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15 Unbelievable Superhumans Caught On Tape

15 Unbelievable Superhumans Caught On Tape

Superhumans are things that humans created as a form of entertainment through comic books, films, action figures and video games. The superhuman is a human who has abilities that a normal human doesn’t have. These abilities can include the power of flight, super strength, teleportation, and many more. These super powers typically happen because of some freak accident, or someone being born with unnatural DNA.

Of course, surperhumans are just make believe, or are they? Now you won’t see Spider-Man swinging through buildings in New York, but you could see something a bit strange. A few instances have been captured where it looks like a person has superhuman abilities. These videos include powers like telekinesis, strength, and mind control. These powers aren’t anything to change the course of history, but they can still be concerning. If there are people living with superpowers, it is most likely not a known thing. This could put those people in danger. It’s like every superhero’s origin story.

Sometimes, these powers slip out, and they could be captured on camera. A few accounts like this have happened. Of course, these could be faked, but it could also be proof of superhumans living among us normal humans. If they are actually out there, it is worrying to think of the things they could do, but nothing strange has happened yet!

15. Super Teacher


You may think of teachers as your everyday heroes, but did you ever think one could have real superpowers? A science teacher who was demonstrating how fire works told his students he could control the fire with his mind. One of the students pulled out his cellphone to start filming his teacher and what happened next was surprisingly impressive.

The teacher begins to rub his temples quickly which is supposed to make the fire burn faster. He then reaches his hand out, and begins to squish the fire until the fire goes out. This could be the fact that the teacher knows what is going to happen when he sets a piece of paper on fire, and he had really good timing, or the teacher actually has telekinesis…

14. Invincible Hands


This entry may make you cringe. This cook owns a restaurant, but with a unique twist. If you order anything fried from the menu, you’ll get it hand battered. Literally… This man has the power to withstand sticking his hand into hot oil for long periods of time. In the video, the man demonstrates that he can stick the meat he’s frying in the hot oil along with his entire hand. After that, he picks up the burning oil in his hands, as if it was sand running through his fingers.

The man explains it’s a genetic disorder that runs through his family. He says that his father had the same abilities, and his father before that. The man says that it’s hard to explain his power, and he discovered it the first time he was burned by oil. It didn’t affect him. He then proceeded to stick his whole hand in the oil, and he said all he felt was a little heat. It’s assumed that the only part of the man’s body that is immune to this is his hands, but it’s still impressive nonetheless.

13. The Real Magneto


One day, a man was fixing something that required nails. When he noticed the nails starting to disappear, he became concerned. He then noticed that the nails were in fact sticking to him, as if he were a magnet. Nobody knows why he has the ability to attract metal with his skin. Most people would logically make the conclusion that he had surgery, and there is a metal brace inside of him. However, the man has no record of ever having surgery.

The man lived most of his life not knowing he had this ability, and it was only recently it was discovered. News stations flooded to get interviews with the man, and he is now known as the real life Magneto. Too bad he can’t move metal with his hands, but this is cool enough.

12. Invincible to Electricity


A man in India has the ability to withstand deadly amounts of electricity. The man demonstrates his powers by sparking two live wires. The amount of electricity that should shock the man would be enough to knock someone off their feet. However, the man isn’t fazed by the electricity. This is only a small demonstration of his power, and the man wants to show off the full extent of his power.

He climbs a nearby electrical pole, and begins to put both hands on live wires. They place a light bulb next to the man that is connected to the pole. This shows that the power is on, and the man is touching live wires. The man not only feels nothing, but is also smiling as if he’s excited to show off his powers to someone. This means he’s done this several times, and he’s used to touching things that would otherwise kill people…

11. The Flying Man


Another video that comes from India shows something strange. A man and woman are being filmed as they’re touring the country. Suddenly shouts can be heard, and the camera quickly pans to the commotion. Up several feet above, a man can be seen floating in mid air. Not only that, but the man flies around, until vanishing into the sky.

The people below have no idea what the man is capable of besides flight, and they begin to fear for their lives. This is why the man darts away, as if to say he didn’t want to cause anyone harm. This seems like it would be hard to fake, since there was a large crowd that all witnessed the same thing. If this man can actually fly, we wonder if his powers were obtained naturally or through some government experiments…

10. Healing Hands


Monks are well known for being the closest thing to real life superheroes, and this video backs that up. The monks are known for their psychic healing powers. If a monk is injured in combat, they can typically heal themselves back to good health. This video demonstrates just that. A man is visiting a temple where monks practice. He is put up to a simple striking test where he strikes a piece of wood with the front, and back of his hand for as long as he can withstand.

He does this a few times, until his hand is visibly red, and swollen. The monk then walks over to the man, and takes his hand. They begin to rub their hands back and forth, and the monk miraculously heals the man’s hand. The man shows his hand to the camera, and all swelling has subsided, and his hand is back to its normal color. The man is able to continue training, and is inspired to learn the technique.

9. Superhuman Speed


A security camera caught something at a busy intersection that is a bit strange. Something fast goes zooming through the intersection passed several people waiting their turn. When it passes, there is a bright flash of light, and it can only be seen for a few seconds. The surrounding people and vehicles all look in awe, but it’s too late to tell what it was. This could be an example of someone with superhuman speed, like the popular comic book character the Flash.

This video could be fake, as the way the light took effect seems unnatural. That and the fact that the trail the object leaves behind looks like it was added in later. However, this isn’t the first fast creature caught on film. A similar creature was caught on tape on a highway when two men were taking a road trip. If this thing is real, then it gets around, and hopefully soon it can be caught on camera clearly so we can tell what it actually is.

