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15 Unbelievable WWE Divas The World Can’t Stop Looking At

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15 Unbelievable WWE Divas The World Can’t Stop Looking At

Today’s woman is not only beautiful and intelligent but powerful too. She possesses the pearls of wisdom in her head and strength of a man in her muscles. In this male dominated world, our women have been striving hard to stand at par with men but some of them have already achieved that. Some of them have managed to break stereotypes by choosing wrestling as their profession which was once limited to men only, a time ago. These women, by using their extraordinary skills and charming looks, have made a significant mark in sports. So to honour the female wrestlers, WWE (World Wrestling Federation) came up with the term ‘Divas’ which was later replaced by ‘Superstars’.

In this write-up, you’ll get to know some of these made of steel women as we rank them from 1 to 15.

15. Brie Bella


The Queen of natural beauty and flawless skin, Brianna Monique Danielson, 33, also known as Brie Bella which serves as her ring name is an American female wrestler, actress, and a model. Before coming to showbiz, she served as a waitress. She’s also said to be half Mexican and half Italian. She’s one time former WWE Divas Champion. She debuted in WWE in June 2007 with her twin Nicole, and that was the beginning of her wrestling journey. They were labeled as The Bella twins. Before that, she appeared on a Fox reality show ‘Meet my folks’. She has also appeared in a few movies and song videos. In 2013, she married her fellow professional wrestler Bryan Danielson and they are parents to a girl now. Brie takes a good care of her body and skin and that totally pays off. She looks absolutely stunning in the ring.

14. Renee Young


The super talented and super gorgeous Renee Jane Paquette, 31, is a Canadian sports broadcaster, model, comedian and also an actress. Renee Young serves as her ring name, where she only comments and interviews wrestlers. She is not a wrestler but still, she is regarded as a Diva by WWE. She used to be a backstage interviewer but soon enough got a chance to present on stage and impressed surely everyone with her knowledge of the game. She made her debut in March 2013 on Smackdown. Despite not being a wrestler, she has won a WWE Slammy award which is a huge achievement for her. She got married very this year to the wrestling superstar Dean Ambrose and that broke a lot of hearts. She appeared in of Kelly Clarkson’s song video and had done a few TV shows.

13. Summer Rae


The blue eyed blondie, Danielle Louise Moinet, 33, is an American professional female wrestler, model, and an actress. She is known by her ring name which is Summer Rae. Summer is very sporty for she’s also a former football player who played for Lingerie Football League. The blond beauty made her debut in WWE in November 2011. But before that, she also appeared on RAW in 2009. Summer is best known for her series Total Divas, it’s a show that lets you peek into the lives of female wrestlers. She’s a huge UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship) fan. Also, she loves hard rock which is hard to believe by the looks of her. She’s regarded as WWE’s Barbie doll. In 2015 she did the movie, The Marine 4. It’s the only one she did.

12. Natalya


The graceful Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson, 35, is a half Canadian and half American female professional wrestler. She’s also a dancer and a gymnast. She’s trained in Jiu Jitsu. Natalya serves as her ring name and she happens to be the current WWE Smackdown women’s champion. She’s been associated with WWE for more than a decade now. She belongs to the legendary Hart family, also being the third generation wrestler, she got her training from home. She debuted in 2003 for Stampede wrestling. This year she won the WWE Smackdown championship by defeating the famous Naomi at Summerslam. She is married to Tyson Kidd who is her fellow professional wrestler and Canadian too. Natalya is one of the most loved wrestlers with a huge fan following.

11. Nikki Bella


Off the ring or on the ring, Nikki has to look fabulous everywhere. Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, 33, is a half American and half Mexican female professional wrestler, actress, and model. She’s also said to be half Italian. She goes by the ring name Nikki Bella. She’s twin of Brie Bella. Before entering the wrestling universe, she was a model. And even before that, she was a waitress just like her twin sister. She won her first WWE Divas Championship in 2012. John Cena proposed to her in high school which lead her to say yes. They soon got married but unfortunately, their marriage couldn’t last. She’s also been a part of Total Divas. She’s also one of the highest grossing wrestlers. These days, she’s away from wrestling world due to injury but she’s soon expected to make a comeback by her huge fan following.

10. Eden Stiles


What’s not there to love about Eden? The combination of dusky skin and hazel eyes, you just can’t keep your eyes off her. Brandi Alexis Runnels, 34, is an American female professional wrestler, model, former ring announcer, news presenter and figure skater. She performs under the ring name Eden Stiles. Before wrestling, she was a local news reporter for two years. Then she went ahead to become a model and find work as an actress. She was also a skater for 17 years. She got her wrestling training from Florida Championship Wrestling. She’s married to her fellow professional wrestler, Cody Rodhes. She has her own line of swimsuits, namely Confection swimwear.

9. Lana


Her blond hair and perfect body sure give all the girls too much to envy. Catherine Joy Perry, 32, is an American female professional wrestler, actress, dancer, model, wrestling manager, and singer. She goes by her ring name Lana. She is also of Portuguese and Venezuelan descent. Besides America, she holds citizenship of Russia. She wanted to be a ballet dancer when she grew up so she enrolled herself in ballet classes at an early age. She was discovered by ABC News commentator among Florida cowgirls group. That’s how her modeling career began. She was also the spokesmodel for the brand Redbull. Other than that, she was a member of a pop music group for a small time. She has done quite a few movies, including Scooby Doo, American Hustle and Pitch perfect. In her list of achievements, she is the first woman to make debut at Wrestlemania. She married Alexander Rusev, who is also a wrestler.

