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15 Ways To Attract Your Hot Female Colleague

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15 Ways To Attract Your Hot Female Colleague

Men are attracted to beautiful things, that’s a fact that no one can deny. Men are created this way so that they always give priority to beauty over other aspects. Beauty disrupts every circuit in a man’s brain and one’s wisdom takes a backseat. Against better judgment, they begin to waive off all the alarms ringing in their brain, and without any heed to them, set on their wild goose chase for beauty. Women are also on this list.

Office people are also the same. Generally, they will sit on their seats with a bored expression plastered on their face. But as soon as a beautiful breeze sweeps by them, they come to attention. When men talk to women, ludicrous is the fact that they generally suck in their breaths and constrict their tummies. Men want to present themselves in the best possible way in front of women. Especially men in front of a ‘hot’ female colleague. Oh, so you have a hot colleague in your office, very well. And good gracious, you even have a crush on her. You’re one heck of a man. No problems there friend, if you wish to stay by her side and want get her in the sack, say no more. Follow these tips and tricks to achieve what you so desire.

15. Call Her a “Beauty With Brain”


Every woman loves to hear something good about her, your colleague is also not an exception. So, whenever she does something good, be the first one to appreciate her. She has some great managerial skills, but people rarely notice them. Commend her on a tidy workstation, or on a project well executed. She’d like that. Don’t be like others because all that catches their attention is her hotness quotient. Hundreds of admiring eyes scan her from top to bottom and she is completely aware of it. But is this recognition good enough for her? Come on, she is a professional, and she is well aware of the fact that beauty is a temporary asset, no one can escape from the process of aging. So what does she need? She wants someone to point out that not only is she charming but also smart enough to thrive in an androcentric world, in other words, a ‘beauty with brains.’ This title is more than an Oscar for her!

14. Focus on your personal grooming


In your office, there are men who seem like a fat pig. They rarely find time for their personal care. No woman will get attracted to them, and your hot female colleague has absolutely no time for such men unless they are a C-level Office Bearer. So please try your best to become a hunk! Okay, you are not tall like Bradley Cooper, you are not ripped like Chris Hemsworth, okay. Is that thing making you feel discouraged? Forget it, you really don’t have to worry about those body features. Focus on what you have! Buy some nice shirts for yourself and also spend some money getting a good hairstyle. The shoes that you wear exude an aura, signifying your position in life. Another important thing you might have had forgotten is a perfume. Pick the best perfume that will emanate a pleasant but manly aroma when you are near her. These small things do make big difference!

13. Be That Winner


At your workplace, you are blessed with several opportunities, never let them go away. Every year your organization felicitates those employees who have performed exceptionally well, isn’t it? This year you must grab that award. Yes, you will be the superstar of the day. Hundreds of people will congratulate you, your crush is also one among them. To make this dream come true, you’ll have to get rid of your laziness though. That’s the first step towards success. Make sure that when your other teammates are busy wasting time in nonsensical talks, you must be the one who is chasing your monthly target. Don’t worry, a big reward is waiting for you!

12. Be A Social Media Star


Be a star on social media. Wait, it doesn’t mean that you have to become an Instagram model, just follow some simple tricks! What are they? Have a maximum number of friends on Facebook and keep posting your cool pictures. Make sure that your colleague is also included in your friend list, otherwise, there is no point in doing all this. Whenever you share your pictures you will notice thousands of people liking it and writing some awesome comments. In fact, social media is the best platform to build a positive image about yourself. In the office, you need to have a professional air around you, but on a social platform, you can be anything- wild, funky, casual and whatnot. However, never post something stupid or vulgar, because it does nothing but portray you in a negative light.

11. Have a Sense of Humour


Please don’t carry that serious and morose face to your office. How can you expect your colleague to come near your desk, if you look like a grim figure! It’s high time that you change that attitude. Make everyone feel awesome about your personality. You will become Mr. Cool in the eyes of your colleague and if you can bring a smile on her face when she’s feeling down, she’ll enjoy your company forever. And to change your attitude, a small tip: It’s your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don’t take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humour in your everyday life. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver.

10. Be Confident and in Control


No woman likes a coward. When a challenge arrives, be the first one to accept it. During business meetings, express your thoughts in a very bold manner. Don’t call risks to you, but if they do come your way, tackle them bravely. The successful photographer Diane Arbus was right when she said, “Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory.” In fact, women feel very safe when they are with confident men. Your colleague is also not an exception. Your confident nature will attract her like a magnet.

