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15 Unfortunate Mysteries No One Will Ever Solve

15 Unfortunate Mysteries No One Will Ever Solve

Everybody loves a good mystery, especially when it comes to good, thick books and thrilling new movies. However, when it comes to real-life mysteries, they are even more interesting, not to mention pretty scary as well.

From the beginning of time, people had the need to find the answers to all questions that come to one’s mind. The human curiosity was one of the biggest reasons for the advancement of the whole race, because it led to developing technology and to studying and advancing science. That being said, even today when we know more about the world around us than ever, there are still some questions that remain unanswered and there is a chance we will never find the right answer to them.

If you enjoyed playing detective as a child, you are in for a real treat here because we are about to take a look at 15 mysteries no one will ever solve. From strange artifacts to unsolved crimes, the world is filled with secrets and questions that go way beyond what the human mind is able grasping. But, on the other hand, what kind of a mystery would it be if it was easy to crack? The best mysteries, after all, are those that no one can solve no matter how hard they try.

15. The Hessdalen Lights


In 1997, Herald Dale decided to take his family on a camping trip to the Hessdalen valley in Norway. One evening, he went outside to brush his teeth when something unusual caught his attention. There were three strange lights in the sky creating a triangle so he called the rest of his family to come out and take a look. A few minutes later, the lights disappeared. Later, he discovered he wasn’t the only one to witness this strange phenomenon. People have reported seeing these unusual lights in Hessdalen since the 19th century, mostly during the 1980s with around 20 witnesses per week. Scientists have been trying to figure out what those lights were for decades now but they still don’t have the answer. Many people believe it has something to do with UFOs.

14. The Redpath Mansion


The mystery of the Redpath Mansion has been one of the most fascinating mysteries in Canadian history since 1901. It is a story of a wealthy widow, Ada Maria Mills Redpath, and her son, Clifford, who lived with her in the mansion in Montreal. One day, both the mother and her son were found dead in their home and that is where the mystery begins. Nobody knows if that was a case of a murder and a suicide or if it was double homicide, but it gets even stranger than that. Apparently, the details on the bodies were given by a doctor who never visited the crime scene and the police were never called to the mansion. The burials were done less than 48 hours after the bodies were found and no one in the neighborhood seemed to care too much.

13. The Foo Fighters


During the Second World War, numerous fighter pilots and their crews noticed strange flying objects in the sky that looked nothing like the regular airplanes. They were shaped like silver discs, had no tails or wings, and made a very strange noise. People started to believe they could be UFOs and they started calling them the “foo fighters”. In 1942, Marines in the Solomon Islands reported seeing 150 such objects flying above them, racing through the sky. A couple of months later, a Royal Air Force pilot reported strange lights following him through the air, repeating every move he made before disappearing. Although numerous people reported UFO sightings during the war, the media didn’t write about it until the December 1944 when the “foo fighters” were first described in the newspapers.

12. The Eilean Mor Lighthouse


Back in 1900, there were only three people living on the Scottish island of Eilean Mor – the lighthouse keepers Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and William McArthur. However, when a supply ship arrived on the island a day after Christmas, the keepers were nowhere to be found. Further investigation revealed some highly unusual things. The lighthouse log was filled with disturbing entries describing the worst storm to ever hit the island. The keepers wrote about the terrible winds, about their fear, and their tears and prayers. However, the last entry described the storm’s end and the calm sea. Want to hear the weirdest part of all? There were no storms reported on the island of Eilean Mor at that time. Unfortunately, no one could hear anything about the storm firsthand from the keepers because all of them disappeared without a trace.

11. The Dyatlov Pass Incident


In 1959, a group of Russian hikers went missing in the Ural mountains. All 9 of them were very experienced so nobody believed they somehow just got lost on their way. The search parties found all of them dead but their bodies were found in a very unusual state. Their clothing contained an unusually high level of radiation, some of them had internal injuries and numerous broken bones but not a single scratch on the outside. Some were found naked, while others were fully clothed. One was missing her eyes and tongue. The list of strange things about their bodies just goes on and on and nobody knows who or what attacked and killed them. Some believe they were subjects to some kind of military experiments while others believe aliens were responsible. We will probably never know what exactly happened in those mountains.

10. The Oakville Blobs


On August 7, 1994, the residents of Oakville, Washington got to see the strangest rain ever. What they noticed was that it wasn’t water falling from the skies, but some weird gelatinous substance. The strange blobs started falling at around 3 am and by the afternoon that day, numerous Oakville residents had become suddenly ill. The symptoms included nausea, vertigo, blurred vision, and difficulty with breathing. The illness lasted 2 to 3 months while several cats and dogs that came into the contact with this strange gelatinous mass died. The tests indicated that the substance came from a living organism and it had two types of bacteria, one of them commonly found in the human digestive system. Most people believe it was all a part of military testing but nothing has been confirmed.

9. The Pollock Twins


In 1957, two sisters were killed in a tragic car accident, one was 11 and the other was 6 years old. One year later, their mother gave birth to twin girls and that is where things started to get creepy. The younger twin had birthmarks and scars on her body exactly like the younger deceased sister. After that, they began to ask for toys that belonged to their sisters before them, but there was no way they could know about those toys as they had never seen them before. One day, the mother heard the older twin describing the car accident although the parents never discussed it in front of them. However, once the girls turned 5, the odd behavior stopped completely and there was no more apparent connection to the deceased sisters.

