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15 Unbelievably Low Stress Jobs That Pay A Lot Of Money

15 Unbelievably Low Stress Jobs That Pay A Lot Of Money

It sounds too good to be true but there are actually low-stress jobs out there that can give you a decent living and pay more than what you think they pay. Often, we think that low-stress jobs are also low-paying jobs. It may be the case for some but not all. Also, do keep in mind that there are also high-stress jobs that pay very little money. They are just not worth it but still some people pursue them because they want to realize a long held dream, or for whatever other reasons that give them fulfilment. However, if you want to get a job that lets you leave all your work in the workplace and gives you better peace of mind without compromising on pay, you can make that a reality.

Although there are really no zero stress jobs, the stress of these jobs is found to be at a minimum or low compared to other jobs. Hence, the stress is tolerable, allowing you to live a fuller life outside of it.

So, when you are looking for a new job because the stress is just too much to bear, here are some jobs you should consider that can give the littlest of stress but that still lets you earn more than enough money.

15. Photographer


Working as a photographer especially if you do it freelance can earn you $200,000 per year. Since you are your own boss and you enter this job because it is your passion, it certainly gives you less stress than other 9-5 jobs out there. Moreover, taking photos of anything you are passionate about, be it expressive portraits or picturesque landscapes, you will find it relaxing because you really love the job. Actually, you might not even see it as a job but if you do it right and find the right clients, it can be financially rewarding. Furthermore, your workplace can be as peaceful or as noisy as you want, depending on what works for you. Since you do it freelance, you can turn up the music if you like and you don’t have colleagues who will get annoyed.

14. Technical Writer


A technical writer creates technical documents for businesses and more. To get this job, finishing a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant course is required but if you have relevant experience, even if you don’t have a degree, you can land a job in technical writing. It is a virtually stress-free job that pays $73,000 or more per year. Some don’t do this full time and prefer to work for several clients to earn more money.

Since you can work as a technical writer as a part-time basis, you can have the flexibility in schedule. You can work more hours or less, depending on what you want. If you want to earn more, just clock in more hours.

13. Mathematician


You may not believe that the stress in this job is kept at a minimum but according to the stress tolerance found by the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), the rating is 57, which means it is relatively stress-free compared to other jobs. One possible reason behind this is because it may entail a lot of passion for doing this job. Hence, the people who are doing it right now consider it virtually stress-free because they love what they are doing.

A mathematician conducts research in the field of mathematics, proves mathematical theories, and finds practical use for them.The average salary for this job is $112,560.

12. Massage Therapist


Massage therapists who work in spas or clinics can earn up to $74,860. If they have loyal customers and work well, they can even earn more with tips. Still, it is one of the stress-free jobs around because they work in a serene and relaxing environment. It is almost unheard that you’ll encounter toxic customers in spas or clinics. Moreover, being a massage therapist provides greater flexibility when it comes to the schedule. A therapist can even freelance when certain customers request for home service.

Requirements to be a massage therapist depend on the location of the job. Still, being registered gives you access to greater and better opportunities.

11. Medical Laboratory Technician


Being a medical laboratory technician is for people who love to work inside an office. This is stress-free for the right kind of people because the only physical aspect of this job is standing on your feet when looking under a microscope. Moreover, laboratories are guaranteed to be safe to ensure that all research conducted is safe. Since most laboratories are open 24/7, the schedule can be very flexible.

Working as a medical laboratory technician is fulfilling especially when you make significant discoveries that can save many lives.

10. Optometrist


An optometrist conducts eye exams to determine whether you need glasses or if you have an eye illness. In some cases, they can also recommend getting contact lenses. Since an optometrist works on non-serious illnesses, it is not as stressful as other medical-related jobs. Hence, technically, it is a stress-free job. Still, it pays well with earnings reaching up to $115,000 annually. And most graduates find a job right after they complete their studies because this job is in demand. To get this job, you will certainly need a license and a degree.

An optometrist works in a clean clinic usually during weekdays only. The workplace is usually amicable and relaxing.

9. Audiologist


Similar to the optometrist, being an audiologist is stress-free because it usually deals with non-fatal hearing illnesses. An audiologist assesses if a patient has auditory problems. They can also prescribe hearing aids and give audio training as needed. An audiologist can earn a lot. Working as one gives an annual earning of about $77,400.