9. Treat Her with Dignity


Did you observe the behaviour of your male colleague when she is talking to them? Yes, their prying eyes are all over her body, and she can always sense it. She has the complete freedom to wear what she wants and it’s absolutely no one’s business. But the narrow-minded attitude of men makes her feel awkward. So, dear buddy, stand out in a crowd and prove that you are a gentleman. While speaking to her, look into her eyes and be humble. And please don’t try to flirt! Women just hate it. When you all go out for a party, make sure that you won’t ask her for a selfie. Usually, men approach hot women for a selfie, because they need a picture for their Facebook wall. Don’t be the same! She is not an object but a beautiful woman. Remember that.

8. Secretly Find Out What She Likes


Do you know what her favourite dish is? You are around her since few months, but you still don’t know anything about her. Of course, you can’t ask her directly because for her you are just another colleague. Collect some details about her likes and dislikes. Is she someone who is crazy about rock climbing? Okay, when she is around, let her know that you are also making plans to go rock climbing and engage her in a conversation about your “mutual” hobby. If you are lucky enough, she will join the conversation! Since it’s her area of interest, she can’t resist herself from sharing her experience. That will be the beginning of your friendship and yes, the ball is in your court!

7. Gift Her Something That She Can’t Reject


Yes, there are certain gifts that can steal any girl’s heart. For example, if she is a pet lover, you must buy a cute kitten or a puppy for her. She is not likely to reject your adorable gift! There is an assumption that girls get impressed by expensive gifts. This is a false notion! Yes, they love to accept expensive gifts, but only from those men who they know very well, may that be her boyfriend or husband. They find it highly suspicious when a colleague or a neighbour comes up with an expensive gift. So, be careful! A heart touching cute gift is enough to win her smile and interest.

6. The benefits of dating you

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Your colleague spends too much on personal care. Her clothes and makeup accessories are highly expensive, of course, being hot is not so easy. She never wants to date a man who is living like a slob. In her eyes, you must be that someone who has earned a lot at a very young age. Your hot chick will assume that her future will be wonderful if she is going to date you. Always keep in mind, however, that those who choose you for your money will not stay with you forever. So, if your mission is just to attract her, you can play all these tricks, but if you are looking for a serious relationship please be careful that she wants the same thing.

Make her feel comfortable so that whenever she comes around you, she feels safe. Treat her in such a way that you are finally invited inside her comfort zone. That is what you’d do if you really want to settle down with her.

5. Hit the Gym Regularly


Lol, it’s time to have a flat tummy! Why do you like your colleague? Yes, she has those hot features. That is because she is disciplined when it comes to following a strict diet plan and the gym is her favourite place on earth. Hence, why she deserves that perfect body shape. And, what about you? You have no concern for your body, but now you are left with no other option than taking a gym membership. At your workplace, there are many good looking men, so the competition is high! Hitting the gym in the morning will not only make you look fit and but will also increase your energy. Overall, it will be a big help in attracting your colleague.

4. Start Living in Her Locality

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OMG! This idea is going to work, no doubt. Find out where she lives and rent a house or apartment in that locality, and perhaps, you will get to meet her often. If you happen to become her neighbour, it is more likely that she will approach you for help. Like that, a new friendship will begin between you both. You will often find her waiting for a cab, and that’s the golden opportunity for you. She will not say “no” if you open your car door for her. You have another advantage, whenever she has no one to finish her beer bottle you will be the first one to be invited since you are around.

3. Earn a good reputation


Yes, reputation matters! “Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what the reputation is. You can’t control that. The only thing you can control is your character,” said Wayne Walter Dyer, the popular American self-help advocate. Don’t you agree with him? You can build a great reputation for yourself if you have a good character. Every man tries to show off his qualities, in front of women. However, she is clever and knows that they are trying to impress her. But when she’ll hear good things about a man from multiple sources, definitely she will long for his friendship. And dude, you must be that man.

2. Speak To Other Attractive Ladies


This will be a big shock for your crush. So far, she is treated like a beauty queen wherever she goes. In your office too, men are crazy for her smile, but you must not be the same. In front of her speak to your other female colleagues in a friendly tone and don’t give much importance to this hot chick. Her ego will get hurt, but don’t worry she will not hate you. Instead, she may start thinking why you are not like the other men and that there is something special in you. Repeat the same behaviour a couple of times and you will find her getting disturbed. She may not be able to stop thinking about you, and before you know it she will be at your desk introducing herself.

1. Be Her Guide and Mentor


Just like all other employees she too receives harsh comments from the CEO when she does not reach her target. Be there to comfort her. You are more experienced than her so your guidance will make a difference. Since she is new to this job she needs you in everything. If you don’t know the answer to her questions try your best to find out. Never ever say “I don’t know” without a try, women really like intelligent men who are smart in their own way. In the weekend, you can assist her in learning new skills that are related to her current role. Overall she must think that you are a reliable person who has solutions to most problems.

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