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15 U.S. Tech Jobs That Are In Super High Demand

15 U.S. Tech Jobs That Are In Super High Demand


There doesn’t seem to be another question that will make you freeze quite like being asked how much you get paid. The only people who are even less likely to enjoy that question are employers but it is something job seekers would really like to know.

Glassdoor is the second most popular job site in the United States and has recently announced that they will include a salary estimate with every job listing. This is meant to help job seekers to know exactly how much they could be paid before applying for a job.

According to their algorithms, they’ve calculated that the total value of unfilled jobs in the U.S. is more than a staggering $272 billion. While the tech industry ranked fifth in terms of overall value of job openings it also features some high paying work. So here is a list of 15 of the highest paying jobs in tech which have the most available jobs on the market.

15. IT Architect


An IT architect creates and maintains the computer networks of corporations and other organizations. Like the title architect suggests, they model and test network plans prior to actually building a network to make sure everything works. They also use the same design and modeling tools to simulate a current network in order to test modifications like adding new hubs or routers to the existing network. To get this job you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems but some employers prefer a master’s degree. An IT architect is looking at a base pay of about $115,332 with 1,618 jobs currently open. That means there’s about $186,607,738 worth of work as an IT Architect.

14. Mobile Developer


As more and more people spend time (and money!) on mobile devices, advertising dollars are being spent there rather than television. That means more developers for the mobile market are needed to create and write apps for phones and tablets. Not only do developers need to know popular coding languages for mobile like Swift, Java, and C# but also understand how to build a successful user interface through a smaller screen like that found on a mobile device. As a mobile developer, you’ll need to create and execute an app as well as be able to support it once it goes public. Currently, there are about 1,930 open jobs with $175,951,865 worth of work. Average pay for a mobile developer is about $91,167.

13. Solutions Architect


Unlike an IT architect, a solutions architect designs a complete and complex computer system rather than just a network. They work with customers as well as development, engineering, and operations resources to design solutions based on the business and technical requirements for a project. The architecture they develop generally involves marrying different types of technologies from multiple vendors into a cohesive whole. They develop, review, and maintain both the network and operational architecture frameworks. There are about 1,979 jobs available for solutions architect with an average salary of $108,738. The economic value of all those potential jobs is $215,193,485.

12. Information Security Engineer


An information security engineer designs the computer security architecture to keep computer systems and network devices safe against attacks. Think of it in another way. Just like Fort Knox is designed in such a way to make sure no one is able to break in, so to do information security engineers design networks that are hard to get into. Not only do they design the architecture but also engineer and implement as well as monitor their security measures in order to keep highly sensitive data from being breached. With 2,133 jobs open and $198,154,391 in economic value, the average base pay for an information security engineer is $92,899.

11. Security Engineer


Just like we have security guards and police officers in real life, there are cyber police who are charged with keeping data and computer systems safe. Enter the Security Engineer. These are the guys and gals with experience in ethical hacking, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention. They are the white hat hackers (the good guys) that keep data and information safe from black hat hackers (bad guys). Remember the movie Hackers when they try to hack “the Gibson?” Penn Jillette and Fisher Stevens were the security engineers keeping them out. The base pay for a security engineer is $103,000 with 2,225 open jobs. That’s $229,175,745 worth of open work.

10. Systems Administrator


A systems administrator is someone who is responsible for designing and organizing a company’s computer systems. They are also charged with modifying and supporting it along with any related infrastructure. It’s a pretty unglamorous job but it’s also an essential one in order to keep IT operations running smoothly at a particular company. Smaller businesses tend to require a jack-of-all-trades type of systems administrator while larger companies will hire several specialists. Right now there are about 2,902 jobs available for the systems administrator role with an average base pay of $70,415. The economic value of all those vacant jobs is a cool $204,343,840.