Another reward an audiologist enjoys is the ability to help people who have hearing problems. Giving people a chance to hear sound can be a fulfilling purpose. The one downside we imagine is exposure to all the earwax! But we think that’s a small sacrifice to make considering the relatively easy nature of the job and the competitive salary.

8. Post-Secondary Teacher


The job of a post-secondary teacher is to provide guidance to adults when they are looking for new jobs. It is virtually stress-free since this type of teacher deals with adults. Moreover, most post-secondary teachers work part-time. Additionally, overtime in this job is rare, which gives the teacher more time for their personal life or to do other things that they are passionate about.

The amazing thing is that this job pays well. A post-secondary teacher can earn up to $141,000 per year. That is a pretty lucrative salary for a teacher. And of course you can enjoy long summer vacations as if you were back in school yourself!

7. Dietitian


Working as a dietitian is stress-free because it has a flexible schedule and clients are often not that stressed. Even though starting a new weight loss plan may be tough at the start, it gets easier once the client gets the groove. Hence, meeting with clients is often low stress and there is very minimal conflict. Moreover, a dietitian can work on something with minimal distractions and change later on. Having strict deadlines is also infrequent for a dietitian. And of course you will feel a sense of pride when your clients start to shed the pounds and look and feel healthier and happier!

It is also a very rewarding job financially. Dietitian’s can earn $81,000 or even more every year.

6. Art Director


Contrary to popular belief being an art director is a low-stress job especially for the creative people. The main task of an art director is to create visual styles and produce images for magazines, newspapers, and publication materials. They also take part in the production of content for television, movie, and internet. Although this job involves many revisions and can require longer hours, people who work in this field find it rewarding, which waters down the stress they may experience. Moreover, there are many art directors who are self-employed so they work within their means. Typically, an art director can earn between $47,000 and $172,900 annually.

5. IT Personnel


IT people work regular hours and overtime is not very common. Although not a lot of people know how they do their jobs, it is pretty easy once you become familiar with the tasks. Apparently, once you get to understand what they do, their tasks are pretty trivial. IT people experience minimal conflict and the most common issue they have is when the internet is just down.

Still, an IT personnel can earn a lot of money because not many people understand their job. Annually, an IT person can have a salary of up to $144,000. IT people are certainly crucial in any office so you will always feel like a valuable member of the team.

4. Astronomer


Astronomers often work in low-conflict facilities like a research laboratory or an office. They may work at night but they usually work regular hours. Moreover, people who get into this job really like what they do, which results in a high level of satisfaction. There are people who are really into exploring the depths of the universe and try to learn what is beyond the great unknown. They also try to figure out how the outer space affects the earth below. Though it involves research and data analysis, those who are really passionate about it can find it fulfilling. Hence, it is a virtually stress-free job that still manages to pay a lot. On a year to year basis, astronomers can earn up to $170,000.

3. Software Engineer


Software engineers work in a quiet environment in front of a computer. They write codes and produce software that makes many things in the world function. It has minimal interaction with other people, which means fewer chances for conflict. Moreover, many software engineers work from anywhere since they can simply code from anywhere and submit it online. Others work on a more flexible schedule.

Working as a software engineer can be lucrative especially if you are part of some of the best tech companies in the world. On an average, a software engineer earns up to $160,000 salary per year. The great thing about this job is that there are lots of opportunities since software development is a booming industry.

2. Sonographer


Apparently, a sonographer is known as the medical job with the least stress. They may work with other people but often they do their job in a quiet and calm clinic. Moreover, their work can be repetitive so it isn’t difficult to master. A satisfying part of being a sonographer is when they have pregnant clients. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing the faces of parents when they find out their child’s gender.

Sonographers earn a lot of money with their job. They can earn up to $100,000 annually doing this stress-free job. That is a pretty sweet deal if you ask us!

1. IT Manager


The IT manager is the boss of IT personnel. Much like how relatively stress-free it is to be an IT personnel, it is also the same for the manager. The IT manager can delegate tasks to their staff and just handle trickier problems if ever any happens. Like the IT person, an IT manager’s common problem is when the internet is down. Often, this can be fixed by turning the router off and on. Worse, they have to call their service provider. They also decide whether they need to buy new office infrastructure or devices that have something to do with technology like new computers, routers, LAN cables, and more.

A lucrative, stress-free job, an IT manager earns $187,000 annually.

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