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15 Ugly Tattoos People HAVE To Regret Ever Getting

15 Ugly Tattoos People HAVE To Regret Ever Getting

“Think before you ink.” – This is a popular saying that everyone should consider before getting any permanent tattoos. We all know that a tattoo is a form of art that involves the inserting of ink or pigments on one’s skin that depicts a picture or design. There was a public disapproval about tattoos, but these stigmas and misunderstandings are now decreasing; hence, making tattoos very popular and very much accepted today.

Although tattoos are just becoming fully accepted in today’s generation, tattoos have been around for many centuries. Researchers can’t really figure out what specific timeline and specific country where the tattoo originated. There is proof that the art of tattooing was practiced in the ancient ethnic tribes of Polynesia, Japan, Africa, Philippines, and more. Tattoos used to be a form of different sacred traditions. Some tribes used this art as a mark or a reminder of braveness of warrior or beauty of women. The more tattoos they had, the braver or the more beautiful they were. Ancient people did not just get inked by a tattoo easily; they needed to “earn” it.

Today, tattoos are still alive, but not as a tradition anymore. All you have to do is think of a design and go to a tattoo artist. And then, voila! You are inked. There are different kinds of tattoos that everyone can choose from – Polynesian, Oriental, splash, watercolor, and even glow-in-the dark.

Some people get tattoos that are symbolic or have meaning in their life, while some just get inked because they feel like it. Tattoos are permanent, so one should make sure that their tattoo is meaningful, cool, or accurate; however, there are people who got inked permanently and seem to regret it.

Remember to research and get a second opinion about the design, and most importantly, go to a professional tattoo artist, because if not, you might just end up with tattoos you will regret… like these tattoos.

15. Never or Don’t?


“Never don’t give up” – Wow. Okay. Let us start with this, a confusing statement of which word to use. Is it “never” or “don’t”? Each word can make the statement right, but both words in that single statement will definitely make this wrong. Very wrong. Did this person not learn how to speak or write in School? Maybe English is not their first language, but if that was really the case, why not just ask someone or simply Google it? Yes, it’s true that tattoo laser removal can still make this abomination right. Luckily, correct lasers will also not leave a permanent scar. Just never, or don’t, give up making this tattoo right.

14. Dishouner?


“Death before dishouner” – We’ve got to admit that this is a strong message. Unluckily for him, he forgot to Google the phrase first to get some spelling suggestions. But, we can’t just put all the blame on him; the tattoo artist can also share the blame. It is not just the word “dishouner” that is wrong, but also the whole statement.

“Death Before Dishonor” is actually the correct phrase. It is a Marine Corps saying that means dishonoring God, country, family, or other important thing that should never be a priority and a man should die with honor protecting God, country, or family. “Death Before Dishonor” also became a film in 1987 wherein a Marine sergeant is on a mission to rescue a colonel in the Middle East.

13. Noledge is Power


Now, this is ironic. Spelling knowledge is definitely not his power. This is a famous quote and “knowledge” is quite a common word, too. Looking on the bright side though, “noledge” does sound like “knowledge” anyway.

“Knowledge is Power” or “Scientia est Potentia” is actually a Latin phrase that is commonly attached to Sir Francis Bacon, an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, and author. This phrase means that without knowledge or education, then one’s skillsets and abilities will simply not increase. However, if one has enough knowledge, then that person can achieve more in life and influence other people, thus, power.

12. Amen?


No, what happened to Jesus’ hands? Common! It is clear that the artist and the model are quite proud of this questionable piece of work. However, most people will not appreciate this at all. Sometimes, the tattoo business is just not for everyone – just real good artists, because it’s human skin we’re talking about here. And it’s permanent. If it’s true that the artist still needs to “shade” or “retouch” this piece of work, then the final result should be better than this. Anyhow, the model can still get some cover-ups from other (and more professional) tattoo artists to make this perfect.

11. Tiger, Lion, or Anything?


This is the reason why you need a professional tattoo artist to give a “professional-looking” tattoo. Whatever creature this is – most likely a tiger, this looks like the work of a three-year-old child. Normally, people ask for a tiger tattoo to symbolize freedom or strength. Tigers symbolize a life without inhibitions, power, strength, and sensuality. According to some spiritual Gods, tigers are included in the solar totems or ruled by the sun, which means being fiery and passionate are their traits. However, tigers are also considered as destructive due to their predator instincts. This also means that if provoked, they will go wild. We wonder if this person went wild after seeing the final result of their tattoo.

10. Erasers are not useful


At least, they corrected it, right? First things first. The human body is not a paper, so some tattoo experts suggest that long quotes and some life stories are not advisable to be inked on the skin. Second, it is also recommended that tattoo artists should make stencils that they can trace before inking it permanently. Lastly, you don’t erase a permanent tattoo that way.

If, by any means, the model decided that the erased tattoo is not a pleasant permanent tattoo, a laser tattoo removal is just a drive away. Today, this may cost $200 to $500, depending on the size and type of tattoo. No worries though, scarring is not an issue, especially if it was done by a professional.

