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15 Universities In Canada With The Most Attractive Chicks

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15 Universities In Canada With The Most Attractive Chicks

It’s a really sad fact that most high school grads make most decisions based on the following question: “Will hot chicks be there?” That’s pretty much what runs in our minds when we are at that age, anyway. Canada has a reputation for having some of the hottest chicks on the continent, and some of the reasons could be because of its large population of pretty campus girls. If you though the U.S campus babes are hot, then you need to take a trip up to Canada and experience the rush that’s been keeping border patrols busy.

If you are about to enrol in a Canadian university, and you are going to base your decision on the ratio of hot girls, then you can never go wrong with the following list. It’ll definitely work to your advantage to have some extra eye candy sitting right across from you every once in a while in class. It makes school much more interesting, and gives you a good reason to finish, if you’re one to drop out. Being hot goes beyond looks. At the following campuses, the babes are the whole package-they smart, hot, and athletic (who doesn’t want that?). If you are wondering where to find these hot ladies in Canada, check out the 15 universities in Canada with the most attractive chicks.

15. York University

Via: York Lions

So what’s so hot about York University? Well, if you have enough time to research on Canadian campus forums, you will notice that this university is notorious for having good looking women all around campus. According to the university’s landing page, “York University is known for championing new ways of thinking that drive teaching and research.” Well, most guys don’t necessarily think that when they think of York; they only think about the women. The institution is a teachers training campus, so we bet the teachers in Canada are pretty hot!

14. McGill University


They say that all the girls in this school are hot! It’s hard to prove if that is an overstatement or just another corny move by their government to increase tourism. I bet we won’t know that for sure until we take a tour of the campus. According to College Confidential, McGill University has a lot of gorgeous women walking around the campus. McGill University also prides itself on having a very rigorous academic system that pushes students to attain A’s. If you are an A student, but you still want to see some pretty ladies, you know where to apply!

13. Concordia University


Concordia University has a reputation, one that puts a stupid grin on every college-going boy and a few creepy men. Girls from this school are not only pretty but party HARD! You wouldn’t want to go to a party with chicks who aren’t up for it, would you? Well, according to Canadian Campus Forums, partying with girls from Concordia University could mean having the best time of your life. These chicks are all about the party. Don’t you dare them for a game of beer pong or you could be going home early in a drunken stupor.

12. Waterloo University


This is a famous international university, and perhaps that is reason enough to find a spot on this list. Its international status and scholarships bring a diversity that’s kind of new to Canada. Most campuses have international students, but Waterloo seems to have the best of them. These international students mix with the already hot population of girls from Canada. Waterloo University has earned a name for itself for having the hottest girls in its geographical area in Canada. It’s not uncommon to find a bunch of single pretty ladies just going about their business on campus undistracted. If you are thinking of a college abroad to sign up to, this could be the one.

11. University  of Western Ontario


Back in 2011, the University of Western Ontario featured in Playboy’s Real Top Party School. Just like Concordia, having a reputation for partying is directly proportional to having hot girls, and University of Western Ontario is not short of them. Although Playboy was throwing a curve ball, this school legitimately has pretty women walking all around campus, and if you doubt this fact, you can start by checking out its cheerleaders. If that seems juvenile to you, then you can go ahead and check out the school’s social media accounts; that’s where all the fun begins. There is no doubt that this school has perhaps the best looking and outgoing girls in Canada.

10. Queens University


So what makes this university so popular apart from its history with the Queen, and all the Academic stuff they offer? It’s probably because it’s situated 3 hours from Toronto and 2 hours from Ottawa. Cities attract women and interesting people, and that is why it’s really hard to find extremely attractive people in small towns. It’s almost impossible. Queens is location is ideal, attracting all the brilliant minds from within the neighboring cities, including the ladies. Therefore, if you are still having a hard time figuring out which college to choose between Queens and another college in Canada, you could always go to where the good looking girls are. It makes life a lot easier.

9. McMasters University


It’s a pretty relaxed university during the day, if your folks happen to escort you or visit you during the day, so they would be fooled that there is some actual learning going on in the school (not that there isn’t), but that’s the illusion you would probably get. However, tour the campus at night and you will witness all the werewolves come to life. This university has a great party life, and according to sources, the girls are pretty chill and easy going. Don’t take them for fools though. They are smart too, but know how to have a good time. If you are the type of person who is easily distracted, then you might skip going to class watching all the bases around campus.