8. Telekinesis


Lifting objects with your mind would be an awesome superpower, but imagine if you had the strength to lift whole cars with your mind. This security footage showing a busy intersection may have caught just that. A man can be seen at the scene, and one of the cars that were lifted seems to have been too close to him for his comfort. It’s speculated he’s the one who lifted the cars, but afterwards he takes off running.

It was confirmed that the cars were moved because a street cleaners line got stuck on one of the corners, and struck both of the cars, causing them to lift up. However, that was only just confirmed recently. For years, people believed that the cars could’ve been moved by an unseen force, and many speculated that it was the man standing in the sidelines who used telekinetic powers. Luckily, nobody has the ability to lift cars with their mind, because there is a chance they’d use it for evil.

7. Floating Man


This video, if real, makes everything we’ve learned about the Earth and physics obsolete. A man can be seen floating above a busy sidewalk, as onlookers look in shock and awe. The man is casually leaning on the wall, and poses for pictures. He waves at people below. It’s said that he keeps his hand on the wall to keep himself from floating away.

Skeptics have suggested a platform he is standing on, but his feet seem to dangle. Others have said that he is in a harness, or strings. However, his shoulders seem to be normal as if he were standing on the ground. This doesn’t rule out the fact that all of this was staged. People have also said that the hand is fake, but that would still take a superhuman amount of strength to hold himself up. Whatever the case, it was an impressive feat, and could prove that humans have the ability to float.

6. Jumping Man


A man looked like he was about to take his own life by jumping off of a building. The man stands atop the building for a few minutes, as if contemplating the jump. He extends his arms, and decides to take the leap. While spectators expect to see him hit the ground and meet his demise, they may be surprised to see him get back up after hitting the ground. The cameraman walks over to the crumpled man on the ground. All that is visible is a stain on the ground from where he landed, which is presumably blood.

The man lies still for a moment, but then gets up to the cameraman’s surprise. He begins walking towards the cameraman, and the two don’t say anything to each other. The video ends shortly after that. The man didn’t have any disfigurement after getting up from the jump, and seemed completely fine. If this is real, it showcases a human who is invulnerable to almost anything. However, the way the man hits the ground seems fake, and it could be a prank…

5. The Human Conductor


There is a man who can harness electricity, unlike the man earlier, this man can reroute electricity with his hands. Everyday, he shocks himself with a homemade machine to train, and grow his abilities. The man shocks himself with up to 20,000 volts feeling virtually no sign of pain. To show off his abilities, he connects himself to a 220 volt battery, and holds two forks in his hands.

The man then places a sausage on the forks, and begins to reroute the electricity to cook the sausage. Smoke starts to emerge from the sausage, and it begins to expand from the immense voltage. The man isn’t fazed by the electricity, and even puts on a smile during the experiment. It’s said the man is even able to harness electricity after disconnecting from a power source. He’s even turned on a light bulb just from touching it.

4. Invisibility


This strange Youtube video starts with a man stepping into a box. No explanation is given for what he is about to do. He begins to pull the box up around himself, and he begins to disappear as he brings the box further up his body. Many people would immediately dismiss this as being edited, especially since the video is in a still shot. However, the bottom of the box is visible the whole time…

This person either has a magic box, the ability to change their shape, or really good editing skills. The video seems too clean cut for it to be edited, but it’s the only logical explanation. If the man actually has invisibility powers, is it only when he uses the cardboard box? What other things can he use to disappear? Where does he go when he enters the box? There are so many unanswered questions.

3. The Human Tank


A Russian MMA fighter wanted to prove his superhuman abilities by taking on a whole special ops team. He did just that, and the ops team didn’t hold back. For the first few minutes of the video, it looks like the man is a really good at fighting. It’s not until one of the specialists puts the man in a chokehold that things become interesting. The man puts him in a chokehold that could take down an elephant. After seconds of the chokehold, the special ops member lets go, and the man is still conscious.

We can’t tell if it’s the man’s strength or his endurance that are superhuman. It could be a combination of both. This video couldn’t have been faked, and yet there’s no reason the chokehold shouldn’t have knocked the man out. Whatever makes this man as strong as he is, it seems a little unfair to his MMA opponents…

2. The Real Life Eleven


Stranger Things is a hit TV show that features a little girl with super powers. She can move things with her mind. One day in a park, someone was filming as a Pepsi bottle began to move across the table on its own. Sitting across it was a smiling girl who we can assume is the one doing the moving. The girl says that it’s easy to move the bottle with her mind, and when asked to do it again for the camera she does without failure.

She simply focuses her mind on the bottle, and it takes flight. She focuses harder, and the bottle goes flying off the table. The kids around her are impressed, while the adults that are around remain oblivious. She does it several times, but then complains that she is getting a headache, and doesn’t want to do it anymore. There are several ways this video could be faked from magnets, to someone moving the table, but if it is true, it’s a gateway into a world where children have superpowers!

1. Heightened Senses


This man doesn’t have any magnetic or electrical superpowers, but he simply has heightened sense, and reflexes. He is a samurai, and has been practicing his art for years. He claims he’s able to cut a bullet in half with a sword. A film crew put this to the test with an air-soft gun.

The gunman pulls the trigger, and almost instantly the samurai pulls his sword, and splits the bullet in two. Once slowed down you can see the direct impact of the sword with the bullet. This isn’t just blind luck, as the samurai did it several times after without fail. A professor stated the man is acting at a totally different sensory level that is inhuman.

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