9. Front End Engineer


Web pages have come a long way since hypertext markup language (what the http:// in your URL stands for) was invented in the 90’s. These days users expect far more interaction with websites and that’s where the front end engineer comes in. They write the code for all the visible features a website has. From text and navigation buttons all the way to animation and games, the front end engineer works with a backend developer to deliver dynamic content to the user. The average pay for a front end engineer is about $90,676 with 2,948 open jobs. That means there’s about $267,314,264 worth of work as a front end engineer.

8. Data Engineer


A data engineer designs the structure of precise and large-scale data sets to work with databases and big data projects. They research the latest software engineering tools and perform database research in order to recommend ways to improve the efficiency and quality of data. The role requires solid programming knowledge and an acute understanding of math. There are about 3,073 open jobs as a data engineer with approximately $321,286,159 of available work. The average base pay for a data engineer is about $104,551.

7. Data Scientist


Data scientists are high in demand because it’s a relatively new occupation and no one is quite sure what the exact definition of the job is. Fundamentally, a data scientist uses a mix of skills in order to work with and pour over large amounts of data. They analyze those large data sets in order to get a better understanding of a company’s customers and tailor their product accordingly. In a nutshell, they find the needle in a haystack. The average base pay for a data scientist is $114,035. With 3,508 open jobs, there’s about $400,033,101 worth of economic value left on the table.

6. Software Development Engineer in Test


All of the jobs on this list so far have been about developing or analyzing making the case that there’s a lot of money to be earned in creating something. But there’s good money to be had in breaking stuff as well. A software development engineer in test develops software that tries to break other software. In other words, it’s a souped up quality assurance job with an average paycheck of $86,553. And there’s a lot of work for software development engineer in test with 3,573 open jobs that total an estimated economic value of $309,254,859 worth of vacant work.

5. Java Developer


Java is one of the most (if not the most) popular programming languages on the planet. And for good reason. It is a platform independent language that has been rock solid for a good twenty years or so. The syntax has remained roughly the same since it was developed in 1995 and it shares close ties to Microsoft’s C#. Since Java is free, it comes without the pesky licensing issues of Microsoft’s language. The demand for more Java developers is still huge with about 3,784 open jobs for a programmer at an average base pay of about $83,009. The economic value for all those vacant jobs tops $314,104,895 worth of available work.

4. Network Engineer


Long gone are the days of single, standalone computers. Everything is now networked to the point where almost every home has a simple wifi network. A corporate network is a different beast altogether and requires a network engineer whose job it is to design and manage it. They’re responsible for installing all of the new hardware, systems, and software for each network as well as troubleshoot network problems and outages. They also work with the IT architect to optimize the network. The average base pay for a network engineer is $83,873 and there are about 3,882. That’s a total economic value of $325,594,753.

3. Product Manager


Up until this point, every career on this list has been about creating (and in one case breaking) information systems. A product manager is a bit different. They still need all of the technical requirements — like a bachelor’s degree in computer science — as everyone else on this list but with a significant difference. They don’t implement code. Rather they act as liaisons between the engineers who are developing the systems and the non-technical business side. There are currently about 3,874 open jobs for product managers with an average base pay of about $104,274. That means there’s about$403,956,437 worth of work available.

2. Systems Engineer


Every entry on this list is a part of a whole but who’s job is it to look at the whole? That would be the system engineer. They are the eye-in-the-sky of IT and are responsible for coordinating the work of many specialized developers. They design and develop the complex custom computer systems and frameworks for internal and external customers as well as maintain the software, computer systems, and networks. The average system engineer earns a base pay of about $89,588. With 6,769 open jobs, the economic value is around $606,424,461 worth of available work.

1. Software Engineer


Number one on this list is the software engineer who is, basically, a computer programmer. Unlike the Java developer, a software engineer needs to know one or more different coding languages depending on the job they’re doing. Because jobs involving web services have become more and more common the demand for programmers has increased as well. The average base pay of a software engineer is $98,263 and there are about 13,198 open positions. The economic value of those jobs is more than a billion dollars and sits at a staggering $1,296,871,985.

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