8. Laval University


There’s one thing that all schools with a good football team have: good looking chicks. It’s inevitable, even in the US. Sportsmanship and masculinity have a way of attracting women, and at Laval University, they’re at their best. This university is known nationwide for its awesome football team and of course their cheerleaders (that goes without saying). Not all the ladies in the school are cheerleaders, but a good number of them are hot. Laval University has a great campus life, and the university strives to give its students a conducive environment where they can prosper in education (and we wonder if the chicks are part of the university strategy).

7. Victoria University


This university seems to have a good reputation when it comes to hot girls on Canadian campus forums. Victoria is mentioned in almost every campus forum, and some of the pictures from its social media pages tell a story. Victoria doesn’t come off as a pretty girl haven, it gives a subtle vibe, and most people would ignore it. However, you just need to visit the common areas in the university, and you will be astounded. This university is the pretty girl next door who is always indoors, reading a book or watching her favorite show, she isn’t at the mall or popular spots in the city, and by the time you notice her, it’s already too late.

6. Alberta University

Via: Missing Piece Photography Studio

This is yet another art and design university in Canada, and the ratio of girls to boys is overwhelming. Just like Emily Carr University, Alberta University has 70% girls compared to 30% boys. I know what you are thinking, and the answer is yes! There are probably too many girls in this school, and the probability that the majority of them is hot is extremely high. At Alberta University, guys are not fighting over girls. The tables have turned, and it’s the other way round, and girls are fighting for boys’ attention. While Alberta doesn’t necessarily hold a candle to York University, it remains a great choice in the Canadian university scene.

5. Mount Saint Vincent University


Also know as The Mount, this university is an undergraduate public university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It hosts about 2500 students, making its population quite small compared to most universities on this list. However, Mount Saint Vincent is also an arts and design campus, and its ratio of girls is at 75% which is an incredible ratio for the guys. While this campus is fairly chill as compared to many on this list, it does have a big population of pretty girls because most of its population is comprised of female students. Mount Saint Vincent University is a great college to go to, especially if you are looking to have an interesting dating life.

4. Vancouver University


Vancouver is a great city in Canada with a booming population, meaning the university is particularly busy and has a lot of female students. Like all great cities, the girls are extremely pretty and will show what the region has to offer. Vancouver University does a great job with this. Go for a campus tour, and you will wish it never ends. The campus is also vibrant with a lot of activities making it a hub for young people. If you are looking to catch a glimpse of what Canada has to offer from the ladies, then this is one university you will have to visit. It’s even better if you spend the weekend!

3. Toronto University


This university is situated in Toronto, one of the biggest cities in Canada, making it a hub for most businesses. Toronto is a vibrant city in itself, and vibrant cities have vibrant women. Toronto University offers the best Toronto has to offer. If you walk into any commercial establishment in the area, the hottest girls are definitely from Toronto University. They aren’t naïve campus girls either; they are smart, athletic and gorgeous. If you have visited Toronto and haven’t had a tour of this school, then you missed a big part of the city and you might need to go back!

2. Montreal University


Well, apparently, Montreal has the most beautiful people in the world. Most people who have travelled there would agree. But come to think of it, this statement might have some truth to it. You might have to go on Tinder to check out the selection of babes before you agree to this, but chicks in Montreal are stunning. And I am not talking about the women you see walking in the streets, but at Montreal University. The girls at this school are so hot and their professors look great too. Montreal University has, in fact, the hottest chicks in Canada.

1. Emily Carr University


Emily Carr University is an art and design campus; I bet you know what that means. Art and design is a specialty that is picked by most girls, no offense to the guys, but it does not mean that arts are for the ladies. According to statistics, this school has a 70% ratio of girls, which explains why there are too many hot girls around. The fact that it’s an art school makes it more appealing to the ladies, and less appealing to the male students. But if your drive is girls and not necessarily education, then this school could be your best choice. It always seems like there are beautiful girls at Emily Carr University.


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