8. The Mysterious Alcatraz Escape


On the night of June 11, 1962, the Alcatraz prisoners John Anglin, Clarence Anglin, and Frank Morris were locked in their prison cell just like any other night. On the early morning of June 12, the guards realized that they weren’t in their beds. In fact, they found 3 dummies made of toilet paper with heads carved out of soap in the beds instead. No one ever figured out what happened there and how it is possible the men disappeared. The FBI concluded that they probably drowned in the waters of the San Francisco Bay. Nobody knows how they managed to escape although there are some indications they had spent 6 months preparing for the escape by widening the ventilation duct opening in the cell. The investigation remains open to this day.

7. The Wow! Signal


On August 15, 1977, Jerry R. Ehman detected a strong narrowband radio signal during a project SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). It was named The Wow! Signal because Ehman wrote a note saying “Wow!” next to it. The signal came from deep space, lasted for 72 seconds, and has never been detected again. Its length, as well as the intensity, led some experts to believe the signal might be of an extraterrestrial origin. If that was the fact, scientists agree it points to a very advanced civilization with extremely advanced technology. Several attempts by different scientists were made to recover and identify the signal, but none of them were successful. In 2012, on its 35th anniversary, Arecibo Observatory beamed a transmission consisted of 10,000 tweets bearing the hashtag #ChasingUFOs toward the area of the signal’s origin.

6. Jack The Ripper


Between August 31 and November 9, 1888, a series of murders involving female prostitutes who lived and worked in the East End of London occurred and they have never been solved. The investigators believe they were linked because of the same pattern the killer used. This unidentified serial killer became known as Jack the Ripper and the study and analysis of this case became known as the “Ripperology”. Since the internal organs of the victims were removed in most of the cases, it is highly likely that the killer was a doctor or that they had at least some level of anatomical or surgical knowledge. The number of the Ripper’s victims remains unknown. We know for sure about the “canonical five” killed in 1888, but it is probable there were, in fact, many more.

5. The Green Children


In the 12th century, in the town of Woolpit in England, two children, a brother and a sister, suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They would look just like any other brother and sister if it weren’t for the fact that their skin was green. They were wearing unusual clothes, they spoke an unknown language, and they would eat nothing but the raw beans. The boy died, but the girl grew up in Woolpit, got used to the local food, and even lost her green coloring. Once she learned English, she told the locals she came from an underground place where all people were green and she referred to it as St. Martin’s Land. To this day, it remains unclear whether the story was true and whether those two children actually existed or if it was just an urban legend.

4. D.B. Cooper


On November 24, 1971, a man known simply as D.B. Cooper boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 305 to Seattle, sat in the back, ordered a bourbon and soda, lit a cigarette, and slipped a note to one of the flight attendants. He had a bomb and he demanded $200,000 in cash, two back and two front parachutes, and a truck waiting for him when they land. His demands were met. When the plane landed in Seattle, the money and the parachutes were carried abroad while the rest of the passengers were released. Cooper told the pilot to fly the plane to Mexico City while he strapped the money to his body. He gave some of the money to the flight crew, then attached the parachutes to himself, and jumped out of the plane. That was the last time anyone has seen him. The case of D.B. Cooper to this day remains one of the most famous unsolved cases and it even inspired a comic book series.

3. The Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich manuscript is a book of an entirely unknown origin written in a language that has been studied by countless cryptographers but none has been able to figure it out. Thanks to the numerous illustration in this strange manuscript, we know it was divided into 6 sections: recipes, astronomy, herbalism, cosmology, biology, and pharmacy. However, some of the illustrations were also very strange, since the experts confirmed they don’t resemble any species of plants known to people. Some of the plants seem to be composites, with the roots, leaves, and flowers combined from different types of plants. The manuscript has been dated to the 15th century but there is very little we actually know about it. It was named after a man who bought it in 1912, Wilfrid Voynich.

2. The Zodiac Killer


You have definitely heard of the infamous Zodiac killer, you might have even watched a movie about him as he is one of the most famous serial killers that has never been caught. He operated in Northern California in the 1960s and he killed at least 5 people, possibly more. He got his nickname thanks to the letters he sent to the local newspapers; all of the letters included cryptograms but only one has been definitely solved. The case has been open since 1969 but the killer’s identity remains unknown. However, there have been some theories, none of them proved accurate. Robert Graysmith wrote a book Zodiac where he suggests Arthur Leigh Allen as the most likely suspect based on circumstantial evidence. The police interviewed Allen on multiple occasions but they weren’t able to find any solid evidence against him.

1. The Lost City Of Atlantis


You have probably heard the story of the legendary island that simply vanished in 1 day, but there is more to that story than just that. Plato was the first one to write about Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias and since then, numerous writers, filmmakers, and painters have used it as an inspiration for their work. But did the lost city of Atlantis really exist or was it all just fiction? We will probably never know for sure. However, we have some possible locations that could have been Atlantis. Some believe it was the island of Santorini in Greece, while others think that the waters off Bimini are actually the road to the submerged city. If it was real, the lost city would be at least 11,500 years old today, and people still haven’t given up the search for it.

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