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15 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

15 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

Dating has never been easy, but the 21st century is trying its best to help the romantically challenged among us to find their perfect partners. Online dating sites like, and dating apps such as Tinder, are using the power of technology to help lonely singletons cast their net a little wider.

Yet, 39% of us still meet our significant others through mutual friends, while 15% of couples meet in the workplace, and 9% meet through a shared love of a hobby or interest. Only 8% meet through internet dating, though that number is increasing every year. It is also estimated that a third of recently married couples met online.

Understandably, some people are nervous about online dating, as you don’t really know who you are talking to. Their fears are not unfounded, especially after a study of online dating site users in the US, revealed that over 50% admitted to lying in their profile.

The girl you are talking to may seem perfectly balanced, and well-adjusted online, but things could be very different in real life. If she displays any of the traits listed below when you meet up for your first date, then it’s time to make your excuses and leave.

15. Gold Digger


Some men like to play the old-fashioned gentleman, paying for his date’s meal or drinks, and some women prefer to split the bill 50/50. A gold digger, on the other hand, doesn’t just think men should pay for dinner. She thinks they should pay for everything. If your date doesn’t offer to pay her way, or worse, doesn’t even bring money out on your date, then she could be trouble. By all means, give her a couple of chances to “remember” her wallet, but if she’s still expecting you to pay for everything five dates in, kick her to the curb.

14. Drama Queen


Girls that love to make everything a big drama are utterly exhausting. If you sleep with her best friend behind her back, you deserve to get bawled out. In fact, you don’t deserve to get screamed at, and locked out of the house, simply because you forgot to bring milk home from the store, or because you were half an hour late back from work than you’d said. Truth is, some women can’t stand life unless they’re the centre of a big drama. Crazily, she probably secretly wants you to be the worst boyfriend in the world, just so she can complain about you to her girlfriends.

13. Princess


The princess is like a gold digger with extra attitude. Not only does she believe that her date should pay for everything, she also believes that her boyfriend should do exactly what she tells him to do, all the time – and she’s not afraid to throw a complete tantrum if you don’t behave yourself. Princesses tend to be very attractive girls, and are used to men falling over themselves to keep them happy. They are definitely not a great prospect for a long-term relationship, and not someone you would be comfortable taking home to meet your family! If your girl likes being on a pedestal, help her get up there – and then swiftly walk away.

12. The Needy Girl


Sometimes it’s nice to know that your girlfriend feels like she needs you, even if it is just to reach the higher shelves in her kitchen, or get rid of spiders that have wandered into her apartment. Some women take that neediness way too far, however, and once she has a boyfriend, she finds it difficult to function without your presence, sometimes going so far as to cut off all contact with her friends so that she can spend her waking hours hanging out with you. Of course, you don’t get a say in whether you want a break from her from time to time.

11. Someone who constantly Nags


Stand-up comics love to make jokes about nagging wives – but the nagging doesn’t just start the day after you say “I do”. While both sexes can be guilty of nagging their partners, it is definitely something that is perceived to be a mainly female trait. Indeed, the former head of the health service in the UK even said that men have a shorter life expectancy than women, because their wives “nag them to death”. So being nagged by your girlfriend to go to the shops or pick up after yourself isn’t just annoying – it could be damaging to your health too!

10. Radical Feminist


There’s nothing wrong with dating a modern woman. Feminists are happy to pay their own way, don’t need a guy to take care of them 24/7, and are often better at DIY than their male partners. However, beware of the feminist who says she believes in equality of the sexes when what she really means is that women are vastly superior and all the problems on earth can be traced back to men. If that sounds like your girlfriend, then you have a “feminazi” on your hands, and you can expect to be belittled and demeaned for the entirety of your relationship.

