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15 U.S. Cities Where Women Can Go Bare Up Top

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15 U.S. Cities Where Women Can Go Bare Up Top

Picture this: You are in Times Square in New York City and a babe walks up to you and offers to take a picture with you. Only thing is, she’s not wearing a top. What? No way. Yes way. It’s become something of a problem for the Big Apple. You see, female toplessness is permitted in NYC. So the chicks are entitled. The guys on the street love it, but the city bosses are getting headaches big time. Now, according to, only three states in the United States have banned female toplessness. They are Utah, Tennessee and Indiana. But wait, it’s not always that simple. Cities may have local ordinances prohibiting females from daring to bare. Or they may try to arrest women for “public indecency”. It’s kind of crazy because places like Los Angeles that you think would say it’s okay, reportedly have tried to ban it, while places like Columbus, Ohio give toplessness the green light. So, here’s a roundup of 15 cities in the United States where baring all up top is perfectly legal. Go Topless Day is coming up in August. So, pick a city and book those flights.

15. New Orleans, Louisiana

Well, females can (and do) go bare during Mardi Gras, that blow-out carnival that ends with the start of Lent. Floats, parades, balls, lots of booze and dancing in the streets are the order of the day in New Orleans during the annual festival. You’ll see twin sets parading down the street, leaning over balconies, rolling up to cafes and bars and proudly posing with friends. New Orleans Mardi Gras has a reputation for being wild and fun and uninhibited. The good news is that most girls don’t bother with the camouflage beads. They get up close and personal with going bare. So, have a couple of stiff drinks and get out there before some other guy does.

14. New York City

Female toplessness is legal throughout the New York state. That simply means it has not been banned by law. And New York City has decided to allow it, with police told to leave those bare babes alone unless they are attracting crowds and things are beginning to get out of hand. Then, cops wade in and tell the crowd to move it. So, as we said before, if you hit Times Square these days, be prepared to have some babe come up to you and offer to pose with you… topless, in exchange for a “tip”. Now, where a topless woman is, so are a bunch of guys staring at her top half and busily taking pictures. As one tourist said, “Only in New York.” The mayor is not happy with it, but what can he do? The answer seems to be not much.

13. Austin, Texas

Austin is a with-it town, with a great selection of really neat one-off restaurants, bars and clubs. And has certified it as topless-friendly. Whoa! Cowgirls in skimpy outfits and boots doing the topless things sounds way hot to us. And coeds too. Stroll by the University of Texas at Austin campus and you just might get lucky and catch an eye-full. The conservative church community may or may not approve, but who really cares? It’s hot and sunny in Texas, like way hot and sunny. So topless babes be warned: Pack the sun screen! Ouch. But watch out. While toplessness is not illegal in Texas, a lot of towns frown on it. But women can bare it up there in Austin any time.

12. Honolulu, Hawaii

Now we’re talking. Surf and sand and beaches and topless babes. Honolulu is totally topless-friendly. You’ll spot the most bare-up-there babes on the beaches. And there are plenty of those. Hawaii, with its Pacific Island Polynesian culture, is generally more topless friendly than in some parts of the United States mainland. It’s a cultural thing, you see. Those islanders have sworn by toplessness for a long, long time. And that means the attitude of the local guys is friendly. Catch a topless babe on a beach on the mainland and she’ll probably draw a crowd. In Honolulu, they just keep walking. After, of course, having a quick look.

11. South Miami Beach, Florida

Chrissy Teigen hit South Miami Beach, Florida and was not content with merely going topless. No, she took everything off, and we mean everything. She was playing in the water, crawling around the beach and bobbing up and down to give the boys a look at her boobs. There was quite a crowd. South Miami Beach allows toplessness, but nude? Apparently, especially in certain areas and if you are a rich, famous and gorgeous celebrity. South Beach itself has a large LBGT population. That, together with the hot nightlife and gorgeous beaches means that going bare up there in South Beach is not a big deal. Unless you’re Chrissy Teigen.

10. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is a Rocky Mountain kind of town that draws rock climbers, snow skiers, hikers and topless females. It is a rich, laid back town that attracts outdoor enthusiasts, as well as artsy types. And it’s pretty topless friendly, with the laid back attitude usually extending to the odd bare breasted dame. The guys there are almost always quiet and respectful. Personally, we wouldn’t recommend rock climbing or skiing topless. Talk about cuts and abrasions and frost bite! But you may see bare-up- there chicks walking around the town on warmer days. On snow-free days, you may even spot the odd topless ski instructor. Talk about making certain the boys come back for more!

9. Sante Fe, New Mexico

It’s the main “free the nipple” girl Miley Cyrus, doing just that in the desert. Sante Fe, New Mexico is a desert kind of town with a Spanish vibe, where the days are usually warm and the nights can get chilly. So, your best chances of spotting a bare babe are during the daytime. A while back, a pack of New Mexico cyclists took to the roads naked. They were trying to see what the cops would do. Guess what? The police only told the young people not to block the road! Onlookers went nuts, whooping and taking pictures. The cyclists were shouting “Save the oil.” See, spandex cycling clothes are made using oil. Save the oil, indeed.

8. Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin has more than 15,000 lakes and is a great place to visit if you want peace and quiet… and topless girls. Now, going bare is almost certainly a warm weather thing in a state where snow and ice reign during the winter. While a year or so ago, a Wisconsin woman was arrested for mowing her lawn topless, Madison is a certified by as “topfreedom” city. That means topless is A-OK in Madison. And the locals? They love it. A few years back, video footage of a woman driving a motorcycle handless and topless on a Wisconsin Interstate went viral. Meanwhile, over in Michigan, a babe who tried that got done for indecent exposure. Best to check on for cities certified as topless friendly (or, at least tolerant).

7. Portland, Oregon

Ah, the beautiful forests of the Northwest. Imagine setting out for a walk or a bike ride and encountering a topless girl. It could just happen in and around Portland, a town with a quirky, liberal background and vibe. It’s all that independent pioneer spirit. Both men and women can go topless in Portland. You might see a coed strolling with a friend, or maybe a homeowner washing a car. Oregon also has this naturalist vibe, which means it has a whole lot of nudist colonies, beaches and resorts. As one tourist who spotted a pack of topless male and female runners in Portland said, “People in Portland know how to have a good time!” Oregonians, it seems, just like to take their clothes off.

6. Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, that bastion of middle class values and… topless females. Well, the town is cool with it. Every year, the city holds ComFest that, according to is “a beautiful, carefree weekend aimed at peace, freedom, community, and even braless-ness”. And toplessness. But a while back, it seemed that Ohio Liquor Agents were trying to rain on the parade. Applying a strip-club regulation that forbids liquor where there is nudity, the agents were saying no topless females or no liquor license. Whoa! That’s a killer. And ComFest’s response? Succinct: “WTF, no.” They went to court and the judge told the Ohio Liquor Agents to take a hike. ComFest is totally cool… and topless once again.

5. Keene, New Hampshire

A beach in Keene, New Hampshire and a happy topless babe celebrating freeing her nipple. Keene is certified by as topless cool. But over in Laconia, N.H., it’s a three-ring circus, with hilarious hearings of women charged with illegally exposing their breasts. Seems the town has a ban. People, mostly guys, pack the courtroom to watch the videos of topless babes. And the judge seems to be all over the place, finding one lot of women guilty and another group not guilty. It’s the uptight New England establishment versus the ‘free the nipple’ brigade. And it’s totally fun to watch. In Keene, going bare is cool. Babes who try it in Laconia get videoed and may face a trial. Stick to Keene. The natives are friendly. And the beaches are way more fun.

4. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is an artsy kind of mountain town in North Carolina. And it’s totally legal for babes to go topless there. Guys have reported seeing topless women on trails and walking around the city. So, imagine you are a guy on your own walking down a deserted mountain trail and up in front of you is a bare-up-there girl. Now meeting a fully clothed stranger on a quiet trail is awkward, but meeting a strange, topless female is way bizarre. To look or not to look. To say hi or not. Most of the locals seem friendly to the idea of a babe daring to bare. But not all the residents of Asheville are keen on the idea. Your granny and grandad types can get a bit uptight, as can moms with children in tow.

3. Eugene, Oregon

Why are guy’s cars so clean in Eugene, Oregon? We are back to ageing hippie, nudist colony-friendly, frontier vibe and independent Oregon. Eugene, Oregon is a place where topless babes are not just legal, they are not all that uncommon. That’s not surprising for a state that still has nude beaches and where recreation marijuana is legal. Peace, man. One summer a while back, one guy reported that college girls in bikinis were advertising car washes. “They’d take you & your car behind a building, strip & wash it.” So legal pot, topless babes and nude beaches. What’s not to love about Oregon?

2. Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins was kind of hesitant to “free the nipple”, but a Federal Judge said it had to be. So there it was. See, the town tried to float an ordinance that banned women from baring their breasts. That’s a pretty common occurrence in “anti” cities and towns. It all got kind of heated, with campaigners showing up at beaches and public places. The city’s lawyers tried to say that ‘freeing the nipple’ endangered children. WTF, the judge said. Well, something like that. He slammed the city’s half-baked arguments and gave the green light to babes going topless. The men of Fort Collins were apparently very grateful, as various meet and greet photoshoots have proven.

1. Washington D.C.

Freeing the female nipple is legal in Washington D.C. We bet the sight of this hot female standing in front of the White House with an open faced halter, displaying those pert twins, must have had the prez and staffers calling for the binoculars. Now, D.C. is the capital of the United States. It’s a button down kind of place where chicks tend to go for “power suits” and sensible shoes, rather than daring to bare. But there are a number of women who are into ‘freeing that nipple’. One of the “hassles” they face is that Washington D.C. in the summer is awash with families. The tourist dads may secretly like it, but the moms? No way.


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