8. Paige


With her killing punk look and a bag full of attitude, you sure can’t resist falling for this brunette. Saraya-Jade Bevis, 25, is an English female professional wrestler and actress. She performs under the ring name Paige. She’s also known as Britani Knight. She is a two-time Divas Champion. Her another achievement being winning WWE’s Divas Championship during her debut. At an early age of 13, Paige debuted in the wrestling world. She didn’t want to be a wrestler despite belonging to a family replete with wrestlers, instead, she dreamt of becoming a zoologist but fate had other plans. Her family mostly trained her for the sport. She also served as a bartender and bouncer at her parents’ bar. She was named the No. 30 wrestler in 2012 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Paige has done a few films including Scooby Doo. This year, she got married to Alberto Del Rio, who happens to be her fellow wrestler.

7. Becky Lynch


The orange headed Rebecca Quin, 30, is an Irish female professional wrestler, also famous by her more well-known ring name, Becky Lynch. She’s got the charm to win hearts be it inside the ring or outside, she knows how to carry herself better than the rest. She received her training from Finn Balor whom she met at a training school in Ireland. She’s been wrestling since the age of 15 and made her debut in November 2002. From her family, her mother is also a former wrestler. Before entering the wrestling universe, she was involved in bad habits like alcohol and marijuana but wrestling helped her get rid of it. Not only wrestling, but she’s trained in Martial Arts, horse riding and swimming too. Former Irish world champion Sheamus inspired Becky to join wrestling.

6. Charlotte Flair


Breathtakingly beautiful Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, 31, is an American female professional wrestler and also a certified fitness trainer. She’s given the ring name Charlotte Flair. She’s the daughter to Ric Flair, former Hall of Famer, making her the second generation wrestler. She debuted in 2013 and the very next year won a women championship, that got her the title ‘Rookie of the year.’ Not only this but she also bragged the titles ‘Woman of the Year’ and ‘World’s top female professional for 2016’. She’s regarded as one of the best female wrestlers. She used to play volleyball back in High school. She says Triple H inspired her a lot in her childhood. She used to be a gymnast too back in school. Charlotte got married two times but sadly none of it lasted.

5. Rosa Mendes


Her bubbly looks and hazel eyes make her on No. 8 on our list. Milena Leticia Roucka, 37, is a Canadian female retired professional wrestler, model, dancer and a manager too. She used to go by her ring name: Rosa Mendes. She took part in the Diva search competition held by WWE but couldn’t win it. Despite that, she was signed. Before wrestling, she tried her luck in a few commercials. She was also one of the voice actors for Need for Speed video game franchise. Mendes also received her training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. Her biggest inspiration is Trish Stratus in the wrestling world. She was also a part of the series Total Divas which was very much of a roller coaster ride for her.

4. Tamina


Amazonian beauty Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka-Polamalu, 39, is an American female professional wrestler and also an actress. She is of Fijian and Japanese descent. She’s daughter to former wrestler Jimmy Snuka who’s also a Hall of Famer. Her brother is also a wrestler. She is known as Tamina, that being her ring name. Tamina debuted in May 2010 as a villainous character. She got her training from Wild Samoan Training Centre. But she has not been able to prove her inside ring skills enough to be appreciated yet. She appeared in the movie Hercules. She also appeared in four video games. Tamina was ranked in top 20 female wrestlers by Pro wrestling illustrated. She got married in 1995 to Brandon Polamalu, but unfortunately, the marriage ended after seven years.

3. Alicia Fox


This brunette beauty is the queen of hearts. Victoria Elizabeth Crawford, 31, is a half American and a half African female professional wrestler, model and an actress. She goes by her ring name: Alicia Fox. She made her debut on WWE’s FCW(Florida Championship Wrestling) in 2007 and she debuted on SmackDown in June 2008. Her sister was also a professional wrestler. She’s the first American-African Diva champion in WWE history. She won her first championship in 2011. Alicia used to be a model and she was discovered by WWE through fashion magazines. A Little known fact about her is before turning into a superstar she used to be a delivery girl. She used to deliver pizzas. She even appeared in the series Total Divas.

2. Sasha Banks


Red hair or pink, brown or blonde, Sasha knows how to pull off any look with grace. Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, 25, is an American female professional wrestler. She’s of German and African descent. She’s assigned the ring name, Sasha Banks. She’s currently the RAW’s women champion in the fourth reign. She became the WWE women’s champion on RAW in 2016. On her list of achievements, she was also the youngest champion. She signed WWE when she was only 20. Her inspiration in the wrestling world is late Eddie Guerrero. She was previously best friends with another wrestling Diva, Summer Rae. Sasha got her training on scholarship from Chaotic Training Centre, Massachusetts. She married a former wrestler, Sarath Ton. She’s also Snoop Dogg’s cousin.

1. Naomi


Her dark skin tone and beautiful posture make her look stunning all the time. Trinity Fatu, 29, is an American female professional wrestler, actress, and a model. She’s also a dancer and a singer. She was also a cheerleader for NBA Orlando Magic basketball team. Naomi is her ring name. Besides Naomi, she’s also called Miss Florida and Naomi Knight. A little-known fact about her is she even appeared as a background dancer for Flo Rida. She’s two times WWE Smackdown women’s champion. She got her training from Florida Championship Wrestling and debuted in September 2009. She says seeing a live WWE show inspired her to be there inside the ring and she made her dream true soon. She appeared in the movie Marine 5 very this year. She has also been a part of the famous series Total Divas. She is also a writer of her one song “Dance all night’. Not wrong to say she’s the master of all trades.

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