spark some romantic interests from potential suitors.

11. Generous Men

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Everyone relates to a generous person. However, our gender-based tradition dictates that a man should be able to provide for a woman financially. This school of thought might be a little bit old-fashioned, but you cannot fully run away from it because it is a characteristic that a woman needs. Generosity doesn’t always have to mean giving away money. There are several ways a man can be generous if he does not have a lot of cash. Generosity can be displayed in the way you use your time, share compliments, have good energy or positivity that you bring to the various situations that come your way. It could be giving a helping hand or spending time with a woman. Such an approach will build a strong character and enhance your romantic prospects.

10. Sensitive Men

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Sensitive men tend to attract negative feedback from mass media. Other men dismiss sensitive men as being too soft, feminine, or even gay. However, this is not a bad attribute for a man to have. Women easily fall in love with men who have a sensitive side. Therefore, it makes sense not to dismiss this quality that a man may have. For example, most women find Justin Bieber, Adrian Brody, and Drake to be attractive. They find these men attractive, because they are sensitive. You can also cultivate sensitivity as it narrows down to the little things like remembering what your girlfriend tells you, listening, and helping out in small ways when you’re needed. You should also remain in touch with your feelings and those of other people. Sensitivity also calls for open and honest communication. Most of the best acting, writing, and music in the world originate from a strong, sensitivity person. Speakers, actors, writers, and musicians attract many women. This attraction is because these artists are sensitive.

9. Stylish Men

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Women appreciate personal grooming and will love any man who has a flawless sense of style. It is not necessary to wear designer clothes all the time. However, take good care of your appearance, personal grooming and scent. Any man who puts a lot of effort into personal grooming receives more attention from women. Apart from being a superficial thing, adding effort to your individual style will give women a glimpse into your level of attention to detail, personality, and personal pride. Therefore, take a different approach if you have been going out in dirty sweatpants every single day. Invest in an excellent signature scent, wardrobe, and grooming routine. Keep your beard trimmed and make sure that you have an appropriate haircut. Your overall cleanliness must be beyond reproach if you want to attract more women.

8. Good Looking Men

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We are not going to beat around the bush with this element even though it may seem superficial. Each woman is searching for a good looking man. Our modern culture is obsessed with looks, and we cannot run away from that fact. Men who are blessed genetically will not struggle so much to attract women in comparison to those who are at a disadvantage. There is no doubt that men who have well-defined jawlines and washboard abs tend to attract women more. You also need to have nice legs and gorgeous eyes in your arsenal of attractive qualities. The good thing about women is that they will always appreciate nice looking men. If you are not naturally good looking, you can enhance your looks through personal grooming. However, unless you try to improve your looks by any means necessary, you will not fair well against nice looking men.

7. Men that are the same as you

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Most women love men who resemble them. Have you heard of some women wishing that a certain man would be the father of their children? Love has a lot to do with personal preferences and subjectivity. There are some groups of qualities that a man has which are universally attractive. However, each woman has a combination of qualities that she cannot resist when looking for the ideal man. There is no problem if you get attracted to a man who has similar qualities to you. Dating a man that has similar qualities to you might seem a bit weird, but this is a very real trend. However, it is wise to have a few opposite attributes that will complement one another. You need someone who will help you improve your weak points. The similar traits you have with a man will help strengthen your relationship.

6. A Man who is adventurous

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

A man who seeks adventure is not just a bungee jumper or a skydiver. An adventurous man is any person who is open to trying new things. A man who is not afraid to try new things will go with you to a new hotel that has unusual food on their menu. He will also change what he does as far as activities on every single date. He is willing to take up any challenge and will always challenge you. You may discover that you are changing at a personal level for the better. Such a man will always push you out of your comfort zone and will not allow your life to stagnate. An adventurous person will rarely get disappointed when things don’t work as promised. Men like this see such misfortunes as a perfect opportunity to explore other things.

5. A man who is your complete opposite

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

The time has come to do something completely different if you have not been successful in finding the right man. Dating a man who is your complete opposite may seem like a disaster, but you only have to worry about it if you are not careful enough. Hook up with a man who shares nothing in common with you in the best ways. Maybe you are stuck indoors and don’t feel like moving, dating him will get you out of your comfort zone so that you can explore a city together. You could be so much into jazz and old-school blues, and dating your opposite will make you appreciate electronic music. Opposites can attract and complement one another in a very nice way. According to a study done by the science of relationships, a person who has an opposite outlook with regard to your goals can lead to a successful and healthy partnership. The implication is that both partners will want the same results out of the relationship by taking different routes to achieve them. The most important thing is to have similar goals in mind like developing a pleasant and vigorous relationship whether your personality or interests line up 100 percent or not.

4. A guy who is a businessman

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Have you been thinking about dating a businessman in a suit – a wolf off of Wall Street? Relax. Businessmen have the reputation of being competitive and cutthroat, but most of them are ordinary men who have the same drive to get love as much as they strive to succeed. You cannot hold the position of a CEO, entrepreneur, or banker unless you are ambitious, well-connected, and smart. The good thing is that you can find nearly all these qualities in a man. He will pay more attention to his work and spend a lot of time in the office. However, the reward he gets is worth the effort. He also wants time to relax, and socialize. You can be there to help him meet these objectives. Totally driven and focused men also tend to have something that is alluring for women.

3. The artsy man

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

The personality of artists is a bit different from other men. They tend to be more sensitive and creative. They’re ruled by emotion and feelings. These qualities are appropriate for any romantic partner. You need a creative boyfriend who wants to share his feelings with you. This is more applicable to a woman who is looking for emotional honesty and communication with her partner. Artists allow their heart to rule and this may result in a passionate and romantic relationship. Artists also like to live in the moment. There is no need to ask yourself whether the relationship is heading somewhere. Just allow it to happen, as there is no need to worry about what the future holds. Not everything will be easy going, as artists may tend to be more neurotic than a left-brain person. Their job may come with a lot of stress, which may force you to invest a lot of energy for that relationship to work. However, this effort is worth it because you will never stop swooning once you get a handmade anniversary gift.

2. A man who is a world traveler

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Every woman should aspire to date a man who loves traveling. This man follows the direction of his heart. Maybe he will pass through Asia or comes across the beautiful Thailand beaches to meet a woman like you. When you date this type of man, he is an individual who has visited Germany’s Oktoberfest and tasted original bratwurst. The man who has climbed several mountains in the world, seen the Scotland Loch Ness monster, and skied the Swiss Alps is a man that women want to get to know. Women love men who appear to be alluring and have a sense of adventure. This is a great reason to date a world traveler. When you strive to date an adventurous man who follows his heart all the time, you will not be disappointed. He will take you on some magnificent trips and you will have a wonderful adventure together. He will think of you when he sees the sunset over the ocean, and you will explore it together. You will share those unforgettable, unique, and incredible experiences with this type of man. You will discover that his passion for the natural wonders of the world will match his love for you.

1. Men who are really sweet

Types Of Men We Need On Tinder

Even though the saying states that nice men finish last, men tell themselves that being sweet is not a good quality to have. The truth of the matter is that women naturally love nice men. However, the term nice does not mean wishy-washy or indecisive. Genuinely speaking, women adore men who are unselfish, caring and who don’t have trouble finding and keeping women. Therefore, be careful if you are mean-spirited or the type of guy who focuses on nagging and bringing down the self-esteem of women. Being this way should not appeal to you, but instead, you need to be kind. This is the best long-term strategy if you want to date more women. Being nice is something that works when trying to pick up a woman.

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