9. Keep Smileing


Anyone can agree that people should keep smiling, because after all, a smile is the best accessory and make-up that every girl (or even guys) can wear permanently. However, what everyone can’t agree on is the spelling of the word “smileing”, because well, it’s just not the same as the word “smiling”. There are really people who tend to misspell this word (are there?). “Keep smiling” is a common and powerful phrase that can give people some positive and good spirits, and it can also deliver a “ray of sunshine” to a person.

8. No Regerts


This is another ironic tattoo and misspelling, in every little way. “No regerts”, but he/she will totally be regretting this at this moment. This can also be an honest mistake by the tattoo artist, because “regerts” does not sound like regret. But either way, regardless of the spelling, there is a deep meaning of this phrase.

Psychologists say that people who usually state that they have no regrets actually have something very positive that they can hold onto today. This specifically means that if they will ever live their lives all over again, they would not redo it because of what they have today, and their mistakes are just parts of an integral whole.

7. Why, Just Why?


There are some people that should stop getting inked, because they’re failing. Jesus on the cross and yet, he’s playing basketball? Everyone gets it that there are really people who don’t believe and everyone should respect their beliefs to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations. So, to avoid debates about religions, others should also respect the believers. Unfortunately, this tattoo is not showing any respect. Respect should be mutual to avoid a larger problem in the future. Far worse, the design and the outline of the tattoo looks like another work of a child. Placing this tattoo on the skin is really a mistake that anyone would regret.

6. It’s Get Better


People just also need to learn that grammar is also important. English is not just a language; it can also be a tattoo. Again, a little Google search and second opinion wouldn’t hurt. Especially in this case. Most importantly, getting a professional tattoo artist is the most practical way to get inked, because they can also tell what’s wrong with the spelling and grammar. Even worse, there are self-acclaimed artists that can harm one’s skin and even one’s overall health.

Don’t worry, it will get better. Just a simple cover-up will fix this tattoo. Take note, the cover-up should be done by a professional tattoo artist. After all this, that advice should be crystal clear.

5. Checkered, Indeed


Although tattoos are already accepted today, there is still a stigma about face tattoos. Sometimes, people with face tattoos are convicts with a lengthy prison sentence. However, there are really just people who want to get face tattoos – metal band members or fans or this person tattooed with a checkered pattern on his face. Why did he get a tattoo similar to his background? Is this some kind of a camouflage technique? People just really can’t figure out why this kind of tattoo has a meaning to him.

Let’s try to give him the benefit of the doubt, shall we? According to some spiritual experts, the checkered pattern is a spiritual symbol. Some people say that this is a symbol for evil that is used in the Freemasonry teachings, while some say that a checkered pattern is just tied up to numerology that is a symbol for energy, power, leadership, and action. Whatever the meaning of this checkered pattern, let’s just conclude that maybe that is the message he is trying to send through his tattoo (but seriously, on the face?).

4. Tattooed Glasses, Really?


Alright, there is no doubt that this is really weird. Why get glass frames tattooed on the face? There are people who value tattoos as an art of expressing themselves and every tattoo has deep and special meaning. Tattoos represent their lives, not to represent weirdness at its finest. Yes, face tattoos are weird, but traditionally, face tattoos have a different and important meaning in ethnic tribes, too. This guy is just really weird.

Meet Matthew, a hipster who was tired of being questioned on why he did not wear the “Ray-Ban without lenses hipster trend”. Feeling fed up, he decided to show the world that he is a total hipster who got his permanent no-lens-glasses tattooed on his face.

3. No Pen No Gain


Well, this is actually true! Without pen at school, one can’t gain knowledge, right? That is if that’s what he’s trying to say. However, it appears that he meant “no pain, no gain”. Wrong choice of words and wrong choice of artist once again ruined his special tattoo moment.

“No pain, no gain” is originally an exercise motto. It means that working out or training hard will give the best results. For instance, athletes endure physical pain in order to be on the right track to professional excellence.

This is also applicable in getting a tattoo. Without pain, you will not be inked. However, in today’s generation where humans do everything to make life easier, painless tattoos are no longer an impossibility. Painless tattoos can be achieved by applying numbing spray, cream, or gel. Despite this advancement, there are still people who are very attached to the “no pain, no gain” way of getting inked.

2. Positivity


It seems that he is proud to be diagnosed positive. Being positive in life is good, but being diagnosed with HIV is medically not good. Some people would say that this can be an inappropriate tattoo. Do you think he got this tattoo because he is really diagnosed with HIV or he just doesn’t know what HIV means?

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV causes HIV infection that can develop immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS.

This is why HIV is a serious medical condition, because it can lead to cancers and other life-threatening diseases.

1. Jon Bovi


Who is Jon Bovi, you ask? Well, we’re not really sure. We know a Bon Jovi, though. The tattoo is very wrong, but what’s right here is that the person is clearly not a real fan of the musician. The tattoo artist is also not a fan, because who would misspell Bon Jovi’s name, right? Even the name “Bon Jovi” is permanently inked on a lot of people, especially rock fans. Another thing to note here, “it’s is my life” is also NOT correct. This needs to be covered-up immediately. Isn’t this guy embarrassed of his ink?

Remember folks, getting a professional tattoo artist and re-analyzing your design is ALWAYS a good idea.

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