9. Copycat Girlfriend


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – however, the exception to that rule is a girlfriend who seems to take on your personality and interests, in some kind of misguided attempt to stay close to you. Every guy has dated a girl who claimed she loved sports and video games, in an attempt to sell herself as top-notch girlfriend material. Take her to the game, though, and she’ll spend the whole afternoon moaning about how bored/cold/hungry she is. If a girl comes along who seems to share all your interests she’s either lying, or you should just marry her right now.

8. Green Eyed ‘Monsteress’


Jealousy can destroy a relationship – and there’s little you can do to change the mind of a girl who doesn’t trust you. Well, unless you want to stay in with her every evening, ditching nights out with the boys, all while giving her complete access to your phone, email and social media accounts? In case you fall in love, and if your girl is the jealous type, she is always going to suspect you of sneaking around behind her back, and her constant accusations are only going to put a lot of strain on a relationship that obviously wasn’t very strong to begin with.

7. She Is Too Secretive


On the other hand, a girl who keeps too many secrets from her man is asking for trouble too. After all, trust works both ways. Women are just as likely to cheat on a partner as men, and a girlfriend who is cagey about telling you her plans, who hides texts and emails, or just flat-out lies about where she’s going to be, is definitely up to something. Confrontation only leads to arguments, while following her when she goes out is just plain creepy. If your partner is keeping too many secrets, then it’s time to show her the door.

6. Hates All Your Friends


When you start getting serious with a girl, you want to introduce her to your boys, not just because you want to show off your sexy girlfriend, but also because you spend a lot of time with your friends, and you want them all to get along. Warning bells should start ringing immediately if she starts telling you on the way home how she didn’t really like your friends, or that they were mean to her. Usually, the chances are none of it is true. What’s really happening is that she wants to alienate you from your mates, so she can have you all to herself. Remember though, to analyze her concerns carefully when she points out something about your friends, lest you lose your God sent chance to unearth the truth about your mates.

5. Not Very Bright


While the way a girl looks is what first attracts men, it is important to remember that beauty is only skin deep, and if underneath that beauty is a girl who finds it mentally taxing to add 2+2, or recall her own name, then it’s going to be a very boring relationship. Even if looks are important to you, you also have to be able to have interesting conversations with your girlfriend. Bimbos may be impressive when you walk into the club with one on your arm, but her lack of brains is going to get to you eventually.

4. Domineering


Some guys like to be dominated a little in the bedroom. Well, whatever you get up to behind closed doors is your own business. However, when it comes to daylight hours, it’s important to remember that relationships should be an equal partnership, with no one person “in charge” of the other. Some women prefer instead to impose their will on their partner right from the start, making decisions on behalf of the two of you about little things, like dinner plans, right up to the very big things – including when and where you move in together, or even when you’re getting hitched!

3. Party Girl


Research shows that 12% of us still meet our partners at bars and clubs – though they have to be the worst places to try and start a serious relationship. If you meet your date at a bar, don’t be surprised if she turns out be a party girl, and is able to drink you under the table. These girls are great fun at the start of a relationship, but you can soon find yourself tiring – emotionally and physically – from their constant partying. If she won’t give up the clubs for you, then it might be time to give her up – for the good of your liver.

2. Foxy And Flirty


When your new girlfriend is sexy and smart, you can’t wait to show her off to your friends, your co-workers – even your family. But what happens when your sexy, smart girlfriend starts flirting like crazy with your best buddy, or your boss, or even your little brother? Sadly, some girls can’t help it, therefore don’t even realize they’re doing it – it’s just how they’ve always engaged with men. The problem is that other guys don’t know that, and if you’re the jealous type, you’re always going to be wondering if someone has taken her up on her flirtatious chat.

1. Mean Girl


You can tell a lot about a girl from the company she keeps. If her friends remind you of the cast of Mean Girls – and if she’s even mean about them behind their back when you’re alone together – that should set off some pretty loud alarm bells. Women who don’t like other women have a lot of issues, and the chances are you’re never going to get a minute’s peace from questions about your new female co-worker, or why you were so nice to the female cashier at the store. Make sure to meet her friends as soon as possible, and get some idea of what you’re in for!

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